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Closing the book on novel-writing contest

BY KELLY MORGAN For aspiring author Adri Pendergrass, the hardest part about writing a book is simply making it to The End. I think its often difficult for writers to finish things, said Pendergrass, a KU alumna and Lawrence resident. Most of the writers I know are kind of flaky or artistically minded and have trouble seeing their stories through. Thankfully for these people, November marks NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Run by the Office of Letters and Light, a nonprofit organization based out of Oakland, Calif., NaNoWriMo gives authors that extra incentive to write by challenging them to create a 50,000 word book in a mere 30 days. The 50,000-word challenge has a wonderful way of opening up your imagination and unleashing creativity, said Chris Baty, NaNoWriMo founder and executive director. Also, its a great excuse for not doing any dishes for a month. The challenge, which began in 1999 with 21 participants and six winners, has expanded in the past several years, recording 167,150 participants and 32,178 winners in 2009. As of Sunday night, 2,853,735 words had been submitted by 138 people from Lawrence to the NaNoWriMo website. I think a lot of people think they would like to write a novel one day, said Brian Daldorph, an assistant professor of English. Obviously it is a huge time commitment and this would be a good inspiration for doing it. The winners are the participants who submit a full 50,000 word story by Tuesday. I think that you just get a certificate if you finish, Pendergrass said. Its really more about just getting something on paper than about quality. For Pendergrass, this November marks her second year participating in the competition. Last year I wrote a weird science fiction novel about flesh-eating worms that come up through the drains and eat people, she said. While she only made it to 35,000 words, Pendergrass was able to finish the story later in December. It was a good experience, she said. I just didnt quite complete the goal during the month. This year, Pendergrass said she hopes to finish her tale about a town that must overcome a disaster. As of last week, she had 20,000 words to go. Well see what happens, Pendergrass said. Edited by Clark Goble

Dalton Gomez/KANsAN

The Uncle Jimmy Green sculpture stands outside of Lippincott. The sculpter of this statue, Daniel Chester French, was the same man who sculpted Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial.

Ku art has hidden history

Sculptures secrets revealed with An Ear for Art
BY NICOLAS ROESLER Jimmy Green Memorial lies a story that connects the University to national history. The sculptor who created the massive national symbol of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. cast this University legend in bronze as well. And the student standing with Uncle Jimmy represents the first University student who died in the Spanish-American War. Kristina Walker, the director of education for the museum, said many students do not know the history of the sculptures around campus simply because the information is not easily accessible to them. An Ear for Art is designed to ideally give anyone with a cell phone the opportunity to learn something about a piece of art as they walk by it. Originally started in August 2009, the cell phone audio guide gave museum visitors an added level of knowledge about pieces within the museums walls. The second phase of the audio tour was installed in September, so students and visitors can now access museum information via cell phone while walking on campus. As of now, the audio tour has been accessed more than

An EAr for Art cEllphonE guidE ExpAndEd Audio tour includEs:

the Kansas Jayhawk, Peter Fillerup (KU Alumni Center) Moses, Elden Tefft, (Smith Hall) classic Jayhawk, Katie Kring, (Kansas Union) Water carrier, Craig Dan Goseyun, (Spooner Hall) the Bedazzler, P. Dougherty, (Spooner Hall) uncle Jimmy green, Daniel Chester French (Lippincott Hall) prairie formation, Jim Bass (Blake Hall) the pioneer, Frederick Hibbard (Fraser Hall) Jayhawk: Academic Jay, Elden Tefft (Strong Hall) Korean cranes rising, Jon Havener (Memorial Drive) interstate 70, Richard Hollander (Marvin Grove) untitled, James Rosati (Spencer Museum of Art) seventh decade garden ix-x, Louise Nevelson, (Spencer Museum of Art) tai chi figure, Ju Ming, (Green Hall) statue of phog Allen, Kwan Wu, (Allen Fieldhouse) salina piece, Dale Eldred (West Campus) Call (785)338-9467 for more information.

Students like Kyle Niquette, a senior from Wichita, have walked past them for almost four years now, unaware of the hidden history towering over their heads. Two 7-foot-7-inch bronze statues, one of former dean of the KU School of Law James Woods Green, and the other a student in a letter jacket, stand regally in front of Lippincott Hall. It blends in well with the architecture of the building, Niquette said of why he hadnt noticed anything special about the sculpture before. But students may take more interest in the Uncle Jimmy Green Memorial and other on-campus art now that they can access information about the art from their cell phones through an audio guide called An Ear for Art. The Spencer Museum of Art created An Ear for Art to give students and art lovers a new way to learn about some of the hidden history on campus. Behind the exterior of a tinted green bronze finish of the Uncle

fooTbAll | 1b

season ends with loss

The Jayhawks lost to the Tigers 35-7 at Saturdays Border Showdown.

1,100 times. Tasha Cerny, a freshman from Salina, took a campus tour when she arrived at the University this year, but she didnt learn anything about the sculpture in front of Lippincott Hall. I think something like that is

really cool, Cerny said, and KU students should know about it. The audio tour now includes 15 sculptures on campus. Also featured in the tour are the Classic Jayhawk

mENs bAsKETbAll | 1b

sEE art oN pAGE 3A

Releford, Robinson lead Hawks to win

Sophomores Travis Releford and Thomas Robinson played big roles off the bench in Kansas 87-79 victory against Arizona.


Cause of Tuesdays fire remains undetermined


cAmpus | 3A

Officials were unable to determine the cause of the fire in an exterior cooling tower on the corner of Anschutz Sports Pavilion near Allen Fieldhouse last Tuesday. Capt. Schuyler Bailey of the KU Public Safety Office said the fire department ruled the cause undetermined. The fire broke out at about 10:40 a.m. Tuesday. KU Public Safety Officers issued an alert text message to stay away from the area just before 11 a.m. One employee was transported to Lawrence Memorial Hospital for minor smoke inhalation, said Jill Jess, a spokeswoman for the University. Jess did not release the employees name or job title. Jess said Anschutz Sports Pavilion and part of Wagnon Student Athlete Center were evacuated at the time of the fire but had no information on how many people were evacuated or the cost of the damage. She said there had not been issues with the equipment before. The inside of the building was not damaged and only minor smoke damage was detected inside shortly after firefighters put out the flames. Edited by Anna Nordling

ambassadors cancel meeting

Event scheduled to commemorate the anniversary of the Korean War was canceled in light of the countrys border dispute.

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AM Clouds/ PM Sun
chris Neal/KANsAN

53 23 41 19 50 24
Windy Mostly Sunny




An air handling unit caught on fire behind Anschutz Sports Pavilion and Anderson Strength Training and Conditioning Center on Tuesday morning.

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All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.
Martin Luther King, Jr.,

Monday, November 29, 2010

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In the Thai language, the word ngaan means both to have fun and to work.

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Whats going on?

November 29
n The dole Institute of Politics is hosting a 2010


November 30
n kU Army roTc and red cross are hosting a blood drive from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Military science building, second Floor drill deck. n The Hall center for Humanities is presenting a Modernities seminar with Majid Hannoum from 1:30 to 3 p.m. in the Hall center seminar room.


December 1
n The Academic Achievement and Access center is presenting a workshop about preparing for finals from 5 to 5:30 p.m. in Wescoe Hall, room 4008. n The student Involvement and Leadership center is hosting an international internship fair from 6 to 8 p.m. in the fourth floor lobby of the kansas Union.

December 2
n student Union Activities is hosting a holiday open house from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the fourth floor lobby of the kansas Union. n The kU Libraries department of instrutional services is presenting a workshop on making charts and graphics with excel 2007 from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Anschutz Library instruction center.

elections study Group with dole Fellow Peter Fenn from 4 to 5:30 p.m.
n The center of Latin American studies is hosting

its third annual Fiesta cultural concert from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. at The bottleneck in downtown Lawrence.

December 3
n The kU department of dance will present new dance concert at 7:30 p.m. in robinson center, elizabeth sherbon dance Theatre, studio 240. n student Union Activities will host a showing of the movie eat, Pray, Love from 8 to 10 p.m. in the kansas Union, Woodruff Auditorium, level 5.


December 4
n The department of visual Art will host an open drawing workshop from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Art and design building room 405. n student Union Activies will host free cosmic bowling from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. in Jaybowl, 1st floor of the kansas Union.

December 5
n kU school of Music will present a Holiday vespers concert from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Lied center.


New job program offered for transgender people

SAN FRANCISCO Before Goodwill Industries opened its newest retail outlet in San Francisco, no one would have argued that the city had a shortage of thrift stores for its avid recyclers and trendy hipsters. What the city did lack was enough jobs for its transgender population, a group with an unemployment rate thought to be twice the California average. So when a prime piece of commercial real estate languished vacant in the predominantly gay Castro district, activists and city officials saw an opportunity to put a dent in the problem. The result is the nations first Goodwill, and perhaps the first store of any kind, designed as a jobs program for workers whose genders are different from the ones they had at birth. Seven of the shops nine employees are transgender, most of them women who used to be men. Like the donated merchandise they collect and sell, all are looking for new lives. They were referred to Goodwill by the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative. I guess its fitting that were working in a place thats based on the concept of recycle and reuse, said Alexie Scanlon, 38, who was just promoted to assistant manager at the Castro Goodwill. If you are born in the wrong body, you learn to make use of what you have. In advance of the stores October opening, the job trainees had to spend a week working at another San Francisco Goodwill, while area Goodwill staff underwent transgender anti-bias training to minimize misunderstandings over pronoun and restroom usage. For example, an employee presenting herself as a woman was to be addressed as she and directed to the womens room, no questions asked. Initiative coordinator Clair Farley said the barriers transgender people face in finding stable work can be both personal and political. California is one of only 12 states where it is illegal to fire someone based on his or her gender identity, meaning that workers may be vulnerable if they transition while on the job. Years of hormones and surgeries can cause health problems, and the decision to switch sexes can leave individuals estranged from their families, Farley said.



Pet owners stop animal cremation

HeLenA, Mont. officials responsible for a Montana pet cemetery are backing off a proposal to exhume and cremate its occupants after some of the pet owners threatened to chain themselves to the front gates. The 1.3-acre Arley burt Pet cemetery in Helena is the final resting place for some 1,200 dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters

buried between 1972 and 1993. Gina Wiest of the Lewis and clark Humane society says the organization considered exhuming the pets in the cemetery adjacent to its shelter because of a new hotel going up nearby.

