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tuesday, november 3, 2009

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HAlting tHe HigHwAy

Organizations raise green standards with projects

BY JESSE BROWN As the University discusses green initiatives, a few student groups are shedding light on the issue. Kimberly Hernandez, Hutchinson senior and vice president of KU Environs, said her group was working to bring lightemitting diodes (LED) bulbs to campus, starting with streetlights. Though LEDs are more expensive, they last longer and use less energy than other bulbs. But Environs is not the only group taking steps to advance conservation on campus. The KU Energy Council, a group of researchers for innovative fuel and energy options, has asked advertising students to create a conservation campaign to promote a culture of sustainability. Jeremy Viscomi, KU Energy Council project coordinator, is working with Journalism 676 advertising students to fulfill their appointed task of creating the conservation campaign. If we can weave sustainability and various forms of renewable energy into the fabric of how we do things on campus, then it creates an environment that promotes energy research, sustainability research and new energy initiatives, Viscomi said. Bob Basow, associate professor of journalism, said the class had interviewed about 30 people on campus, including students from campus organizations and Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, to discuss new ways to promote conservation on campus. Nathan Gill, Iola senior and one of Basows students, said the class was developing ideas for transportation and other ways to conserve energy. He said that encouraging change would take time, but that the process must begin with small steps. Those small steps could include challenging students to think about their energy usage, by simply turning off electronics and being mindful of recycling and conserving water. Gill said the classs campaign efforts would be directed at freshmen with the goal of influencing subsequent incoming classes for the next few years. Kansas City Power and Light, an energy provider based in Kansas City, Mo., has donated $7,500 to fund the research for the ad campaign, which includes visits to other universities such as Colorado and Kansas State to learn more about campus sustainability. Viscomi said he hoped that Westar, another energy provider, would match that donation. Jeff Severin, director of the Center for Sustainability, said that various departments had initiated green efforts on campus but that

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groups protest wetlands stance

BY JUSTIN LEVERETT Demonstrators challenged the Universitys neutral position on the Baker Wetlands debate Monday. Forty students and locals gathered on the Strong Hall Lawn and chanted, marched with signs and gathered petition signatures on both sides of Jayhawk Boulevard. Jason Hering, Hutchinson senior and president of the student environmental group Eco-Justice, said the goal of the demonstration was to draw attention to the 20 acres of wetlands controlled by the University and to prevent the construction of the proposed South Lawrence Trafficway. The trafficway was most recently projected to be a six-lane highFollow Justin Leverett at twitter. com/schmendric. way with a 12-foot sound barrier that would cross through the Baker Wetlands, which span 640 total acres south of 31st Street. Campus environmental groups collaborated with local groups, some based at Haskell Indian Nations University, to stage the demonstration. Hering said the groups wanted the University to appoint one person responsible for the fate of the 20 acres it controls. I dont understand why no one person has responsibility over that section, Hering said. Its just a mystery. Demonstrators included members of student environmental director for the University, said groups Eco-Justice, KU Environs the proposed highway has been and local interest group Save hotly debated for nearly 20 years. the Wakarusa Wetlands, as well The most recent proposal for the as the Wetlands Preservation trafficway would intersect the Organization and the First University-controlled area and cut Nations Student through the remainKU has consistently Association, der of the wetlands. both based During this time, taken the position at Haskell the University has that it will not give Indian Nations maintained control anyone the land for University. of the contested 20 construction of the SLT. acres but had not Mike Caren, director of the made any plans for LYNN BRETZ local group Save it. The Universitys Communications director the Wakarusa deed dictates that the Wetlands, said land must be used the groups for public benefit, wanted the University to support and demonstrators cite this as an them in their fight to stop con- argument for sponsoring research struction of the South Lawrence of the wildlife-rich habitat. Trafficway. Bretz said both the Lynn Bretz, communications demonstrators and proponents of the South Lawrence Trafficway had legitimate arguments that their causes would benefit the public. The University has taken a neutral stance through the years and refused to support either side. KU has consistently taken the position that it will not give anyone the land for construction of the SLT, she said. If the state of Kansas decides it needs the land for that purpose then it would have to obtain the land through the power of eminent domain. Eminent domain is a legal procedure that allows the government to forcefully acquire privately owned land. At the same time, she said the University could not give the

members of the eco-Justice, environs, First nation student advisory Board and Wetlands Preservation organization held a demonstration in front of Strong Hall on Monday. The protestors chanted Dont Pave, to derail the proposed South Lawrence Trafficway on the 20-acre Baker Wetlands.

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Pharmacy building on track to open for fall

New facilities allow for a 50-percent enrollment increase
BY JESSE RANGEL Follow Jesse Rangel at igglephile. Ken Audus, dean of pharmacy, said the building should be ready to accept students for the fall 2010 semester. He said the building would offer the school an opportunity to better develop projects such as the standardized client program, in which actors come in to test students on their patient care skills. We do it now, but theyre fairly primitive circumstances, Audus said. This facility has a suite that was designed specifically for that. Gene Hotchkiss, associate dean of pharmacy, said the pharmacy could instantly boost its number of incoming students in Lawrence from 105 to 150 with the new building because of the additional space. He said that 65 percent of pharmacy alumni stayed in the state after graduation and that it would provide more pharmacists for the state. For several years weve not had adequate space to expand our program and increase the number of students were able to take, Hotchkiss said. Theres a significant shortage of pharmacists in Kansas and this allows us to increase our enrollment by 50 percent.


The last steel beam is in, and the new School of Pharmacy building is on schedule to open its doors for the fall 2010 semester. Students, faculty and administration in the school autographed the thirty-foot beam, which was placed yesterday on the northwest corner of the new building on Constant Avenue in West Campus.

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dr. Ron Ragan, associate dean of academic affairs for the school of Pharmacy, signs his name on the final beam before it is hoisted on the new building located on West Campus. Dr. Ragan expressed his enthusiasm for the new buildings prospects, I think well not only have more pharmacy students, but better pharmacy students.

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white house, first family greet trick-or-treaters


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Obama family handed out goody bags, attended reception for families of military and White House staff. enTeRTainmenT | 4a

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Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes. E. W. Dijkstra

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


About 6 a.m. Friday near 33rd and Iowa streets, a University student reported the theft of a purse and contents, at a loss of $70 About 6 a.m. Saturday near the Kansas Union Parking Garage, someone was cited for being a minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage. About 3 p.m. Saturday near 19th and Massachusetts streets, a University student reported the theft of a wallet and contents, at a loss of $22. About 5 p.m. Saturday near 19th St. and Constant Rd., someone was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. About 7 p.m. Saturday near 17th and Ohio streets, a University student reported criminal damage to her vehicle, at a loss of $200. About 9 p.m. Saturday at a parking lot on campus, someone reported an auto burglary and the theft of cash, at a loss of $210. About 11 p.m. Saturday near 15th and Massachusetts streets, a University student reported criminal damage to a window of a residence, at a loss of $250. About 11 p.m. Saturday near 13th and Ohio streets, a University student reported an aggravated battery. About 2 a.m. Sunday near 9th and Tennessee streets, a University student reported a battery and criminal damage to his laptop, computer monitor and other items, at a loss of $1,640. About 2 a.m. Sunday near 18th St. and Naismith Dr., a University student reported a disorderly conduct. About 2 a.m. Sunday near 6th St. and Wakarusa Dr., a University student reported a burglary and the theft of a video game system, pair of shoes, wallet and cash, at a loss of $2,200. About 4 a.m. Sunday near 15th St. and Crestline Dr., a University student reported an auto burglary and the theft of a CD player and golf clubs, at a loss of $1,400. About 4:30 a.m. Sunday near 9th and Connecticut streets, a University student reported criminal damage to his vehicle, at a loss of $300. About 5 a.m. Sunday near 10th and Kentucky streets, a University student reported the theft of two kegs of beer, at a loss of $250.


The brightest star as seen from Earth at night is Sirius, with an absolute magnitude of 1.45.

Want to know what people are talking about? Heres a list of the five most e-mailed stories from 1. Novice rowers succeed in first regatta 2. Sophomore defender Jeannette Francia fights to win a header at midfield during Friday afternoons game 3. Soccer plays for Big 12 Tournament berth 4. Where do CLAS graduates go from here? 5. Facebook accounts pose dangers

1. Convicted KGB spy shot dead in central Moscow


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MOSCOW A Russian businessman who had been convicted in Israel of being a KGB spy was shot dead in Moscow on Monday, police said. Shabattai Kalmanovich, 60, was gunned down near his apartment in central Moscow after unidentified gunmen opened fire on his Mercedes from a passing car, Moscow city police said. An Israeli court in 1988 convicted Kalmanovich of espionage and sentenced him to seven years in jail. He was released after serving five years and relocated to Sierra Leone, where he made a fortune in the diamonds trade.

will arrive next June to work on secondary education projects. The Peace Corps began operating in the West African country in 1962 and hosted more than 3,400 volunteers. But the program was interrupted by a bloody civil war between 1991 and 2002 in which brutal rebels recruited child soldiers and were known for hacking off the limbs of civilians to terrorize them into submission.

