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COMMITEE MEMBERS Advisor Chairperson : : En Rapaiee Bin Bulat Pn Siti Hasnah Binti Abdullah En Saperi Bin Morni En Abg Suhaini Bin Abg Aron Head of Panel Secretary Treasurer Members : : : : Pn Hajar Binti Abdul Aziz En Yusril Hafez Bin Pisol Pn Mabel ak Langan Pn Hjh Hajijah Binti Haji Kihok Pn Dyg Ku Siti Khairani bt Pangeran Jaludin Cik Wan Hazleen Binti Wan Ahmad En Abart ak William Sigat En Alexander ak Alfred Tom

Vice Chairperson :


SK DATUK BANDAR, DEBAK Date : Time : Venue Attendance : 06.01.2011 12.00 p.m. : Library

1. Pn Hajar bt Abd Aziz 2. Pn Mabel ak Langan 3. Pn Hjh Hajijah bt Hj Kihok 4. Pn Dyg Ku Siti Khairani bt Pangeran Jaludin 5. Cik Wan Hazleen Binti Wan Ahmad 6. En Yusril Hafez b Pisol
7. En Alexander ak Alfred Tom 8. En Abart ak William Sigat

Agendas : 1. Welcome speech by the Head Panel 2. Yearly Activities 3. Arising Matters

1. WELCOME SPEECH First of all, the English Head Panel, Pn Hajar Abd Aziz welcomed En Abart in joining the English Panel this year. She thanked all the teachers for spending their time with the first meeting of the year. All the teachers were asked to teach the subject with full confidence and responsibility for every pupil in the class without neglecting the weak students. The teachers were also reminded to put more effort in teaching for upgrading the level of English Language in SK Datuk Bandar.

Action: teachers


2. YEARLY ACTIVITY 2.1 Yearly Scheme of Work Year 1 Year 6 All teachers should have their own copies Make sure to include the skill in teaching 1. Listening 2. Reading 3. Writing 4. Speaking Action: teachers All


Learn a word a day, Learn a sentence a week 1. A word a day - Phase 1 2. A sentence a week - Phase 2 Action: teachers All


Reading Program Once a week. Tell the student to read frequently. Action: teachers All


Writing Everyday Year 1, 2, 3 - Alphabets, words, phrases, 3 line book for writing, guidance on how to write proper capital letter Year 2, 3 - Simple diary Year 4, 5, 6 - Writing diary, Cursive writing

Action: teachers



Rhymes and Songs Memorizing Rhymes Songs appreciation Action: teachers All


Literature in the Classroom Books are provided Include one periods during English lesson per week It can be held in library for better source Teachers are advised to carry out the literature lesson to build up more vocabularies and to improve their reading abilities. Action: teachers All


Daily Lesson Plan The things that teachers must include in their Lesson Plan: 3. Theme 4. Topic 5. Objective 6. Activities 7. Reflections Action: teachers


2.8 2.9

Rhymes and Songs English Month Will be carried out in February 7th Competitive activities Action: teachers All


Pn Hajar, Head of English Panel hoped that the next meeting will be held in end of January, before the launching of English Month. It is to ensure the programmes would be carried out smoothly. Once again she thanked all the teachers for their presence. The meeting was adjourned at 1.30 p.m.

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Yusril Hafez

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