Child donates life savings in change

cHArLesTon, A 5-year-old West virginia boy

has donated his life savings nearly $46 in change to help rebuild a volunteer fire station that burned down in an oct. 1 electrical fire. Tom Miller, with the fire departments board of directors, says the donation underscores community support for rebuilding. He says West virginia schoolchildren have raised more than $5,000 already.
Assocaiated Press

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(continued froM 1A)

in front of the Kansas Union, the Academic Jayhawk in front of Strong Hall, and The Bedazzler, the sculture made of trees in front of the Museum of Anthropology. Walker said they plan to have plaques with more information and the number to dial for the audio tour installed at each sculpture by the end of the year. For now, students can get the tour pamphlet at the Spencer Museum of Art and the Kansas Union. Niquette said the accessibility that An Ear for Art gives students would increase his appreciation for the Universityscampus. I feel like it adds importance and tradition, Niquette said after learning about the history of the Uncle Jimmy Memorial. An Ear for Art is made possible by the Shumaker Family Foundation. The audio guide can be accessed by phone or by visiting the Spencer Museum of Art website: Edited by Kelsey Nill




Meeting canceled in light of Korean border dispute

Stephen MonteMayor The ongoing border dispute between North and South Korea led to the cancellation of an event that would have commemorated the anniversary of The Korean War, the University announced Wednesday. Han Duk-soo, Republic of Korea ambassador to the United States, and Kathleen Stephens, U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Korea, were scheduled to attend an event at the Dole Institute of Politics on Nov. 29. We regret that these events must be canceled at this time, Dole Institute Director Bill Lacy said in a press release. We hope to reschedule this important meeting between the two countries ambassadors at a later date. The dispute intensified Tuesday when North Korea reportedly fired on a South Korean island, killing two South Korean soldiers and two civilians. Chancellor Bernadette GrayLittle spent a week in South Korea earlier this month. She was there to visit with universities involved with exchange programs at the University and received a $100,00 donation from a member of the KU Korean Alumni Association. Korea is third among foreign donors to KU Endowment. While there, Gray-Little visited the demilitarized zone between the two countries. She said her visit was within only a day of warning shots being fired in the area. Its sobering to see it, she said in the Nov. 10 Kansan article, Chancellor Gray-Little returns from Korea trip. Edited by Kelsey Nill Martin Luther King dream into Action Program, which is a yearlong initiative sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs. He said the program focused on issues that King worked to alleviate. The CCO is working to fight poverty. donating socks is an easy way to give back to the Lawrence community, bolt said. They might not seem like much but socks are really important in winter.
Samantha Collins

New position to help entrepreneurship

With the appointment of a new senior administration official for next semester, the University is placing an increased importance on academic entrepreneurship. Julie Goonewardene was named associate vice chancellor for innovation and entrepreneurship earlier this month and will join the University on Jan. 17. The position is newlycreated. Coming from Purdue Univer-

sity and the Purdue research Foundation, she has held several roles in academic entrepreneurship, including director of business development. In her new position, Goonewardene will work at the Lawrence and medical center campuses with faculty, staff, students, alumni and the investment community. She will help bring innovations and inventions into the marketplace, facilitate more University involvement in the entrepreneurial process, and seek funding for pilot and start-up companies

based on faculty and student research. Steve Warren, vice chancellor for research and graduate studies, said Goonewardenes experience and connections with major companies and investors make her a valuable addition to the University. She can help get more people interested in the technologies that come out of Kansas universities and impact the Universitys engagement in economic development, Warren said.
Stephen Gray


Sock drive held to help the homeless

The weathers getting colder, but the Center for Community Outreach is going to help the homeless keep warm. The student-run organization will host the dream into Action Sock drive this week. The CCO will place collection bins throughout campus this week only for students to donate new or slightly used socks. All socks will be donated to the Lawrence Community Shelter that, according to the shelter, can hold up to 136 people in freezing weather. emily Lamb, a junior from Lawrence and co-director of the CCO, said socks were a simple yet important item in the winter months at the shelter. Unfortunately they are something that the shelter doesnt always have enough of, she said. The center decided to collect

socks this year because they thought it would be an easy way for students to help the community. Lamb said the center did not set a specific goal but would like to collect 100 to 200 pairs of socks. Hopefully people will have new socks from their parents, Lamb said. yes, we are students, but we are also civically engaged to the community. Kellen bolt, a junior from Iola and co-director of the CCO, said the sock drive was part of the


All residence and scholarship halls Nunemaker Center The Pharmacy buliding Student Involvement and Leadership Center, fourth floor of Kansas Union To get involved with the Center for Community Outreach e-mail emily Lamb or Kellen bolt at


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cANcER (June 22-July 22) Today is a 5 Associates provide the energy you need to move an idea into action. Their questions keep it all within prescribed boundaries. everyone appreciates the outcome. LEo (July 23-Aug. 22) Today is a 6 Today your ideas gel into the pursuit of an expansive plan. dont worry too much about the financial details. expenses may fall into line as you refine goals. VIRGo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Today is a 5 Test your practical skills as you implement your brilliant insight. At first it seems like grasping at straws. Later everything weaves together naturally. LIbRA (Sept. 23-oct. 22) Today is an 8 other egos get in the way of forward movement. First figure out what theyre thinking, then decide carefully what to do about it. ScoRpIo (oct. 23-Nov. 21) Today is a 9 everything gets accomplished that you need to do today. oddly, your enthusiasm isnt as important as consistent effort. Tease others into compliance. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Today is an 8 Todays a good time to balance the checkbook and review spending. you find yourself further ahead than you thought. revise your list accordingly. cApRIcoRN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Today is a 7 An educational puzzle demands thoughtful attention. review details to unlock clues. Then apply logical reasoning, hopefully without interruption. AqUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Today is a 6 youre more aware than ever of a multitude of blessings. share them with others, which will increase your appreciation. pIScES (Feb. 19-March 20) Today is a 5 differences of opinion become obvious early. An associate wants to pick the details apart. youd rather consider the big picture. Allow for both viewpoints.

Nicholas Sambaluk

Despite regard, Potter films still lack Oscar recognition

By many measures, the Harry Potter series is the ultimate winner: Its the most successful film franchise in box-office history, selling in more than $5.8 billion in tickets worldwide. Audiences love it, returning seven times over the last 10 years to theaters to see the latest installment. But now, with the penultimate movie released last week and the final installment due next summer, the pressure is on the boy wizard to snare the one accolade that has eluded the series: an Oscar. Is the prize the unattainable Horcrux, or can Harry and Co. conquer the academy? That battle for Oscar recognition may be as epic as Harrys quest to defeat Voldemort. Over the years, the Warner Bros. series has occasionally received nominations for categories such as art direction, costume design and visual effects, but the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has never rewarded the series with a win. Some Oscar consultants say its unlikely the academy will look seriously at this years film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 after snubbing the series for so long and knowing that they have another chance next year. But if director David Yates deliv- lars youve made. But unlike Harry Potter, the ers a tour de force with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows _ early installments in the Lord of Part 2 in July, the academy might the Rings series did win Academy take a closer look next season, Awards in categories including essentially honoring the eight-pic- cinematography, makeup, original ture series for its overall achieve- score, sound editing and visual effects. And all three were nomiment. It wouldnt be the first time that a nated for best picture. A number of top Oscar conpopulist film with a literary history gets rewarded by the academy in its sultants say they have heard that final incarnation. The Lord of the Warner Bros. is planning a massive campaign Rings: Return in Los Angeles, of the King New York and took home 11 It wouldnt be the first London next Oscars in 2004 time that a populist film fall for the final including best picture with a literary history gets film, bringing out for the and director rewarded by the academy media and the when voters voters all the acknowledged in its final incarnation. characters that director Peter have been killed Jackson and New Line Cinema for the extraor- off a campaign that would essendinary wager they took by financ- tially remind voters of the scope of ing and filming the three films in the Potter series. Warner Bros. declined to comthe trilogy at once. With Lord of the Rings, there ment, saying that they do not was a huge risk involved, and it was reveal the details of their Oscar the risk people rewarded, said one campaigns. But the studio has yet to run any veteran Oscar marketer who asked not to be identified. With Harry For Your Consideration ads for Potter, it would be the consistency Deathly Hallows: Part 1, a telling of so many movies well done that fact considering some movies that would be rewarded. [The academy have yet to open in theaters have would be saying] heres your cherry already initiated full-fledged award to go on top of the gazillions of dol- campaigns.


All puzzles King Features


DMX charged with violating probation

rapper dMX appeared in court in Phoenix on Wednesday on charges that he violated his probation by using cocaine and oxycontin. court documents allege the 39-year-old performer, whose real name is earl simmons, failed to submit to drug testing, and drove on a suspended license. He was arrested last Thursday and was being held without bond in the Maricopa county jail. He denied violating his probation Wednesday. Maricopa county court commissioner christine Mulleneaux has set simmons next hearing for dec. 9.
Associated Press


A clean, lighter start for My Chemical Romance

LOS ANGELES High in his ridgeline home, sitting on a porch that feels like a ledge, Gerard Way peered through cigarette smoke and the late-afternoon Pasadena haze as he searched his memory for the moment when his band, My Chemical Romance, shed its skin. I think, he said with a world-weary chuckle, the liberating moment is when we decided that we were allowed to make a dance record. These are strange seasons for Way and his band, who deliver their fourth studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, today and have just announced a world tour that finds them back from the brink of despair and bitter breakup. What was their salvation? Comic books, old sci-fi films and drum machines, it turns out, as well as the healing exercise of recording an entire safe rock album, scrapping it and starting from scratch. Its strange how we got to this place, but I think there was no other way to do it, said Way, who spent nearly a year with his band mates recording a straightforward proto-punk album with producer Brendan OBrien (known for earnest-searcher sessions with Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen) only to jettison it all and starting over with Rob Cavallo (best known for his Green Day work and as the newly minted chairman of Warner Bros. Records) to create a wild-eyed concept album that feels like Mad Max reimagined with guitars and the trickster wink of OutKast. Danger Days is getting some strong early reviews (Dan Martin in NME gushed that its the best rock record of the year by such a margin that you actually feel rather embarrassed for everybody else) but much of the reaction is pure surprise this is not where My Chemical Romance was supposed to end up, not after all those years is part of the unfolding saga of the of marching through the pop-punk Killjoys, the future-world personas scene in eyeliner and delivering played by the band that are batglammed-up melodrama for smart tling against the Draculoids and an insidious corporate behemoth kids. Way, an art-school soul with real- called Better Living Industries. The weapons, characters, logos, world bruises and a croaky New Jersey voice, actually dares to hope back story, vehicles all of it that the shout-along choruses and sprang from the mind of Way, pop-epic aspirations of Danger who attended the School of Visual Days could be genre-saving. I Arts in New York and interned at DC Comics dont say it in V e r t i g o arrogance, but it Its strange how we got imprint before might reposition he took a rock, because to this place, but I think rock is getting there was no other way to detour into rock stardom. slaughtered out It was during there ... do it. his time at That savior Vertigo that language is starGerard Way Way met Grant tling for people My Chemical Romance Singer Morrison, now close to Way one of the because, over the most celebratlast few years, his band looked like it was the one that ed comic-book writers in the world was sinking down into the murky and the man who recently killed off (temporarily) Batmans alter ego, depths. A few days earlier, on a slate- Bruce Wayne. On this morning, Morrison has gray Saturday morning in downtown Los Angeles, the band mem- a different target hes playing bers gathered to shoot a music Korse and is eager for the moment video for the Danger Days track when the script calls for him to put Sing and, instead of guitars, they a gun beneath Ways chin and pull were hefting laser guns. The video the trigger.

