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How To Write A Quality Assurance Report or Audit

A well-written quality assurance report are very important to implement total quality systems in the organization. With increasing competition and stricter government regulations, quality systems have become an integral part of the organizations. One of the most important steps in implementing quality systems is conducting audits. Audits give a clear picture of how the quality systems are implemented in the organization, to what extent they are being followed and how effective they are in improving the quality of the products and services. An audit report conveys the results of the audit to the concerned people in the organization and at times to the top management, as well. Based on the audit report, various strategic decisions are taken regarding product quality, wastage, execution time of orders, customer requirements, etc. This means that an audit report is one of the most important QandA report since it acts as a feedback and results in corrective and preventive action. Given here are few points that should be adhered to while making audit QandA report . Easy To Understand Language The report should be well written in simple language. This not only enables the concerned people to understand the content of the report but also results in effective communication, better decision making, and proper implementation. Abstract The first step is to give brief summary of the audit report. It should be clear and concise. The audit reports are circulated to heads of various departments, top management, engineers, and the supervisors on the shop floor. A summary gives idea of what is there in the full report and hence when a person reads the summary, he/she can decide whether they want to go through the entire content of the audit report or not. This saves the precious time of the employees. Background Information The audit report should contain all the information like the date of the audit, the name of the department where the audit was conducted, the name of the official who conducted the audit, the purpose of the audit and so on. Findings

The audit should give complete details of the findings. If any calculations are done, then those should be shown in a separate section or attached to the quality assurance report . The content of various audit reports varies based on the type of audit. Like the quality management system audit report states the observations with reference to the clauses of the standard or the department manual whereas the process audit report states the observations with reference to the code of practice defined for that process. Inferences The findings are compared with standards to check whether different quality systems are being followed properly in the organization or not. Any deviations in the system should be highlighted. Use graphics to make points clearer and explicable. The inference is a very important part of the audit report as the senior management takes the decision based on it after consulting the engineers and managers. In short, audit QandA report play an important role in the continual improvement of the organizations quality management system.