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Am I being forced to walk by faith?

Everyday it seems to be a struggle to live, especially with this brutal economic crisis looming over our heads. Yet, I have observed two distinct occurrences that have enlightened my understanding to a greater reality. The first one is; Christians are suffering the same fate, like everyone else during this economic down turn, such as home foreclosures, bankruptcy, marital problems due to finances, insufficient or lack of finances and the list goes on. Secondly, even though Christian have practiced the biblical principles such as: tithing, giving, offerings etc. it would appear as if the biblical principles either has failed them, or seems as if theyre doing something wrong thats causing the principles to be of no effect. My question to God and to myself for that matter was what is happening? Aside from all of the above, there are those who dont serve God, seemingly practice none of his principles, but yet theyre prospering and living in abundance during this vicious economic crisis. Something is fundamentally wrong here, and clearly there must be an answer. The bible commands, that we walk by faith and not by sight 2Corinthians. 5:7, which is a general command to all Christians, however God has revealed to me that all that are destine for greatness and have been called for greater works will be forced to walk by faith rather than given the option of leaving the walk of faith to the individual discretion. At first this was kind of confusing to me because I have been told that God does not violate ones freedom of choice, but as he began to show me through the scriptures, the mystery was immediately transformed into a revelation that consequently made me not only appreciate but accept what others and myself are presently going through, with an understanding that there is purpose fueling all of it without violating anyones freedom of choice. Now, to walk by faith, literally means to walk in harmony with Gods word as it pertains to our circumstances and daily living. For example

when others wrong us, walking by faith dictates that we should deal with them with love, in spite of what they may have done to us and also pray for them. Of course this is more easily said than done, therefore most Christians compromise in areas such as this because there are no demands made on them in regard to walking by faith. On the other hand the Christian that has been chosen for greatness does not have a choice in the matter. For example the tithe paying always giving, putting others above self Christian has been faced with financial difficulty, however there is no one to help him, and all the sources of help that was once available to him has either been shut down or these same sources are in like position. Now, the reality is, does this Christian becomes confused? Yes! Does this Christian get angry with God? Yes! Does he feel as if this Christian walk produces more problems than solutions? Yes! Does he feel as if everyone is getting ahead except him? Again yes! However, what sets this Christian apart from the others, is that when (not if) all of the above mentioned scenarios become expired in his mind, this Christian without delay categorize them as mere feelings, and he is cognizant of the fact that walking by faith has zero to do with his feelings . To this end, there is no option for him, so he is forced to continue walking by faith and not by sight or what he feels, without his freedom to chose being violated. Now, remember, walking by faith and not by sight is to walk according to Gods instructions or his word and not according to how things appear or how we feel. Therefore this Christian who is forced to walk by faith due to the fact that he is destine for greatness has been clearly equip with knowledge to see the bigger picture of his situation, and that knowledge is GOD IS IN CONTROL! God being in control, as is frequently stated, but very few understands its meaning, implies that he is supervising the good and the bad in our lives. Lets read the biblical proof of this. The book of (Psalms 66:10-12) reads: For thou, O God, has proved us: thou have tried us, as silver is tried. Thou brought us into the net; thou laid affliction upon our loins. Thou have caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou brought us out into a WEALTHY place.

Wow! What an eye opener, as youve read folks, God is the one in control here, no devil, demon, witchcraft worker etc. is doing this to you and if he is he is only a tool being used to perfect you. The word is unequivocally clear it said Thou meaning God himself is the one testing, proving and allowing others to ride over you, only to bring you, who is transforming into the greatness that he has called you to be through these challenges into your wealthy place or place of abundance and limitless resources. Folks the words of wisdom for today are simply this God will not put new wine into old wine skins (Matt. 9:17). This hints that he will not bring you to that prepared wealthy place, without transforming your mind, from that old mind set through lifes challenges and difficulties, which he is certainly in control of.

By: Minister Kevin L. A Ewing