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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction to Employer I undertook my Industrial Training for the 2009 SIWES at S. B.

ADEWALE MECHANICAL WORKS, Idi-iroko. Bodija, Ibadan. S. B Adewale Mechanical Works is an establishment that specializes in the repair, service and maintenance of Mercedes Benz cars. It is a Sole-Proprietorship established in 1995. Aside from other On- The- Job trainees, there are three (3) key members of staff with specialize technical skills. 1.2 General Experience Acquired During the Duration of the training I was introduced to Mechanical tools and equipments and also the different systems and Automobile components. There are up to nine (9) major systems in Automobile generally. These systems are associated with different faults unique maintenance procedures. Some of these systems I was opportune to be trained on during the SIWES are listed below. Engine system Transmission system Suspension system Steering system Braking system Cooling system Ignition system Electrical system Starting system Lubrication system Fuel supply system


Summary of Skills Acquired During the eight weeks of training I acquired practical, technical skills and experience in the following areas and systems in the Automobile (Mercedes Benz) i. ii. Tools and Equipment handling skills Engine system In this section I acquired the skill in: Checking and fitting Piston rings Assembly and disassembly of Engine Unit and components Correcting and adjusting Carburetor faults Correcting Cold starting and slow running problems Misfiring, fuel consumption, smoky exhaust Set inlet and exhaust valves using Feeler gauge iii. Transmission System: under this section I gained experience in correcting the following faults in Benz cars: Noisy Gear-box, Oil leakage from gear box, Difficulty in engaging gears Replace worn out clutch plate, release bearings etc Adjust and correct clutch faults such as Clutch slip and clutch drag Drain and refill transmission fluids iv. Suspension system Replacing shock Absorber Replacing suspension ball joints Correct faults such as Noisy Front end, Car wanders, Tight steering etc v. Braking System Adjust spongy and springy brake pedals Correct faults such as Noisy brakes, brakes fails to release, brake pedal feels hard Replace brake pads and brake lining vi. Ignition system Ignition timing Check distributor and high tension cable etc vii Cooling system


Correct problem such as Overheating, external leakages, water loss, corrosion and over cooling.

Broader Classification of systems in Benz car as experienced in Industrial Training For the purpose of this work report I further classify the afore-mentioned system in 1.2 to two sections/parts, the Engine section and Other sections. The Engine section will include the primary engine unit, its ignition and fuel and air supplies while the Other section will cover secondary systems like the Transmission, suspension, Braking etc. which are not directly connected to the engine unit The Engine Section: Systems classified under this section include; Engine system Fuel supply system Ignition system Other sections; Transmission system Suspension, Steering and Braking system Cooling system These broad sections, their component parts, principle of operation and their common problems encountered during industrial training will be explained in the chapters to follow.


Principle of Operation of Benz car.

CHAPTER 2 ENGINE SECTION AND SYSTEMS The Engine section will include the primary engine unit, its ignition and fuel and air supplies systems close to the engine. 2.1