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CCATs Internship Program

CCAT recognizes the value of working with student interns. Educating the future workforce offers benefits to the industries that CCAT supports, to both CCAT and to the students themselves. Elliot Ginsberg, CCATs President and Chief Executive Officer, states CCATs internship program is yet another example of our commitments to academia and industry. Our program enables students to see if a selected career path is one they truly wish to travel. It promotes retention of in-state students and, in fact, CCAT has hired a number of interns as full-time employees upon graduation. Students participating in CCATs Internship Program are able to apply classroom theory to real work situations. Students learn first-hand how to use their academic skills. In turn, CCAT benefits by hiring well-educated college students to assist in the application of the latest business strategies and techniques. CCATs summer interns join the organization as a class the Intern Class of 2010 includes ten members who are students at Eastern Connecticut State University, the University of Hartford, UConn, Holy Cross, Western New England College, the University of Pennsylvania, and UMass Dartmouth. Our interns are working in many of CCATs initiatives, including the Laser Applications Laboratory, Technology Research and Applications Initiative, the Modeling & Simulation Laboratory, the Education Initiative, the Energy Initiative, Administration, and Information Technology. CCATs Internship Program includes the following elements: Kick-off breakfast with interns, mentors and management staff. Assignment of projects by the interns mentor, at least one of which must include working directly with CCAT customers. A visit to a customer site is required. Weekly luncheon meetings with Initiative Directors to highlight areas of focus within each initiative. Public speaking opportunity at a company group meeting of all staff to include highlights of accomplishments throughout the internship and how the internship experience influenced the interns professional goals and objectives. Resume writing and review. Exit interview with Human Resources to discuss the experience and to learn how CCAT can improve the program.

Benefits of CCATs Internship Program expressed by former interns include the opportunity to work on meaningful projects and to gain experience in professional development, including project management, time management, networking, public speaking, and resume building.