4. Suspected serial rapist arrested in New Mexico


3. African countries meet for Zimbabwe discussion

HARARE, Zimbabwe Zimbabwes neighbors will hold a summit this week to try to break an impasse that threatens the southern African nations unity government, a spokesman for Zimbabwes prime minister said Monday. President Robert Mugabe, accused by the premier of undermining the coalition, indicated he would be at the summit to give his side.

2. Peace Corps to return to Seirra Leone in June

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Authorities say a man arrested in Colorado is suspected of raping 11 women in New Mexico and Texas during 15 years, and recently trying to kill a police officer. The Pueblo County Sheriffs Department in Colorado arrested 47-year-old Robert Howard Bruce of Pueblo on Oct. 6 after an officer found a 30-pound propane tank rigged to pump the explosive gas into his home. Police say Bruce was tied to the Albuquerque rapes after his DNA matched one of the cases, and investigators are trying to determine if hes tied to crimes from 1991 to 2000 in Albuquerque and a 2006 rape in Austin, Texas.

traditional headscarf. Coppell, Texas-based CareNow called the ban a misunderstanding. Dr. Hena Zaki of Plano says she was shocked when CareNow officials told her last month in person and later by e-mail that a no-hat policy extended to her hijab. The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations wrote to CareNow, explaining federal law requires employers to reasonably accommodate religious practices of an employee.

6. Water pipe damage causes 20-foot geyser

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone A US official says the Peace Corps will return to Sierra Leone after 16 years absence. Peace Corps Acting Regional Director for Africa Lynn Foden said Monday that 50 volunteers

5. Texas health clinic regrets headscarf ban

DALLAS A Texas health clinic operator says it regrets telling a Muslim doctor applying for a job that she couldnt wear her

LOS ANGELES A water pipe has sent a 20-foot geyser into the air in the San Fernando Valley, but no injuries or building damage has been reported. An immense fountain of water is rising high above the roofs of businesses on busy Van Nuys Boulevard. Thousands of gallons of water have poured into sewers. Associated Press

Spotlight on Organizations KU Mock Trial

BY CoUrtneY BUlliS KU Mock Trial is an organization in which members compete with students from other universities in full-length trial simulations. These cases help students gain the ability to develop critical thinking skills and become well versed in real-world legal procedures, Lauren Beebe, Overland Park junior, said. Branden Bell, Mock Trial coach, said students participated on teams made up of three attorneys and three witnesses. The attorneys direct and cross-examine witnesses, make objections, opening statements and closing statements, Bell said. Mock Trial at the University began in 1997, and the group has been to the American Mock tournaments across the country. Trial Associations national Throughout the year, practices tournament every year but one, are held twice a week, but team according to the KU Mock Trial members spend extra time working outside of practices. Web site. At the beginning of There are the semester, you have about 20 It has definitely to spend more time student team helped in building outside of practices members. to learn the material, These students confidence speaking but once tournaments practice year and being able to start, you dont have to round to think more dedicate as much time compete in spontaneously. outside of tournament nationwide travel, Beebe said. competitions. ERICA WILLIAMS This weekend the E a c h Mock Trial president Mock Trial team tournament will travel to Iowa to has four compete. rounds, lasting Other trips include UCLA and three hours each. During these tournaments, students learn Arizona. Erica Williams, Mock Trial president, said there were proper courtroom decorum. To better prepare, first also many regional invitations semester is dedicated to learning every year. Mock Trial is a student-run and practicing for the case. Second semester the team attends organization and is open to everyone. Some students, such as Williams, have experience in high school debate and forensics, but that is not a requirement. Bell said no prior experience was needed to join the team. Mock Trial prepares students to think quickly, logically and critically, which has endless applications, Bell said. Williams said what she had learned from Mock Trial was helpful in many ways. I have learned to speak better in front of a lot of people, Williams said. It has definitely helped in building confidence speaking and being able to think more spontaneously. To become involved, students can contact Williams at or visit the groups Web site http:// Edited by Lauren Cunningham

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Everything you want to know about law school

Law Student Q&A Panel Tuesday, Nov. 3, 6 p.m.
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Clinton changes her stance on housing in Palestine


MARRAKECH, Morocco Trying to mute Arab criticism that the Obama administration had retreated from its tough stance on Israeli settlements, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday softened her praise for Israels offer to restrain new housing in Palestinian areas. While Israel was moving in the right direction in its offer to restrict but not stop the settlements, Clinton said, its offer falls far short of U.S. expectations. Clinton is extending her trip by one day to fly to Cairo to meet with President Hosni Mubarak on Wednesday, her staff announced.
Associated Press

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tuesday, november 3, 2009

Junior guard Chase buford has entered a diversion agreement with the City for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, according to municipal Court records. buford will pay a total of $802 for a diversion fee, evaluation fee and court costs. buford was scheduled to appear in court last week regarding a July 11 arrest for suspicion of OUi near 7th and new Hampshire streets. because of the agreement, buford will not have to go before court. if he adheres to all the terms of the agreement for a period of one year, the charges against him will be dismissed. according to the agreement, buford agreed to undergo substance abuse treatment and to


Pharmacy (continued from 1a)

Buford, city of Lawrence reach agreement on OUI


not consume alcohol or drugs for a year. in addition to the OUi charge, the agreement lists additional charges of refusing to submit to a breath test and a stop sign violation. Junior guard brady morningstar was also placed on diversion earlier this month in an October dUi case. The two players agreed to similar conditions and fines, but unlike buford, morningstar will be subject to blood, breath or urine tests and has been suspended from team activities. in a July 11 statement regarding the incident, coach bill Self said he was disappointed in bufords actions and would handle any discipline in-house. although Chase is a high quality young man, he made some poor decisions and now has to live with the consequences of those decisions, Self said.
Brandon Sayers

adam Buhler/KanSan

Green (continued from 1a)

the recent advertising campaign Hernandez said. would be the biggest. The main goal is to have the Ryan Callihan, Lenexa senior entire campus lit by LEDs, but and president of Environs, said thats not going to be a feasible the campus goal anytime in conser vation the near future, The main goal is to front dealt with Hernandez said. have the entire camenergy, waste McVey said that pus lit by LEDs ... management as time passed, and transportaLEDs would become kimberly Hernandez tion issues. He cheaper and more Vice president said Environs attractive in conof environs was workserving energy. ing on another Callihan said way to improve getting the adminUniversity susistration directly tainability, this time indoors: involved would be imperative in software to conserve energy use creating a dedicated effort toward in labs by having computers auto- sustainability. matically shut down overnight. Don Steeples, senior vice proCallihan said the University had vost, said the administration had more than 12,000 computers that been asked by the legislature to ran between 50 and 100 watts spend the Universitys money continuously that would reduce cautiously and responsibly. energy waste. Steeples said an offiHernandez The fact that we cial announcement and the rest of have a center for sus- about new plans the members of tainability is because from the campaigns Environs were class for sustainof students. working with ability on campus Scott McVey, wouldnt be made STaCey WHiTe Facilities until a few months director of academic Operations later. programs, Center for energy conserAlthough the Sustainability vation and utilUniversity has ity manager, to made some steps to install the LED streetlights on change to a greener environment, Jayhawk Boulevard. students have taken leadership in Environs and Facilities these efforts. Operations expect to install The fact that we have a cena six LED streetlights at a cost ter for sustainability is because of $1,000 to $1,500 per bulb of students, said Stacey White, along Jayhawk Boulevard near director of academic programs of the Kansas Union. The group is the Center for Sustainability. seeking funds from the Student Environmental Advisory Board, Edited by Jacob Muselmann

members of the School of Pharmacy staff look on as the final beam is placed on the new School of Pharmacy building on West Campus. The new building is projected for completion in August 2010. Kelli Bryant, Hays first-year pharmacy student, said she signed the beam because she was proud of the hard work she had done to get into the school. I think once youre here you learn how important the profession is and just getting through the four years, Bryant said. It was kind of prideful to put your name on the beam and to be a part of the new building. Nancy Muma, professor of pharmacology and toxicology, said the building would offer new technology, such as teleconferencing, which would allow students to communicate with scientists around the world. This is going to be terrific for the school for our ability to train pharmacists and other scientists, Muma said. Audus said the new building would have larger labs and lecture halls, which means the school could hold more classes simultaneously. He said the pharmacy skills lab in Mallott where students learn to fill prescriptions was on two different floors. The new building will put that lab in one room on one floor. Thatll save some wear and tear on instructors running up and down to cover two classrooms, Audus said. Edited by Abby Olcese

WeTLanDS (continued from 1a)

