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Aderogba Adewusi ,, 5886-4-1338869621 Assignment Number One.

Student Number: 4413900 Question Number One Why I want to write. The need to be factual in my response to the writers Bureau sent me down the memory lane. I remembered my secondary school days when I used to join other students of Igbobi College in a contest for the school scholarship awards through essay writing. The students get the topic some days ahead of the competition, each of them having an opportunity to prepare before the real contest. Though I never wrote the best essay in the competitions then, I feel elated to be associated with the best writers of the school.

One would have expected that my wealth of experience in writing should have culminated in great rewards and many published projects by now; year in, year out, I labour vainly in one writing activity or the other, trying all I could not to be a mediocre but always ending up feeling that I have not done enough with my ability to turn my thoughts and imaginations into words, fame and fortune. Luckily one day, I saw a friend who was trying to enroll for training at the Writers Bureau and something told me I have found it.

My search for good mentoring in the art of creative writing had been latent for a while since my earlier searches had failed me. Just when I began to think that I may need to relent on my desire and pursuit, I came across the answer. It now seemed that I have been looking for the right answer all over the wrong places. Thank goodness, I am now at the point where I can fulfill my dreams by becoming a better and consistently published writer

who easily makes good income from his ability to write good materials. Its true that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing very well.

Question Number: 2 The depth of hustling and bustling at Orita Market Many people pass by the Orita market without knowing, what seems to be a small market is actually a full blown local market, where all manner of perishable and non perishable goods exchange hands. At about 9.30am of the 29th day of March 2010, the market already contained hundreds of people moving to and fro. Some shops were yet to open, while others have started bubbling with all manner of activities despite the fact that rain has just stopped falling. The noise in the market was minimal and can be compared to what is characteristic of any other local market in Nigeria. There were busses, drivers and conductors moving here and there to get passengers into their vehicles, shouts of bus destinations like Ijebu ode, Iwo Road and Odo Ona Elewe can be heard as conductors scramble for customers.

Four conspicuous edifices arranged in L shape divides the market into two, cars carefully parked at the right side of the market compete with traders who cannot afford the cost of the lock up shops at the back. Incoming motorists pay N20 for parking space to designated Local Government officials at the entry; they collect the parking fees and direct the vehicles to where they wont be disrupting the flow of traffic. Apart from the cars parked at the frontage, commodities like palm oil, groundnut oil, beverages, toiletries, food stuff and more litter the frontage in no specific pattern. Some of the traders here arrange their

Aderogba Adewusi ,, 5886-4-1338869621 Assignment Number One. products under different company branded umbrellas while others sell without any shade over their products.

The main market lies at the backside of the four three storey buildings, more than 40 buildings located at the back of these branded mega structures are arranged in fives with each of the building containing a minimum of five shops each. Traders are not allowed to sell on the road just to allow for easy movement of people through the market, but some traders were smart enough to make ad-hoc structural additions to their shops so that they can display their products outside the shop where they can be easily seen. There is nothing that cannot be purchased or sold in Orita market, the only difference is that the traders prefer retailing to wholesale.

The presence of Orita market has awakened the business capability of the Orita Challenge area making traffic congestion a notable concern in the area. This led to the daily deployment of road traffic wardens who are there to manage the traffic situation of the market considering the fact that other road users may become threatened because of constant traffic jams resultant from the market activities. All the buildings on the roads adjacent to the market now harbours shops, stalls and various business structures increasing the level of activities of the area on a daily basis.