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Spatial Dynamics and Multidimensional Perception

What is Spatial Dynamics? And how does it define our reality?

To see these words it is obvious that it is identifying with the formation of space and the
visualization of our own reality. ‘Spatial’ relates to all of known existence, the space to which
we are all formed within, and ‘Dynamics’ relates to the action that takes place to create this
space and all of its components. How can such simple wording identify and relate to the
whole understanding of our entire existence conceptually?

Spatial Dynamics comes down to how we view the reality to which we live within and
perception plays a huge role in the process to understanding. Developing perception of mind
takes the achievement of full understanding of our environment to the most practical level. It
involves stripping away known beliefs and structures to open a door to something that steps
outside of current perception. It is like when viewing a globe of the earth. If I were to present
a globe to your eyes and asked you to tell me all of the continents, you probably would be
able to name them all.

However if I were to present this globe to you upside down and ask the same question, you
would look at me with strange eyes as to why I would do such a thing and find it harder to
place each continent name with its region, without first having to visualize it in your mind the
right way up.
Placing the globe on its side would make it even more confusing to your eyes. Maybe you
had not ever thought of how the earth would change if it were presented in a different position
or direction?

What if I were to ask you to place yourself inside the earth itself and tell you to look at a
human standing on the earth.

Which end of the human is then considered the top? Is it their feet or their head? Where we
position ourselves in reality plays a huge role in determining Spatial Dynamics and is the key
to understanding how everything works to form the whole of our reality.
Just because we have always viewed reality in the way of this above picture, always
conforming to certain rules and restrictions, does not mean that we cannot learn to change our
viewpoint to seeing it in another way. Reality has more depth to it than we even realized
conceptually but yet we play with life as if it is two dimensional without taking into
consideration our multidimensional formation. Then as we start to discover the possibility of
more than one dimension of space, we are still calculating and basing all of our definitions on
the above character rather than searching for new ways in which to position ourselves in
reality, without having to rely always on the earth as the basis.

The earth is one basis to which we identify ourselves with. In the past it was all that we knew
and all that we thought existed. At one time we thought that the earth was flat and that if we
went to its edge we would fall off. This goes for the theories that we present to the world
today. They are the flat earth that was from yesterday, and tomorrow the earth will be round
and conceptually it will have a character and a place of its own in dimension and quality. To
reach this understanding of dimension one first needs to realize that there is more than human,
more than earth and more than simple surface existence.

At one stage the stars were just beautiful glittering jewels in the sky, and with the help of a
microscope the stars took on form and dimension. They were no longer just a glint in our
eyes, but solid formations just like the earth itself to which through discovery we realized that
it was not flat but instead bio-cylindrical in nature. These are gradual stepping stones that we
take in order to reach certain levels of understanding.

Now that we are reaching into the stars and stepping away from the earth with technology and
thought, we are presented with new issues on how to understand our world and reality. For
the first time we took a look at the earth from space for what it was in full form floating in
what at first seemed like empty space. It brought up issues not only in our technology in
having to face totally new environments, but also in our perception of how the world was
No longer was the earth seen from our position standing on its surface but from far out into
space looking back at it as a separate object than our own physical formation. How do we
now determine our physical parameters when we are separated from the earth? This is the
dilemma even now when it comes to any forms of study in conceptualization of our entire
reality. It is always based on earth alone and this brings up many conceptual errors when it
comes to viewing out into the universe and other levels of possibility.

Without knowing that perception plays a huge role in understanding formation, there is no
way any person can move beyond current concepts and beliefs. They are stuck in a web of
thought that holds to strict guidelines and calculations that never seem to hold precedence in
light of everything that could or will be presented in the future. We are going from being a
human standing on the earth to being space travelers, intergalactic in our nature, searching for
other, rather than just all that we know from one position. We are on an adventure that is
going to take a whole new way of perceiving in order to form full understanding of the
environment outside of known space and present conditioning.