20 acres back to Haskell Indian from going forward with its proNations University, as some activ- posed trafficway. ists have proposed. The governMillicent Pepion, a third-year ment appropriated the majority of Haskell student representing the the Baker Wetlands from Haskell Navajo Nation and president in the 1950s, called the land sur- of the Wetlands Preservation plus, and distribOrganization, took uted it to local part in the demonstraWe believe in it, public institution. She said the fate we believe that its a tions, including of the 20 Universitythe University. owned acres would sacred land, and we But Bretz said that be a decisive factor believe that it helps if control of the in whether or not the environment. land were transthe South Lawrence ferred away from Trafficway would be milliCenT pepiOn the University, built. Haskell student under terms of We still want to deed, the federal use it for educational government could reclaim control purposes, she said. We believe of it. in it, we believe that its a sacred Although the University can- land, and we believe that it helps not simply give the land back to the environment. Haskell, Hering said it had the The groups gathered 1,373 option of sponsoring research signatures from both Haskell on the land through the Kansas and the University, which they Biological Survey. In this way, he plan to present to the chancellor said, the University could help Wednesday. the activists prevent the Kansas Department of Transportation Edited by Nick Gerik

FiFteen-year-old teXt deClared neUtrality

Jason Hering, Hutchinson senior, discovered a forgotten document at the Spencer research library last week that shed light for him on the Universitys continued stance on the Wetlands. after deciding two weeks ago to demonstrate along with local groups, Hering, who is the president of the student environmental group eco-Justice, searched for any text in the research library that mentioned the words Wetlands or Trafficway. He found a document called the resolution on the Trafficway and the Haskell indian nations University. This fifteen-year old text, which he found by consulting the library card catalog with help from library staff, recorded a declaration made by the University Council in 1994.

The declaration was approved by a voice vote on april 14 of that year. The document he found reads, The University Council hereby declares that the University of kansas should disassociate itself from any official endorsements for or against the South lawrence Trafficway, express or implied, that have been made in the past. The University of kansas endorses and supports the Haskell indian nations University in its effort to build the best indian educational institute in the country. The University Council was renamed the University Senate in 2005, and contains representatives of four constituent senates: the Faculty Senate, the Student Senate, the Unclassified Senate and the University Support Staff Senate.
Justin Leverett

SeaWorld in San Diego welcomes baby sea turtles

associated PRess
LOS ANGELES The population of endangered green sea turtles at SeaWorld in San Diego grew by 82 in October when the eggs hatched on Shipwreck Beach without human help. There hasnt been such happy turtle news at SeaWorld since 2003, when 21 sea turtles got an assist from park staff, said Tim Downing, assistant curator of fishes. This time, the park let nature take its course and didnt incubate the eggs. The babies started poking through their ping pong-sized eggs on Oct. 5. Since then, they have been getting a diet of squid, krill, shrimp and special pellets. The birth of the baby turtles was announced Monday. Downing said they are in excellent health and should go on display at the park before the end of the year. It will be up to the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to determine whether the new turtles stay at SeaWorld and whether they will allow the turtles to mate again next year, he said. SeaWorld has 30 adult sea turtles in its collection, including three green females and one male. They have all been at the park since the 1960s so they are around 40 or 50 years old, or middle age for the creatures, which live to be well past 100 years. SeaWorlds green sea turtles have reached sexual maturity and all three females may have buried eggs in the sand on the parks Shipwreck Beach, Downing said. They have to do genetic testing to determine whether one turtle laid all the eggs or there were multiple mothers, he said, and SeaWorld crews have to dig up the beach to determine how many eggs failed to hatch. There is so much that is not known about sea turtles, Downing said. We are getting real good information on the growth rate of juveniles. A female turtle mates in the water, comes up high on the sand, digs a few false holes to fool predators, then digs a nest and lays between 100 and 120 eggs, Downing said. The eggs incubate for three months, with the gender of each baby being determined by the temperature of the sand. The park doesnt name its animals, but the turtles have pit tags and flipper tags, Downing said. The babies weigh just a few grams now, but when they become adults in 20 years or so, they will weigh about 250 pounds. They are all gaining weight and doing well. We have done some X-rays, and they are progressing just like we would expect them to, Downing said. There are seven species of sea turtles in the world and they are all endangered or threatened, Downing said. The biggest reason they dont live that long in the wild is mankind, he said. They are fished in some parts of the world, and pollution hurts. For example, a trash bag looks like a jellyfish. They eat it and it gets impacted in their gut and they starve to death, Downing said.



Senior aquarist christa miller transfers sea turtle hatchlings to a holding pool in this photo released by SeaWorld. The population of endangered green sea turtles at SeaWorld grew by 82 in October.






A touch of Irish in downtown Lawrence 944 Massachusetts 832-8228

Red Lyon Tavern

2429 Iowa St.

Haircuts Always






TOP OF THE HILL, 2005-2008



10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.

tuesday, november 3, 2009

Aries (March 21-April 19) Today is a 6 Take time today to heal any emotional or physical bruises. An opportunity drops into your lap. Use your imagination to pursue it immediately. TAurus (April 20-May 20) Today is a 6 Work takes precedence. Repair or edit your work carefully. Inject a bit of imagination. GeMini (May 21-June 21) Today is a 5 Begin your day on an optimistic note. This will carry through as your imagination kicks in and elevates everyones mood. CAnCer (June 22-July 22) Today is a 6 Obstacles seem to fall into your path. But you have the power to change them into positive opportunities. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Today is a 5 Your partner has just the right information to help you with a project. Be extra careful with the electrical connections. VirGo (Aug. 23-sept. 22) Today is a 5 To get information from others, youll need to dig today. Ask open-ended questions. LibrA (sept. 23-oct. 22) Today is a 5 Early in the day youll identify obstacles and find a way to get around them. By evening, it all seems like water under the bridge. sCorpio (oct. 23--nov. 21) Today is a 5 Family members add to your expanding to-do list. Deal out tasks like a deck of cards. sAGiTTArius (nov. 22-Dec. 21) Today is a 5 New data causes you to change a basic principle. Are you surprised? Youll get used to the new feeling. CApriCorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Today is a 6 Earnings increase if you put in the effort. Grasp a new concept and move ahead. AquArius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Today is a 7 A dream wakes you out of a sound sleep. The images are bizarre. Take notes while you recall the details.

LiTTLe sCoTTie

Todd Pickrell and Scott A. Winer

TeCHniCoLor eyes

Alexandra Meyer


ASSociATed PreSS

Novelist Marie Ndiaye answers reporters after she won Frances top literary prize, the Goncourt, with her book Trois femmes puissantes, or Three Strong Women, in Paris, Monday. Trois femmes puissantes is the story of women fighting to preserve their dignity in the face of humiliations that life has inflicted.

Novelist wins top French literary prize for her book

Award-winning novel tells tales of struggle, strength
PARIS French-born writer Marie NDiaye won Frances top literary prize Monday for Three Strong Women, her moving tale of the struggles of woman in Europe and Africa. NDiaye has written a dozen books, from novels to short story collections and plays, and in 2001 she won the Femina award. She was born in 1967 in Pithiviers, south of Paris, to a French mother and a Senegalese father. Her latest novel, Trois Femmes Puissantes, is the story of characters the annual prize was announced Norah, Fanta and Khadis fight to at the Drouant restaurant in Paris, preserve their dignity in the face of where the Goncourt jury meets humiliations that life has inflicted, each year to select the book it according to deems to be the best her publisher new work in French They are in very Gallimard. literature. difficult situations. Norah is a Although the French lawyer in prize comes only (But) they have a with roots in West hard inner core that is with a nominal Africa; Fanta is a purse, the 105-yearabsolutely unbreakSenegalese woman old Prix Goncourt able. living in France, guarantees literary while Khadi is a acclaim and MARIE NDIAYE young Senegalese high sales for the Author woman who tries winning author. to immigrate Past recipients illegally to Europe. include Marcel Proust, Simone de They are in very difficult Beauvoir and Marguerite Duras. situations, NDiaye said in Last year, exiled Afghan writer an interview with Mediapart Atiq Rahimi won the Goncourt newspaper. (But) they have a prize for Syngue Sabour, a novel hard inner core that is absolutely about the misery of a woman unbreakable. caring for a husband left brainIn accordance with tradition, damaged by a war wound. a detention hearing on a drug charge. Adam Jasinski, of Delray Beach, Fla., is charged with attempting to sell 2,000 oxycodone pills. Jasinski was arrested in North Reading on Oct. 17 after he allegedly showed a government witness two plastic bags filled with oxycodone, a prescription painkiller that can cause dependance.
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Trick-or-treaters visit president and family

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama on Saturday doled out presidential M&Ms and dried fruit mixes to more than 2,000 trick-or-treaters, marking their Halloween at a White House event partly aimed at honoring military families. Dressed as superheroes, pirates, fairies and skeletons, the kids came in with their parents from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., and lined up on the orange-lit White House driveway. Standing outside the White House front door, the Obamas smiled, chatted and passed out cellophane goody bags that were LIBERTY HALL accessibility info (785) 749-1972 644 Mass. 749-1912 also filled with a sweet dough IT MIGHT GET LOUD (PG) butter cookie made by White 4:30 7:10 9:40 House pastry chef Bill Yosses. CAPITALISM (R) Kids also received a National 4:20 7:00 9:35 Park Foundation Ranger activ2 for 1 admission tonight!! ity book. Mrs. Obama wore furry cat ears and a leopard-patterned top. Obama said the kids looked adorable, as well as his wife, a very nice looking Catwoman. A big, stuffed, black spider dangled in a web of string from Psychological Clinic the top of the portico, and pump340 Fraser 864-4121 kins had sprouted up around the columns. Counseling Meanwhile, an odd cast of figServices for ures wandered around the North Lawrence & KU Lawn, including skeletons playPaid for by KU ing musical instruments, walking trees and Star Wars characters. The nights arrangements took a month or two to prepare, the White House said. The Obamas spent about a half hour passing out candy to trick-ortreaters, ages 6 to 14. Then they headed inside to the East Room, where the first couple attended a reception for military families and for the moms and dads who work at the White House, along with their kids. The president, dressed in casual clothes, was one of the few not in costume. Even Obamas press secretary, Robert Gibbs, was dressed as Darth Vader, the Star Wars villain.


