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The graph shown in this appendix shows the statistics of vehicle theft consists of motorcycle marked with blue

line and private car marked with black line; starting from 1980 to 2010. In the study the number of theft cases which marked with green lines reported to increase each year and rose sharply in the year 2000 till the year 2005. Theft rate decreased slightly after in the year 2010. The study starts from 1980 and within 5 years after it was in the low-level compared to others which vehicles to reach 20,000 units. Investigated the theft of private cars have the lowest theft of less than 10,000 cases over the theft of motorcycles have the highest at more than OF 10.000 cases. It had increased in 1982 to 1985 in total over 20,000 cases. After the theft was reported in 1985 increased in 1986 and then declined again in 1990 in total less than 19,000 cases. Motorcycles are still the highest at 16.000 theft cases against car theft. The level of vehicle theft cases in 1985 to 1990 declined from the previous year, below 20.000 cases. Theft began to escalate in 2000 and most of the vehicles most frequently involved in the theft of motorcycles still dominated until 2005. After the year 2005 to 2010, the total number of stolen vehicles in excess of 170,000. The number of cases began to decrease theft in 2010 of 140,000 compared to the previous case, a reduction of 30,000 cases. Among the several suggestions that can be recommended for the prevention of the theft cases were; many users especially motorcycle owners often take for granted the

safety aspects like not installing extra keys that have different functions when they parked in open parking. Users should be advised to use more than two types of keys and different key functions to delay the thief to open a safety lock to steal vehicles. Apart from to have additional security locks, vehicle users also need to install an alarm system in a vehicle owned. Lock the vehicle must also be equipped with special electronic system that is only the original key only vehicles that have electronic systems to open the doors of the vehicle, especially private cars. For this purpose, it can be opened with a key vehicle to avoid duplication or 'master key' of thieves Vehicles owned by the user should be placed in a safety area such as parking in a secure and well-kept, such as parking place with security. Many consumers are more willing to parking in places that are not performing as well as a source of systematic prone to theft because thieves often wait for the opportunity of the individual immunity. Provide insurance on private vehicles is a very important step to avoid big losses if the loss of the vehicle. Most users of private vehicles, especially vehicles often neglected aspect of First Party insured. It is the earliest steps that need to be made by the user of the vehicle for the purpose of facilitating the loss vehicle claim if facing the loss of the vehicle. Overall, cases of vehicle theft that occurred were more serious from year to year. Most of the private vehicle users neglect on the preventive aspects to overcome this problem. If there is theft cases happen, we need to report

to the authorities. Even though the vehicle is not found, the information given is important for the authorities to prevent crime in the future.