What if sometime in the future we are able to travel far from the earth? How will we
calculate our position in creation if the earth is no longer in our sights? Will we calculate it
based on the earth being seen upright as in the pictures above? What happens then if we
reach a galaxy where the angle of planet is positioned in a totally different way?
Is this planet then the wrong way up? Or is it that our perception of space is being viewed in
the wrong way?

Calculations in a multidimensional environment have to be taken to a new level. When I

mean multidimensional, I am talking about our understanding of space and how it is formed
when we start to become space explorers. It is the understanding of space having all
dimensions existing at once in the same framework of animated existence. We are reaching a
new level of conscious awareness of our formation that needs to be understood. Space and
our formation of reality needs to be considered in a different way in order to bring all things
into the right calculations that base themselves not just with earth but with the whole of
creation in total.

How does one step into multidimensional understanding, in order to understand Spatial
Dynamics? For starters a person has to first realize that the basic fundamentals to life do not
base themselves always on calculations and three dimensional building blocks. We are not
still life and never will be. Not even a rock is still if it is seen in its formation over a long
period of time. Nothing is still or stagnant and never will be. The current concept of third
dimension then needs to be re-explored for allowing reality to always form upon itself. Third
dimension does exist but in an animated state, not in a solid and unmoving reality. When we
make current calculations we always base things on still life, determining an object as form,
needing another dimension in order to move in its creation. We then call this dimension of
movement fourth dimension, but cannot quite grasp how it works in our conceptual world. It
cannot be conceptualized physically in our mind simply for the fact that we are visualizing
life as stagnant and unmoving when in all reality it is in every moment forever changing.

This is one of the hardest things to grasp that life is forever moving and forever changing.
This brings up many issues in perception, especially when it comes to visualizing life as
having a beginning and an end. We perceive life as having a beginning and an end, this does
not mean that it formulates in this way. This will be the ultimate challenge when it comes to
our leap into multidimensional perception, to realize that life is continuous and unending, and
although we currently see things as having beginning and end, it is not how it is from the core
of creation itself, only from the mind of a human and how we perceive our reality in the
present. Viewing life as having a beginning and an end is a ‘two dimensional perception’, not
a multidimensional awareness of the whole of reality in total.

If you are even reaching this point of reading my article and understanding what I am writing,
you have reached further than 99 percent of the world when it comes to awareness of space
and reality. Most just live their surface lives out on simple levels without ever wanting to
explore within their minds. They are satisfied with their daily dramas involving their physical
appearance and ego based reality. They find thinking too hard to participate in and would
rather live their life based on what they are told to do rather than what they see as possibility.
It is far easier to let others think for you than to think for yourself, so their concept of reality
stays in the tribal based perception where their life is lived on a two dimensional world, where
they are the center of their own reality.

This two dimensional viewing of the world encompasses perception of reality through duality.
What is meant by this is that they see life as having two sides to achievement, a beginning and
an end, black and white, good and bad, happy and sad. There world is lived based on
choosing a position or side that sees reality as having two frameworks to identify itself with.
If you are not on the good side, then ultimately you are on the bad side. No one seems to be
able to work out an exact measure to where each side actually sits. What if a person sees
something as good when the other sees it as bad, then how can we visualize things in the same
reality using the same words for reference?

Two dimensional viewing of reality is not multidimensional and does not take into
consideration the true formation of reality from the core. It chooses sides rather than seeing
choice as the ultimate creation, no matter what side is to be chosen. The multidimensional
person understands the motivation behind creation and that belief is chosen after we are
formed. Choice is the ultimate perception of reality and as soon as you identify yourself with
something you limit your awareness to a smaller position in reality. You close yourself off
from all possibility.