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Big Brother winner goes to court on drug charge


ThereforeTomorrow The Dangerous Summer

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BOSTON The winner of the reality TV show Big Brother 9 is headed to federal court for


Saturday, Dec 26

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n n n Ah yes, rain. Now the hippies will smell a little less like bong residue and all natural French fry grease. n n n

United States First Amendment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Folmsbee: Health care reform explained in three simple steps

PaGe 5a

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
sTudenT LiFe

Struggling economy creates The college experience: need for affordable education More than a diploma

ediTOriAL BOArd

Things Ive learned in organic chemistry: how to draw shapes. Thats it. n n n

Dear Crow Man from the Granada 90s party: You are awesome. n n n

Does anybody else get really nervous near people in trench coats? n n n

Im glad the Tetris guys came back. Its just not Halloween without them on campus. n n n

I could be naked in my Snuggie right now ... tits and ass out. n n n

he economic recession has forced states to cut their budgets, including funding for state universities. The University should be applauded for the tuition compact it offers to incoming freshmen. The tuition compact provides freshmen with a fixed tuition rate for four years at the University. According to a report issued by the College Board last month, four-year public colleges have raised their tuition fees on average by 6.5 percent. Private colleges, on average, have raised theirs 4.4 percent. The University raised its n tuition fees 6 percent this year. With the tuition compact, the University provides students with a tuition per credit hour that is fixed or unchanged for four calendar years for an incoming freshman class, Lynn Bretz, director of university communications, said. Tuition rates can continue to increase each year, but each class will pay only the tuition rate from their freshman year. The idea originated with students, who understood that costs would have to increase over the years, but they wanted tuition

KAnsAns OPiniOn

for four years to be predictable, Bretz said. They wanted to know what a four-year degree would cost them. The compact makes financial planning for students much more predictable. Bretz said in-state students who were freshmen in Fall 2006 paid $5,513 annually in 2009. Now, as seniors in Fall 2009, they are paying $6,567. This is a difference of $1,054, which is a little less than a $265 per year increase. Freshmen who entered in Fall 2007, Fall 2008 and Fall 2009 will see no increase in their n n tuition rate, thanks to the tuition compact, Bretz said. Freshmen who enrolled at the University in Fall 2009 will pay $7,359 annually for in-state tuition. Students paying out-of-state tuition will pay $19,327.50 per semester for the next four years, assuming they take 15 credit hours per semester. This fixed compact was unprecedented before 2007. Rates were known only two months before they went into effect, according to a press release issued by the University. In the 30

years before 2007, tuition increases ranged from 0 to 25 percent per year, with the average being 9 percent. Even with the tuition increase, the Universitys funding is still hurting. KUs budget was cut by $32.3 million in one year, Bretz said. The tuition increase passed in June by the Regents produced about $9.8 million in additional revenue, making up not quite onethird of the cut in state funding. But Bretz said that the increase helped the University cope with a major budget cut and that it helped the KU administration protect the academic mission a much as possible. As the country slowly emerges from this economic recession, it is important to keep in mind that not only does the financial system need to be upgraded, but the public school system as well. An educated America is vital and programs such as the tuition compact offered at the University help provide students with the opportunity of higher education at a predictable cost. Kate Larrabee for The Kansan Editorial Board


I was listening to the game on the radio on Saturday and I think I heard the call ruffing the snapper. n n n

I would rather watch a WNBA game than watch the Chiefs play ever again. n n n

I just want to find a guy who will let me play Nine Inch Nails while we have sex. n n n

I just keep finding more and more bruises on my body. n n n

he years we spend as undergrads are filled with explorations and challenges. We embark on this journey called college in the hopes of making new friends and discovering our place in world. But our time spent at the University of Kansas should consist of more than fraternity parties, fake IDs and library allnighters. College should also be a time to step out of our comfort zones and challenge our beliefs in order to further develop our values and critical thinking. The University offers several chances for students to not only become involved in student organizations that foster leadership, but also to acquire knowledge outside of the classroom. Challenging the beliefs and ideas we hold from our upbringing is part of the college experience. An undergraduate degree is becoming more expensive, and for students to gain the most out of their money and time spent at the University they should take advantage of the many opportunities the University offers to establish critical thinking and openmindedness. The student pagan organization, KU Cauldron, held a lecture that was open to all KU students Oct. 27 about witchcraft. This is a perfect example of a chance to learn about an uncommon religion and to meet peers who practice this religion. This was also an opportunity for students to challenge their own religious beliefs by learning about a different religion. Attending events such as this helps promote religious toleration and shape well-rounded adults. The Hall Center for Humanities also offers lecture series on various topics. The center will welcome Chris Abani Nov. 17 to speak as a part of their lecture series titled Stories of Struggle, Stories of Hope: Art, Politics and Human Rights. Abani is the author

erin brown
of several award-winning and controversial works of fiction. His experiences will likely offer insight to students regardless of their interest in his work. This University-sponsored lecture series presents another opportunity to become informed about topics that might not be addressed in some classes. If religion and literature dont appeal to you, the University offers lectures and seminars on several other topics and areas of study. The department of linguistics is offering the seminar Executive Function in Simultaneous and Sequential Bilingual Children Nov. 12 in Fraser Hall. All of these events, lectures, and seminars are free to KU students; students need to devote only their time. Preparing for life after college doesnt simply require passing classes, but also attempting to challenge ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zones. Until we can face conflicting opinions and beliefs with open minds, we cant expect to grow from college students to adults. The University offers several opportunities for students to foster intellectuality and practice critical thinking outside of discussion sections and textbooks. Students should make the conscious choice to further their undergraduate learning experience by attending some of these events. By doing so, students will get the most out of their undergraduate experience and the money spent on receiving their degrees. Brown is a Wichita junior in journalism and political science.

Just because I wait to put my pictures on Facebook doesnt mean you need to. n n n

Should Kansans support climate change legislation?

ben CoHen
In no way is the prospect of a major focus on renewable energy bad for our state. The arguments against all forms of renewable energy are weak when actually examined. The idea that they would somehow take away jobs was a common idea last year, during the debates on the new coal plants being built in Holcomb. It was this argument that convinced many, especially from the Holcomb area, to support the plants and oppose the construction of wind farms. The assumption here would be that wind farms do not create any jobs, a fallacy unless there are robots that can build and maintain such farms and power plants. Kansas is considered the thirdbest state for wind energy potential, and a focus on renewable energy programs in the state could provide not only jobs for new plants, but outside money coming in to purchase the power generated from them. RES programs would benefit us economically, and make us a leader in green energy. Cohen is a Topeka senior in political science.


LeTTer TO THe ediTOr

Understanding modern terrorism
If someone would just give Osama bin Laden a hug, all terrorism would end is apparently the conservatives view on liberal international philosophy. Modern terrorism didnt start in 2001, 1993 or 1972. It started when America decided to protect the world from itself by constructing and maintaining more than 700 military bases in more than 50 countries (including in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Israel and Qatar). Blaming individual presidents since WWII is ludicrous, as they have all directly or indirectly contributed to a continuing struggle with terrorism. If Sept. 11 should have taught our country anything, its that morality is subjective. The Sept. 11 attacks were based on al-Qaidas moral beliefs, not a struggle for national resources or independence. A word such as evil is not objective, rational or helpful in understanding the basic global problems. At what point did people twist survival to equal revenge? Is revenge a conservative notion now and anything less is appeasement or surrender? We Americans were never completely safe and never will be. We live in an incredibly free society and for that Im grateful. But the inherent risk to living in a free society is increased danger. If America was a police state, foreign terrorism would not be an issue. But Americas not, so terrorism is. And finally, if Fox News doesnt want to be criticized for one-sided tendencies, it shouldnt have covered the story of its criticism so one-sidedly. These and other cultural issues arent even cases of liberalism versus conservatism; theyre reason versus xenophobia.
Nick Adams is a junior from Manhattan.