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nnn To the cute guy at Radio Shack you made my day with your smile. Too bad my mother was with me or i'd ask for your name and #. nnn Ive been watching Fox News...still havent heard any news on foxes. They lie! nnn I woke up this morning and realized I used a bag of oranges as a pillow. nnn Dammit, North Korea, quit effing around and play nice. Seriously, Im tired of this drama. nnn I dont want to go back to school. Im too school for cool. nnn
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Organic food option not University environmental as wholesome as it appears progress is encouraging

nnn Sometimes I stargaze when Im bored. Or, when I look into your eyes. nnn Going postal. nnn I have no life in my home town... nnn I feel as though nonconformists all conform to each other... nnn Lets give peace a chance. nnn As usual, Im counting on KU basketball to make up for all the inadequacies of our football team. nnn Great. Just had an epic dream about a super cute girl i thought I was over.... FML nnn I am such a creeper, I cant believe I just did that. nnn I just shaved my legs to procrastinate on this paper. nnn Farewell, LimeWire. It's been real. nnn Holy smoke Elijah took that tackle better than our football team. nnn I want a KU snuggie for Christmas. nnn Sorry I broke up with you. nnn The person Im most thankful for is three hours away.

heres no doubt youve seen it before. Whether in Dillons, Hy-Vee, or even Wal-Mart, the little green and white USDA organic sticker seems to have found its way into almost every aisle of almost every grocery store in the country. There are organic eggs, celery, chili, and even organic kitchen cleanersall which proudly display a seal proclaiming government approval of their organic production. Foods that are labeled organic by the FDA must meet a set of stringent and comprehensive guidelines that prohibit the use of certain materials (no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers) in their production. Any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and non-free-range conditions for animals are also not allowed in the production of these goods. But, ask most people about what exactly organic is, and they wont go into detail about the farming practices behind it; rather, theyll tell you: its not only better for you, but also better for the environment. I doubt many people would be against either of these benefits, so if the statements were true, thered really be no reason to delve deeper into the underbelly of organic food, but therein lies the problemneither claim really holds much water. The USDA itself argues nothing in favor of the purported health benefits of organic; in an interview with the New York Times in 2009, a spokesperson for the agricultural department said that the USDAs organic program is a marketing program that sets standards for what can be certified as organic. Neither the enabling legislation nor the regulations address food safety or nutrition. Contrary to claims from the

Good Science, Bad Science

By Andrew Holtzen

organic industry, a review from the University of London covering 11 studies found that there was no difference between the nutritional value of organic foods and that of modernly grown produce. Environmental concerns are also often cited as reason to buy organic, but consider this: although organic farming may benefit the environment in some regards, a study in Science concluded that organic plots of land produced 20 percent less than conventional plots. According to these findings, in order for organic farming to become the norm, more land would have to be cleared for agriculture; looks like save the rainforest and buy organic cannot be uttered in the same breath. Even if all arable land on earth were used to grow organic crops, that still might not be enough to feed 6.7 billion people. Norman Borlaug, Nobel laureate and leader of the Green Revolution contends that if all farming were converted to organic and cropland expanded, only 4 billion people could be fed, at best. Organic food finds a lot of its support from people who are opposed to unbridled capitalism and who carry a sentiment that corporations are indifferent to the environment and the health of customers. Without a doubt there are

ample reasons for such an opinion, but organic food doesnt offer a better alternative. The image of the small organic farmer is part of a bygone era in the early history of organic food before it had evolved into $26.6 billion industry. In his book The Omnivores Dilemma, Michael Pollan argues that a more accurate depiction of many organic farms would be something similar to the huge industrial farms seen recently in movies like Food Inc. and The Future of Food. Organic food commands higher prices than conventional agriculture and therefore, captures a high-value market of shoppers who are willing to pay more for a particular product. As the organic food industry has grown in the past decade, large-scale food producers have taken note and jumped on the organic bandwagon. For example, Horizon Organic which controls 50 percent of the market for organic milkis owned by the agribusiness corporation Dean Foods, which boasted an impressive $12.5 billion in revenue in 2008. Organic food as a supplement to conventional agriculture is not the problem. Many people choose to buy organic simply because they claim it tastes better, and they are entitled to that opinion. Whats alarming is that there are those who have sought to line their pockets off of others good intentions through deceptive marketing that uses potentially harmful misinformation and a cultivated image of wholesome business. Holtzen is a junior from Fayetteville, Ark., in chemistry and Spanish.


s world leaders convene in Cancun to address the challenge of climate change, few observers expect a consensus to form on solving the problem. The divisions between developing and affluent nations, energy producers and energy consumers to say nothing of the domestic disputes between left and right appear unbridgeable for now. So if youre looking for an antidote to your cynicism on one of the great problems confronting our generation, dont look to Cancun. Instead, look no further than Mount Oread. This month brought the welcome news that the University has improved its score on the 2011 College Sustainability Report Card. Despite highly publicized efforts to emphasize locally cultivated food and ramp up recycling, the University had previously been mired in the C-range. This year, though, the University earned a B. There is no question that theres room to improve. But the upward trend is an encouraging one. One area that drew the reports effusive praise was the Universitys investment priorities. The administrations focus on green buildings, recycling and staying local brought a grade of A in that category. While the University to date has lagged in eco-friendly construction, the commitments of Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little to enhance energy conservation on campus garnered the reports recognition. A good grade on investments indicates the reports judgment that the University is headed in the right direction. Its important not to lose sight of the central role of student organizations in fostering this progress. Under the leadership of President Michael Wade Smith and Vice President Megan Ritter, the Student Senate has aimed high in its quest to instill environmentally friendly

Politics on Campus

By lUke Brinker

practices at the University. Moreover, KU Sustainability and other ecologically-minded groups provide the determination and support base required to make the Senate and Administrations objectives a reality. The Universitys performance on its latest progress report illustrates a fundamental truth about effecting change. The inability of national and international actors to reach an accord on capping carbon emissions is both morally and economically inexcusable. Without a political solution, it will be impossible to spur the investment needed to avert the worst-case scenarios of climate change. But it is equally true that absent the will of people everywhere to change the way they go about such mundane tasks as disposing of waste, using electricity, consuming food, transporting themselves, and building their homes and offices, all the political will in the world will prove inadequate. The old clich about thinking globally and acting locally has a great deal of merit. In a globalized society, the imperative for global action to confront global problems is particularly acute. But the actions of local communities can demonstrate to the global powers-that-be that being environmentally conscious and morally and economically thriving are not mutually exclusive. Brinker is a sophomore from Topeka in history.


Responses to the news of the week on

I didnt find this as an issue of maintenance staff and what their abilities were for controlling it. I found it disturbing that the student housing representative in the first published article acted as if there was no problem. Were getting to the full renovations as quickly as feasible, Robertson said. In the meantime, I think theyre in pretty good shape. I dont see how you can think visible mold and leaking pipes is seen as pretty good shape Before a problem can be fixed, one must admit to there being a problem. JW in response to McCollum mold legitimate problem on Nov. 22.
niCholAS SAmbUlAK

START deserves ratification

I will refrain from any Cold War cliches as best I can, but talking about the United States, Russia and arms control is going to make that harder than hiding missiles in Cuba. The Senate is currently threatening to stall debate on the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) legislation, which poses some enormous diplomatic problems. If they fail to ratify such an important treaty before the end of the year, Congress risks not only disappointing Russia, but also lowering American credibility around the world. Sen. Kyl is now leading the Republican obstruction to reaching an agreement; it is perplexing as to why they are abandoning their conservative icon Ronald Reagan when a chance to do something he would do is staring them in the face. Republicans are so afraid of appearing on the same piece of paper with President Obama that they have concluded doing nothing is the best option. They should listen to fellow Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), who said, Every senator has an obligation in the national security interest to take a stand, to do his or her duty. Thats why he is asking Democrats to vote anyway he understands the larger consequences. If Congress does not do its duty, Russia wont even entertain the idea of such a deal again for a long time. President Dmitri Medvedev risked a lot to get his government to support the treaty and wont be happy if Obama fails on his promise. Is that worth having the satisfaction that they defeated an Obama policy goal? Furthermore, failure to renew this deal will discredit the United States dedication to future negotiations with other nations; if we couldnt deliver on this, will next time be any different? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pointed out a further ramification of putting negotiations on hold: American inspectors havent been allowed into Russian military installations in over a year. And its unbelievable that Republicans also ignored Sen. John Kerrys

GuesT COLuMn

(D-Mass.) point that there is high bipartisan support for the treaty. This is an opportunity for Republicans to come out against the status quo of petty partisanship in Washington, but its as if they have selective amnesia that causes them to forget everything theyve previously said about the Obama administration. Democrats should follow through on Lugars proposal. Its far better for a few Democrats to lose their seats in Congress in 2012 because they did the right thing than have the whole Russian Parliament, along with the rest of Europe, laughing at our dysfunctional domestic politics. Democrats are trying to draw just one positive achievement from the empty, all-consuming petty void that our politics have become, and its about time the GOP lend a hand. From UWIRE. Kevin Bunkley for The Hoya at Georgtown U.

Your points are extremely valid. While no mold is growing in my room, the pipe above my bed has leaked since I got here when it rains or when its extremely humid. This was problematic because my bed is lofted, unlike my roommates. I finally went and put a maintenance request in. All that happened was the leak being painted over. I dont think it is the maintenance crews fault, but they could be provided with better materials. Ive been sick for long periods of time, mainly a cough. I never thought it would be from the pipes, but it very well could be. The bathrooms are atrocious as well. The showers leak, the ceilings in the showers leak, and the area in front of the showers are almost always semiflooded. I despise taking a shower here, and thats one of the things I look forward to most over break because of the conditions of them here. rahrah28 in response to McCollum mold legitimate problem on Nov. 23.

