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celebrating this day and week for creativity and innovation, worldwide... on audiovisual literacy, curatorial standards, child, worldwide and B2B, ALFIN, leisure, edutainment, cyberspace, information as public good, self-education, edutainment, Freire, Illich, XXI century ALFIN, alfabetizacion audiovisual, edutainment, Prensky, Gardner, edutainment, cyberspace, ciberespacio, nino, nina, nativo digital, ciberespacio, creatividad, nino, nina, nativo digital, ocio instruccional, creatividad, innovacion, educacion, tendencias, siglo XXI by Yoe F. Santos/cciav Call for Solidarity and Press Inf WHY Close a Comm Unitary Web ... May 2012 ... #cultural-policies, #edutainment, #audio-visual-language-proposals, ... #paulo-freire-legacy-XXIcentury-SELF-education #Ivan-Ilich-legacy-XXI-SELF-education #child-vocational-calls #child-human-rights ... Some Critical Framework, before we accept your invitacion for - Scribd historians in the information professions: Problems in education and credentials LJ McCrank - The Public Historian, 1985

Building integrated museum information retrieval systems: practical approaches to data organization and access J Blackaby - Archives and museum informatics, 1997 Who is a curator? CV Horie Museum Management and Curatorship, 1986 Standards and guidelines for museum internships Association of Museums. Technical Information - 1993 - of Museums, Technical Information Experimental Public Usability Laboratory in a Science Museum Environment A Klasnja - Scholarship and Academic Libraries (and their kin) in the World of Google PN Courant - First Monday, 2006 -

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences BK Sheppard Beyond the Gallery Walls: Tools and Methods for Leading EndUsers to Collections Information E Coburn of the American Society for Information , 2004 Becoming digital

S Keene Museum Management and Curatorship, 1996 The DNA Bank Network: the start from a German initiative B Gemeinholzer, G Drge - Biopreservation and , 2011 - CDWA lite for Cataloguing Cultural Objects (CCO): A new XML schema for KB Boughida Humanities, Computers and Cultural Heritage, 2005 Breaches of trust: Remedies and standards in the American private art museum SE Weil - Museum Management and Curatorship, 1983 The impact of New Zealand's public sector accounting reforms on performance cont rol in museums GD Thompson - Financial Accountability & Management, 2001 repositories? It is, after all, why they exist. Is there no con-cern about museu ms as material research centresabout the problems concerning the modern caring cu rator PS Doughty - Museums in the Material World, 2007 - A survey of museums on the web: Who uses museum websites? S Sarraf - Curator: The Museum Journal, 1999

Public funding of controversial art M Rushton Journal of Cultural Economics, 2000 Peer reviewing and curating the health care information infrastructure: experien ces and recommendations. MP D'Alessandro, AM Westenfield - Proceedings of the , 1998 - The transformation of the museum and the way it's perceived H Besser The wired museum: Emerging technology and , 1997 - The European digital information landscape: how can LIBER contribute? P Ayris - Liber Quarterly, 2008 -

Archeological Curation in the 21 st Century W Bustard - Or, Making Sure the Roof Doesn't Blow Off. Cultural , 2000 - [HTML] Going in Reverse to Go Forward: Institutional Repositories and The New York Publ ic Library S Bodner - Urban Library Journal, 2007 - Information and Communications Technology in the Cultural Sector S Ross - D-Lib Magazine, 1998 - [PDF] [PDF] Conflicting Ethics: A Case Study of the New Museum's Exhibit Skin Fruit: Se lections from the Dakis Joannou Collection E Bildner - Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Journal - One Collection Many Lives: On Curator, Collection, and the Public WYV Ting - The digital divide: Opportunities for information literacy F Cox - TECHNOLOGY AND TEACHER EDUCATION , 2003 - [PDF] [PDF] ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVALUATION AND MONITORING REPORT C Officer - The future of web resources: who decides what gets saved and how do they do it? A Smith - Archiving Web Resources: Issues for Cultural Heritage This is your Passbook for museum curator National Learning Corporation - 2002 - National Learning Corp. Good Terms-Improving Commercial-Noncommercial Partnerships for Mass Digitization : A Report Prepared by Intelligent Television for RLG Programs, OCLC PB Kaufman - D-Lib Magazine, 2007 - ETHICS: FIELD ETHNOLOGIST AND CURATOR B Reynolds - Proceedings of the first congress, , 1974 - National Museums of Cana da Current trends in professional standards for museums JA Donson - Curator: The Museum Journal, 1959 Museum accountability: Laws, rules, ethics, and accreditation WL Boyd - Curator: The Museum Journal, 1991 Public control of museums in New Zealand and the United Kingdom: Implications fo r entrepreneurship G Thompson - The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, 2003 Developing an information systems strategy for the National Museum of Science & Industry B Booth - BAR International Series, 1995 New-model scholarship: how will it survive? , Council on Library and Information Resources - 2003 - Propositions for the future: Museum data standards RG Chenhall - Museum International (Edition , 1978