All possibility exists when it comes to the whole of creation. It is never stagnant and forever
changing through all that we decide to do and experience in our lives. We cannot freeze
creation into a static position, we have not the power to do such things, we are the created not
the creator. We can however come to realization that we are participating in the event rather
than seeing that we are making up the event as we go. These are two forms of seeing reality.
The first is seeing that we are participating in life through cause and effect, the other is
thinking that you are god and that you create your own reality. You do create ‘in’ your reality,
but you do not create your reality, they are two totally separate perceptions.

Understanding that we are the created is a great stepping stone in order to achieve full
awareness in a multidimensional perception. It brings together the practical laws of
physicality with spiritual awareness, combined together as one.

When we limit our perception in life it creates all sorts of barriers that block our ability to see
more possibility than surface life expected experiences. These surface life experiences come
from past and not from present, they are formulated on set structures that we identify
ourselves with. We say this is how it is, then it must be done this way, whether it works or

Life works in the now, not in the past or future. It is presently happening and in a
multidimensional way.

The past might be said to have happened but it is just as reliable as the future when it comes
to our perception in life. We characterize ourselves on past that is only but a thought lingering
in our brain. It is no longer the event but the memory of the event that we ‘choose’ to hold
onto. We characterize our very nature in the present purely based on past perception and not
on moving into totally new levels of understanding. It is because we feel safe in what we
know and the leap seems way too far and too scary to take a chance.

What if the leap meant that we would live twice as long in our lifetimes? Yet we do not know
that such a leap will produce such incredible results until we take a chance. However we
linger in our past and we hold onto what we know as being the only foundation for our cause
in creation, it is safe and secure. This is the perception that we have, that of it being safe and
secure. It is only perceived safe and secure because it is known and seen as obvious in our
eyes. Obvious does not mean exacting, and tomorrow you could easily be hit by a bus
without even knowing it was going to occur.
Perception is the key to understanding Spatial Dynamics and the formation of our reality.
Creation does not begin and end like a big explosion that dies out into space and continues on
forever. It cannot be calculated with our current methods of visualizing reality from a two
dimension perspective on the earth. Anyone can easily calculate to the ends of time, without
ever reaching the goal or aim to the adventure.

1 plus 1 equals 2, 2 plus 2 equals 4………and it goes on and on.

The calculation of space based on adding onto something formulates itself based on the
inability to realize creation from the core. Each time we calculate something on top of
something else it will logically and systematically forever create upon itself. This does not
take a brain scientist to reason such simplistic perception. Even a baby can place a block on
top of another one. It is not the answer to the formation of life, but merely an observation of
what we are able to achieve within creation. Calculation is a tool not an answer to the
meaning of all that is. Life does not just come with a physical body in order to do tasks but it
comes also with a mind in order to think the tasks through. These two components of reality
cannot be based on mere calculation alone.

Spatial Dynamics bases itself on the understanding of two points in perception and not just
one, and all calculations have to be based on this reasoning. This is where perception comes
into conflict with science and religion. That instead of harnessing both methods of viewing
reality into one, we chose a two dimensional perspective and decide to take the viewpoint of
one side of possibility. Saying that life bases itself on two components and not one already
creates friction for both science and religion. Our formation is based on one, however our
creation is based on two and this is where we fail to identify the two positions of science and
religion as having real basis within our lives. Both are correct and both are in other ways
limiting in their approach for the fact that they see themselves as two totally different
perceptions, when in all truth they are based on the same two dimensional thinking.

Both begin with one, one who creates all outwardly, or one big bang that grows life out with a
beginning and an end. Although within our perception this is totally correct for both
viewpoints. Our formation is continually changing and forever forming upon itself. Also we
are the created not the creator. We are the formation from one event that positioned us in the
now moment in our understanding. This is however only part of the picture. It is the event
after the cause, not the reason why the event took place. We see life ultimately as the cause
and never want to understand or fathom the reasoning behind the purpose for such creation. It
just is and so we come to accept that life cannot be reasoned outside of its own parameters
and that we are living in the experience, so thus created from one ‘event’ and not because of
something outside of the event all together.