As the debate on national renewable energy sources (RES) continues in the U.S. Congress, Kansans are left wondering whether congressional representatives should get behind the legislation that is designed to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gases. Heres what three of our columnists think about the legislation:

Im still so hungover that even the pictures of vegetables on FarmVille makes me nauseous. n n n


The people of Kansas should not have to worry about an increase in their energy bills if the purpose of that increase is to prevent global warming. In January of last year, President Barack Obama said that Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. A national RES was part of the cap-and-trade bill already passed by the House of Representatives designed to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gases. Contrary to claims of green job creation, this bill does the complete opposite. Because everything Kansans use and produce requires energy, a considerable increase in energy prices will have a devastating effect on our economy. This tax will hit Kansans pocketbooks over and over again. The result will be a considerable reduction in the rate of economic growth, the amount of gross state product, household incomes and employment. It will also, as promised, significantly raise electricity prices and gasoline prices. Compton is a Wichita senior in political science.

The incontestable scientific consensus about climate change has finally compelled the U.S. government to address the longterm threat posed by rising CO2 levels. Enacting a cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions coupled with more stringent renewable electricity requirements is an essential first step in addressing this critical issue. No doubt, cutting carbon emissions entails sizable economic costs and scientific models cannot tell us the long-term economic impact of a changing climate, but it remains imperative to hedge against the substantial risk posed to people around the world by increasing temperatures, shifting weather patterns and rising sea levels. If no action is taken to curb carbon emissions, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has projected that temperatures in Kansas will rise by an average of 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100, more than in any other state. Thompson is a Topeka senior in economics.

So Im kind of into this girl, then she tells me how she randomly made out with another guy at a Halloween party. Is that her way of turning me down? n n n

The Chiefs didnt lose good weekend. n n n

I have sex with you twice and you dont even walk me to my car? n n n

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LeTTer GuideLines
Send letters to Write LeTTer TO THe ediTOr in the e-mail subject line. Length: 300 words The submission should include the authors name, grade and hometown. Find our full letter to the editor policy online at

Any girl who plays video games automatically gets her attractiveness upped 1.5 points. n n n

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Owl City is the definition of mediocrity. Whos listening to this mess? Fess up! n n n

I didnt even know we have wetlands. n n n

WHO dO yOu THinK is POLiTiCALLy COrreCT?

Go to to vote and send your topic ideas to

Members of the Kansan Editorial Board are Brenna Hawley, Jessica Sain-Baird, Jennifer Torline, Haley Jones, Caitlin Thornbrugh and Michael Holtz.

THe ediTOriAL BOArd



tuesday, november 3, 2009

Endangered tree frog in Panama on the brink of extinction

Associated Press GENEVA A rare tree frog found only in central Panama could soon croak its last, as deforestation and infection push the species toward extinction, an environmental group said Tuesday. The Rabbs fringe-limbed tree frog, which only became known to science four years ago, is one of 1,895 amphibian species that could soon disappear in the wild, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Switzerland-based IUCN surveyed a total of 47,677 animals and plants for this years Red List of endangered species and determined that 17,291 of them are threatened with extinction. More than one in five of all known mammals, more than a quarter of reptiles and 70 percent of plants are under threat, according to the survey, which featured more than 2,800 new species compared with 2008. These results are just the tip of the iceberg, said Craig HiltonTaylor, who manages the list. He said many more millions of species that have yet to be assessed could also be under serious threat. The only mammal to be added to the list this year is the Eastern measures, the group said. But for many others conservaVoalavo, a rodent that lives in the mountainous forests of Madagascar. tion efforts are likely to come too IUCN classified it as endangered late. The Kihansi spray toad of south two steps from extinction in the wild because its habitat is ern Tanzania is now thought to be being destroyed by slash-and-burn extinct in the wild. A dam upstream of the Kihansi Falls has dried up farming. the gorge where it The Red List lived, and an aggresalready includes When you name a sive fungal disease species such as the new species youre known as chytriditiger, of which only omycosis appears to 3,200 are thought attached to it ... have pushed the toad to exist in the Im pretty sad to be population over the wild and whose honest, really sad. edge, IUCN said. habitat in Asia is The same fate steadily shrinking JosePh Mendelson could soon befall due to encroachZoo Atlanta scientist the unusually large ment by humans. Rabbs fringe-limbed Governments and international conservation bod- tree frog, which glides through the ies use the list as guidance when forest using its big webbed feet to deciding which species to place steer safely to the ground. It is the only known frog species where the under legal protection. The group added almost 300 tadpoles feed off skin shed by the reptiles this year, including the male while he guards the young. The chytrid fungus that causes Panay monitor lizard and the sailfin water lizard, both of which are chytridiomycosis reached central hunted for food and threatened by Panama in 2006, a year after scientists first discovered the tree frog. logging in their native Philippines. Some species have recovered Since then the fungus believed thanks to conservation efforts, to be spread by international trade IUCN said. The Australian grayling, and global warming has virtua freshwater fish, has graduated ally wiped out the wild frog popufrom vulnerable to near lation. Only a single male has been threatened thanks to fish ladders at dams and other protection heard calling since, IUCN said.


associated press

an endangered agalychnis annae, commonly known as a Blue-sided Leaf Frog, is seen at National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica in Heredia, Costa Rica, Wednesday. Alexander Barrientos, a scientist at INBio, said that the endangered tree frog of the Hylidae family native to Costa Rica was able to reproduce at INBio, and that they were investigating the possibility of breeding other species of frogs in danger of extinction. Zoo Atlanta scientist Joseph Mendelson was part of the group that identified the frog as a distinct species. He said it is likely that dozens or even hundreds of other amphibians have become or are going to be extinct before they are even discovered. This one we caught right before it went off the planet, but other species surely we didnt catch in time, Mendelson told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. When you name a new species youre attached to it, and when that species disappears so quickly its impossible not to have feelings associated with that, he said. Im pretty sad to be honest, really sad.

Karzai wins Afghanistans turbulent election by default

KABUL Hamid Karzai was declared the winner by default Monday in Afghanistans fraudmarred presidential election, increasing the pressure on President Barack Obama to end his marathon deliberations at a time when a scaled-down version of his commanders ambitious plans is gaining support. Obama welcomed Karzais election with as much admonishment as praise, telling Americas partner in war that he expects a more serious effort to end corruption in his government and ready his nation to defend itself when international troops ultimately withdraw. I emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter, Obama said in describing his congratulatory phone call to Karzai. The U.S. president said that when Karzai offered back assurances, Obama told him that the proof is not going to be in words. Its going to be in deeds. Afghan politicians with ties to Karzai said they expected him to try to restore credibility abroad by offering Cabinet posts to supporters of his chief rival, former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah. But Obamas words appeared to be a sharp warning to Karzai that the American public would not support a significant increase in resources unless it is satisfied that a credible Afghan government is fully committed to tackle the problems of corruption and bad governance which have swelled insurgent ranks. The messy end to the election left the United States and its partners with the difficult task of helping the Karzai government restore legitimacy both at home and abroad. Public support for the war is already dropping in the U.S. and other countries with troops in Afghanistan. The image of a fraud-stained Afghan partner does little to reverse the slide. Karzai was declared the winner one day after Abdullah dropped out of the scheduled Nov. 7 runoff. Abdullah said the election would not have been fair and accused the Karzai-appointed Independent Election Commission of bias. The election now decided, House Republican leader Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Obama has no reason to wait any longer to decide whether to accept recommendations by his top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, for up to 80,000 more troops. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs acknowledged that Karzais win is a factor in the coming decision but did not say the timetable for an announcement has changed. I think the decision ... still will be made in the coming weeks, Gibbs said.


associated press

afghan president Hamid Karzai gestures as he heads to receive U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, unseen, at the presidential palace in Kabul, Afghanistan Monday. Afghanistans election commission has canceled Saturdays presidential runoff and proclaimed Karzai victor of the warravaged nations tumultuous ballot.

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tuesday, november 3, 2009

liquid fun


Students mix art, fire and metal


The Ministry of Sculpture, a student-run sculpture club comprised of students who have taken a foundry class, coordinated an iron pour Halloween afternoon. Members of the community were invited to experience the fun, fire and art by designing tile molds to make miniature iron sculptures. The event was held at the intersection of Ninth and Rhode Island streets and was made possible through the Lawrence Arts Commission.

Want to see more? Check out the photo gallery on

Professor John Hachmeister supervises his foundry students as they pour molten iron into tile molds. Hachmeister is the adviser for the Ministry of Sculpture.

Will Vannerson, Pensacola, Fla., graduate student, taps out liquid iron from the base of the furnace. The molten iron was used to create iron tiles designed by community members at the Saturday afternoon event.

Tierney Cacioppo, Overland Park senior, pours water on cooling iron casts. Members of the community were invited to design tile molds used in Saturday afternoons iron pour.

David Platter, Olathe graduate student, holds his end steady as iron flows into an iron mold. Platter was among several students who participated in the Ministry of Sculptures iron pour.

A dried iron tile is buffed with a coarse bristle brush after cooling down.

