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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Soccer freshman sets the bar
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child poverty rates rise PAGe 6

The LAwreNce BUsKer fesTivAL

the student voice since 1904

Keeping lawrence
brittanny clampitt As people mill about at the corner of 8th and Massachusetts streets, a unicyclist passes through the crowd that has gathered to watch Bobby Mavericks escape artist act. Maverick and other street entertainers, known as buskers, traveled to Lawrence for the Lawrence Busker Festival, which took place Friday, Aug. 19 through Sunday, Aug. 21 as a benefit for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Many artists performed feats that seem to defy nature in the hopes of receiving money in return for their performances. Its just like church, Maverick said, jesting with the crowd, The more you give the better you feel! Founded by Richard Renner, a graduate of the University of Kansas theatre department, the festival has provided the Lawrence community with a unique opportunity to witness quality busking for free since 2008. We have the usual guy with the guitar, girl with a tambourine kind of thing, and I thought, Oh, we can do a lot better than this, Renner said. I wanted to first of all, make Lawrence aware that street performing could be pretty cool here, and then second of all, make street performers aware that Lawrence could be pretty cool. Linsey Lindberg, Kansas City, Kan., native, also known by her stage name Mama Lou: American Strong Woman, took advantage of this reciprocal relationship. Lindberg, whose phonebook ripping skills and apple-crushing biceps impress even the most skeptical of men, describes the atmosphere that develops during a performance. Its one of the only times when youre standing next to the people


photos by rebecca dreyfUs/Kansan sword-swallower Thomas sellectomy wows the crowd at the Lawrence Busker festival by holding a sword in his mouth as the crowd counts down from three on sunday afternoon. sellectomy described how he swallows his swords during his act, but also discouraged the audience from trying his dangerous talent at home.

above: cate flaherty receives money and speaks with the audience after her final act sunday afternoon downtown at the Lawrence Busker festival. The money received after acts like flahertys is what many buskers use as their primary income. right: Bending metal with her body, mama Lou strongwoman impresses her audience at the Lawrence Busker festival downtown at 9th and massachusetts. mama Lou stressed a feel-good message during her set to the children about being an individual and being passionate about what they did when they grew up.

who also come from your commu- ness school. Renner hopes to start nity, who maybe youve never met, the program in the spring semester maybe you have, but everybody of 2012. I want to have an intern come in stands shoulder to shoulder and laughs at the same time, Lindberg and work side by side with me and said, To come into a public space understand the marketing and the and engage with the other members fundraising and the production side of the community thats my favor- of putting on an event, Renner said. His efforts, along with those of ite part. The initial inspiration for the fes- the participating businesses, voltival may have stemmed from the unteers and performers, have been independent street entertainers of well received by both the greater downtown Lawrence, but Renner Lawrence and KU communities. Theres always a lot of culture says he was also influenced by the professional traveling acts he wit- in Lawrence and this is a prime example, said Chelsea Mies, a nessed at the University. sophomore from Renner spoke Cheney, who of the impresstumbled across sion the Royal See tHe weIrd Lichtenstein One the festival as Q u a r t e r- R i n g she wandered dOwntOwn Sidewalk Circus around Massaleft on him durchusetts Street. Go to ing his time at Unlike Mies, to see pictures of the the University of Brent Kimmi, performers Kansas. Every a junior from at the local year, he said, the Lenexa, delibBusker troupe would set erately went to Festival. up on campus see the various and he would performances. skip class to see The arts in their show. Lawrence and That is what I kind of patterned Kansas City are awesome, Kimmi the street show after. It looked like said, There needs to be more fundso much fun, and then they got paid ing for the arts in Kansas. afterward, too. Renner said. The publics satisfaction with the Kansas presence in Lawrence has festival and the unique element it impacted the festival in other ways brings to the downtown scene is as well. The university is the reason what makes Renner continue with the community is able to support the festival, increasing its size and the festivals unusual nature Renner prominence with every year and said. Keeping Lawrence Weird, as it Renner is now giving back to says on the Busker Festival t-shirts. Kansas and its students through an I get to that point where Im internship program he is hoping to like, I dont think I can do this establish. again, and then Ill see how much I went to school and got a theatre people are enjoying it at the festidegree but nobody taught me how val and I just know Im going to do to run a theatre or how to stage an it again. I just know it. Whether it event so people could perform, said pays or not. Renner, who will draft a proposal to the theatre department and the busi Edited by Jennifer DiDonato


New moped parking, also new restrictions

matt gasper The moped riders talked, and the KU Parking and Transit department listened. To meet the students accomodations and demands, the KU Parking and Transit Department installed eight new spaces on campus and rearranged the moped parking locations. Last year we had 202 moped spaces, and this year we have 210, said Donna Hultine, KU Parking and Transit Director. We actually took some of the original spaces out because we determined they werent being used and we added some spaces in locations that needed them. Students voiced their opinions last year to the Parking & Transit Department regarding the current position of the parking spaces. After listening to the students recommendations, the department added 26 new moped parking areas throughout campus. Some new spaces include an area outside the Allen Fieldhouse parking garage, areas surrounding the student recreation center parking lot, and an area at the shared parking lot by the GSP and Corbin residence halls. Parking permits for moped drivers increased from $15 to $45. The Parking Commission made this increase in light of the fact that moped parking is now taking up car stalls, Hultine said. Stephen Shireman, Springfield, Mo junior, was alarmed by the price hike in moped parking permits. I went to get my parking permit and saw it was $45 and I couldnt believe it, Shireman said. Moped drivers are concerned about the inability to commute down Jayhawk Boulevard during the restricted hours Monday through Friday. According to the University, mopeds cannot commute down Jayhawk Boulevard because the Parking Commission needs to limit traffic and keep pedestrians safe. It makes it harder to get around and adds five to 10 more minutes each trip, Shireman said. Its really just an inconvenience. Edited by C.J. Matson

MO-ped parkIng





maX miKUlecKy/Kansan A line of mopeds sit parked alongside Anschutz Library. The KU Parking and Transit department has added more moped parking to accommodate the growing popularity of the scooters.



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HI: 99 Clear skies but hot and humid. LO: 66 We are under a Heat Advisory.