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Kansas takes first in debate

KU now focused on national competition University of Kansas debaters took first place in a debate tournament at Wake Forest University last week. The Franklin R. Shirley Debate Tournament was held Nov. 20-23 in Winston-Salem, N.C. 142 teams from 61 schools competed. Sean Kennedy, a junior from


Leawood, and Dylan Quigley, a senior from Wichita, won 12 debates over three days to win the tournament. In the semi-finals, the pair defeated the No. 2 team in the country from Harvard University. In the finals, they defeated the Emory University team that finished last year as the top-ranked team in the country. The success at Wake Forest was the culmination of a very successful first semester for the Kansas debate team, assistant debate coach Lindsey Shook said in a press release. Going into the Wake Forest

tournament, the Kansas debate squad was ranked fourth in the country in the coaches poll behind Northwestern, Emory and Harvard. Kennedy and Quigley were the seventh-ranked individual team in the country and Kansas debaters Patrick Kennedy, a junior from Leawood, and Matthew Petersen, a senior from Wichita, were ranked 18th. Kennedy and Peterson won six debates at the Wake Forest tournament and finished as the 12th seeded team at the tournament. Melanie Campbell, a sophomore from Lenexa, and Mark Wilkins, a

junior from Topeka, also won six debates and finished as the 13th seed at the tournament. While we are incredibly excited about winning the final major tournament of the first semester for the first time since 1999, we will have to work even harder to achieve the goal of winning the final major tournament of the second semester, the National Debate Tournament, debate coach Scott Harris said in a press release. KU won the National Debate Tournament in 2009. Edited by Roshni Oommen


Coach Travis Cram, goes over arguments with Dylan Quigley (left) and Sean Kennedy (right) before their eighth-round match at the 2010 National Debate Tournament in March. Quigley and Kennedy won first place at the Franklin R. Shirley Debate Tournament at Wake Forest University last week.

Arkansas man faces charges after involvement with crash An Arkansas man suspected of stealing a vehicle on the KU campus and causing a fatality accident north of Lawrence on Tuesday was formally charged in Douglas County District Court at a hearing Wednesday. Zachary Tyler Harrison, 23, of Cabot, Ark., faces six felony charges, two misdemeanors and one traffic infraction, according to court records from the Douglas County District Attorneys office. The fatality accident occurred at about 3:40 a.m. Tuesday on Highway 24/59 north of Lawrence. Police say a man stole a vehicle from a newspaper delivery driver on Jayhawk Boulevard on the KU campus just before the




accident that left one 21-yearold Nebraska man dead and three others hospitalized. Cameron Freeman, 21, of Lincoln, Neb., died at KU Hospital Tuesday. Of the three other 21-year-old Lincoln men who were injured in the accident, Casey Kettler and Michael Larsen were treated at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and later released and Fernando Pages is still being treated at KU Hospital, according to hospital records. Capt. Schuyler Bailey, spokesman for the KU Public Safety Office, said Harrison and the four Nebraska men were not connected to the University. Harrisons next hearing will be held at 2 p.m. today. His bond is set at $175,000. Edited by Anna Nordling


Involuntary manslaughter while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Three counts of aggravated battery for the other three passengers injuries. Leaving the scene of an accident involving the death of a person. Failure to report an accident to the police. Following another vehicle too closely. criminal deprivation of property. Failure to report an accident involving unattended property.

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exp. 11/30/10

The center of Latin American studies is offering a new spring course where students will assume the responsibilities of the worlds oldest regional organization the Organization of American states (OAs). OAs consists of the 35 independent states in North and south America and serves somewhat as a United Nations for the Americas, discussing social, political and economic issues. The Model Organization of American states (MOAs) seminar will be open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Different professors will speak at each seminar to promote the courses interdisciplinary approach. Anita Herzfeld, a professor and undergraduate director and advisor for the department, said some students would be selected to travel to Washington, D.c. from March 29 to April 2 to participate in the national MOAs in Washington, D.c. she encouraged students who were getting a degree in spanish and had an interest in Latin America to pursue the department and consider the course. While they get the literature and the culture partly in the spanish department, here they get to really know something about the politics and something about the traditions, Herzfeld said. Daphne Hiatt, a May 2010 graduate, got to experience the OAs at work in real life as an intern in Washington, D.c. Hiatt will complete her internship Friday. Hiatt, who was in town over Thanksgiving break, said the three-month internship had flown by. she joined about 70 interns primarily from Latin America and the caribbean. she said the model program considered the same current events that the OAs covered each day. The current border dispute between costa rica and Nicaragua and issues concerning fossil fuels are topics she expected to receive attention in the future. Its interesting getting to be a fly on the wall and to see how all the diplomatic and political issues are handled and dealt with, Hiatt said.
Stephen Montemayor

New course mirrors global organization

Monday, noveMber 29, 2010 LAS VEGAS Kansas faced its first test Saturday. It passed by almost every measure just not the one Las Vegas counts. A late Arizona layup covered the 8.5point spread, but Kansas picked up its first quality win of the season, 87-79, behind all-tournament team performances from Travis Releford and Markieff Morris and a tournament MVP showing from Marcus Morris. It was good, coach Bill Self said of the teams first test. We won and we had to make some plays to do it. The Jayhawks trailed in the second half for the first time all season, but after a pair of Tyshawn Taylor free throws gave Kansas a one-point lead with eight-and-ahalf minutes to play, the Jayhawks never gave it up. It was good for us to get behind in the second half and see what were made of, Self said. I think we responded pretty well. They needed every bit of the Kansas bench and needed the reserves at the top of their game when both Morris twins got into foul trouble early in the first half, and stayed in it until the final buzzer. Travis Releford and Thomas Robinson, in particular,


Squad outlasts the Oklahoma Sooners

The team improved on errors and came out of Norman with a big victory. The Jayhawks season ended after being left out of the NCAA tournament bracket released on its selection show Sunday afternoon.

Volleyball | 7b


PaGe 1b

Depth helps Kansas survive challenge


vegaS viCtory

See bench oN paGe 4b


ryan Waggoner/KaNSaN

Senior guard Tyrel Reed and senior guard Brady Morningstar raise the championship trophy after Kansas defeated Arizona 87-79 to win the 2010 Las Vegas Invitational. Kansas has now won the tournament both times it has participated in the event.

Stands empty at Showdown

BY KORY CARPENTER There were more than 25,000 empty seats for Saturdays Border Showdown in the newly renovated Arrowhead Stadium. Those seats symbolized the 25,000 fans who said no thanks to watching a rivalry thats considered among the best in college sports. Theres a great chance that many of those fans watched a few Kansas or Missouri games this season before making their decision to stay home. They saw the often mediocre Tiger defense actually turn into a force this year, teaming up with Gary Pinkels annual high-powered and explosive offense. They probably saw the Kansas offense as well and had a few words to describe its season, words that didnt include highpowered or explosive. Sure, rivalry games are supposed to be close. But when the Jerry Wang/KaNSaN matchup was as lopsided as it Missouri linebacker Bart Coslet leads the team toward the stands with the Border Showdown drum. Missouri finished the season 10-2 overall wason Saturday, a 28-point loss and tied with Nebraska as Big 12 champions. wasnt surprising. The previous three Border gave up three quick touchdowns theyve pounded the ball on controlling the clock and keepShowdowns were decided by a in the first half. the ground with running backs ing Missouri quarterback Blaine combined 13 points, We made James Sims, Angus Quigley and Gabbert on the sideline. But as so casual fans probKansas fans have seen firsthand quite a few DeShaun Sands. ably thought the Did Sims get as many carries as this season, things never go quite [defensive SEE MORE COVERAGE OF plays], coach the team wanted? 2010 edition would as planned. FOOTBALL ON 8B be similar. Moving forward, Gill said he Probably not, said Gill. Turner Gill You could throw said after the Sometimes in a game you try wants speed and athleticism at all out the records, game. We to do certain things, and you do positions. It was something the people said. None Jayhawks lacked at many positions didnt make whatever you can to make plays. of that matters Translation: The early 21 point this year, and its something they enough on when KU and MU defense, but deficit made it nearly impossible will need in 2011 as the schedule play, they would I was really for Kansas to establish the run gets considerably tougher, with scream, hoping the pleased the game, forcing quarterback Jordan matchups against the entire Big hatred felt between way they Webb to throw the ball more than 12 South as well as a road game both schools and against Georgia Tech. responded. It planned. fan bases would Like much of the season, Gills Webb, who returned to the startwas good to cover up the total ing lineup after being labeled 100 confidence once again overshadsee. talent and coachThe defense percent healthy, certainly didnt owed the disappointing on-field ing advantage the did respond, look it on Saturday, completing results. Missouri Tigers only giving up 14 points in the only seven passes for 45 yards as I feel very confident in having held over the Jayhawks Saturday. final 40 minutes of the game, but well as throwing two interceptions. a winning program here at Kansas Motivation helps, but it doesnt it was already too much to overThere were really no other and Im excited about moving fortackle for you. It doesnt magically come. options for the coaching staff, ward, Gill said. turn your inexperienced offensive When the Jayhawks have been however. In a perfect world, the line into seasoned veterans. And it successful offensively this year, Jayhawks wouldve run the ball, Edited by Anna Nordling certainly cant lead your offense on 21-point comebacks, which was Check out the photo gallery from Saturdays game at needed after the Kansas defense

womenS baSketball

Mike Gunnoe/KaNSaN

Junior forward Aishah Sutherland reaches up for a rebound Sunday against Fordham. The Jayhawks won the game in overtime 81-68. With the win, the Jayhawks claimed the BTI Tip-Off Classic title.

Jayhawks improve to 6-0 with OT victory

BY KATHLEEN GIER The final game of the Basketball Travelers, Inc., Tip-Off Classic for Kansas on Sunday was based around runs. Kansas went on a 12-4 run at the beginning of the second half to reach itslargest lead of the game going up 18 points. Then Fordham went on a 26-7 run to take the lead with 2:43 left in the game. Kansas and Fordham matched baskets until they ended regulation with tie at 59. When we threw a punch and we were up 18 they kept battling back and we got softer as they got tougher, coach Bonnie Henrickson said. We just never found a rhythm. The roller coaster we have been on even this weekend being pretty average on Friday, being pretty

See womens oN paGe 3b

2B / sPOrTs

/ MonDAY, noveMBer 29, 2010 / The uniVersiTy daiLy Kansan / kAnSAn.CoM

QuOTe Of The day

Its definitely been a hard season. As a team we are very young and it has been hard to adapt to new coaches. Its something that we had to get used to, but I see a bright future for the program.
Senior cornerback Chris Harris after Saturdays 35-7 loss to Missouri.