Activists violated eBays policies with auction


WICHITA Online auction house eBay has removed items that were posted for sale by anti-abortion activists trying to raise money for defense of a man accused of killing a Kansas abortion provider, the company said Monday. Supporters of Scott Roeder one in Kansas City, Mo. and the other in Des Moines, Iowa posted various items late Sunday in separate eBay auctions including an Army of God manual, an underground publication for antiabortion militants that describes ways to shut down clinics. After about five hours, eBay removed 10 items, activists said. The final two items were removed by late Monday afternoon. Today, eBay removed several listings on our site that violated several of our policies including our offensive materials policy. This policy prohibits items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views, eBay said in a statement.
Associated Press

12 29 41






8A sports
rowdiest fans of the day. The fans chanted and ranted throughout the entire game and gave the matchup a rivalry-game feeling. Penalties durKansas football team was in ing the game added an extra edge, Lubbock, Texas, this weekend, but but Beta was able to hold a lead for flags were all over the field back at the entire game and captured the Memorial Stadium. said. And thats what we did. The intramural flag football Next on the schedule was the victory, 14-7. The atmosphere made it feel championships were held at Kivisto Mens Rec championship of Child like a championField Saturday. Teams from the Please against The ship game, Garret Co-Rec, Mens Rec, greek and Mens Red Rockets. The The atmosphere Prather, Wichita Competitive Rec leagues played game was the highmade it feel like a senior, said. It made off for Intramural Champion est scoring matchup T-shirts. championship game. it a lot of fun. of the day, but it was The final game of Saturday started with a Co-Rec lopsided at times. the day was the Mens GarrET PraTHEr championship matchup between Child Please scored Wichita senior Rec Competitive Dirty Nasty and The Tenacious 20 unanswered championship Tortfeasors at 9 a.m. The games points at the beginbetween Turn Ur defensive play set the tone for the ning of the game, Swag On and the rest of the day. Both teams had big- but the Red Rockets Mooses. Three players in the game play opportunishowed signs of life in ties but let them the second half and were trying for their second flag We went out there slip through scored 12 unanswered football championship of the day. their fingertips. with the mindset that points of their own. The Ellis; Blake Kramer, Seneca junior, Dirty Nasty Rockets comeback fell and Jeff Slater, Lansing senior, all we were going to made an acroshort, though, and Child played for Dirty Nasty in Co-Rec win. And that's what Please won the game league earlier in the day and came batic touchback to play for the Mooses of the down catch and we did. 20-12. pulled ahead The third game of Mens Competitive league. Kramer said that the Mens 6-0 at the end Clark Ellis the day was the greek Competitive championship was the Bucklin junior championship between of the game. We went Sigma Alpha Epsilon game they had been looking forout there with and Beta Theta Pi. Fans supporting ward to playing in, because of the the mindset that we were going to both fraternities showed up in large high level of competition. The game did not turn out quite win, Clark Ellis, Bucklin junior, numbers and were some of the Follow Pat Eland at peland_udk.

tuesday, november 3, 2009

Flag football teams finish season at Memorial Stadium

By Pat Eland


Mitch Murrow, Lawrence junior, tries to outpace Adam Price, Garden City senior, in an effort to gain a first down on Oct. 11. The intramural flag football championships were held Saturday at Memorial Stadium. as well as he had hoped though. Turn Ur Swag On was able to jump out to a quick lead and ride it until the end of the game with a final score of 13-6. We were pretty excited for the chance to get two wins inside Memorial Stadium, Ellis said. But we were more excited just to get to play there, and we were happy that we still got one shirt. Edited by Nick Gerik

PuzzLE (continued from 10a)

his teams includes defense, mental toughness and stealing extra possessions. I believe that to be the identity of winning teams, Self said. I dont see that being our identity just yet. The team has spent only two weeks on defense so this will be the first showcasing of its talent. Sophomore guard Tyshawn Taylor is prepared to commit on the defensive end. We already know we can score because we have scorers on our team, he said, so I think playing defense and stopping guys from scoring on us is something Coach will definitely look for. The coaches will be watching how well the freshmen can grasp the defense. Kansas promising underclassman, freshman guard Xavier Henry, said there was a lot of play terminology and mental discipline involved in the Jayhawk defense. Weve started to get into it get tough and physical minded to defense, he said. I dont think were fully there yet, but weve gotten into it. The Kansas and Fort Hays State series started in 1994. Kansas is 6-0 all time against Fort Hays, including three exhibitions. The last meeting of the two teams was an exhibition in 2007 when Kansas won 93-56. The Jayhawks scored in the 90s all but once against the Tigers. Fort Hays returns five letter winners from the past year, a year in which the team went 20-9. Senior forward Tim Peintner is the top returning scorer with 12.3 points

The associated Press announced their preseason all-america team Tuesday featuring kansas Cole aldrich and sherron Collins. Notre Dames luke Harangody led the way with 57 votes from 65 voters. aldrich received 49 votes and Collins received 39. Finishing out the all-america team were kentuckys Patrick Patterson (35 votes) and Dukes kyle singler (30 votes). The news took the junior center by surprise. Thats the first ive heard about it so far, aldrich said. i dont even know what to say. its a huge honor. and like sherron and i have said before, its just a reflection of our team and how well our team helps us out a lot. These days, wherever aldrich goes, Collins is right there and vice-versa. Every award, be it the Naismith Watch list, Big 12 Preseason Player of the Year or the Preseason all-Big 12 Team, they are mentioned at the top.


Their relationship blossomed over the summer so much so aldrich said he considered Collins the girlfriend and himself as the guy. Collins had to pause after hearing that metaphor. i dont know how that sounds, he said. ill say im like his big little brother. The relationship is comfortable enough to joke about, said aldrich. it is good comic relief for the team as well. like i said, hes a big goofball, Collins said. Hes always joking and we get a laugh out of him every time. On a more serious note, head coach Bill self still has some issues with the Jayhawks as a team. But when it comes to the individuals of aldrich and Collins, theres no one else hed rather coach. i dont think weve as a group practiced to our ranking and individually havent played up to the things people are saying about us, self said. But i think youd be very hard pressed to find two better players in the country than those two.
Corey Thibodeaux

per game and also led the team with 7.1 rebounds per game last year. The game starts at 7 p.m. at Allen Fieldhouse and will be televised on Jayhawk TV. Following the game,

the Jayhawks will be out of action until their Nov. 10 against Pittsburg State. Edited by Jacob Muselmann


Senior guard Sherron Collins drives to the basket to put Kansas up 58-53 with 4:10 left on the clock. Collins was named to the All-America team Tuesday.

OFFENSE (continued from 10a)

game. And Reesing undoubtedly struggled, throwing for just 181 yards and fumbling twice. But Mangino made it a point Monday to reiterate that the loss didnt fall solely on Reesings shoulders. Kansas problems started up front with the offensive line, a group that had appeared to take a step forward after the fifth game of the season against Iowa State. If so, the unit took two steps backward on Saturday. The offensive line allowed six sacks and failed to consistently open running lanes for either of Kansas running backs. The offensive line was progressing well, Mangino said. But they have kind of flattened out or even regressed a little here. And the problems didnt stop there. Kansas receivers, an experienced group expected to be the strength of the offense, struggled severely against Texas Tech. Mangino said the Jayhawks had five dropped passes against the Red Raiders, and senior wide receiver Kerry Meier fumbled deep in Kansas territory, setting up a Texas Tech touchdown. Dropping the ball, theres no excuse for that, Mangino said. Weve had some key drops in games that have set us back. The offenses inability to consistently score has developed into a glaring trend during Kansas past three games. In that stretch, the Jayhawks have been plagued by turnovers and an inability to execute. Still, to silence even the slightest stirring of a quarterback controversy, Mangino said that Reesing would start this Saturday at Kansas State. I dont see any problems with him about anything, Mangino said. I think the least of his worries need to be about coming out of a game. He is going to focus on getting himself better and getting back into sync. And at least one Kansas player doesnt see any problems in Manginos sentiment taking form on Saturday. The offense is going to get it right, senior linebacker Arist Wright said. Trust me, theyre going to get it right. Theyre going to get it right because theyre champions. They have heart, too. Edited by Abby Olcese

World's fastest sprinter adopts baby cheetah

track & FiEld

785-841-5000 1445 W 23rd St

OPEN LATE FAST DELIVERY 3am 3:30 Mon-Wed: 11-2am, Thurs-Sat: 11-2:30am, Sundays 11am-3am till 12am

NairOBi, kenya The worlds fastest man adopted the animal kingdoms fastest sprinter Monday, as Usain Bolt welcomed a new baby cheetah named lightning Bolt into his life. The Jamaican sprinters sponsorship of the threemonth-old male cheetah is part of an effort to boost kenyan conservation efforts of its famous wildlife, whose survival is threatened by trophy hunting, climate change and human encroachment. The world record-holder in the 100 and 200 meters paid $13,700 to formally adopt the cub. He will also pay $3,000 a year to care for lighting Bolt,

who will be raised at an animal orphanage in Nairobi. The money will go to the kenya Wildlife service, and some will be used to protect kenyas endangered species, kWs director Julius kipngetich said. Bolt was joined on the trip by Colin Jackson, a former 110-meter hurdles Olympic champion, and Jochen Zeitz, the chief executive of athletic gear manufacturer Puma. Zietz made the visit to launch his charitys campaign to preserve ecosystems. Jackson adopted a 2-yearold eland, the largest of the antelope species. lighting Bolt is among three cubs rescued by kWs officials after their mother abandoned them in a game park.
Associated Press