Heat indices could approach 110.

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Skies stay mostly clear. Winds SW at 5-10 mph. We will cool overnight with mostly clear skies.

HI: 93 LO: 62

Partly cloudy skies with temperatures topping out at 93.

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Art director Ben Pirotte Assignment editors Ian Cummings Laura Sather Hannah Wise Copy chiefs Lisa Curran Marla Daniels Design chiefs Stephanie Schulz Hannah Wise Bailey Atkinson opinion editor Mandy Matney Editorial editor Vikaas Shanker Photo editor Mike Gunnoe Associate photo editor Chris Bronson Sports editor Max Rothman Associate sports editor Mike Lavieri Sports Web editor Blake Schuster Special sections editor Emily Glover Web editor Tim Shedor An Alaska woman was convicted Tuesday of misdemeanor child abuse after squirting hot sauce into the mouth of her adopted Russian son as punishment in what prosecutors said was a ploy to get on the Dr. Phil TV show. Prosecutors also said defendant Jessica Beagley, 36, of Anchorage made the 7-year-old boy stand in a cold shower when he misbehaved. Both actions were recorded on videotape. Neither Beagley nor her husband Gary Beagley, an Anchorage police officer, showed any emotion when the seven-person jury announced its decision. The couple walked quickly from the courtroom and down a set of stairs without responding to questions from reporters.


A student protest leader in Chile now has police protection after receiving death threats by Twitter. Camila Vallejo is president of the University of Chiles student federation. She has repeatedly used Twitter to mobilize huge marches for education reform. But she also has received death threats through social networks including a message from a high-ranking culture ministry official who invoked the infamous phrase Gen. Augusto Pinochet used while toppling President Salvador Allende in 1973. Pinochet was recorded telling his troops: If you kill the bitch, you do away with the litter. Chiles Supreme Court ordered police to protect Vallejo and her parents. The court also sanctioned the official who sent the message.


It took an undercover operation, but Greek police have blown a hole in a ring of alleged crooks who had cornered the doughnut market in a beach resort. It started with complaints that two Bulgarian men and a former Greek wrestling champion were using violence to choke off the trade by other doughnut vendors on Paliouri beach in the Halkidiki peninsula near Thessaloniki. So an undercover officer posed as a doughnut seller, police said Tuesday, and he was attacked, leading to the arrest of the three aggressive doughnut sellers. As a result, they have been charged with blackmail and fraud.


odette Kayireres life was turned upside down when a militia captured and killed her husband during Rwandas 1994 genocide. one year later, Kayirere and 50 other widows of the genocide started AVEGA Agahozo, an association that helps female genocide survivors rebuild their lives by overcoming the trauma of rape, losing loved ones and being a witness to gruesome killings. She said Tuesday that the group can now expand its reach with a $500,000 cash prize awarded in June by an American foundation. AVEGA Agahozo now provides services across the country and includes among its members more than 20,000 widows and more than 71,000 dependents and orphans.



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University to offer renewable scholarships in 2012

CoRINNE WEStEMAN The University of Kansas will be offering a new package of renewable four-year scholarships next fall to incoming freshmen and transfer students. In an Aug. 15 news release, the University said it will automatically award students renewable scholarships according to their academic performance. According to the new website,, the University will offer scholarships based on ACT or SAT scores and high school GPAs. Kansas resident renewable scholarships will range from $4,000 to $40,000 over four years, and nonresident scholarships will range from $8,000 to $40,000. Transfer students can also receive two-year renewable scholarships ranging from $2,400 to $3,000. According to the website, students will have to maintain a GPA above 3.4 and complete 30 credit hours per year in order to renew the scholarships. Jack Martin, the Universitys Director of Strategic Communications said the new system is designed to be more streamlined by allowing students to automatically re-apply for scholarships rather than filling out separate applications later in their college career. Its designed to help us recruit additional talented students to KU and provide predictability for them and their families, Martin said. Miranda Wagner, a freshman from Shawnee, came to the University after receiving the Watkins-Berger Scholarship, which awards $18,000 over four years. Wagner said that if she had come to the University next year as a freshman, she would have received an additional $500 per semester through the renewable Chancellor Scholarship. Its just by chance that Im not going to get additional money, she said. But, Im trying to appreciate what the University is doing, even if I wont benefit from it. Wagner said she chose the University over an out-of-state school because of its affordability. The affordability is already a draw for students, she said. Its a great program to get in place, because the guidelines are so clear. Wagner said she is doing her own research to find additional scholarships and financial aid. Martin wants to remind current students, who wont be able to use the new, streamlined scholarship program, to contact the University. We always encourage students to talk to with the financial aid office to see what opportunities are available, Martin said. There really are opportunities out there that you might not be aware of otherwise. Students can contact the Student Office of Financial Aid at (785) 8644700 for more information. Edited by Jennifer DiDonato

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wEDNESDAY, AUGUSt 24, 2011


Tuition rate up 5.8 percent from a year ago

Members of the Kansas Board of Regents approved an increase to freshmen tuition for this school year
Compared to other research universities, Martin said, KU remains very affordable. The Universitys tuition and fees While University of Kansas students were enjoying their summer, are the eighth lowest of the 35 memthe members of the Kansas Board bers of the Association of American of Regents were busy increasing Universities more than $2,000 cheaper than California at Berkley their schools tuition. Last June, the members approved and Michigan State University. In comparison to other public a $26 million tuition increase on all Big 12 schools, Kansas ranks sixth Kansas public universities. Beginning this fall, in-state out of 10 schools, according to data tuition for students who enter a on the 20102011 school year. State budget cuts and an increase four-year compact will be $278 in the cost of per credit hour, health insurance an increase of 5.8 Compared to other and utilities percent from last research universities, KU have contribyear. Standard inremains very affordable uted to the rise state tuition for in tuition prices. incoming freshJACK MARTIN However, Martin man will increase Director of Strategic Communications said that student 5.8 percent to $254 input was also per credit hour. an important Students whove factor in why already entered a tuition costs tuition compact have increased. will not see tuition Students have told us that they increases. According to the Universitys want to maintain the academic Office of Institutional Research and quality of the programs theyre in, Planning, the University of Kansas Martin said, and when the states in-state tuition has increased $233 not able to provide additional supper credit hour since the 20012002 port to the university tuition is school year. Although tuition costs the primary way to retain talented continue to increase, Jack Martin, faculty and staff. director of strategic communicaEdited by Mike Lavieri tions for the University, assures that the cost to attend the University of Kansas is a great value. bobbY bURCh

a DecaDe of rising tutition

Chancellor Traditions Crimson & Blue Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU Pell Advantage*

