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Some people call it BowTie Risk Analysis. Youll call it Capturing the Essence of the Risk.

A BowTie is a diagram that visualises the risk you are dealing with in just one, easy to understand picture. The diagram is shaped like a bow-tie, creating a clear differentiation between proactive and reactive risk management. The power of a BowTieXP diagram is that it shows you A Summary Of Several Plausible Risk Scenarios, in a single picture.. In short, it provides a simple, visual explanation of a risk that would be much more difficult to explain otherwise.

BowTieXP Interactive Diagram
BowTieXP features a highly interactive diagram that allows you to slice and dice

7 levels of detail
The ability to zoom to 7 different levels of detail with just one click.

Decades of Risk Expertise built-in

New Risk Assessment

BowTieXP makes the risk assessment process highly interactive. Through the BowTieXP Workshop Process, more relevant risk information is captured and stored in the BowTie diagram. No matter at what level of detail you will be analysing the risk, BowTieXP keeps track of the big picture for you.

BowTieXP has been developed in close consultation with top experts like Prof. Dr. Patrick Hudson.

Your Risk Management System

BowTieXP has been designed to not only uncover potential gaps in a Safety/Risk Management System but also to provide guidance on where the greatest improvements can be made.

New Risk Management

BowTieXP has a laser focus on helping you to identify what needs to be done to deal effectively with the risk. BowTieXP provides the ideal visualisation for thinking through what happens when multiple risk scenarios occur simultaneously. This makes BowTieXP particularly useful for major accident prevention.

BowTieXP Manages Human Error

Made a mistake while using BowTieXP? No worries, you are protected by multiple levels of Undo.

New Risk Communication

BowTieXP diagrams have been designed from the ground up to be easily communicable and provide you with many options to tailor the diagram for your audience(s). BowTieXP diagrams have been designed to effectively communicate the risk context of the work environment, targeting the singlegreatest cause of mistake-based incidents.

Lightweight & Easy to Deploy

BowTieXP has been designed for immediate use on corporate networks that do NOT allow users to install software themselves.

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Quickly Capture Risks and Explore the Assessment Visually

Visual Risk Assessment Working with BowTieXP feels like a natural flow. It visually organises your risk assessment, creating order and insight. Link Documentation A risk assessment draws from many information sources. BowTieXP is designed for Risk-Based Knowledge Management (RBKM). BowTieXP Diagram Filters Less is more when it comes to risk communication. BowTieXP lets you filter on many criteria. Just a few clicks and your PowerPoint presentation diagram, tailored to your audience, is ready. Quality Checks Is your risk assessment ready? The quality checks help you to find out, providing you with a list of best practices & completeness checks. QuickSearch BowTieXP contains BowTieVista, a Search Engine that searches through your entire risk assessment, presenting the results in the familiar search engine format.


Facilitate interaction and discussion Organise peoples thoughts Keep track of the big picture Present the results visually Show the very tangible achievement Enjoyable experience for participants

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System Requirements Windows XP/Windows Vista | Intel Pentium processor or compatible (800MHz or greater) | 512MB RAM or greater 200MB disk space or greater | SVGA (1024x768/16 bit color or greater)