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hen television cameras pan by Allen Fieldhouses student section tonight, they will inevitably document a bevy of fans, mouths agape and pointer fingers outstretched, declaring the Jayhawks number one. Which, although the act is hardly an unfamiliar one, is actually appropriate in this case. Kansas is, after all, No. 1. But what about those other venues, other teams, and other fans? Surely, when Michigan State takes the court, the Spartan faithful will hoarsely shout claims of their teams supremacy, all while making that universally understood one-fingered gesture (no, not that one). Surely they know that Michigan State is, in fact, number two. Right? And what about the rest of the nation? Whats to stop fans from North Carolina, Kentucky or Texas from laying claim to the throne that rightfully sits in


Were going to turn this team around 360 degrees.
Jason Kidd


Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich are the sixth set of teammates selected for the Associated Press preseason All-America team since its inception in 1986-87.
Kansas Athletics

Kansas is the one and only No. 1

mOrning brEw

By Alex Beecher


Q: What was the only other A:

pair of Kansas players to have been named to the preseason All-America team?

Raef LaFrentz and Paul Pierce in 1997-98.

Kansas Athletics

Iowa State quarterback to return after injury

Big 12 FootBAll

Lawrence? Not a thing. And it gets worse. Much worse. You see, however fraudulent, those teams mentioned above at least can offer a reasonable case for No. 1 consideration. But those teams fans wont be the only ones making such a claim. Across the nation, in every venue on every campus, every fan base will do the same. In some ill-lit high school gym, a student section of 12 will assert its beloved Northern Wyoming A&M Fighting Trout as No. 1. Which is precisely the problem. Not that the Fighting Trout are No. 1 clearly, they arent even as good as the Western Oregon Tech Wonder Weasels but

that anyone can lay claim to said title. When such declarations are so arbitrary, they become quite meaningless, not to mention confusing. Imagine, for a moment, that an alien crash-lands on Earth. Its stranded until its craft can be repaired, and the on-board space T.V. only picks up college basketball. How is it going to know which team is really No. 1? Oh sure, it could wait until the end of the season. And there are those supposedly unbiased polls as well. But the most omnipresent indicator of a teams status is its fans. And when all those fans provide information that is consistently contradictory, the alien is going to get angry. It might even get angry enough to obliterate Earth. Who knows? So, in order to stave off species-wide eradication, this problem needs to be fixed. The most obvious means to this end would be forbidding any fan base whose

THis wEEk in kAnsAs ATHlETiCs

Mens basketball vs. Fort Hays State (exhibition), 7 p.m.


team is not recognized by the polls as No. 1 from declaring as much. Unfortunately, the NCAA hasnt found a way to make that illegal yet. With the logical option out, the best choice is to go in the opposite direction: Kansas fans should not hold up their fingers and shout No. 1, woooo! into television cameras. In so doing, they will differentiate Kansas, the rightful No. 1, from the rest of college basketball. And they might even save the world. Edited by Amanda Thompson

Volleyball at Colorado, 8 p.m.

No events scheduled. No events scheduled.



swimming vs. Drury, Springfield, Mo., 1 p.m.

Volleyball at Oklahoma, 7 p.m. Football at Kansas State, 11:30 a.m. rowing Head of the Hooch, all day, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Iowa State junior quarterback Austen Arnaud missed the teams past two games with a bruised hand, but coach Paul Rhoads said in the Big 12s weekly teleconference Monday that he would return to start this weekend against Oklahoma State. Rhoads also said that he was close to playing Arnaud last weekend. But there was just enough velocity that was off that he would not have been in a good position to help us win the football game, Rhoads said. Freshman replacement Jerome Tiller rushed for a touchdown in the Cyclones 3510 loss against Texas A&M but also threw two interceptions. Rhoads said that he thought the interceptions were good passes but that the athletic Texas A&M defense made good plays on the ball. Rhoads said Arnaud did not practice much last week because the coaching staff was worried that the swelling in his hand would flare back up. Hes grasping the ball fine and we expect him to do a normal amount of practice this week, Rhoads said. Arnaud has thrown seven touchdowns and tossed just one interception in his last five games. Clark Goble

Team fights its way into tournament

By Joel PettersoN Kansas Big 12 Tournament hopes rested solely on the gloves of freshman goalkeeper Kat Liebetrau. And in a penalty kick shootout to decide the winner of a Big 12 Tournament play-in game, Liebetrau stopped Texas Techs final penalty kick, sending her team to the conference tournament. After 110 minutes of regulation and overtime play, the score remained 1-1 after a pair of goals in the 30th and 31st minute from Kansas (12-7-2) and Texas Tech (8-8-4). The Red Raiders kept up constant pressure for most of the match, outshooting the Jayhawks 17-8 through 90 minutes of regulation time. The Kansas defense, anchored by Liebetrau, bent but never broke through the second half and overtime periods. We kept really organized in the back with our communication, said Liebetrau. I was really proud of the Follow Joel Petterson at j_petter. back line and my whole team. In the penalty kick shootout, the Jayhawks never blinked, taking their shots as they hit all five past Texas Tech goalkeeper Colleen Pitts. Texas Tech netted its first four as well, but Liebetrau was determined to end the game at the fifth. I had almost gotten the fourth PK, and I was just like This ones mine, she said. I went for it and got it. Liebetrau stopped Texas Tech sophomore Maggie Fetes shot, giving Kansas the 1-1 victory. Immediate jubilation ensued for the Jayhawks, who had just earned their 10th straight Big 12 Tournament berth. It was just amazing, everyone was so excited, Liebetrau said. The victory means Kansas will face No. 1 seed Missouri for the second time in less than a week Wednesday in San Antonio in the first round of the tournament. The team cant help but feel a little bit lucky after winning a play-in game that, as coach Mark Francis said earlier in the week, the team didnt necessarily deserve to be in. The game came as a result of a three-way tie between Kansas, Texas Tech and Baylor that left the eighth and final spot in the tournament disputed. But Kansas took full advantage of the opportunity and the team is managing to hit its stride at a good, albeit a bit late, time in its season. The game, which officially is recorded as a tie, extends the Jayhawks unbeaten streak to three after defeating Iowa State and Big 12 regular season champions Missouri last week. We worked so hard, were just really happy for it, Liebetrau said. Freshman midfielder Whitney Berry scored the games first goal when she headed senior midfielder Monica Dolinksys cross into the back of the net. But Texas Tech equalized 30 seconds later on a 25yard blast from freshman midfielder Tiffini Smith. Dolinsky led the Jayhawks with four shots, including one off the crossbar that could have ended the game in overtime, and the games only assist. She also put in one of Kansas five penalty kicks helping win the game along with Berry, freshman midfielder Shelby Williamson, sophomore forward Emily Cressy and senior forward Kim Boyer. The Jayhawks will have to recuperate from the match quickly to take on the Tigers, but for now the team is nothing but confident. Were excited to be in the Big 12 Tournament and excited to play Mizzou, Liebetrau said. Were looking forward to it. Edited by Amanda Thompson



womens basketball vs. Emporia State, 2 p.m.

rowing Head of the Hooch, all day, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Jayhawks last home game time, channel announced

Kansas final home game against Nebraska Nov. 14 will kick off at 2:30 p.m. and will be televised on ABC. The Jayhawks will make their third appearance on ABC this season. The network also televised Kansas games against Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

FootBAll Notes

Spikes to be suspended during Vanderbilt game

GAINESVILLE, Fla. Topranked Florida will be without star linebacker Brandon Spikes for the first half of Saturdays game against Vanderbilt. Coach Urban Meyer suspended Spikes Monday, two days after the defensive captain apparently attempted to gouge the eyes of Georgia running back Washaun Ealey in a 41-17 victory. I dont condone that, Meyer said. I understand what goes on on the football (field), but theres no place for that. Were going to suspend Brandon for the first half of the Vanderbilt game. I spoke with him. Thats not who he is. Thats not who we are. He got caught up in emotion. Spikes issued a statement apologizing for what he did. I accept responsibility for my actions and I accept the consequences of my actions, he said. I would like to apologize to my team and the coaching staff and Washaun Ealey. Football is a very physical and emotional game, but there is no excuse for my actions. Meyers wife mentioned Spikes actions to him Sunday night, then defensive coordinator Charlie Strong did the same Monday morning.