It is within our lives that the answers to more possibility becomes apparent and when conflicts
arise between our perception of life through our mind and the physical world itself, we start to
realize that there is far more than what we are currently aware of. The mind and matter seem
to have a separate space to where they both exist. One based purely on physicality and the
other with no physicality what so ever, but purely based on force and motivation. This force
is non material in nature and brings about great conflict when it comes to any known method
of reasoning in our world today. How can creation be formed on two totally different building
blocks, one being of matter and the other being of non matter? We cannot possibly accept
such things that we cannot hold within our hands so therefore, matter is all that is accepted to
exist within our minds. We cannot allow non material life to have precedence within our
world, but yet we think with non matter with every choice that we make and we contradict our
very own restrictive nature in everything that we then do.

Creation is based on two, with the third being the event that takes place after the cause. We
can see this in life in all of formation, not only with the creation of a child but also when it
comes to magnetism. There are two sides that balance out a centre to the whole of formation.
Is this a contradiction or a fact? Are you thinking now? Then it is a fact that non matter is
also part of life and even though you are physical life, force is also directing your cause in life
and helping you to participate in all that you do. Force alone is not the whole of life, nor is
matter, but both elements combined into one make us who we are.

Understanding that Spatial Dynamics and Multidimensional reasoning is based on two is the
first step to seeing the flow of all of our entire reality as one organism. One organism with
dimension based on two building blocks or components of reality, the mind and matter. It is
in reality that these components are seen as separate but outside of formation they are but one
component ‘inside’ another, thus easily seen as one conceptually. In reality they are still seen
as one but having two totally different roles in the production of life. What this presents is a
confusion in how to perceive the foundations of life, and when it comes to Spatial Dynamics
it is important to separate the two in order to realize the whole of formation, only then can it
be understood systematically.

Magnetism is a good example to understanding the formation of life. It is not purely based on
calculation but on observation of an event taking place, one that is systematic and yet holds
components of formation that are outside of material reasoning. It is in these components that
sit outside material constructs that we start to understand the full impact of creation and what
is presented before us. We start to find components of space that are far more advanced, like
electromagnetism, which becomes hard to decipher into calculations when relating it back to
what we already know and understand.

When placing creation as the event taking place and the thing that we see as the entirety of
God or Creation, depending on what philosophy or words we like to use to describe this
event. It is seen like this:

Creation might be seen as a big giant sun birthing us all into existence, or a powerful being
that is watching over us all, or maybe just a voice or energy that is directing us through life.
This energy or being we see as the creator of us all, so thus it is us all in entirety. This is the
creation perception of one, where we see the event of formation having taken place already.
We are living in reality, and thus we say we know if we exist we are from something in order
to be formulated. How this is viewed all comes down to labels in language and not really in
the exacting philosophy. Most philosophies when conceptualized at their core all hold the
same idea as the ultimate formation of life and reasoning.

This is truth of life and when we are the created in formation, there is something that we feel
inside ourselves to be what makes us exist and create in life. We know that there is something
far bigger than ourselves, especially when we see the potential for life outside of our known
environment of earth. The universe is grand, bigger than we could have ever imagined and
the entirety of it all is to us seen as God or the grand formation of creation.

We use the internal part of ourselves to identify with this energy to which we see as creating
us. This energy is electromagnetic in nature and when we feel it internally it is so grand and
impacting to our senses that we cannot even begin to comprehend its full parameters. We
then accept that it is too grand an energy to understand fully, something we would want to live
up to, but think that we can never truly comprehend. This is the two dimensional perception
of reality, thinking that we cannot achieve full awareness of our known environment only
makes it even more clear that we are not multidimensional in our nature, or willing to step
outside of familiar territory. That we have not reached a full awareness of the potentiality of
our known environment, accepting that reality can be understood at all levels just through
seeing the effect from the event having taken place.

