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Pouring chilly juice to eyes by Dodangoda police.

Ranasinha Arachchilage Kanthi Ranasinha lodged written complaints to Sri Lanka human rights commission, the IGP, the SSP, Kaluthara on 07 th August 2012. She is a 41 years old mother of two children. She resides in Rendapola, Dodangoda. 16 years old Vinod Lakshan who is a carpenter by profession is her son. On 04.08.2012 at around 2.30 in the evening Lakshan was arrested by police personal including the OIC Nimal Perera attached to Dodangoda police. He was released by asking to come again at 8 pm. Again at 7.30 pm he was arrested by Dodangoda police and took to the police station. He was tortured. Kanthi made a request from the OIC Nimal Perera to refrain from assaulting her son because he is a kidney patient. On the 5 th when Kanthi visited the police to see her son he told her that police poured chilli juice to his eyes and assaulted him. On the 6th when Kanthi visited him she heard the same story from her son. At around 4.30 pm he was produced before the Mathugama Magistrate court and handed over to the probation. From there he was sent to Makola child detention center. On 05.08.2012 Kanthi informed this injustice to the hot line of the human rights commission. Now he is being at Makola remand prison. Through written complaints to the relevant authorities Kanthi requested to take legal and disciplinary actions against the police personal including the OIV Nimal Perera attached to Dodangoda police and provide medical treatment for her son who is being in Makola remand house.



Act against illegal gem mining ends in fabrication of charges.

Sugath Ranathunga is a 38 years old businessman. He resides at no 132/2, Nadukaradeniya, Paradise, Kuruvita, Rathnapura. On 16.02.2011 the Officer in Charge of Kuruvita police acted to transport soil to license lands using bakos for mining gems on the roads of Paradise junction to road of Radio Ceylon. Sugath complained this illegality to the Inspector General of Police over the phone. The IGP asked him to send the names of persons whom were involved and the map of the road. So Sugath faxed the names of persons involved in the incident. But the Sri Lanka police did nothing to stop this illegal mining. Instead of that the police has filed fabrication of charges against Sugath and tried to remand him. One of the bearing numbers of these false cases was B 764/11. In this case the police told the magistrate that they could not proceed with the case and withdraw it. As a result Sugath was released. The other false case against him is 1554/11. Due to this case Sugath was arrested on 14.09.2011 on the charge of damaging public property and remanded him. On 07.10.2011 he was released on bail. The case is still pending at the courts. Now Kuruvita police tries to arrest him another lawsuit which bearing number is B 1223/12. On 03.08.2012 Sugath made written complaints to the human rights commission, the national police commission, the IGP, the DIG of Ratnapura and the SSP of Ratnapura. He requested through these complaints to take legal action against the Kurivita OIC who filled fabrication of charges against him and stop his effect to file more fabrication of charges against him and take legal action against the OICs illegalities and ensure the safety of Sugath and his family members.



Thugs of Beruwela police hit a 60 years old mother.

Dolullu Kankanamge Silawathi is a 60 years old mother of seven children. She resides at No 123, Rockland Rd, Magalkanda, Maggona. Suduva Devage Premaratna is her husband. On 30.07.2012 at about 6 to 6.30 five policemen including the OIC of Beruwala police called Duminda Rajapaksha came to her house. The police tried to take her husband to the police station. Silawathi held her husbands hand and questioned the police what was the reason for taking her husband to the police. At the time a policeman called Manoj hit her hand using a pole which is 2 and 2 feet in length. The blow was directed at the lower part of the hand. At the very moment her hand was beginning to swollen. Her son who came in a trishaw prepared to take his mother to Nagoda hospital. But the police did not allow it. Then her husband Premaratna took a telephone call to the human rights commission. After that she was taken to Nagoda hospital. On 31.07.2012 she was discharged by the hospital. According to the x ray reports of her hand it was not broken but there is contusion in the hand.



At the hospital she stated to the doctors, the judicial medical officer and the hospital police post about the police assault. The day which the incident took place her husband was released on bail. On 02.08.2012 Silawathi made written complaints to the relevant authorities including the human rights commission and the inspector general of police to take legal and disciplinary actions against the policemen attached to Beruwala police including the OIC Duminda Rajapaksha and Manoj whom assaulted her and illegally arrested her husband and put fabrication of charge against her husband.

