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Objectives questions of Human Resource Management

1. When objective of the organization is linked with the performance of the HRM then it is said to be the: a. SHRM b. Objective of HRM c. HR link with organization d. Function of HRM 2. Differences between other resources and Human resource is: a. Human resource is created by other resource b. Other Resources are created by Human Resource c. They have separate identities d. None of the above 3. Job analysis is the process of: a. Ranking jobs to know the relative worth of the job b. Designing the jobs so that employee can be motivated c. Collecting information about the jobs so that more and more knowledge can be generated about it and right person can be sought d. Describing the jobs in terms of what the person should do to fulfill his/her responsibility 4. When jobs are ranked according to importance it is called: a. Factor comparison method b. Ranked method c. Job classification method d. Point method 5. Human resource planning has been found playing significant roles in: a. Searching the right recruitment source b. Selecting right employee c. Ensuring ideal staffing in the future d. Designing training programs 6. Recruitment is the process of : a. Identifying the place from where right candidates can be obtained for the organization b. Identifying the people who can be selected for the organization c. Creating a pool of candidates that can be selected in time of requirements d. All of the above 7. Differences between recruitment and selection are: a. The former is the base on which the later is executed b. There is no difference; both are same c. Selection is mode to those who are recruited d. They are used synonymously 8. The essential qualities of selection test are: a. Objectivity and validity b. Economy and validity c. Practicability and validity d. Reliability and validly 9. Reliability is the quality of the test that:

a. That measures what a test ought to measure b. That can be used in selection practice c. That gives consistent result when administered repeatedly to same person or group of persons d. All of the above 10.When question are asked from each chapter of the course or taking all factors needed than it is called: a. Predictive validity b. Content validity c. Concurrent validity d. Construct validity 11.When employees are judged comparing one another, this method of appraisal is called: a. Forced distribution b. Rating scale c. Critical incident method d. Peer comparison 12. The objectives of training and development of employee are: a. Employee promotion b. Running training sessions c. Developing capability if the employee for the future d. Bridging gap between desired skill, knowledge, and attitude with the existing 13.Training through group exercise means: a. Showing movie, demonstration and giving lecture b. Running self instruction package through the computer c. Designing workshop and running d. Giving job instruction 14.Match the following method used in training that has relation with long term memory : a. Lecture method ( ) 90 % memory effect b. Demonstration ( )3 5 % memory effect c. Learning by doing ( ) 75 % memory effect d. Learning and ( ) 5 % memory effect teaching other 15.important Which statement are true: a. Financial rewards are more important than financial rewards b. Non financial rewards are more important than financial c. Both are equally important d. Depends upon the need of the person 16.How are rewards fixed in the organization? a. Through job evaluation process b. Through formulating strategies that how salary will be structured c. Through considering external and internal environmental factors d. Taking consideration all of the above 17.When a manager is rewarded? a. Looking how many hours he stays and works in the office? b. Looking how he behaves with the subordinates? c. Looking whether he/she has developed successor for the future or not?

d. Looking ROI of the organization. 18.What should be the main aim of employee relation? a. Maintain relation between employee and employer. b. Taking all the measures that employee will be satisfied in the future c. Creating environment that both employee and employer should have congenial relation d. Creating environment where employee and employer have good relation to increase productivity and share the benefit to all the parties and stakeholders and concerned. 19. When an employee applies for the grievance it should be settled by the MD within a. 7 days b. 15 days c. 10 days d. None of the above 20.Under the provision of labor Act 1992, an welfare officer needs to be appointed if the employee of the organization exceeds a. 10 or more than 10 employees b. 100 or more than 100 employees c. 150 or more than 150 employees d. 250 or more than 250 employees