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Ms Caruso English 1102 26 July 2012

Soccer: The Beautiful Game

Comment [SW1]: Revied by: Wendy Serrano Questions: Which Direction should I take my paper? This paper is very educational and I would like to hear more about it. What would you like to hear more off? I would like to hear more history of this so called Beautiful Game, why is it call this? Is it Clear? Yes it is pretty clear. Comment [SW2]: Now days Sports is not only a Masculine sports since so many women also play sports, maybe find another word that can also include both genders. Comment [SW3]: When I think of sports I also think of sacrifices, this word may also help and extend your paper. Comment [SW4]: Sport

What words come to mind when you think of sports? Physical, masculine, competitive, dangerous, fun, and risky are some common answers to this question. It is no secret that soccer is the worlds most popular spot. The description that labels the nature of this sport is not included in the previous list. This sport is called the beautiful game by its players, coaches and fans. Soccer is played with 11 players on each team and two goals. Eleven players on each team set up in differing formations. There are two goals on either side of the playing field and the purpose is to kick the ball being used into the opponents goal while not allowing the opponent the glory of kicking it into your goal. Its beauty can be seen on multiple levels. Each individual player can use all parts of his or her body to control the ball except for the hands. Now as you can imagine, individual players have come up with miraculous ways of manipulating the ball. "In more phenomenological terms, a soccer player, for example, might sense which individual (including possibly him-or herself) is in the best strategic position to receive the ball and then 'move' in a manner to place the ball or him-or herself in a location to be effective. This requires on the part of the athlete not only a mastery of the technical (athletic) skills but also a sense of soccer-

Comment [SW5]: Since you are explaining how the game is set up, it would also be nice to hear a little bit more history on this sport, I believe soccer was part of the games the Aztecs used to play, until the Spainiars came and took it back to Europe and then got its name in England a form of soccer at least, and then somehow Brazil made it really big. Soccer is also a hope in our Latin countries. This could probably go before the explanation of formation of the game.

specific 'judgement' that, as Lasch (10) points out, requires a sense of timing and proportion with respect to the excercise of technical expertise." (Hemphill 110) All teams strive to play beautifully, in entertaining ways, but this is not always the case. I grew up playing soccer so I have firsthand experience of the game and how it is played. One thing that I know for sure is that the beauty of the game has differing perspectives. When you are watching soccer as a fan of course you would like an action packed, high scoring and mesmerizing game to be seen from beginning to end. As a player, surely all you care is that your team wins. If your team wins in a 'beautiful' fashion then that is seen as the cherry on top of the ice cream Sunday. What is most important is having ice cream to be able to put a cherry on top of. In all sports winning is at the top of all priorities. In soccer we have recently seen the media and different fan bases go against this 'winning is whats important' theory. There have been teams playing the beautiful way of soccer and losing. Teams playing what they call anti-football (soccer) and winning. On top of all they have labeled these turn of events as being detrimental to The beautiful game (soccer). " it is also not uncommon to hear elite professional athletes being castigated by journalists and fans for not measuring up to the high standards that they have been expected to maintain. This pressure can be exacerbated by the more cynical journalists and fans that might find exorbitant and incredulous the salaries and other financial and social rewards of star athletes, especially if they consider what athletes do only a game. (Hemphill 112) This brings all kinds of questions into my mind. Who determines if the game was played in a beautiful manner? What happens when teams are not able to successfully play the beautiful way? Is not playing "The beautiful way" really detrimental to soccer?
Comment [SW10]: I really like the questions, I think this keeps the reader interested and wanting to find out more. Comment [SW9]: What else do they do? Comment [SW8]: Could you provide some names? Comment [SW7]: How are this teams playing anti-football and winning? Comment [SW6]: How is the media doing this?