2001 2002: In-state tuition per credit hour, 77.75 Out-of-state per credit hour, 308.65 2002 2003: In-state tuition per credit hour, 97.35 Out-of-state per credit hour, 337.45 2003 2004: In-state tuition per credit hour, 165.55 Out-of-state per credit hour, 414.75 2004 2005: In-state tuition per credit hour, 186.75 Out-of-state per credit hour, 451.90 2005 2006: In-state tuition per credit hour, 209.88 Out-of-state per credit hour, 491.43

2006 2007: In-state tuition per credit hour, 237.08 Out-of-state per credit hour, 536.08 *2007 2008: In-state tuition per credit hour, 257.96 Out-of-state per credit hour, 574.66 *2008 2009: In-state tuition per credit hour, 277.06 Out-of-state per credit hour, 612.96 *2009 2010: In-state tuition per credit hour, 289.46 Out-of-state per credit hour, 645.56 *2010 2011: In-state tuition per credit hour, 310.39 Out-of-state per credit hour, 676.49
*Standard tuition rates and fees without four-year tuition compact rates

All data provided by The University of Kansas Office of Institutional Research and Planning

Renewable scholarships begin in 2012

Must select KU as No. 1 college choice with National Merit Scholarship Corp. 32 ACT / 1400 SAT 3.85 GPA / 4.0 scale 31 ACT / 1360 SAT 3.75 GPA / 4.0 scale 28 ACT / 1250 SAT 3.5 GPA / 4.0 scale 35 ACT / 1130 SAT 3.85 GPA / 4.0 scale 24 ACT / 1090 SAT 3.75 GPA / 4.0 scale 22 ACT / 1020 SAT 3.25 GPA / 4.0 scale

$40,000 ($10,000 per year) $20,000 ($5,000 per year) $16,000 ($4,000 per year) $8,000 ($2,000 per year) $4,000 ($1,000 per year) $40,000 ($1,000 per year) Combination of scholarships and grants to fund tuition and fees


30 KU hours + 3.4 GPA 30 KU hours + 3.4 GPA 30 KU hours + 3.4 GPA 30 KU hours + 3.4 GPA 30 KU hours + 3.4 GPA 30 KU hours + 3.4 GPA 24 KU hours + 2.5 GPA

National Merit Finalist, National Achievement Finalist, National Hispanic Scholar




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todays top pop stars stay fresh to keep place

Cher never did it. Neither did Beyonce nor Britney. Katy Perry changes outfits eight times during just one song on her current concert tour. That may sound excessive, but what concertgoers see when Perry performs Hot N Cold, illustrates how hard it is to be a music diva these days. You have to get the attention of the media as often as you can. New hairdo, new tweet, new drama. Diana Ross, Madonna and Mariah Carey never had it like this. When Lady Gagas record came out and she was doing TV all over the world, I would say its five times more than Madonna did, said publicist-to-the-stars Liz Rosenberg, who has represented Madonna forever and Cher for the past 12 years. If theyre not saying Youre overexposed, then youre not doing your job. The attention span of fans in this ADD-like pop world demands something new constantly. The attitude of music lovers can be summed up in a song by another vintage diva: Janet Jacksons What Have You Done for Me Lately? Perry seems to release a new single every five weeks. Jennifer Lopez zoomed up the charts with On the Floor in May, then disappeared as soon as American Idol went off the air. After three No. 1 up-tempo hits, Rihanna released a so-so ballad, and suddenly Nicki Minaj has replaced her in the hearts of dance-pop fans. The appetite is insatiable, said Rosenberg, just back in New York after a trip to Sturgis, S.D., with client Stevie Nicks. When Madonna was starting out in the early 1980s, Rosenberg had just a few targets: Rolling Stone, MTV, Entertainment Tonight, major newspapers, key radio stations and maybe People magazine. Nowadays, PR involves maintaining a website and Facebook pages, posting regular tweets, singing on TV morning shows sell albums, late-night shows add cachet getting plugs on such sites as Perez Hilton and TMZ, scoring magazine features in the likes of Cosmopolitan and InStyle, and walking the red carpet at endless award shows and movie premieres. The only change may be a new look for the next media opportunity. These days, there are media opportunities around the clock, whether the stars want them or not.


WEdnEsdAy, AuGust 24, 2011 EdiTOriAL


Calendar change brings the Monday blues

Even though the struggles of getting back into the swing of a new semester can be challenging and rather daunting, it has always been a comfort to know that here at Kansas, the week begins at a relaxed pace. The enjoyment of knowing that other certain Kansas universities began their academic school year on a dreadful Monday was heartwarming. However, this fall we have joined our fellow institutions in their custom of starting classes on a Monday. During the motion for the change, University Senate President John Stratton said that Kansas did a comparison and discovered that they had a few more class days than other institutions and their goal was to equalize their academic calendar with others regent institutions in the state. In order to keep the balance of 73 days during the Fall and Spring semester, there was talk of getting rid of stop day the day before finals but the student representatives on the Calendar Committee rightfully voted against it. Class commencing on a Thursday has been a longstanding tradition that assists new students on becoming better acclimated to all that Kansas has to offer at a steady rate. But now, instead of gradually getting into the swing of things, we have been thrown into the cold shower of realization that summer is in fact, over. Senior Mike Schwaller, of Omaha, Neb., says its challenging to prepare himself for a full-week of school coming off summer vacation. It is just hard to get involved the first week of class because you are not ready for it and extending the first week for three more days means missing three more days of class information because youre not mentally prepared, he said. We also tend to forget that our professors are also affected by this change. Some professors complain that this new schedule messes with consistency of a set schedule that was established many semesters prior and others dont feel it has affected the way they approach classes. While some may say that starting class on a Monday is just plain mean, others probably detest the tease of having two days before the weekend. Either way, it cant be argued that its always nice to have three days to move-in, take in several Hawk Week events, and soak up all that Jayhawk pride before two simple, syllabusfilled days of class. Stefanie Penn for The Kansan Editorial Board