Ingiriya OIC issued false police reports.

The above photograph is of 19 years old unmarried youth called Gallage Roshan Sajith Kumara and his father. On 17th May 2012 Roshan joined the Sri Lanka army as a soldier. He was working at the Dobagoda army camp in Horana. On 17.06.2012 he was dismissed from military service due to a police report submitted by the Officer In charge of Ingiriya police station. In that report it was not mentioned anything bad about Roshan but instead of that his fathers involvement in illicit liquor selling. According to Roshan there are soldiers in the said army camp both father and son are being involved in illegal activities. But the OIC hide those illegal activities and issued false reports for rescue them. Roshan prepares to disclose these persons if it would be necessary. Roshan made written complaints including these illegalities of issuing police reports by the OIC of Ingiriya police to relevant authorities including the human rights commission and the inspector general of police on 31.07.2012.



Iginiyagala assaulted policeman still in police hospital.

On 18.06.2012 a policeman called Sunil Jayaratna attached to Iginiyagala police was assaulted inhumanly by the OIC called Dias of the same police station. On the same day assaulted police officer admitted to Ampara District hospital. From there he was transferred to Colombo General Hospital and now he is being treated at Narahenpita police hospital. He is being in the hospital for more than 20 days. According to the penal code of Sri Lanka this was a serious injury because he is being refrained from any activity for more than 20 days. This is the reality of people friendly proud police of Sri Lanka. When an Officer In Charge of the police station treats a policeman under his authority like this manner it is not difficult to think how a police personnel treat to powerless and marginalized people in the country. So what we can say to the Rajapaksha regiment who made the police commission inactive and disappear the rule of law by introducing the 18th amendment to the constitution.

Moratuwa police failed in a fabrication of charge.

Murukkuwadura Asitha Kumara de Silva is a 27 years old unmarried youth resides at No 285/1, Batadobathuduva Road, Alubomulla. His mother is 48 years old Hemalatha De Silva. On 04.06.2012 he was arrested by the Moratuwa



police while he was having dinner. At the police station his hands were put behind his back and handcuffed. After that he was assaulted by the police officers using clubs. On 07.06.2012 he was produced before the court and the police obtained an order to detain him at the police for a week. While he was in the police custody his mother complained to the Human Rights Commission and the bearing number of those complaints were HRC /2094/2012 and HRC /2152/20. He was again produced before the Moratuwa Magistrate Court and remanded until 26.06.2012. The bearing number of the case which a fabrication of charge was 5253/2012. The fabricated charge was transportation of 2200mg of heroin and the Moratuwa police arrested him at Modara round about in Moratuwa on 06.06.2012. Asithas mother also complained this fabrication of charge against his son to the relevant authorities including the Human Rights Commission, the IGP and the Attorney General on 27.06.2012. On 27.07.2012 Asitha was acquitted by the court. Janaka Amerasingha ,Attorney At Law appeared behalf of Asitha. Police influence to withdraw the Supreme Court case. (SCFR 127/2012)

Levuvanduva Withanage Samira Sampath is a youth who resides in Katukurudugahalanda, Pothuvila, Payagala. He was illegally arrested by Payagala police on 27.01.2012. There after he was inhumanly tortured by the police officers. After releasing from police custody he filled a fundamental right case before the Supreme Court bearing number SCFR 127/ 2012. The leave granted to proceed for the case on 12th June 2012. Now the alleged police officers including the SI Pathmakumara and the others who were involved in this incident have made various influences to Samira to withdraw the case with the support of criminals in the area. Today 28.07.2012 Samira made written complaints to the human rights commission, the Inspector General of Police Deputy, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Kaluthara and the Superintendent of Police, Kaluthara requesting to stop these illegalities by the relevant police personals attached to Payagala police and ensure safety for him and his family members.



Day after Poya day arrack brought to school.