Sports often taken for granted

By jackson delay childhood without sports, and erasing all of those memories. Sports have produced events that have turned into holidays. I always look forward to Super Bowl Sunday. Sports also can be very powerful. A team can unite a city and lift its spirits (see New Orleans Saints 2009-2010 season). Or in some cases, a single sporting event can give a whole country hope (see the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey match versus an overpowering Russia squad, or just watch the movie Miracle). Sports carry on in the midst of war and hardships, and create an alternate reality for those who wish to escape their world for a few hours. Little-leaguers everywhere pick out their

MOrning BreW


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faCT Of The day

The last hit freshman quarterback Jordan Webb took on Saturday gave him a concussion, which is why he didnt return to the game.

TriVia Of The day

Q: When was the last time kansas wore all-white uniforms?

a: 1978

hh, Thanksgiving break. What a great time to gather with family, eat a lot of food and watch football. Thanksgiving is a time to remember the things you are thankful for but often take for granted. I am thankful for sports. Without sports, we would live in a pretty dull world. Take a moment and try to imagine life without sports. No ESPN. No Allen Fieldhouse. The shot by Mario Chalmers in 2008 would have never happened. And the list goes on and on. We all fill our lives with things that create stress, such as jobs, schoolwork and tests. But when we decide to sit down and cheer our favorite team to victory, the stresses of our lives are momentarily forgotten. The sporting world allows us to escape from the drag of our daily lives. I tried to imagine attending the University of Kansas but never going to a sporting event. That image helped me realize how glad I am that there are sports. I have many memories and have learned a lot of lessons from playing sports as a kid. Its safe to say that my experiences with playing different sports on different teams have helped shape who I am today. It is hard to imagine reconstructing my


Womens Basketball Maine 7 PM Lawrence Mens Basketball UCLA 8 PM Lawrence swimming Georgia Invitational All Day Athens, Ga.


favorite players, and are inspired to work hard and be just like them. The classical upset gives people hope to achieve the improbable, whether that be taking the good-looking blonde in math class out on a date, or receiving an A in calculus. So, as you can see, sports play several different roles in society, and lives would be altered considerably if sports were not present. We often take sports for granted, but Thanksgiving gave me the opportunity to rethink things and be thankful that sports are around. Edited by Roshni Oommen


Womens Basketball SMU 2 PM Dallas, Texas swimming Georgia Invitational All Day Athens, Ga. Track Bob Timmons Challenge All Day Lawrence

Sisters lead Cardinal to win Suisham hits FG, Steelers beat Bills
assocIaTed PRess
STANFORD, Calif. Kayla Pedersen had 19 points, 12 rebounds and five assists and No. 3 Stanford held off 16th-ranked Texas 93-78 on Sunday in a matchup of unbeaten teams. Nnemkadi Ogwumike added 22 points and seven boards and her freshman sister, Chiney, scored 14 for the Cardinal, who moved coach Tara VanDerveer (798-195) within two victories of joining the elite 800 club. She is trying to become the fifth womens coach to do it. VanDerveer is 646-144 in her 25th year at Stanford. Stanford took a 2-0 lead before tipoff of the nationally televised game because Texas received a technical for failing to get its lineup turned in to the scorers table on time. Chassidy Fussell scored 17 points, Kathleen Nash 14 and Ashleigh Fontenette 11 for Texas (4-1) Sarah Boothe had 14 points and six rebounds as a reserve for Stanford (5-0), playing its second straight in Maples Pavilion. The Cardinal shot 57.4 percent and converted 11 of 12 free throws on a day former Stanford stars Candice Wiggins and Jayne Appel sat together courtside. The fifthranked Cardinal football team was recognized during a timeout late in the first half. Players holding up the Axe they won by whipping rival California 48-14 in the Big Game on Nov. 20. After a slow start, Texas scrapped its way back into the game helped by nine 3-pointers. This was the first road game of the season for the Longhorns, who have a tough stretch with three out of four games against Top-25 teams including a home date with No. 4 Tennessee on Dec. 12. The Lady Vols then host Stanford in Knoxville on Dec. 19. Fontenette, the Longhorns second-leading scorer, went down with 12:38 left grabbing at her right knee, but returned. Stanford made 14 of its first 22 shots and used a 28-9 run midway through the first half to take a 34-18 lead. VanDerveer has one of her deepest teams yet at Stanford and regularly switched players in and out to keep them fresh getting balanced contributions from throughout the lineup. Stanfords stingy man-to-man defense caused Texas trouble and made it difficult to penetrate against the taller, more athletic Cardinal. Stanford held a 39-32 rebounding edge but committed 17 turnovers. Texas ended the first half with a 15-7 spurt to pull within 49-39 at the break, then scored the first four points of the second half. Stanford has won the last four meetings between the schools. capped a 13-play, 58-yard drive which Ben Roethlisberger kept ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. alive by hitting Mike Wallace for Buffalos Stevie Johnson sat with a 17-yard catch to convert thirdhis head down at the end of the and-8. Rashard Mendenhall had bench as Shaun Suisham hit a 151 yards rushing and scored 41-yard field goal with 2:14 left in overtime to secure the Pittsburgh on a 1-yard plunge in helping Steelers 19-16 victory over the Pittsburgh prepare for a AFC North first-place showdown at Bills on Sunday. The wide receiver was upset Baltimore next weekend. Hines because he couldve ended the Ward had seven catches for 107 game in the Bills favor on the yards, and Roethlisberger finprevious possession by dropping ished 20 of 33 for 246 yards Buffalo what would proved feisty have been a in facing one I had the game in my 40-yard touchof the NFLs down pass hands and I dropped it. elite teams by from Ryan overcoming Im humbled. Fitzpatrick. a 13-point I had the STevIe JoHnSon first-half game in my Bills wide receiver deficit and hands and I forcing overdropped it, time with 2 Johnson said. seconds left Im humin regulation bled. In a game the Bills (2-9) when Rian Lindell hit a 49-yard proved theyre not all that bad, field goal. Fred Jackson had five the Steelers (8-3) showed why catches for 105 yards, including a 65-yard touchdown, and added theyre better. Suisham hit all four of his 59 yards rushing. The Bills had a two-game win field-goal attempts, including streak snapped. Each of their past a 48-yarder. His decisive kick four losses have been by 3 points, including two in overtime, after they lost 37-34 at Baltimore on Oct. 24, and 13-10 at Kansas City the following week. The Bills were also coming off a 49-31 win at Cincinnati.

nCaa BasKeTBaLL



swimming Georgia Invitational All Day Athens, Ga.

assocIaTed PRess


As warm and cuddly as a little bear.




Denver J.r. Smith scored a season-high 30 points and the Denver nuggets overcame the absence of Carmelo Anthony to hold off the Phoenix Suns 138-133 Sunday night in the highest-scoring game of the season. Chauncey Billups returned to the lineup after missing three games with a sprained right wrist and scored 25 points and eight assists for the nuggets. Anthony was feeling ill Friday against Chicago but played anyway and hit the winner in the final seconds. Sunday he lasted just 2:48 before sitting down for good. Jason richardson did his best to keep Phoenix in it with 39 points, and Steve nash had 17 points and 11 assists. nash missed a 3-pointer with 17.8 seconds left that would have tied the game. Phoenix trailed by 19 before narrowing the gap. The nuggets were ahead 11599 when the Suns scored nine straight to get back in it. Smith and Arron Afflalo hit 3-pointers to keep the lead at nine, but richardson hit two from long range to cut it to five with 2:08 left. After Smith missed on a 3, nash drained one to make it 128125 with 1:35 left. Billups answered with a layup and Smith hit two free throw. Associated Press

Denver wins the highest-scoring game of the season

across from Dillions on 6th

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3 more wins give Hawks 6-0 record

BY Kathleen Gier

Womens BasketBall ReWind

Womens (continued from 1b)
Stat of the Game
darn good yesterday and not being very good today until the overtime. In overtime the Jayhawks took control and outscored the Rams 22-9 to pull out the overtime victory. This was the second game this season where the Jayhawks found themselves in overtime and were able to defeat their opponents. The final score was 81-68 propelling Kansas to a perfect 6-0 record. Overtime was exciting, junior forward Aishah Sutherland said. It was like a new game so we came at it excited and showed them that they shouldnt have been in the game. Freshman guard Keena Mays fouled with seven seconds in the game while the score was tied. Fordham missed the ensuing free throw allowing Kansas another chance to win in overtime. I just had faith in my team and I knew we could pull it out, Mays said. We pulled it together when we needed it. Though overtime is not an ideal finish for a game, Kansas found its way to win. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I equally excited that we finished that, but I will be flipping and flopping for the next 24 hours, Henrickson said. In overtime the Jayhawks shot 6-7 from the field and made 10 of 13 free throws. There was energy in the huddle that we hadnt had the whole game, Henrickson said. In a solid defensive game Kansas was aggressive with 11 floor burns and 10 steals. The Jayhawks faced a major rebounding deficit on offense as Fordham recorded 20 offensive rebounds and Kansas only had five. Overall Kansas was outrebounded 42-33. Credit to Fordham to getting us on the glass, Henrickson said. They are a great rebounding team and we didnt match their toughness or intensity on the glass. They were dedicated to boxing us out since we are a rebound team, Sutherland said. Sophomore guard Monica Engelman had a career high game in scoring with 24 points. She also added three rebounds, two assists and four rebounds in 41 minutes of play. Sophomore forward Carolyn Davis led all scorers with 26 points adding seven rebounds while shooting 8-11 from the field and 10-15 from the free throw line. It feels good to know I helped to produce for my team but at the same time I made a lot of mistakes that I shouldnt have made, Davis said. Edited by Anna Nordling The Jayhawks outscored the Fordham Rams 22-9 in overtime.

K ansas 81, fordham 68

Quote of the Game

That would have hurt, that would have hurt, that would have hurt, said coach Bonnie Henrickson. When we talk about, and it is not coaches speak, the next one is the most important game on your schedule. Youth is not an excuse and we have to embrace that everyone can play.