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Policy issue slip-ups

By Luke Brinker ing up of Elvis Presleys birth and death dates last week fit into an existing narrative about the congresswoman. Shes seen as an intellectual lightweight, a proud Know-Nothing a flake, to borrow Fox News host Chris Wallaces infamous word. But while the media focus on trivial errors may make for Beltway entertainment, its unclear what it all signifies. Moreover, Bachmanns stances on substantive issues her emphatic rejection of the scientific consensus on climate change, her bizarre belief that you can pray the gay away, and the economic illiteracy she displayed during the politically-engineered debt ceiling debacle raise far more serious questions about her mental acuity than her ability to accurately recall an actors place of birth. Talking heads further descended into fluff in their reaction to former Gov. Mitt Romneys (R-Mass.) statement to protestors at the Iowa State Fair in Ames that corporations are people, my friend. As with Bachmann, Romneys gaffe supposedly confirmed long-held beliefs about the GOP frontrunners personality Hes aloof! Hes robotic! while the policy angle to Romneys comment was generally ignored. The New York Times Maureen Dowd, for instance, used the incident to make the earth-shattering revelation that Romney is rich and often standoffish. Corporationgate gave her a convenient means of packaging that meme into column form. Few analysts bothered to examine the political implications underlying Romneys comment. Corporate personhood a notion at the center of the Supreme Courts ruling in the 2010 Citizens United case holds that corporations are legally entitled to the same rights as people. How, exactly, do corporations engage in free speech? By contributing funds to pliant politicians, of course. Its a radical idea at odds with the framers constitutional vision and the views of the vast majority of Americans (including Republicans). But why talk about policy issues with direct bearing on the kind of country we live in when its so much more fun to dabble in armchair psychology? Luke Brinker is a senior from Topeka majoring in history. Follow him on Twitter @LukeBrinker.


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Vice President Joe Biden hasnt even hit the trail to stump for the Democratic ticket yet, but the 2012 presidential campaign has already seen its fair share of stumbles, slips and screw-ups. The media fixated on Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) when she erroneously boasted that she shared a hometown (Waterloo, Iowa) with Western star and conservative icon John Wayne. Actually, it was serial rapist and murderer John Wayne Gacy who was a Waterloo native. Wayne hailed from Winterset, Iowa. This came on the heels of Bachmanns March speech in Concord, N.H., where she said the Revolutionary War got its start. Flubbing this bit of history the war actually started in Lexington and Concord, Mass. is somewhat mystifying, given the tea partys purported reverence for the Founding Fathers, but like the congresswomans Waterloo blunder, its unclear what it portends for how a President Bachmann would handle unemployment, climate change, education policy, and international affairs. You know, the things a president actually does. Of course, these and similar Bachmann gaffes like her mix-


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As you continue to advance yourself intellectually in college, its likely that either your Facebook posts will become more controversial or you may start commenting on more controversial posts, in part to practice and demonstrate your verbal and analytical skills, perhaps (i.e. you think youre cool). Because so many of us spend much of our time interacting through these modes of social media, its important to keep others in mind, their views and their feelings, even outside the classroom and from behind the mask of your keyboard and Facebook identity. The other day I posted something about gay rights on my wall; I dont remember what it was, and its not important. Of course, some ignorant member of my overtly conservative family made a comment, some friends got passive-aggressive and critical and another friend didnt know what the eff he was talking about. Sound familiar? Heres how you should handle a similar mess: Most etiquette or stress management books might tell you to make an attempt to understand your family members vastly different pointof-view, to put yourself in her shoes

What do you think of the udK redesign?

By James Castle for a minute. Dont. She is grossly uneducated and needs to be put in her place. Tell that bigot to keep her nose off your wall. No one cares if shes at Thanksgiving this year, anyway. Do not try to see the grain of truth in your critical/passive-aggressive friends attack on your position regarding whatever issue or humbly agree with him in an attempt to take the high road. To piss him off, deliberately get off topic and correct some minor mechanical or grammatical error on his post or his word choice. Show everyone how much better you are at basic English than him. Your stupid friend doesnt need to be appreciated for taking the time to express his thoughts to everyone in a pubic venue. Do not let his idiocy go unnoticed. Award him no merit.

@udK_Opinion Beyond ecstatic about the News Around the World section today!


@udK_Opinion Love the orange on the

opinion page. The bright color helped wake me up in the morning!

Let him (and everyone else in the discussion) know that he has seriously misunderstood every point made, how little impact he has had and how he destroyed any opportunity for advancing ideas. Instead of saying, Good idea! and politely liking his comment to affirm the crap he just wrote, send him a list of relevant literature that he probably cant understand and say, Dont come back until youve read every word. When you respond with insults and attack the person, instead of her logic, its obvious youve won the argument. Now everyone knows how bright, articulate and mature you are. Everyone on Facebook will want to invite you to parties so that you can share all that goes on in your gigantic brain. Sex partners will flock to you and employers will seek you out. Youll be the Chris Crocker of Lawrence. Remember: You are always right, and there is never a situation where friends and family are more important than being right in these super important discussions on Facebook. Castle is a senior from Stilwell in political science and human sexuality