Muditha Mihiraka is a year 12 student at Gnanodaya School in Kaluthara. In Sri Lanka 3 rd of July was an Esela poya daya. Day after this poya day the students of this school observed sill. On that day the students brought tea in coca cola bottles. Teachers found arrack in one of these bottles. The principal and some of the teachers alleged Muditha for brought arrack to the school which was both Muditha and his parents vehemently. The principal told Muditha not to attend school. Mudithas father complained to the relevant authorities including the human rights commission about this injustice on 18.07.2012. They were called to appear before the Kalutara South police on 23.07.2010 regarding the complaint made by Mudithas father. At the inquiry the principal remained in a strong position and mentioned that he does not take Muditha to school unless a law above imposes it. He too mentioned that he wants to protect 2500 students. On 23.07.2012 Mudithas mother again complained to the human rights commission, the Director of Education, the Women and child burea, and the Child Rights Authority. We urge the relevant authorities to consider and concern about the future generation unless trying to protect the principals and teachers who violate the right to education of children and who are unable to maintain the disciplinary in schools due to their inability and inefficiency.

Sarath Fonseka is inside why couldnt you go.- Walipanna police



Welipanna police arrested 62 years old Maddumage Don Jinasoma who went to the nearby jungle with two of his companions to drink arrack which they bought. Jinasoma is a retired army officer and a married father of two children. He resides at No 67, Maha Oya road, Madavala, Rabukkana. This incident was happened on 13.10.2011. After that Jinasoma and his two friends were brought to the Welipanna police station. The police officers who involved this were the SI Wijethunga of minor complaint division, Amarapala 65947, gramaarakshaka Kannangara, Withana , Premadasa 12983 and another gramaarakshaka woman. The above mentioned words were told to Jinasoma while he was putting to the cell by a police personal. He was being inside the cell for two hours and took his signature to a statement without mentioning what it was about and released him advising to appear before the Mathugama courts on 25.10.2011. The fabricated charge against him was selling 02 drams of arrack to the policeman called Amarapala. At the courts Jinasoma pleaded his innocence. He was bailout for Rs10,000 cash bail and a surety valid Rs.100,000/=. Jinasoma complained to the relevant authorities about the injustice which was happened to him. His innocence was proved before these authorities. On 29.05.2012 he was appeared before the court but his case was not called. The registrar office informed him that his case was withdrawn by the police. On 08.06.2012 Jinasoma requested a certified copy of his case from the registrar office. But the staff of the registrar office informed him such a case was not registered. But he again requested it from the register of the courts. After that he received a certified copy of his case. We have to say only one thing. The illegal arrest, torture , and fabrication of charges are not isolated crimes which were commissioned only by the police. A considerable number of professionals and the court staffs are also directly or indirectly support this. To eliminate this type of state crimes we need a hard commitment and change of attitude of the entire society.



He was our man but nothing to do Payagala Pradeshiya saba

We have been heard about Road development. Everywhere there is awakening miracle. We are going to tell a story that not imposing law to the relative of golden minister Rohitha Abeygunawardena. For 1 and years justice has not happened. His name was Pahalage Chandralal Silva Abeygunawardena. He was a father of three children. He was resided at Ihalavadugoda, Payagala before his death. He passed away on the 6th January 2011. It was happened by falling into a dig of 10 feet in length due to not maintaining the bridge of Alagahawatta road, Payagala. After the tragic death of him his wife met the chairman of the Payagala Pradeshiya saba.(Local Council) The chairmans reply was the heading of this article. This died person attended almost every personal matters of Golden Minister including taking his daughter to tuition class to taking medicines to his ill mother. After the death which was due to negligence of Pradeshiya saba this minister did nothing to help the family to seek justice and get them have reasonable compensation. Instead of this, the Minister proposed the decease mans wife to send him an application then he would give her a job. Although she submitted an application but she has not received a job until now. She has been grown up her three children with immense sever difficulties. After the tragic death of her husband she met the officers of legal aid commission at the Kalutara courts. It had been kept her file until day before yesterday that was 18.07.2012 and said they could not proceed with the case but if she would find a lawyer for the case then the legal aid commission would be able to pay the lawyer fee. This is the reality of awakening miracle. The photograph is of the deceased Chandralals wife. Harshi C. Perera