Sutherland said. Sophomore guard Monica With a tense overtime victory Engelman and sophomore foragainst Fordham, Kansas closed ward Carolyn Davis were named out the Basketball Travelers Tip- to the All-Tournament team. Off Classic with three more vic- They were joined by senior tories to continue a perfect 6-0 Caitlin Shadbolt from Fordham record on the season. In the who scored 22 points against round-robin tournament Kansas Kansas, junior Brittany Carter defeated North Dakota State, from Memphis and junior Katie Birkel from North Dakota State Memphis and Fordham. University who both scored 17 Junior forpoints against ward Aishah Kansas. Sutherland It was good because it is It feels took home the another accomplishment, good, it is Most Valuable the first time Player honor but I could not have done it since I have for the tourwithout my teammates. been here and nament. I think that I am very MOnICA EngElMAn I played well excited, I am Sophomore guard and deserved h o n o r e d , to be on the Sutherland team like said. I Monica and Aishah too, Davis worked hard and I tried to stay consistent throughout this tour- said. Engelman mentioned that nament and show that I can be consistent and I got rewarded she had not been paying attention when the awards were for it." Sutherland averaged 13 points announced and was initially per game while shooting 16-30 confused and did not know how from the field and 7-12 from the to react. Engelman also saw the honor as a reward, but acknowlfree-throw line. With senior guard Marisha edged her teammates. "It was good because it is Brown and senior center Krysten Boogaard injured and senior another accomplishment, but I forward Nicolette Smith out for could not have done it without the semester, responsibility has my teammates, Engelman said. The Jayhawks will take the fallen on Sutherland as the most court again when they face experienced on the court. I am just going to have to Maine at 7 p.m. Wednesday at talk more and be a leader, I Allen Fieldhouse. have more experience than other Edited by Kelsey Nill players, so I cant mess up much,

Player of the Game

Monica Engelman Engelman earned a career-high 24 points to help lead KU to an 81-68 victory. Engelman grabbed four steal and was 10 for 16 from the field.

Notes of the Game

KU went on a 12-4 run to earn a 45-27 lead out of halftime, but the Rams responded by ending that streak with a 23-5 run over the Jayhawks. KUs victory in the final game of the Basketball Travelers, Inc., Tip-Off Classic marked the sixth straight win for this seasons undefeated team.

Stat of the Tournament

In Saturdays 90-58 victory against Memphis, six Jayhawks reached double-digit scoring.

Quote of the Tournament

Theres three people on the team that score the most points and two of them got in foul trouble, so I had to score more points than I usually do, said junior forward Aishah Sutherland. Its a young team so they didnt know where to go or when to be, so I had to communicate with them and coach actually yelled that I need to guide them.

Player of the Tournament

Freshman Diara Moore puts up a shot in Sunday's game against Fordham in Allen Fieldhouse. The Jayhawks won in overtime 81-68, taking a perfect 3-0 in the Basketball Travelers Inc., Tip-Off Classic against Fordham, Memphis and North Dakota State.
Howard ting/kansan

Aishah Sutherland Recognized for her consistent performance, Sutherland was named the BTI Tip-Off Classic MVP after averaging 13 points and 10.7 rebounds in the weekends three games. In the final game against Fordham, Sutherland scored four points within the first 40 seconds of overtime play.

Notes of the Tournament

Sophomore forward Carolyn Davis and sophomore guard Monica Engelman each made the 2010 all-tournament team. For the second time this season, all players added points to the scoreboard in Saturdays victory against Memphis.
Megan Rupp

Howard ting/kansan Chris Bronson/kansan

mike Gunnoe/kansan

Sophomore forward Carolyn Davis goes up for a layup and is fouled for a three-point play Sunday at Allen Fieldhouse. Davis led the team with 26 points in the 81-68 overtime victory.

Freshman guard Cece Harper drives by a Memphis defender in the second half of Saturday night's game at Allen Fieldhouse. Harper contributed 12 points, 5 steals, and 4 rebounds in the Jayhawks 90-58 victory against Memphis.

Freshman guard Keena Mays makes an offensive rebound against North Dakota State guards in Friday night's game. Mays made eight rebounds during their opening game in the Basketball Travelers, Inc., Classic Tip-Off in Allen Fieldhouse.

4B / spORTs

/ MONDAy, NOvEMBER 29, 2010 / ThE uNiVERsiTY DaiLY KaNsaN / KANSAN.COM

KANSAN.COM / ThE uNiVERsiTY DaiLY KaNsaN / MONDAy, NOvEMBER 29, 2010 /

spORTs / 5B


44| 43 87 39 | 40 79

Jayhawk stat Leaders

points Rebounds assists


Robinson dunk sparks Kansas LAS VEGAS With just under four minutes and 40 seconds in the game, sophomore forward Thomas Robinson seemed to put the game on ice for Kansas. He threw down an alley-oop with one hand on a lob from junior guard Tyshawn Taylor, putting the team up 75-68. Senior guard Tyrel Reed thought that it was a turning point in the game. He said the dunk boosted some energy into the crowd and into the team. I was trailing it, Reed said. I was right next to Tyshawn and I knew he was going to throw it

K ansas 87, arizona 79

game to remember
Travis Releford Bill Self said he was going to start paring down his traditional eight-man rotation with the Arizona game. If thats true, Releford forced his way into the eight with an all-tournament team performance. His 10 points and four rebounds in 18 minutes off the bench were crucial in Saturdays 87-79 victory.


game to forget
brady morningstar Bill Self loves Morningstar on the floor, and the senior guard contributes with all the intangibles. But theres just not enough of an offensive presence to his game to warrant him getting 29 minutes in a game where the Jayhawks needed scorers. Morningstar finished with two points on 0-of-2 shooting and two assists.

markieff morris


marcus morris

Tyshawn Taylor

By Mike LAVieri

player Tyshawn Taylor Fg-Fga 4-6

Rebs 0 3 1 3 9 3 2 1 4 4

a 7 2 2 0 0 1 0 2 0 1

pts 10 2 13 15 16 14 0 2 5 10

0-0 0-2 0-4 1-2 2-2 0-0 0-0 0-1 0-0 2-3

Brady Morningstar 0-2 Tyrel Reed Markieff Morris Marcus Morris 4-10 7-12 4-8

Thomas Robinson 5-7 Jeff Withey Elijah Johnson Mario Little Travis Releford 0-0 1-3 2-3 4-6

and it was a good pass, but it was an even better catch. Coach tells us to go with two hands every time, but there was no way he was going to get that with two hands. The dunk not only fired the fans up, who started to jump in their seats, but it also got the Jayhawks going, who started to pull away late in the game. It was alright, Robinson said of the dunk. I think it was a big momentum boost for us. Any time somebody gets a dunk, its a game changer. Robinson said it was definitely one of his better dunks given the game situation. Kansas had built an early 31-15 lead with 11:21 remaining in the

first half, but Arizona started to chip away and got within five at the break. Arizona started the second half on a 13-7 run to take its first lead of the game at 52-51 with 15:14 remaining in the game. After trading buckets for the next six minutes, the Jayhawks started to pull away when they took a 61-60 lead. Kansas didnt look back the rest of the game. Coming out, we knew it was going to be a tough game, sophomore guard Travis Releford said. Once we went down and came back and took the lead, I think that was the best part of the game. Kansas was tied with Arizona at 60 with 8:31 to go in the game,

but the Jayhawks finished on a 27-19 run. Robinsons dunk seemed to deflate Arizona and its fans, which were outnumbered around four to one by Kansas fans. Jayhawk fans chants overpowered those of Arizona. When Robinson climbed the ladder, Orleans Arena sounded like it was Allen Fieldhouse. The fans werent the only ones impressed with Robinsons dunk. Coach Self was too. Thomas had an unbelievable play on that lob, Self said. I dont know how he caught that one. It wasnt a great pass, but it was a big time play. Edited by Clark Goble


Quote of the game

I dont think theres any way we play with just eight guys for the rest of the year.
Sophomore guard Travis Releford


BENch(continued from 1b)

lar off the bench for the Jayhawks. Were much better when those two guys play, coach Bill Self said. Marcus obviously played more than Markieff, but I thought Travis and Thomas were great. Releford was named to the all-tournament team after a 10-point, four-rebound showing in the finale. Robinson led the Jayhawk bench with 14 points and was instrumental in guarding Arizonas Derrick Williams (or trying to, at least). He also threw down the early favorite for dunk of the season with a Stretch Armstrong one-handed alley-oop with a less thank five minutes remaining. Thomas was really good off the bench, Self said. I mean, he bailed us out. The twins foul trouble was a product of Williams' impressive play, who had NBA scouts raving throughout with a 27-point, eight-rebound tour-de-force that rivaled the twins combined 31 points and 12 rebounds. Hes a good player. I take my hat off to him, Robinson said. The game wasnt closed out until Williams' fifth foul sent him to the bench with Arizona trailing 77-72 with 2:27 remaining in the game. Kansas scored the next four points to take an all-but-insurmountable nine-point lead with more than a minute left. Hes a pro. We couldnt guard him, Self said. One of the big keys to the game was that their big guy fouled out and ours didnt. But hes terrific. I dont think anybody would argue the point that he was the best player on the floor. But as Saturdays game proved, one player cant win a basketball game. And the Jayhawks have a stable of them. Friday after trouncing Ohio, Self said hed begin to pare down his rotation to his traditional eight players against Arizona. Foul trouble prevented him from doing it Saturday, and Releford said he didn't know if it was going to happen. The way we play now, getting after it defensively, its going to be tough to play with just eight guys, Releford said. Then with foul trouble, other guys have got to step up and play. I dont think theres any way we play with just eight guys for the rest of the year. Edited by Clark Goble
Ryan Waggoner/KANSAN

prime plays
FiRsT haLF
18:40: Arizona coach Sean Miller calls timeout after a breakaway layup by Tyshawn Taylor. The Jayhawks started the game 3-3 from the field. (6-0) 13:44: Marcus Morris buries a three and Sean Miller calls his second timeout. Kansas fans are making Orleans Arena sound like Allen Fieldhouse. (18-12) 7:31: During a media timeout, KU fans drown out Arizona fans with a Lets go Jayhawks chant. (33-26) 4:54: Jeff Withey checks in for the first time against his former school, which he didnt play a single minute for. (38-30) 0:44:Tyrel Reed takes it coast-to-coast after a steal and gets the Kansas fans on their feet. (44-36)

player Lamont Jones Derrick Williams Fg-Fga 4-9 9-15

Rebs 1 8 4 6 5 4 4 0 2 37

a 0 0 1 3 4 1 1 1 1 12

pts 11 27 0 6 9 2 0 6 18 79

0-2 2-3 0-2 2-5 1-2 0-0 0-2 1-3 4-8 10-27

Brendon Lavender 0-2 Jamelle Horne Solomon Hill Kyryl Natyazhko Kevin Parrom Jordin Mayes Kyle Fogg Totals 2-5 3-9 1-1 0-3 2-4 6-12 27-60

*all games in bold are at home Date Nov. 2 Nov. 9 Nov. 12 Nov. 15 Nov. 19 Nov. 23 Nov. 26 Nov. 27 Dec. 2 Dec. 7 Dec. 11 Dec. 18 Dec. 22 Dec. 29 Jan. 1 Jan. 5 Jan. 9 Jan. 12 Jan. 15 Jan. 17 Jan. 22 Jan. 25 Jan. 29 feb. 1 feb. 5 Feb. 7 Feb. 12 feb. 14 Feb. 19 Feb. 21 feb. 26 Opponent WashbuRN EmpORia sTaTE LONgWOOD VaLpaRaLsO NORTh TExas TExas a&m CORpus ChRisTi OhiO ArizONA uCLa MeMphis COLOrADO sTATe usC CALifOrNiA uT aRLiNgTON miami umKC MiChiGAN iOWA sTATe NEbRasKa BAyLOr TExas COLOrADO KaNsas sTaTE TeXAs TeCh NeBrAskA missOuRi iOWa sTaTE kANsAs sTATe COLORaDO OKLahOma sTaTE OkLAhOMA Result/Time W, 92-62 W, 90-59 W, 113-75 W, 79-44 W, 93-60 W, 82-41 W, 98-41 W, 87-79 8 p.m. 6 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 11 a.m. 10 p.m. 8 p.m. 5 p.m. 7 p.m. TBA 8 p.m. 1 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 7 p.m. 6 p.m. 8 p.m. 3 p.m. 8 p.m. 3 p.m. 8 p.m. 1 p.m. 8 p.m. 3 p.m. 8 p.m. 11 a.m.