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PAge 6 poverty

weDNeSDAY, AUgUSt 24, 2011


Kansas children rankings fall in youth study

BOBBY BURCh Nearly one in five Kansas children live in poverty, according to a recent state-by-state study on the well-being of the nations youth. The national study, released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation last Wednesday, reported that Kansas fell six positions the largest slip of any state to 19th in child well-being. Its really disturbing, Lauren Beatty, communications specialist of Kansas Action for Children, said. Beatty said the new data, which lags behind by two years, is now showing signs of the nations struggling economy. It really reflects the impact of the recession, Beatty said, Clearly its having a negative impact on our kids. The Casey Foundation establishes rankings by evaluating a states performance in 10 indicators that reflect child poverty, such as the number of uninsured children, infant mortality and single-parent families. According to the study, Kansas is among Kansas the 9th lowest percent in 38 states in which child poverty the nation. has increased from 2000 to 2009, -Seven percent of Kansas teens yet remains slightly below the are not attending school and not national average of 20 percent. working, with Kansas having Kansas did, however, drop to the eighth lowest percent in the 40th in the nation in infant mor- nation. tality and is the worst in the -25 percent of Kansas children country in African-American live in families in which no parinfant mortality, according the ent has full-time, year-round Kansas Blue Ribbon Panel on employment, ranking Kansas the Infant Mortality. eighth best state in the nation. N e w Gov. Sam Hampshire Brownback said We have to protect topped the that reducing programs that protect our child poverty is studys list for children, especially when best overall one of five goals child wellin his plan entiwere seeing this trend of being, foltled Roadmap things continuing to get lowed by for Kansas. worse. Minnesota, Despite such Massachusetts efforts, the numLaUreN beatty and Vermont Communications Specialist ber of povertyresp e c t ively. stricken children Mississippi in the state conranked last. tinues to grow. The study also highlighted In Kansas, the number of chilmany of Kansas improvements, dren in poverty increased nearly including a top 10 ranking in 18 percent, from 100,000 in 2008 three of the indicators: to 121,000 in 2009. -Only five percent of Kansas But many kids in Lawrence teens are not in school and are face a much bleaker reality than not high school graduates, giving the state average of child pov-

erty, according to information provided by the Kansas State Department of Education. Of the 11,374 students enrolled in Lawrence USD 497 last school year, nearly a third qualified under poverty guidelines, a 12 percent increase from the 2007 2008 school year. In conjunction with rising poverty rates, the number of homeless students in Lawrence K 12th grade schools has increased nearly 12 percent during the last year. 178 students self-reported their homeless status during the 20102011 school years, according to Ellen Willets, homeless liaison of Lawrence Public Schools. Theres just more unemployment, said Willets. While the nations economic stability remains to be a concern for many, Beatty said the state must continue to fight for the well-being of Kansas children. We have to protect programs that protect our children, Beatty said, especially when were seeing this trend of things continuing to get worse. Edited by Stefanie Penn


Nearly 1 of 5 Kansas Children lives in poverty

Homeless children in Lawrence schools

Kansas is 40th in the nation in infant mortality Kansas ranks 19th among U.S. states in child well-being

Top 10 ranking among 50 states in three indicators

9th 8th 8th

percent of teens not in school and not high school graduates

percent of teens not attending school and not working

percent of children living in families in which no parent has full-time, year-round employment

Katy Nichols, left, chats with angela vann as they sit outside their current residence, Lawrence Community Shelter, Monday evening. a large number of students K-12 in Lawrence are currently living below the poverty line, a new report suggests.


Summer parks, Jonathan parks, and Zack Cott sit outside of the Lawrence Community Shelter enjoying the breeze on Monday evening. a new report has found that a large number of children living in Lawrence are living below the poverty line.



Fellowship awarded to KU professors

Today, a surprise patrol from the Office of the Provost presented a $7,500 Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence award to four University professors, according to the Office of Public Affairs. Anna Neill, associate professor

of English, Andrea Herstowski, associate professor of design, Robert Ward, IV, associate professor of molecular biosciences and Arvin Agah, professor of electrical engineering and computer science joined yesterdays winner, Jorge Prez, associate professor of Spanish and Portuguese, who was also surprised with a Kemper Fellowship. The awards recognize

outstanding faculty chosen by a seven-member selection committee. Supported by gifts from the William T. Kemper Foundation and matching funds from KU Endowment, the awards are in their 16th year. To see video of the surprise patrol visiting the professors, visit
Ian Cummings


Local researcher studies mancession

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The 2008 recession is sometimes called the mancession because it has left more men than women out of work. At the end of 2010, the unemployment rate for men was 10.5 percent and 8.6 percent for women, according to the United States Department of of Labor. One University researcher found that joblessness affects mens masculine identity. Llana Demantas, a doctoral student in sociology at the University, inter-

viewed 20 unemployed men and found that many have proudly embraced domestic chores such as housework and childcare. Others suffered from depression. Usually men see themselves as supporters of the family, and since a lot of them are no longer able to do that alone on their income, Demantas said in a press release. They have to construct their identity in a new way to allow them to still think positively of themselves. Demantas worked with Kristin Meyers, a professor at Northern Illinois University, and she will present her findings to the

SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY: * Contract MUST be 3 months or more (with any type) * Individual memberships only * Must show student ID upon signing 3201 Mesa Way Lawrence, KS 66049 P: (785) 842-4966 Mon - Thurs 5:00 am - 11:00 pm Friday 5:00 am - 9:00 pm Saturday 6:00 am - 8:00 pm Sunday 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

American Sociological Association this year. Demantas said the men were maintaining their selfimage through what they once viewed as womens work. Meanwhile, she said, men were grateful for wives who remained employed. One subject said of his wife If she werent working, Id be sleeping in a car or something, Demantas said. One of the subjects said he woke up early and made coffee for his wife because it was the one nice thing he could do for her since he wasnt contributing economically. In August, the difference in unemployment rates was less than before. The DOL reported 9 percent unemployment for men and 7.9 percent for women. But Demantas said masculinity had permanently changed during the recession. Mens identities have changed, Demantas said. Theyre proud to contribute to the household, to make up for the work their wives are doing. Yet, they still maintain household authority, holding onto their identities as men any way they can.
Ian Cummings


WEDNESDAY, AUGUSt 24, 2011 soccer



chRIS BRoNSoN/KANSAN freshman forward Jamie fletcher takes a shot on goal during the first half of friday afternoons season opener against Tennessee at the Jayhawk soccer sports complex. fletcher scored in the 14th minute of the game. kansas lost 2-1.