Digital metadata, standards for communication and preservation J Smits - 1999 - What Is the" Use" of Archives? A Challenge for the Profession BW Dearstyne - The American Archivist, 1987 Pertinent Research and Impertinent Opinion: On Our Contributions to the Cigarette Advertising Public Policy Debates RW Pollay - Journal of Advertising, 1993 The life sciences semantic web is full of creeps! BM Good - Briefings in bioinformatics, 2006 Scholarship in the digital age: Information, infrastructure, and the Internet CL Borgman - 2007 Archaeological archives: serving the public interest? N Merriman - European Journal of Archaeology, 1999 - Knowledge lost in information MA Chatham - Report of the NSF Workshop on Research , 2003 - digitalpreservation. gov New technologies for museum communication A Fahy - Museum, media, message, 1995 The Chaco experience: Landscape and ideology at the center place RM Van Dyke - 2008 - The Library and Its Parent Organization JM Toupin - Museum librarianship, 1985 National standards & best practices for US museums EE Merritt - 2008 - Amer Assn of Museums Digital libraries in Thailand T Salaladyanant - 2006 - Moderation in Everything, Access in Nothing?: Opinions about Access Restrictions on Private Papers MA Greene - Archival Issues, 1993 More reflections on MOOCs and MITx Blogs3 Mar 2012 MOOCs as a new form of continuing adult education ... Ivan Illich and Paulo Freire, who believed strongly in self-education, as part of their ... Furthermore, lifelong learning is critically important in the 21st century, butis not well ... Critical Pedagogy Taking the Illich Turn (Richard Kahn) - Academia ... The International Journal of Illich Studies ISSN 1948-4666 Critical Pedagogy Taking ... However, the emphasis on Freire's philosophy of education has served in many ... arguably tenuous.3 While a self-avowed libertarian educator4a moniker which ...... may be the greatest teachers we can learn from in the 21st century. Edutainment Applications for the Creative Age: Interplay of Design ... of edutainment in our understanding of adult learning and education, and the .... Computer-mediated communication's self-described democratic access is ..... Institutionalized Education: Illich (1970) questioned the apparent ... Freire (1972) suggested that ..... A Case for Engineering Edutainment in the 21st Century. Building ... EL NIO INCOMPRENDIDO - Sabadell, Spain - Non-Profit ... - Translate this page When we close the doors to education, leisure or Convention Rights of .... Morelos, Mxico), al otorgar un emergente protagonismo en el edutainment, para .... post Euclidean early XXI century and the Third Millennium, North and South, East ..... Freire and Ivan Illich- relatives to self education, capacities for design EARLY ... Framework, Global... | Facebook

Amartya Sen, Rajagopal, Arturo Uslar Pietri, Ivan Illich and Paulo Freire, about : SELF-education, ... Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning by G Siemens - 2009 Media and technology 21 .... Piaget, Illich, and Freire have contributed .... Education/business: More than a century of calls for academic reform have .... allowing learners the freedom of self-paced instruction with the social ...... edutainment ... Region Buzz - Rwanda 27.04.2012 Apr 2012 protagonismo en el edutainment, .... post Euclidean early XXI century and the Th ird Millennium, North and ..... -for example by Region Buzz - Spain 27.04.2012 Apr 2012 enemies of SELF-EDUCATIONpretending in each ..... post Euclidean early XXI century and the Third Millennium, North ... Cyberspace meets domestic space: Personal computers, women's work, and the gendered territories of the family home MF Cassidy Critical Studies in Media Communication, 2001 -

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How everyday life became virtual N Green Journal of Consumer Culture, 2001 - Picking Up Coins G Enfield - Popular Culture in Counseling, , 2008 Informal learning: substance or style? J Sefton-Green Teaching Education, 2003 Langenscheidt: Expanding the Socio-Cultural and Technological Contexts of Language Publishing MW Rectanus - Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German, 1995 Resistance is futile:Reaccenting the present to create classroom dialogues K Brooks Pedagogies: An International Journal, 2011 Moral panics and video games S Kline Research in Childhood, Sociology, Culture and History , 1999 - Reality bytes: education, markets and the information superhighway J Kenway - The Australian Educational Researcher, 1995 Virtual Schools and Cyberpedagogy: the Hybrilog as a Bloniversity P Andrade - Revista Prisma. Com, 2010 - Promoting Mr.[] Chips': the construction of the teacher/computer relationship in educational advertising N Selwyn, L Dawes -

Teaching and Teacher Education, 2001 Learner centred design in the Adventure Author project S Goolnik, J Robertson International Journal of Artificial , 2006 - IOS Press Technologies for formal and informal learning CK CROOK - International Handbook of , 2010 The world in 2050: a normative scenario JC Glenn - foresight, 1999 - Virtual Reality and Computer Simulation P Brey - The Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics, 2008 Digital games and education T Dumbleton Understanding digital games, 2006 Families as target groups N Halbertsma Museum and gallery education: a manual of , 1999 - Toys, Games and Media G TOYS Dr Ben Walmsley S Henderson The entertainment industry: an introduction, 2010 Progress in information technology and tourism management: 20 years on and 10 years after the InternetThe state of eTourism research D Buhalis Tourism management, 2008 Information and communication technology D Blacker The Blackwell guide to the philosophy of , 2003 - Wiley Online Library Learning Narratives with Harry Potter.Manuel de Fallas's The Prophet Newspaper SC Gmez, RM Borda - Serious Games and Edutainment , 2011 Utilising podcasts for learning and teaching: a review and ways forward for e-Learning cultures W Kidd - Management in Education, 2012 - Cyberfutures: culture and politics on the information superhighway Z Sardar - 1996 - NYU Press The Human Factor in Multimedia JP Hasebrook - Entertainment technology and human behavior: literature study M Rauterberg - Technical Note, 2004 - Media Technology and Museum Display: a Century of Accomodation and Conflict A Griffiths, D Thorburn - Rethinking media change: , 2003 Heidegger, Digital Technology, and Postmodern Education P Walters - Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, 2009 - Female players from margin to centre: female sociality, digital consumer citizenship and reterritorialisations L Fantone - Digital Creativity, 2009 CL Singh - Discourse: studies in the cultural politics of education, 1996 First connections: teachers and the National Grid for Learning L Dawes - Computers & Education, 1999 Learning in immersive worlds S De Freitas London: Joint Information Systems Committee, 2006 -

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