Junior forward Marcus Morris lays up a shot over Arizona guard Kyle Fogg. Morris led the Jayhawks in scoring with 16 Saturday night, and was named the MVP of the 2010 Las Vegas Invitational following Kansas' 87-79 victory over the WIldcats.
Ryan Waggoner/KANSAN

13:28: Kansas regains the lead after a Mario Little layup. (54-52) 4:40: Tyshawn Taylor lobs one up for Thomas Robinson, who throws down the ally-oop with one hand. (71-65) 3:17: Another beautiful pass from Taylor, this time coming after a drive in the lane, he wraps around his man and finds Robinson for a two handed slam. (75-68) 2:27: Markieff Morris hangs and hits a layup while drawing a foul on Arizonas Derrick Williams, his fifth. (77-72) 0:43: Kansas fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the Rock Chalk chant rings out at Orleans Arena. (83-75)


The team huddles up with the championship trophy from the 2010 Las Vegas Invitational Saturday night at Orleans Arena. Kansas defeated Ohio and Arizona while in Las Vegas, and has now won the event both times it has participated.
Ryan Waggoner/KANSAN

Kansas won its second Las vegas Invitational in as many tries. Its last title came in 2006. Junior Markieff Morris and sophomore Travis Releford were named to the all-tournament team, while junior Marcus Morris was named tournament MvP Kansas moved to 8-4 overall against Arizona. For the first time this season, KU had six players score 10 or more points.

Sophomore guard Travis Releford soars for a dunk during the second half of Kansas' game against Ohio Friday on night. Releford was Kansas' second-leading scorer with 13 points as the Jayhawks defeated the Bobcats 98-41.

5 6 0

Key stats
Arizonas Derrick Williams got his fifth and final foul with a little more than two minutes left. It finalized the Jayhawks win. Six Jayhawks scored in double figures Saturday night.

Tyshawn Taylor had four turnovers, but zero of them came in the last 18:41 of play.
Tim Dwyer and Mike Lavieri

Ryan Waggoner/KANSAN

march 2 TExas a&m March 5 MissOUri

Sophomore guard Travis Releford and sophomore guard Elijah Johnson celebrate a Jayhawk basket late in the game against Arizona. The Jayhawks held on to defeat the Wildcats 87-79 Saturday night, and captured the 2010 Las Vegas Invitational Championship.

Ryan Waggoner/KANSAN

Ryan Waggoner/KANSAN

Junior guard Tyshawn Taylor lunges to steal the ball from Arizona guard Brendon Lavender. Taylor was one of six Jayhawks to score in double digits in Kansas' 87-79 victory over Arizona in the final game of the 2010 Las Vegas Invitational.

Sophomore guard Travis Releford and senior guard Mario Little reach for a rebound in front of two Ohio defenders. Kansas' bench outscored Ohio's 42-15 in the Jayhawks' 98-41 victory over the Bobcats.



Penn State routs Furman, Johnson and Finnegan fight again sets season-high with 3s
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. Talor Battle had 19 points and six assists, and Penn State hit a season-high 12 of 19 from the 3-point arc to rout Furman 70-49 on Sunday. David Jackson added 16 points and Jeff Brooks had 13 for the Nittany Lions (5-1), who recovered nicely following their first loss of the season, at Mississippi on Friday. Penn States long-range shooting overwhelmed Furmans defense, whether zone or man. The Nittany Lions led 22-17 at 7:57 of the first half before Jackson hit a threepoint play, and Brooks and Battle sank 3s on consecutive possessions to make it a 14-point lead less than two minutes later. Furman (3-2) got no closer than 10 the rest of the way, hurt in part by foul trouble to third-leading scorer Noah States. The senior forward sat on the bench for much of the first half with three fouls. Amu Saaka led the Paladins with 10 points on 5 of 15 shooting. Furman, picked to finish fifth in its division in the Southern Conference, hung close early to Penn State with its own hot shooting. Saakas jumper was sandwiched by two 3s from Darryl Evans, the second with a hand in his face on the wing to draw Furman within five. Evans finished with six points. But Penn State continued to hit shots from long range, while Furman had trouble against the Nittany Lions athletic defense. Furman tried to pound it inside, but those shots didnt fall either. After a 3 by Cammeron Woodyard, Tim Frazier tipped away a pass in the backcourt and missed a layup on the break, but Battle was there to convert an easy offensive rebound for a 36-21 lead at 3:07 in the first half. Battle is the star at Penn State, but the early success by Brooks and Jackson is a confidence-builder ahead of Wednesday nights tough home game against Maryland. Coach Ed DeChellis hopes Brooks, especially, can assume some of the scoring load heaped on Battle once Big Ten play begins. Brooks through his first five games was averaging a team-high 18.2 points. HOUSTON Andre Johnson finally had enough from Cortland Finnegan, sparking a fistfight for which both were ejected, and that could lead to further discipline from the NFL. The Texans snapped a fourgame losing streak while Johnson and Finnegan were ejected for an ugly two-man brawl in the fourth quarter of a 20-0 Houston win over Tennessee on Sunday. Arian Foster rushed for 143 yards and caught nine passes for the Texans (5-6), who were on their way to their first shutout since 2004 when Johnson and Finnegan began slugging it out midway through the fourth quarter. Tennessees Finnegan set it off by pushing up Johnsons face mask at the line of scrimmage. Johnson ripped off Finnegans helmet and landed at least two punches to Finnegans head and



neck. Finnegan tore off Johnsons Quin set a franchise record with helmet before players and referees three interceptions off Titans rookie quarterback Rusty Smith, who intervened. The game was halted for more struggled in his first career start. Smith replaced Houston native than five minutes as officials sorted out the chaos. Johnson received Vince Young, who argued with Titans coach a standing ovaJeff Fisher tion as security after he was guards escorted Last season, Johnson was taken out of him off the fined $7,500 for taking last weeks loss field. Finnegan to Washington taunted booing Finnegan to the ground with a thumb fans as he exited by the facemask. injury. Young out the opposite was placed on tunnel. injured reserve This was and apologized Round 2 to Fisher via between them. text message. Last season, Johnson was fined $7,500 for tak- Young did not join his team for ing Finnegan to the ground by the Sundays game. Titans offensive coordinator facemask during a scuffle after a Mike Heimerdinger was on the play in a 34-31 Texans win. The incident came at the end of sideline calling plays after he was a tumultuous week for the Titans diagnosed with cancer this week. Hes due to start chemotherapy (5-6), whove lost four in a row. Houston cornerback Glover Monday.

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Team ends season with a big victory against Sooners

Kansas improves attack error record The Jayhawks finished the regular season with a big win, sweeping the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman on Saturday. It was Kansas second road victory in conference play this year, and its first win at Oklahoma since 2005. The Jayhawk offense was effective and efficient against the Sooners. Senior outside hitters Jenna Kaiser and Karina Garlington, together with redshirt freshman Caroline Jarmoc, scored double-digit kills and high-hitting percentages. Kaiser recorded 14 kills and no attack errors, while Jarmoc scored 10 with only one error for a match-high efficiency of .692. Attack errors have been a problem for the Jayhawks through much of the season, but they ended Saturdays match with only seven. The win improves Kansas record to 17-14 overall and 8-12 in conference play. The Jayhawks have not recorded 17 wins since 2004. Kansas took an early lead with three straight points to open the set. The Jayhawks stayed just a few points ahead for the entire match as the teams traded points, but the Sooners could never close the gap. Kansas hit a .433 hitting efficiency in the set and won 25-21. The Jayhawks took an early lead again in the second set only to see the Sooners tie the game at 12-12

By Ian CummIngs

and again at 13-13. Oklahoma gained the advantage at 19-15, but Kansas responded with five straight points to regain the lead. Kaiser contributed two kills to the effort and put up a block together with sophomore middle blocker Tayler Tolefree. Kaiser was important in the latter part of the set, scoring four of her six kills in the last 10 points. With the score tied 21-21, the Jayhawks put together another offensive run with four straight points to end the set. Kaiser started it off again with a kill, followed by a block with Jarmoc. Junior outside hitter Allison Mayfield contributed a timely service ace one of her three Saturday and Jarmoc closed out the set with a kill to give Kansas the set 25-21. Freshman libero Brianne Riley helped limit the Sooners to a .151 hitting percentage in the second set where Riley recorded nine of her 16 digs. Kansas recorded 11 service aces in the match, which is the most for a Big 12 conference match in 2010. Kansas started the third set with a five-point run, which was enough to push through to a victory at 25-16. Oklahoma reacted early, closing the deficit to 5-4, but Mayfield and Kaiser led the Kansas offense through another five straight points, getting ahead 10-4. Another short run gave the Jayhawks a commanding lead at

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Above: Senior outside hitter Karina Garlington shares an emotional speech on Senior Night. The Jayhawks celebrated the successes that theyve shared with graduating seniors Karina Garlington, Jenna Kaiser, Melissa Manda and Mel Townsend. Right: Senior outside hitter Jenna Kaiser makes a kill against Kansas State on Nov. 24. The Jayhawks lost to the Wildcats, 2-3. 13-6, and they went on to win the set and the match 25-16. The season ended for the Jayhawks when Kansas was not chosen for the NCAA Tournament Sunday during its selection show. Edited by Abby Davenport

