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The practice of any legal profession in Spain requires : academic qualification: Law degree - La Facultad de Derecho Being a member of a professional law association

Main areas of practice of the legal profession

Prevention of disputes

Settlement of disputes

Professions that ensure legal certainty through:

- advice - documentation - registration services

Legal profession practicing in the area of prevention of disputes

Lawyers (abogados)


Property and commercial registrars


legal advice


documentation attestation advisory services registers recording important legal acts advice on registers

Property and commercial registrars

Professions involved in litigation

- representation of the parties - direction of legal proceedings - decision on disputes

Legal profession practicing in the area of settlement of disputes

Lawyers (abogados)

Court Lawyers (procuradores)

Court Clerks (Secretarios judiciales)

Judges (Jueces y Magistrados)


Direction to the litigation Dispute resolution Representation in the court

Court lawyers

Court Cler s

Documentation and expediting legal documents Dispute ruling


Other legal professions: graduados sociales

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Dealing with legislative matters special qualification (not necessary a law degree) Member of professional association

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Art 436 of theOrganic Law ontheJudiciary Art 8 of the Lawyers Statute

* partiestoallkinds of legal proceedings * with regardtoadministrativebodies, associations, corporationsandpublic agencies of allkind *with regardtoanyprivateentityor individual where necessary in theexercise of theirfunctions

Legal advice andcounselling

Representation of theclient

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Spanishnational / EU Member Country national / Country thatis a party tothe 1992 AgreementCreatingthe European EconomicArea Ageandtodisqualificationtopractice Spanish / equivalentforeign (andofficiallyapproved) degree in law Member of the Colegio de Abogados (Bar Association)

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Independentmembers of a liberal profession Lawyers are not civil servants Free and fair competition Art 1 of theLawyersStatute Laws/statutes/code of ethics/conductfortheprofession

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Nationallevel> General Council of Lawyers AutonomousCommunity>theCouncil of the Bar Associations Province ->district Bar Association

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Fixedfee Periodicpayments Feesperhour No contingentfees To be fixedbetweentheclientandthelawyer Fees are basedonthetentativefees set by the Bar Association Free legal aid can be requested by theclient

Representation of therightsandinterests of theparties in thelawcourts Supervision of theautenhication of thecommunicationbetweenthecourtsandtheparties

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Spanish nationality Appropriate age Law degree Title of procurador Registration with the Colegio de Procuradores

The Governing Body of the Colegios de Procuradores

Fixed by the Ministry of Justice

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Judges assistance Paperwork for court proceedings Record of the proceedings Information provided for the judges Supervision of the the staff of courts and tribunals

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Law degree Competitive examination followed by a course at the training college

Ministry of Justice and the Government Secretaries of each of the higher courts of justice

Notaries (notarios)

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Performance of conferring authenticity on documents in private legal transactions Drafting and formalising documents Authentication of the contracts Advising individuals Certification of acts, facts and transactions Issue of the documents required for making registrations in the Property and Commercial Registers

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Civil status acts Wills Marriage contracts Contracts in general Declarations and requests by heirs Formation, alteration and dissolution of partnerships and commercial undertaking Loans and recognition of simple, secured an mortgage debts Acquittances and discharges Powers of attorney Protests of bills Declaration of intestate heirs Other legal documents

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Notarial Regulation of 2 June 1944: Open competition Spanish nationality Over required age Law degree/doctorate

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Ministry of Justice Directorate General for Registers and Notary Services ColegiosNotariales Organic Law on the System of Notaries of 28 May 1962 and the Notarial Regulation Royal Decree 1426/1989

Ministry of Justice

General Council (Consejo General del notariado)

Colegios Notariales (16 in Spain)

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Fees for services are fixed by the Government in the Royal Decree 1426/1989 Fees are obligatory Preliminary consultations are free of charge Certain reductions

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Degree in law Competitive examination

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Classification of the documents for registration Public advise on matters relating to registers Authentication of traders books

- civil servants

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Ministry of Justice Directorate-General for Registers and Notary Services Spanish National Association of Registrars

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Fees fixed by the State Fees paid by the members of public

Magistrados del Tribunal Supremo (judges of the Supreme Court)

Magistrados (higher court judges)

Jueces (judges)

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Highly competitive examination Two years training in the Escuela Judicial de Barcelona 25% of the places are reserved for lawyers with at least 10 years experience 20% of the places are reserved for lawyers with at leat 15 years experience (magistrados)

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No fee for this State service Exception: the case of legal persons with a turnover above a certain level Nonetheless, litigants must pay the fees of lawyers, court lawyers etc

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PublicProsecutors are civil servants Lawdegree Competitiveexamination Fiscalia General del Estado

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Supervisionofthe judicial function Criminal and civil actionswhicharise as a consequenceof criminal offences Action in criminal and civil proceedings Supervisionofvictimprotection andothers

Therighttopracticefiranindefiniteperiodof time withthequalificationobtained in the country oforiginwiththepossibilitytoincorporateintotheprofes sionafterthreeyearsofpractice Recognitionoftheprofessionalqualificationobtained in the country oforigin

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Qualificationsto be officiallyrecognised Applicationfor a dispensa legal de nacionalidad (exemptionofthegroundsofnationality)

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