freshman forward Jamie fletcher snags Big 12 shout out, breaks school freshman goal record
I dont think Ive ever scored that many goals in two games. I was really excited just to start, Fletcher Freshman forward Jamie Fletcher said. has two personas. For Kansas coach Mark Francis While sitting in the media rela- this isnt anything out of the orditions office, she is a quiet, polite nary. Francis has been expecting young woman who is happy to talk this since the first time he saw her about anything from soccer prac- kick a soccer ball. tice to her passion for movies or the We knew she was good; thats hot weather. why we recruited her, Francis said. On the field, she is tenacious. In We expect her to score goals. Thats the middle of the field she is always her job. She obviously adjusted to it battling a defender for a crucial pretty quickly. ball or finding a way to work into Fletcher grew up in the desert the necessary part of valley city of the defense to finish We expect her to score Albuquerque, close to the goal. N.M. She lived goals. Thats her job. she there most her Still early in her college career, obviously adjusted to it life, competing Fletcher has turned pretty quickly. in various socMark francis cer tournaments into an overnight coach throughout the sensation in the Big 12 when she was southwest. named newcomer Although of the week for the her high school entire conference on team was less Tuesday. Also, her than satisfacthree goals in two games are the tory, she experienced some success most by any Jayhawk freshman in with her club team, when it won the history of the program. the New Mexico state tournament Even with the early accolades, several times in her youth. Fletcher continues to be modest But in Lawrence, its a whole new about her role on the team. plateau. Shes already seen a massive RYAN mccARthY gap in conditioning and individual ability at the college level compared to high school. On the field everyone is pushing them to do better and off the field no one takes it personal, Fletcher said. Compared to many freshmen, Fletchers adjustment period has been relatively smooth. Shes been working out with her teammates since July and theyve witnessed enormous development. She has a knack in finding a goal and being at the right place at the right time, senior forward Kortney Clifton said. Fletcher struggled in the exhibition opener against Butler, but with a coaching nudge in the right direction she improved immediately. We just told her shes got to take more risks, Francis said. She took that to heart. She did a little bit better about being more aggressive and also being a little more selfish. With the rest of the season ahead of her, Fletcher will face more swarms of defenders, but more chances of knocking the ball in the back of the net. Edited by Jonathan Shorman

mIKE GUNNoE/KANSAN freshman forward Jamie fletcher volleys the ball in mid air in the second half sunday. kansas lost to Butler 3-2 in overtime.

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PAGE 8A FootBALL | 10
It will make a lot of people mad, Johnson said. Its big time motivation. While a vocal leader like Johnson had a colorful reaction to hearing the prediction, not every player and coach believes it will make a difference to the team. Sophomore running back James Sims knew nothing about what Sports Illustrated has said, but he didnt seem too fazed when hearing that the he wouldnt like what they had to say. We dont really pay attention to all of that, Sims said. We know we didnt have a great season last year, and were building on from that, were working hard and pushing each other to get better. Some coaches would jump all over the opportunity to use the prediction as a motivator and bulletin board material not Turner Gill. Gill quickly shot down the notion of allowing such a thing as a motivation tool. We dont need to use anything, Gill said. It is what it is with last season and we just have to get better as a football team. While sophomore quarterback Jordan Webb remained in the dark about the article, he did acknowledge the lack of respect Kansas has been receiving. Webb has heard other predictions and says its all it takes when the team isnt giving their all. We talk about it almost every day, Webb said. Especially when the team is getting down, its all we really need for motivation. As for Johnson, his jaw dropped when he first heard about the article. He turned and looked for confirmation from someone in the athletics department. He looked insulted. Once everything set in, the first words out of his mouth told the general sentiment of how he felt. I just want to prove all these people wrong, Johnson said. Edited by Jonathan Shorman



ful that they were athletes because they know how you have to time manage and handling fatigue, and that rest is a really important thing. With little injuries they knew what to do right away because theyve all been through it. Jarmoc said she gets her relentlessness from her parents, who had to fight for everything they had when they started a new life from scratch in Canada. As children, they made sure Caroline and her siblings knew they had to work for everything in life. In every aspect of my life, its pretty much go 100 percent or nothing, Jarmoc said. Ive told my teammates sometimes when Im reluctant doing something its because I know that if I start it, Jarmoc Im going to do it 100 percent and do it to the best of my ability. That definitely spills over into academics and studying and assignments and doing the best I can in classes. Having athletic parents may have helped Jarmoc handle high pressure situations, Bechard said. They may be competitive and know what commitment means, Bechard said. Anytime there is that type of culture in the household, I think it may help a bit. While Jarmoc still has three years to achieve her goal of reaching the NCAA Tournament, she is looking atthis year as a golden opportunity she refuses to let slip away. Were not settling for anything this year, Jarmoc said. We want to push ourselves to make each other better. Jarmocs vocal presence sets the tone during practice, but her roommate cant help but find humor in some of her antics. She just says funny things when she gets frustrated, and we laugh at her funny Canadian expressions, Tolefree said. Edited by Rachel Schultz

Freshman running back Brandon Bourbon goes through drills during practice Tuesday afternoon. Kansas will take on McNeese State as their first opponent of the 2011 season on Sept. 9 at Memorial Stadium.


the rhythm of things and helps you understand that everybody has an important role on the team, whether youre starting or not, Jarmoc said. Coach Bechard would always be very positive when I was encouraging people in practice, and it makes you feel valued; even though youre not starting youre helping them out in some way. Jarmoc emerged as a star player her freshman year, being named the Jayhawk Classic Most Valuable Player and recording 93 block assists, ninth most in school history. With three seasons to go, she said she knows what she needs to work on if she wants to go down as one of the all-time greats in the programs history. I definitely want to be stronger in blocks and I want to be a very dominant attacker in the front, Jarmoc said. Were working a ton with getting middles up in transition, and I feel like all of our middles will do a very good job with that this year. Volleyball runs in the family for Jarmoc, whose brother Thomas and sister Patricia have both played the sport at the collegiate level. Sibling rivalry often emerged in the form of playful on court confrontations. There would be cocky showdowns, but it was all in good fun, Jarmoc said. Its good because all of us play different positions, so we cant really compare to each other. My cousin who is 27 also played volleyball, and she played professional beach for a while. So its very much in the family. In fact, Jarmocs own parents were athletes long before Caroline began acing on the court. Her parents immigrated from Poland, where her father Jacek played basketball and her mother Zofia was a high jumper. Having athletic parents definitely helped her develop a competitive edge, Jarmoc said. I feel like all the kids are confident, and I think confidence helps in being competitive, that youre sure of yourself and youre always driven, Jarmoc said. It was help-