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Detroit earns big win against Niagara

DetrOit ray McCallum scored 21 points and Jason Calliste added 17 more as Detroit closed out the Legends Classic with a 96-77 blowout win over

Niagara on Sunday. the titans (4-3) led 52-33 at halftime and quickly extended their lead with an 8-0 run to start the second half. Detroit shot 31 for 64 from the floor (48.4 percent). Niagara shot 28 of 80 from the

floor (35 percent) and missed 23 attempts from behind the arc (9 for 32). the Purple eagles also committed 26 personal fouls as the titans hit 31 of 41 free-throw attempts (75.6 percent). Associated Press

Falcons reign at top of NFC

ATLANTA Dont even mention a third straight winning season to the Atlanta Falcons. Their goals are so much bigger than that. The Falcons stayed atop the NFC when Matt Bryant kicked a 47-yard field goal with 9 seconds remaining Sunday for a 20-17 vic- inside the left upright. Pressure is what you feel when tory over the Green Bay Packers, one of the teams trying to chase youre not prepared, Bryant said. down Atlanta in the conference Ive been preparing for that since I was 6 years old. Was there a little standings. Make no mistake. The Falcons bit of pressure? Yeah. But I was (9-2) were very much aware of the prepared. His do-over capped a game possible ramifications this game might have beyond the regular between playoff contenders that lived up to all the hype: a bruising season. I have no plans of going to defensive struggle filled with huge Lambeau Field in January, Atlanta fourth-down plays and one very receiver Roddy White said. I plan important kickoff return by Eric on staying right here and sleeping Weems. After Aaron Rodgers threw a in my own bed in the playoffs. The Falcons have won five 10-yard touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson with in a row for 56 seconds their longest Weve got Matty Ice. Ice remaining to streak since tie the game the 1998 seacold. He just keeps movfor Green Bay son, when the ing the sticks. (7-4), Weems team reached broke loose up its only Super rODDY White the middle and Bowl. Also Atlanta receiver was dragged assured is a down by Matt third consecuWilhelm with tive winning a flagrant facerecord not too shabby, considering the fran- mask tackle. The Falcons took chise had never even had two in a over at the Green Bay 49, Matt Ryan completed four straight row before this run. Yet thats just an afterthought short passes and Bryant made the for these guys, who have won winning kick. The Falcons werent concerned six straight games decided by a touchdown or less after losing the after Green Bay scored, especially with Ryan at quarterback. He opener to Pittsburgh in overtime. Its great to get a winning sea- completed 24 of 28 for 198 yards, son, coach Mike Smith said. But including a 4-yarder to Tony the expectations and goals we talk Gonzalez for Atlantas first TD. Weve got Matty Ice, White about are a lot higher than that. Bryant had to make his win- said. Ice cold. He just keeps moving the sticks. ning kick twice. Green Bay thought it had forced The Packers called a timeout just before he knocked his first overtime when Rodgers directed a attempt right down the middle. 16-play, 90-yard drive for the tying No problem. The 35-year-old had score. He improvised two huge already made two game-winning plays on fourth down, beginning kicks this season, and No. 3 had with a scrambling, backhanded plenty of distance as it hooked flip of a pass to James Jones for slightly but stayed several feet an 18-yard gain on fourth-and-1 at the 21. John Abraham sacked Rodgers 785.838.3399 YOUR #1 for a 2-yard loss and a false start HIBACHI on Bryan Bulaga left the Packers with another fourth down from SPOT the 10.



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Season was Season starts and ends not as bad with QB uncertainties as it seems
By CorEy ThIBoDEaux There wasnt any reason for sophomore Kale Pick to be particularly enthused after Saturdays game. Kansas lost to its biggest rival, Missouri, 35-7 and finished the season 3-9, fewer wins than what the Jayhawks expected coming into the season. As the starter in the Jayhawks season opener, Pick was moved to wide receiver a couple of weeks ago and saw the field only after junior cornerback Daymond Patterson suffered an injury. Next years returning players still have something to look forward to, as they can expect to battle for a position while acclimating further to coach Turner Gills style. But Pick doesnt even know if he will be at Kansas next year. I have to talk to the coaches and see what they have to say, he said after Saturdays game. Kind of see what theyre thinking for next year. Rumors of Pick transferring spread earlier in the year, but he quickly dispelled them at the time. He caught one pass for nine yards in the game against Mizzou and said he was pleased with how quickly hed made the transition to wide receiver in just two games. But the Jayhawks entered ended the season with the same question: Who is the starting quarterback? Gill didnt have the answers either. And he was honest in analyzing how his three quarterbacks looked throughout the season. At best, maybe OK, he said. From the first game forward, the constantly revolving door of starting quarterbacks made it difficult to fully grasp any of next years candidates. Pick started one game and was benched. A concussion then sidelined him until he ended up as a receiver. Freshman Jordan Webb was just that: a freshman. He got the bulk of the starts (seven) then injured his shoulder, which caused him to miss a few games. After the Missouri game, Gill said Webb suffered a concussion in the play just before he came out. With Pick and Webb down, Gill called upon junior transfer Quinn Mecham to start a fourgame stretch, including the thrilling comeback against Colorado. Overall, his stats didnt jump off of the page and Webbs return put him back on bench. Against the Tigers, all three players made an appearance. The


Missouri 35, k ansas 7

Kansas Missouri

0| 0 |7|0

14 | 7 |7|7 35

Jayhawk Stat Leaders

Rushing Passing Receiving

82 yds

James Sims

Jordan Webb

45 yds

11 yds

Johnathan Wilson

By Max VosBurgh Turner Gills first season as coach at Kansas was a roller coaster ride. It began with a loss to FCS member North Dakota State and included a 59-7 loss at home to Kansas State. But after the Jayhawks loss to rival Missouri 35-7 on Saturday, the entire season can be more easily put into perspective and it wasnt all bad. This season had more exciting moments than last years 5-7 Jayhawk team had. There was a 28-25 win at home against 15th ranked Georgia Tech. Fans had the chance to rush the field afterwards in what was easily the most exciting moment at the time since the Jayhawks had won the Insight Bowl two seasons prior. A couple months later, the Jayhawks pulled off the greatest comeback in school history, scoring 35 points in the fourth quarter to come back after being down 28 points to Colorado. In the Jayhawks last test of the season against Missouri, they stayed competitive for a large part of the game and found themselves only down 21-7 at one point in the third quarter before ultimately allowing the Tigers to take control. I think Missouri gave us more motivation and to come back after the offseason as a better team, sophomore quarterback Kale Pick said. The Jayhawks will have plenty of players at key positions returning next season, including freshman running back James Sims. Despite an offense that struggled to score points the last three games of the season, Sims provided a glimpse of what could be the future of the Jayhawk backfield. Against Missouri, Sims ran the ball a season high 21 times for 82 yards and a touchdown. The Tigers are one of college footballs best defenses, giving up on average only 15.2 points per game. I need to give credit to Missouris defense, they are a very good defensive football team, Gill said. Sims touchdown was his ninth of the season, despite not playing in the first game of the season. It capped one of the best freshman seasons from a running back in 17 years. His nine rushing touchdowns were the most by a freshman since June Henley rushed for 13 in 1993. Sims also led the team in rushing yards. He recorded 742 yards on 168 attempts, a 4.4 yard per carry average. Second on the team was senior Angus Quigley who rushed for 262 yards on 71 carries. As a team we are very young and it has been hard to adapt to new coaches, senior cornerback Chris Harris said. Its something that we had to get used to, but I see a bright future for the program. Gill said he was very confident about the Kansas football program heading into next season. Our guys improved every single day and every single week and we just need to go continue to move forward from that, Gill said. We have a lot of pluses that we can take from this and continue to move forward in the offseason, recruiting, and also next season. Edited by Anna Nordling

constant swapping in and out created an air of inconsistency. For instance, Mechams first pass after Webb went down was an interception. Its frustrating for any position, Pick said about all of the substitutions. I understand where Quinn is coming from, coming into the game down 21. Ive been there. Gill said he had a hard time dealing with injuries, but at the same time only saw flashes of great play this year. We hope we have a quarterback that can start 12 games and be there on a consistent basis, he said. Pick might not be one of those guys. He said he didnt know if he was going to compete for the starting job next year, even if he stayed. Just like everyone else, he couldnt give any insight to the quarterback battle. And with Picks status up in the air, the Jayhawks may have left Saturdays game with more questions then they started it with. Im not sure, Pick said of the future quarterback situation. Weve got something that we need to get figured out. Edited by Dana Meredith

Jordan Webb was disappointing in his return to the starting quarterback role, netting only 45 passing yards and two interceptions. James sims didnt get as many carries as the coaches originally wanted, but he was still able to get 82 yards on the ground as well as grabbing the only kansas touchdown on the day. C-.

The first 18 minutes were abysmal. The Missouri offense marched down the field and reached the endzone on three of their first four possessions, and that was enough for the rest of the game. The Jayhawk defense tightened up, but the damage was done. C.

Special Teams
Jacob Branstetter missed his only field goal attempt, a 43-yarder midway through the first quarter. The Tigers often kicked away from D.J. Beshears, knowing his potential to break off a huge kick return. Beshears was only able to return three kicks for 54 yards because of Misouris strategy. B.

The coaches wanted to run the ball, but the first quarter onslaught by Missouri made that nearly impossible. Down 21 points most of the game, the coaches probably tried to stick with the running game too long, as their only scoring drive took nearly six minuted off the clock. The cornerbacks played well off their receivers, allowing Tiger quarterback Blaine Gabbert to slowly march down the field with short routes on their scoring drives. D+.

Turning Point
Missouri running back kendial Lawrences 31-yard touchdown run in the second quarter gave the Tigers a 21-0 lead.

Key Stats
The Jayhawks passed for only 45 yards for the entire game. The Tigers defense only allowed 141 total yards of offense to kansas. It was the lowest total yards Missouri has given up in a game since the Big 12 was formed in 1996.
Kory Carpenter

Jerry Wang/KANSAN

Mike Gunnoe/KANSAN

Senior linebacker Steven Johnson knocks Missouri running back Kendial Lawrence out of bounds. Johnson led the team with 13 tackles in the 35-7 loss at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Freshman quarterback Jordan Webb is hit hard by a Missouri defender Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium. The Jayhawks lost their final game of the season 35-7.

Chris Neal/KANSAN

Senior wide receiver Johnathan Wilson gets tackled by Missouris senior defensive back Kevin Rutland during The Border Showdown at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday afternoon. This was Wilsons only reception, which went for an 11-yard gain.