This all comes down to choice when a person is unwilling to accept the possibility of knowing
and discovering more in their lives. They ‘choose’ to stick to regimes of thinking that limit
their full potentiality. It is not in the philosophy that the information is incorrect, it is in the
inability of a person to move beyond that stops them from exploring their very own nature. It
does not mean that they have to let go of what they believe in but be open to other things
when it comes to perception.

Most people just want to accept things how they are until it gets to a point that it is not
working for them anymore, that they want more out of life than simple set rules and
structures. They start to question ‘why’. And this is the point where things start to get
confusing and chaotic for a person. Many go into depression when they reach deep within
themselves for answers to ‘why’. It is far easier to just accept things than to question. It
seems to the individual to only bring up more confusion in the end.

This depression derives purely from a two dimensional perspective and is based purely on the
fact that their perception is seen through limitation. When a person thinks that they have
found answers there always seems to be something that is trying to stop them from reaching
their goals. This is the ‘poor me’ attitude that we take on when we are searching for answers
to our experiences in life. We want to be given answers and do not want to take responsibility
for our own ‘choices’ in life. It is not that life gives us limitations it is that we allow
limitations to guide us. We choose to view life in this way, instead of seeing it as a choice, we
say then that it is an expectation.

If I were to tell you the real balanced state in creation was actually ‘content’ how would you
then be able to interpret this into your mind? Content does not necessarily mean happy, or
sad. It means settled, balanced and open to possibility. It does not have direct feelings that
coincide with it, but more a powerful knowing from within that allows a person to guide
themselves based on observation rather than emotional intent. Emotions are learnt paradigms
in our world to which we use as a form of communication just as we use language. They
relate to feelings that we formulate into set procedures of reactions that we use in result to
certain events that take place in our lives. Our natural state of being is without emotion, but
in satisfied contentment. This satisfied contentment comes when we are no longer feeling
friction in our lives. It comes from self love and the ability to control the mind to a point
where a person no longer takes on the words of another as their own. It comes purely down to
knowing that choice is the ultimate freedom within our minds. That restriction is a set of
rules that we decide to play on our own adventure in life.

This only emphasizes more that perception of life is the key to understanding how our reality
is formulated. These are just a few things that are the basis needed in order to understand
Spatial Dynamics and multidimensionality. At some point in our lives and in our changing
state of consciousness we will all reach this point in understanding. It is a development that
occurs within each and every one of us, when we start to explore further into possibility.

A person cannot move into levels of understanding when they are not ready to accept certain
foundational facts about life and reality. These foundational facts hold precedence purely on
observation alone. Firstly we exist. Secondly we develop and create in our existence.
Thirdly we are thinking beings as well as physical beings. And finally we all die in
physicality. These are based purely on observation and something everyone has the ability to
see on a daily basis. Just with these set basics one can devise easily a purpose for life. The
fact that we do exist can very well be the reason why we are here, this alone is very powerful
and something that is realized from very young in our lives. The fact that we are here every
morning when we wake up in bed, only solidifies this notion further. We can also not
mentally think ourselves out of reality altogether. These are foundational truths.

Systematically life can be reasoned and understood, as to whether we accept these systems as
truth is based in our own choices for life and experiences. Some people might like to imagine
that they have the ability to mentally think themselves out of life. There are even people who
think that they are creating all of life here, not only for themselves but for others in the
process. The true and obvious fact of the matter is that a person is not creating their life;
instead they are creating ‘in’ their life and forming opinion based on observation of cause and

If these facts are two hard to comprehend at this stage of life, then a person will continue to
linger in a two dimensional perception of life. It is their choice in the end how they wish to
view their reality, either as ‘a confused follower of other people’s concepts and beliefs’, or a
multidimensional viewing person who is a ‘thinker’ who reasons life in its entirety without the
need to base their logic on fears and opinion based emotional confusion that does not hold any
solid structure.