Crew trains for fall before making waves

KANSAN FILE Photo The rowing team does not begin competing until September, but the crew is training up until then. KAItLYN BUtKo Although the rowing team doesnt enter the water until Sept. 6, training has begun for the fall portion of the season. During preparations, senior Angela Mings focuses particularly on the Big 12 Championship. We definitely had a good Big 12 race; we were very close to a lot of schools for a large portion but close to the end there was more distance. That race got me excited, it showed us we can beat boats off the start and beat boats at 1000 meters, Mings said. Thats one race we really prepare for and thats the big race thats always in the back of your mind. Coach Rob Catloth understands just how important the Big 12 Championship and the Conference USA Championship are in deciding how the team is ranked nationally. We want to be top Big 12 and do well in Conference USA, which gives us a really good chance of being a top 20 team, Catloth said. Agreeing with Catloth, senior Kathryn Schoonover said that though the team performed well last season, there was still motivation to continue improving. Big 12 is a big race and it has good competition but ultimately what we want is Conference USA. It went well, the times were nice and we definitely improved on the season, Schoonover said. But whenever were not coming out on top, we want to keep working. Several new rowers entering the programs may be just what the team needs to come out on top. I think our goal is to have good freshmen coming in. Theyre going to help this year and the next couple of years, Catloth said. There are a lot of young rowers in the program, and were hoping to turn that into bigger success this coming spring. As a senior, Schoonover knows the importance, and challenge, of overlooking expectations from opponents. I think the most difficult challenge will be overcoming other teams perceptions, Schoonover said. Were not going to let those assumptions affect us. We know what weve been doing 20 hours a week. We know what we can do. Its just being confident in our abilities. Mings said showing that confidence, while bringing a positive mentality, sets the standard for the rest of the team. For me, I think that stepping out of the underclassmen, junior role and stepping into a leading role now that Im a senior, Mings said about what would be difficult. The seniors play a large role in how the team acts, behaves and looks at practice and competitions. Theres no one to look up to, Im now the one people look up to. With strong senior leadership and talented newcomers on her team, Schoonover has high hopes for the season. Im pretty confident. Weve got a lot of people coming back and good leaders. We even have some new girls coming in whove rowed before, which is rare because rowing is so unpopular in high school, Schoonover said. The only way to go is up so its going to be a good season. Edited by Jason Bennett







What was Paul Pierces major at Kansas?



A: Crime and Delinquency

The Boston Herald

WeDNeSDAY, AUgUSt 24, 2011

pAge 9A

nFL lockout is blessing in disguise

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present the award for best summer legal show to the NFL. Yes, I commend the NFL for putting its fans through anguish for 136 days by administering a lockout even though it was a national nightmare that could have been calamitous had it not ended. Both DeMaurice Smith, NFL Players Association (NFLPA) executive director, and Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, win the award for best actor for brilliantly orchestrating the lockout by scaring NFL fans into thinking that a season without football was a strong possibility, yet averting a disaster by ending the lockout just before football season. During the height of the lockout, with no end in sight, NFL fans pondered life without pro football. Just think about some of the things that would not happen without a pro football season: Sunday tailgating, fantasy football, cheerleaders, a Super Bowl, which

the MORnInG BReW

QUote of the DAY

Whats the difference between a three week old puppy and a sportswriter? In six weeks the puppy will stop whining. Mike Ditka,

By C.J. Matson means no Super Bowl commercials or halftime shows, classic playby-play calls from your favorite NFL entertainers and analysts, memorable sound bites from players and coaches, and most importantly, pro football itself. For many, life without football would be an irreplaceable void. Similar to boys gravitating toward girls, NFL fans gravitated toward media outlets, such as ESPN, that covered the NFL lockout extensively. NFL players and owners compelled NFL fans to watch them walk around in business suits on

fAct of the DAY

On this day in 1989, MLB commissioner Bart Giamatti banned Pete Rose from baseball for life after Rose gambled on the game.

TV while analysts gave fans a crash course on the lockout using legal jargon. If that was not enough for NFL fans, ESPN and NFL Network killed time discussing player rankings, rehashing the 2010 season, making predictions for the 2011 season, and analyzing teams, only to galvanize ravenous fans hungry for football. With pro football already the most popular sport in America, fans are more excited than ever to watch professional pigskin. Thank Goodell and Smith for not only saving NFL fans from the annual vacillation show starring Brett Favre, but for strengthening our gratitude for a game deeply embedded in American culture. For many, the NFL is more than just a pro football league. It is a lifestyle that most dont want tampered with. By halting football operations and essentially threatening to cancel the season, Smith and Goodell made people realize the importance

of their game to society. The short free agency period leading into training camp, arguably the busiest and most captivating free agency period in NFL history, would not have occurred had there been no lockout. Fans and the media now devote more time to the NFL. The players and owners are finally satisfied with the new collective bargaining agreement and fans are simply

glad that pro football will be on the docket this year. So thank you, NFL, both for having the lockout this summer and ending it just in time for football season. You did a marvelous job capturing your fans attention by having them tune in to your legal show and appreciate your game even more. Edited by Jason Bennett


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World Championships, all day in Daegu, Korea

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


nFL lockout drama reminded fans of the sports value Page 9

and the aWard goes to...