college FootBAll

Philadelphia holds off World Series elimination

By roNAlD BlUM
Associated Press PHILADELPHIA Put those parade plans on hold, New York. The Phillies are coming back. Chase Utley hit two home runs to raise his World Series total to a record-tying five, backing Cliff Lee once again as Philadelphia staved off elimination with an 8-6 victory Monday night and set up a Game 6 for the first time since 2003. Utley hit a go-ahead, three-run homer in the first inning off A.J. Burnett and added a solo shot in the seventh to join Reggie Jackson as the only players to hit five home runs in a single World Series. Philadelphia closed within three games to two by replicating its winning formula from the opener, when Utley hit two solo homers and Lee pitched a six-hitter. Raul Ibanez set off fireworks from the Liberty Bell one last time, adding a second solo shot in the seventh off Phil Coke that made it 8-2. The Yankees, who have won the Series all eight previous times they took a 3-1 lead, will try to close out title No. 27 Wednesday night at home. Game 3 winner Andy Pettitte is expected to come back on three days rest and face Game 2 loser Pedro Martinez. Pitching on short rest didnt work well for Burnett, who had been 4-0 previously in his career on three days off and kept the Phillies off balance in Game 2. It marked the first time in 14 postseason games this year that a Yankees starter failed to pitch at


Defense not frustrated by offensive game struggles

With Kansas recent offensive struggles, the improved performance of the teams defense has happened rather quietly. Despite the offenses lack of production in Kansas last two games, members of the defense said there was no frustration with the other side of the ball. Theres been so many times where theyve had us out there and we didnt come through for them, senior safety Darrell Stuckey said. Its one of those things we have to go out there and just play the game.
Jayson Jenks

Smith may take on duties left by running back



Philadelphia Phillies Chase Utley, center, is congratulated by Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino after hitting a three-run home run against New York Yankees A.J. Burnett during the first inning of Game 5 of the Major League Baseball World Series Monday in Philadelphia. Rollins and Victorino also scored on the hit. least six innings. Philadelphia ended baseballs record streak of five straight Series that ended in sweeps or five games, ensuring at least one more telecast in a matchup between big-market teams that has revived baseballs ratings. The Phillies still face a tall task: The Yankees lost three in a row just twice after the All-Star break and dropped consecutive home games only once after mid-June. Just 37 of 43 teams with 3-1 Series deficits have gone on to win the title, including five in a row since Kansas City rallied past St. Louis in 1985. But Pettitte and CC Sabathia, the Yankees Game 7 starter, will be pitching on short rest Pettitte for the first time this year and Sabathia for the third time in the postseason. If the Phillies come back to become the first NL team to win consecutive Series titles since the 1975-76 Cincinnati Reds, Yankees manager Joe Girardi will be widely second-guessed for his pitching decisions. No Series champion has gone the entire postseason with just three starters since the 1991 Minnesota Twins when there were just two rounds of playoffs.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. Kolby Smiths timing may turn out to have been perfect. The Kansas City Chiefs will be without suspended running back Larry Johnson when they travel to Jacksonville this week, and Smith, a year after knee surgery, is eligible and eager to come off the physically unable to perform list. Johnson, a former Pro Bowler who is struggling this season, is serving a suspension for making gay slurs and belittling head coach Todd Haley. Presumably, that will shift the running duties to Jamaal Charles and Dantrell Savage.
Associated Press

Associated Press

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tuesday, november 3, 2009

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Hawks hang on at the end

Kansas defeated Texas Tech for a place in the Big 12 tournament. SOCCER | 9A
PaGe 10a

Coaches begin to fill positions

Exhibition games, red-shirting used to organize new roster
By corey THiBoDeaUX Players will start the audition process for positions as Kansas coaches try to solve the roster puzzle tonight. The much anticipated 2009-10 season for the Jayhawks begins at 7 p.m. when they play host to the Fort Hays State Tigers in the first of two exhibition games. The Jayhawks won almost every accolade there is to win in the preseason, but by only scrimmaging during practices, they havent had anyone to prove anything against except themselves thus far. Junior guard Tyrel Reed is embracing the breath of fresh air. Going against the same team every practice, Reed said, itll be nice to see another color out there. The Jayhawks have a lot of solid players, but where they fit into the rotation remains to be seen. Coach Bill Self knows he will have to make some tough decisions in the coming weeks. I think weve got a lot of good players, Self said. I think its a good problem to have. And I also think this we cant keep our good players happy if everybody plays. But if you were to red-shirt a couple that were starters at Kansas, then thats not bad either. The red-shirting referred to senior guard Mario Little and sophomore guard Travis Releford, both of whom will not play against Fort Hays. The coaches are taking the week to decide whether to red-shirt the two so they may have significant roles beyond this season. If they play in the exhibition game, they are ineligible to be red-shirted, but freshmen can be red-shirted at anytime during the season. Of course, Self said, that is still up in the air. Also not playing in Tuesdays exhibition is freshman guard C.J. Henry because of what Self called a bum knee. The knee caused Henry to miss nine days of practice. This first game is the first step toward becoming Self s ideal team. The formula for success for all of

pieCes Of the puzzle

NCAA decisions are not uniform

By nicolas roesler


SEE puzzle ON PAgE 8A

Follow Corey Thibodeaux at c_thibodeaux.


Junior center Cole Aldrich hangs on the rim after a dunk to give the Jayhawks a 13-point advantage, their largest of the night, against Michigan State during last year's NCAA tournament. Kansas will play the first game of this season tonight against Fort Hays State.


Offense issues continue for Jayhawks against Texas Tech

By Jayson JenKs Senior quarterback Todd Reesing slowly walked from the sideline to the middle of the field shortly after Kansas 42-21 defeat. He was quickly engulfed by red and black jerseys, by Texas Tech offensive and defensive players alike, and Tech defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill. In the moments after the game, McNeill jogged across the field specifically to find Reesing. He wanted to offer encouragement to Kansas quarterback after a tougher-than-average afternoon. He said he wanted to tell Reesing he was a good quarterback. Follow Jayson Jenks at JaysonJenks. And McNeill continued heaping praise on Reesing and the Jayhawks Sunday night a full 24 hours after Texas Tech stifled Kansas once-potent offense. I said it all week, McNeill said. That was the best skill set that we have faced and thats all season long. We said we better be honed in and zoned in because we knew what we were facing. For the second consecutive season Kansas offense simply struggled to move the ball against a Texas Tech team more feared for its offensive capabilities than its lockdown defense. On Saturday the Jayhawks couldnt run the ball, couldnt consistently pass or catch it, and the offensive line struggled to keep Reesing or freshman quarterback Kale Pick untouched. As coach Mark Mangino said, it was a case where all parts of the offense failed to click. Things just werent in sync for the whole offense, Mangino said. Much of the postgame attention put a spotlight on Reesings struggles and Manginos subsequent decision to bench his senior quarterback with seven minutes left in the

CAA suspensions this year have fueled debates about the appropriate degree of punishment that certain offenses warrant. There have been two major suspensions this year in college football. The first was Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount for punching a mouthing-off Boise State player, well, in the mouth. And the second was Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant for lying to the NCAA about meeting with former NFL star Deion Sanders. Both were actions that deserved a degree of punishment. However, the respective penalties made sports fans and commentators alike scratch their heads. Blount, in his rampage after losing to Boise State in the first week of the season, punched a player, attacked the fans at the game and had to be thrown off the field like an obnoxious drunk kicked out of night club. The NCAA suspended Blount for the whole season shortly after, and people started talking. Did he deserve that? Some argued he didnt because the Boise State player got in his face and sparked the aggression. Yet it was an act of violence, and it deserved severe punishment. And now, eight weeks later, Blount has the opportunity to play the rest of the season for Oregon. Through profusely apologizing and working his guilty behind off to get back on the field, Blount has turned around the initial suspension and might be eligible to play this Saturday. Bryant was not so lucky. The NCAA ruled that Dez Bryant would not be able to play at all this year for lying. The suspension of a player for lying to the NCAA is totally acceptable. The system is designed to put every player on the same level of competition, and honoring that system is necessary to the legitimacy of college sports. However, a year-long suspension seems as though the whip is being cracked a little hard on a player who was not trying to cheat the system in any way. Yet the system has seemed to say violence can be forgiven, but lying, heavens no. The NCAAs rule book is thick, really thick. And anybody who expects these young players to know everything they are allowed to do would also expect Kansas students to know the student handbook by heart. Not likely. The funny thing about Bryants case is that his meeting with Sanders would not have resulted in a suspension if he would have told the truth about it. Bryant panicked, not knowing if he had overstepped any boundaries, and then naively lied thinking it would help his chances of playing. Then he apologized. Panic is no excuse for lying to authorities. For now, Bryant is meeting with attorneys to try to figure out a way to get his feet back on the grass, but nothing has developed yet. His nonviolent, yet immature mistake will cost him his last year of college football, as scouts expect him to enter the NFL Draft. Edited by Lauren Cunningham

Weston White/KANSAN

SEE offense ON PAgE 8A

Junior receiver Johnathan Wilson reaches for a ball that fell just through his fingers Saturday against Texas Tech. Kansas lost 42-21, in its second loss in two seasons to the Red Raiders.

Follow Nicolas Roesler at twitter. com/nroesler8.