Solid structure bases itself on unlimited observation. A person can then encompass their
formation as being part of the whole. No matter the judgment or criticism, or choice of
preference to what a person wants in life, the mind can remain open to possibility even after
choices are made. It is possible to choose things in life purely on self satisfaction and
enjoyment, bringing great levels of love and knowledge into a person’s life without any level
of expectation or ideals needing to be put into place. This is the beginnings of a
multidimensional viewing person seeing life for what it really is, not for what is expected of
After reasoning the facts of life that I wrote about earlier, a person can then begin to
understand the foundations of life without beliefs or set worded structures based in
philosophy and stories of the past. They will begin to see what these stories actually represent
in a more philosophical way when they understand life first themselves and then place their
observations later onto preconceived notions and ideas. They have then the ability to pick and
choose how they wish to present their own observations to others through story telling of their
own experiences.

This I will call the experienced philosopher, a person who does not take the words of another
as their truth but instead uses the words and tools of all trades in order to present their
knowledge and ideas. They already know that words are only labels in order to describe
experiences and events in their lives, and that although we can learn from others through
observation it is not until we experience things in life for ourselves that we can get any true
understanding of the events taking place.

Multidimensional perception starts with knowing that we are the event that is taking place and
that we are comprised of two components of life, two components that formulate the whole of
our being. I want to describe these components in more detail now as I move on to describe
the multidimensional perception of life through bio-cylindrical creation. Bio-cylindrical
creation is the process to which multidimensionality is formed. It might be for some very
confusing but I will try and detail it as simple as possible. I have detailed this observation to a
much larger extent in my book, ‘Creation Theory Revised’ if you are interested to see it at a
more detailed level, but for now I will describe it on the most basic level that I can.

Bio-cylindrical creation is the formation of life linking to electromagnetism and to two

components of space forming the whole of our reality. It is a balanced system that identifies
creation on a magnetic and systematic process that can be harnessed at all levels of creation.
No matter how small or big the object or area being viewed. It can be used at every level of
creation in the same manner without confliction when the observation is understood for what
it represents. It has to be learnt in order to understand its full potentiality, firstly through
observation of our known environment and then through experimentation of logic into action.
It can produce when understood fully, all calculations for life to the most finite of degree, no
matter the material construct and how it bases itself, and not only on the effect but the cause.

Does this sound too good to be true? Do not get too excited because it takes a
multidimensional perception to conceptualize it fully. If you are a person who can only base
themselves on set systematic approaches through calculation and measurement than you will
fail to truly understand this system entirely. It does not base itself on adding onto calculations
but instead the flow of creation in its entirety, more closely based on space warping in on
itself. This is how it might be seen, but it is not entirely an accurate word representation.

So far we have devised that life is based on mind over matter, that we direct our environment
through thought and that the result is then our material experience. If mind over matter were
to be observed in a different way rather than in a factual way, it would be seen as mind having
a strong influence over matter. Depending on how a person views this observation will bring
two totally different results. Mind does not create matter, but instead directs the matter
through force created when both come together at the core. This is called the mirroring effect
of our original formation. It should be seen more like mind within matter.
M in d

M a tter

This is where the difficulty lies in conceptualizing such a union, that although we know that
our mind and thoughts are within us and our physical environment, we find it hard to
conceptualize this into graphs and pictures. It is easy to write mind over matter:

M in d

M a tte r

Yet it is harder to write mind in matter into a set mathematical equation. This is where we fail
to understand multidimensionality and when we try to set rules on a two dimensional
perception, one that sees life as solid and unmoving when it comes to calculation.
Mathematics is a tool ‘within’ creation and can be used in our third dimensional animated
state, but only to describe life seen outwardly from our current point in perception. We will
never be able to achieve full understanding of our created space based purely on mathematical
equations, no matter how many Einstein’s come together in order to produce such results.
Einstein was not able to achieve these ends for a good reason, and the failure that he saw in
his own eyes upon death to produce such a result, was not a failure at all. It was showing the
world that even the greatest thinker could not produce this result for the fact that it needed to
be viewed in a different way. If it were possible we would have already devised a way in
which calculate it. Einstein shows us how to direct our vision in another way, through
observation rather than through calculation alone.