rowing trains with high big 12 goals Page 8

udk sports


Webb has no excuses

By Mike Vernon

kansas picked last

change took place 12 possessions into the Kansas football season last year. A desperate coach in his first game made a switch early in the fourth quarter. It needed to happen then. And it better not happen this time around. Kale Pick started in the Jayhawks first game at quarterback against North Dakota State last season. Pick played for more than three quarters and went 13-22, throwing for 138 yards and one interception. The Jayhawks were losing to the Bison 6-3 and as an everythingor-nothing move, Turner Gill put freshman Jordan Webb in. They came up with nothing more on the scoreboard, but they did leave with a new quarterback. Webb went 6-11 and threw for 59 yards in the North Dakota State game. Webb showed enough to take the starting job for week two the Georgia Tech game, in which he threw for three touchdowns and led Kansas to a 28-25 victory. In the weeks between Georgia Tech and Missouri, two quarterbacks played. Webb and junior Quinn Meacham started five and four games, respectively. Webb had a hurt shoulder, while Mecham did fine considering the circumstances. Webb returned to his starting spot from his injury against Missouri in the season finale a 35-7 loss. Kansas had no consistency at quarterback last season. There was no captain on the line, no one to bark orders, and no one to instill confidence in his teammates. Too many times did the Kansas offense have to call a timeout because of a miscommunication. Too many times the fans were dismayed and the players panicked, while the play clock ticked to zero. All of the changes in the position that is supposed to control it all, led to a lack of control anywhere. Its now year two for Gill and year one and one-half as the starter for Webb there are no longer any excuses for the miscommunications, the five-yard delay of game penalties, or the lack of cohesiveness on offense. There are no longer any excuses as to why three quarterbacks controlled the team at one point last year. Gill knows his players and believes Jordan Webb is the guy to wear the captains hat and control the ship. He is Gills man and should be the entire year. Word out of practice is that Webb has responded. He gained visible strength over the spring and summer, he has become a vocal leader to the team, he knows the playbook, and he can control the tempo better. He needs to be all of that and more come the 2011 season. He can be that guy, too. His increased size can only help his arm strength and toughness. If he has changed, like they say he has in practice, than he can eliminate the small mistakes that helped make last season so painful to watch. The thing is, Jordan Webb is the guy for 2011. Turner Gill has made him that guy and theyre both in it together here until December. There should be no quick fix, no late game confusion, and no eleventh-hour quarterback switch. Edited by Rachel Schultz

senior wide receiver daymond Patterson jokes around with his teammates tuesday afternoon while going through drills during afternoon practice. Kansas will take on Mcneese state as their first opponent of the 2011 season on sept. 9 at Memorial stadium.

kansan file photo


Mike vernon Its a prediction that no team wants to see 0-9 and 1-11. Stanford quarterback and Heisman candidate Andrew Luck stands tall with two of his teammates on one of the five covers of this weeks issue of Sports Illustrated. The magazine released its annual forecast of this years college football season, and while Luck and the Cardinals are all

over the issue, there is one tiny mention of this years Kansas football team it isnt a flattering one either. Inside the issue are predictions on how every team will finish in their respective conference. At the bottom of the Big 12s forecast, sits the name Kansas, but theres more to it than Sports Illustrated just picking the Jayhawks to finish last. Next to Kansas name, reads 0-9 and 1-11. While picking Kansas to finish last, the magazine

also projected them to only win one game this year. Not one of the players knew about the unflattering prediction one of the worlds most read magazines had given them. Whether the players are in the dark about it, or not, the prediction exists, and its the kind of material that often goes on every players locker. When senior linebacker Steven Johnson found out about the unkind words from the magazine, he stood speechless for a moment. Thats why the game is played,

Johnson said. I might have to go buy that article and just post it up, let everybody see it, After learning about the unkind words from Sports Illustrated, Johnson said it gives him a lot of motivation. Not only will Johnson be motivated, but he also believes his teammates will rally around hearing about the winless conference play projection.

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Blocker builds reputation as relentless on and off court

Matt Galloway Sophomore middle blocker Caroline Jarmoc was an impact player for the volleyball team her freshman year. On the court, she was one of three Jayhawks to start all 31 matches and finished as the teams leading blocker. Off the court, she was an Academic All-Big 12 First Team selection. Her teammate and roommate Tayler Tolefree said Jarmoc has achieved early success thanks to one attribute above all others. I think its the stubborn personality she has, in a good way, Tolefree said. Shes just relentless, in her personality too. She wont give up. Jarmocs performance on the court and her relentlessness off it have put her in the position of being a team leader as an underclassman. While it is an uncommon situation to be in, it is not an unfamiliar one for the Calgary, Alberta, Canada native. I think Ive kind of adapted to it, Jarmoc said. I remember in high school people would turn to me as a leader too, so Ive had experience with that role. I obviously didnt expect to have it so early on when I came in, but Im fully ready to take responsibility with that and do it to the best of my ability. Jarmoc is the only foreign-born player on the volleyball roster this year. When she arrived two years ago, she was bombarded with questions about Canada from her teammates. It was like I was from overseas or something, Jarmoc said. She made a name for herself as part of Volleyball Prospects, a recruitment and scouting organization that rates and profiles Canadians in the sport for coaching staffs worldwide. It was at an event sponsored by Volleyball Prospects that an assistant on head coach Ray Bechards staff first saw Jarmoc play. He said she was one of only two among the hundreds at the event who stood out. We saw a ton of potential when we recruited her, Bechard said. One thing led to another and we got a visit out of her. Jarmoc said she chose to join Bechard because she often found herself comparing every other school she visited to what she saw at Kansas. She redshirted for the 2009 season. I feel it helps you kind of get in

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sophomore middle blocker Caroline Jarmoc makes a two handed block in a match against baylor last season.

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Kansas football coach Turner Gill announced two personnel changes for the Jayhawks on Tuesday. Freshman quarterback Brock Berglund will not be practicing with the team for the remainder of the fall semester due to legal issues, but will berglund remain enrolled at Kansas and be a member of the team. Berglund, a dual threat quarterback recruit, was expected to compete for the starting job, but missed all spring practices and some fall practices. He is currently dealing with a third-degree assault charge in Colorado. Berglund pleaded not guilty in July. The trial is set for Dec. 13-14. Due to legal issues, Brock will no longer be attending practices with the team this fall, Gill said in a press release. He will remain enrolled as a KU student, and plans to resume all team activities in the spring semester. Berglund did not suit up for the Family Fest scrimmage on Saturday, Aug 20. Sophomore running back Deshaun Sands has been removed from the team effective immediately for violating team rules. Sands was arrested on Saturday on an outstanding warrant for missing a June sands court date. Sands missed his original court date after being cited for disturbing the peace in April. Sands, the son of former Kansas running back and single game rushing record holder Tony Sands, rushed for 211 yards on 55 carries and one touchdown in 2010 after redshirting the 2009 season.

Berglund and Sands finished for now

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