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Director fedpol Deputy Director

Federal Department of Justice and Police Federal Office of Police

Media Service


Main Division Directorate Staff




Staff Unit
Legal Service / Data Protection Affairs / Planning / Controlling
Swiss Coordination Unit Against the Trafficking of Persons and Smuggling of Migrants

Internal Communication and Translation Service

Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland

Business Management Analysis

Central Services

Finance and Controlling

Human Resources

Special Domain

Operative Unit


International Police Cooperation

Federal Security Service


Management Support

Information and Communication Technology Management and Services

NSIS and International Applications

National Police Information Systems

Identity Documents and Special Tasks

AFIS / DNA Services

Operations Centre fedpol

Operational Police Cooperation


Management Support

Security of Persons

Building Security

Integration Management, User and Training Management ICT-Planning, -Project, -Controlling and Security

Police Information Systems I

Identity Documents / Missing Persons Investigations Central Office for Explosives and Pyrotechnics / Arms


Operations Centre I

Information Management

NCB Interpol / Crisis Management

Legal Affairs

Dignitary Protection and Security of Foreign Missions

Building Security Management

Police Information Systems II


Operations Centre II

International Identification

Bilateral / Multilateral

Threat Assessment

Foreign Visitor Protection

Property Security

RIPOL Investigations Wanted Persons




CCPC / Europol

EU / Schengen

Management and Development

Aviation Security

Property Protection

RIPOL Investigations / Missing Objects and Unsolved Crimes

Coordination Unit for Identity and Legitimation Documents

DNA Laboratory Monitoring


Police Attachs

Special Task Force Hostage-taking and Blackmail

Identity Document Development

Quality Management


Federal Criminal Police

Branch I Investigations Field Offices

Branch II Investigations Central Office

Branch III Investigations Special Operations

Branch IV Investigations Analysis and Coordination

Investigative Division Lausanne

Investigative Division Zurich

Investigative Division Lugano

Investigative Division Berne

National Security Investigative Division

Section I National Security Investigations Section II National Security Investigations Section III International Legal Assistance Section IV International Legal Assistance

Terrorism Investigative Division

Section I Terrorism

Forensic and Information Science Investigative Division

Section I JANUS/IPAS Monitoring Section II Digital Crimes Investigations
Section III Digital Crimes Investigations / Forensic Science

Special Operations Investigative Division

Surveillance Division

Analysis Division

Coordination Division

Command Divison

Section I Lausanne

Section I Zurich

Section I Lugano

Section I Berne

Section I CHIS

Section I Surveillance

Section I Analysis

Section I CYCO

Section I Operations and Planning Section II Fugitive Investigations Task Force

Section II Lausanne

Section II Zurich

Section II Lugano

Section II Berne

Section II Terrorism

Section II Undercover Investigations

Section II Surveillance

Section II Analysis

Section II Counterfeit Currency

Section III Zurich

Section III Berne

Section III Witness Protection

Section III Surveillance

Section III Analysis

Section III Paedophilia / Pornography

Section IV Berne

Section IV Mobile Technical Surveillance

Section IV Analysis

Section IV Drugs

Section V Trafficking in Human Beings / Smuggling of Migrants

Section VI General, Organised and Financial Crime

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updated 01.08.2010