Don’t think like ‘the’ thinker, think like ‘a’ thinker.

To move beyond means to invent new ways of seeing life, not always in building on top of the
old. Eventually if you build constantly upon a tower it will get too high to support itself and
crumble to the ground. In our reality there is only so much we can develop upon things
before they become too big a task for us to handle. Maybe life is conceptually simple, more
than we even realize? That it does not have to be seen through difficult calculations and
procedures that most people do not understand unless then have the right dictionary in order
to interpret meaning.

When viewing mind over matter we can easily utilize this process when conceptualizing
thought; that it seems that we first think than we then act on thought. This is a very powerful
method in life in order to achieve things and give a person confidence to fulfill their own
desires. However it is only useful in this way and not in finding any answers to understanding
the foundations of life at a creation level. Mind in matter is in truth needed to be combined to
be the entirety of the whole of formation. Without matter we cannot utilize thought and
without thought we cannot animate matter. Both walk hand in hand in order to achieve
animated existence. One component cannot live without another at any stage in formation, so
thus need to be the beginnings of our ultimate creation; two components as one when brought
together into formation.

We see our bodies as one yet it has within it these two components existing in a symbiotic
union, at times causing friction when it comes to our perceptions of life, if we base perception
purely on matter alone. Matter does not exist alone and needs to see itself in order to be
conscious of its own reality.

Through looking at creation it is an important stepping stone to be able to conceptualize space

inwardly as well as outwardly. If I were to be a person floating out in space and had to
calculate my formation without the help of earth as my basis, then I would need a reference
point to begin from. This reference point is within all in our third dimensional animated state.
It is what allows separation of space between objects and is what defines the beginnings to
conceptualizing the dimensions of space. This point is zero, it is the central balancing point
of every known object, and has a calculation of zero ‘mirrored’. Not zero as we know in
formation now. Where we take matter as 1 and add it to 0 and we have the whole of reality.
No it is more than a reference point and becomes a bouncing board for our entire creation.

When I describe bio-cylindrical creation I like to call the mind either zero point or the mirror.
It is the mirror for the fact that it helps matter to see itself and become aware of its own very
nature. It is zero point for the fact that it stands inside of all known objects in our third
dimensional environment. All objects that are separated in their physicality. It is the objects
core balancing point that is what helps to balance the formation of life magnetically.

The effect of force from the core of creation on light itself creates what we see as spin when it
comes to magnetism, two opposing sides that are the mirroring of light at the core of creation.
This comes into understanding when we consider the spark of life, or big bang of creation.
We can see this when we make observations of atoms and what can happen when magnetic
balance is effected, an instant explosion of matter into nothing, or a splitting up of matter into
finer particles. This is three dimensionally seen through animated creation. This is motivated
existence at the core of what it is.

This magnetic creation comes from two and must always do so, in light of third dimension it
will always then be seen as three when it comes to magnetism. What you are seeing as
opposing sides is in all actuality one but through force the light is spinning so fast through
electromagnetism that we cannot see how it originally began spinning and from what actual
cause. We have to visualize it as three when it comes to our perception of creation for the fact
that three dimensional existence bends back in on itself, and is the only place where we can
see the mind and matter as being separate in nature. It all comes down purely to perception
and the ability to see the multidimensional environment. It might become clearer as I detail it
more, if it seems a little confusing for now.

The reason why I call formation bio-cylindrical creation is from the effect that mind and
matter makes on the third dimension. Every object or thing inside of our environment can be
seen as bio-cylindrical in nature. All objects in animated reality have a core balancing point
with two mirrored sides forming a whole:

It will not even matter whether the object is man made or organically formed, in order for the
object to be utilized effectively in life it needs to balance magnetically. The form becomes
bio-cylindrical for the fact that the two opposing sides are not always round in nature but
instead cylindrical like in the case of a human body. It has more length than it has width. The
most important factor in the equation is the mirroring sides. They are never entirely exact for
the fact that they are a ‘reflection’ of each other. When formed correctly they will balance an
object for utilization in this world. This balance is formed from the core of creation and is the
basis for the beginnings of the dimensions of reality.

When understanding the calculations of the dimensions of space it is important to realize that
all objects have a central balancing point that links to the core of creation. In our eyes we see
this centre as being separated within each object that we can visually see through our eyes.
However from the core of creation the mind is one and it is only within the creation that we
see separation of matter, in the third dimension animated state. This means that to organize
the mind through calculation can only be achieved through the third dimension observation,
when seen in this way:
O n e m in d

I n s id e
in fin ite
m a tte r

Not one mind over infinite matter, but mind inside matter itself and all of its possibility
through a totally animated environment. It can only be thus firstly calculated conceptually
and not mathematically. Only when the dimensions start to form within creation can we start
to understand it mathematically based on the core balancing point of all objects in space, all
objects being seen as separate to one another.

In order to understand our environment it needs to be reasoned first conceptually. Our

environment cannot be accurately calculated from the surface of the earth without taking into
consideration the core balancing point of all objects that are being compared with one another
and the dimension of all objects and their positioning. Dimension plays a huge role in
determining mass when it comes to formation of matter. When viewing creation from a third
dimensional animated state through our physical senses, it is likened to a bulb that pushes
light out from the centre. It is the only place dimensionally where we can see formation
outwardly. It is the only dimension that we can ‘see’ our animated state conceptually through
the senses given to us within our bodies.

It is important to realize that the third dimension is animated already, and that it is the highest
point to animated creation before it turns back in on itself to return back into the mind. This
is how dimension in space is conceptualized then from a third dimension point of view, when
it views back into the core of creation:

When we view this from the mind it is seen like this:


When we view from the third dimension it is seen like this:


What this shows is the mirror effect of the dimensions in our bio-cylindrical form seen
through the third dimension animated state. The third dimension animated state sits on the
outer most region of formation and is the highest point to matter formation before it can view
back into the mind. This means that light is not only bent out from the core of creation it also
bends back inside itself to return back to the mind in order to view itself again and become
conscious of its own environment, this occurs in fifth dimension.

When viewing the dimensions of space it needs to be considered that the bio-cylindrical form
is as one whole unit. The inner circle represents the core energy of creation or
electromagnetic influence. First and fifth dimension are one and the same but are viewed
from a different standpoint in creation. One is inwardly towards the mind and the other
outwardly towards the third dimension of animated reality. The energy within this region is
still the same but utilized in a different way, it is electromagnetic in nature, and seen by many
conceptually as energy of life or spirit and consciousness when returning back into the mind.
Second and Fourth dimensions form the framework of creation into solidity. Second
dimension is motivated towards the third dimension state so it is matter forming at the most
basic levels. Fourth dimension is viewing inward towards the mind so it is processing matter
back into the mind, through structure, forming what is our perception of time.

When looking at this diagram above it is good to view it as only a guide in third dimension,
because from the minds perspective the whole of creation is one, thus eliminating the need to
see it in parts. We see it in parts for the fact that we have the need to calculate mass and
measurement using the tools of the dimensions in space. They are tools to understand the
environment and how energy works through the relationship of mind and matter combined.

You can see this through my newest video article, called ‘Dimension of Space’, shown on my
website at:

It shows the formation of these dimensions visually also detailing how we are changing in our
perceptions now that we are moving outside of the framework of using the earth as reference.
Our exploration of space opens up whole new arenas in development and awareness of our
formation. It will only be natural for us to harness new methods of visualizing in the future
when we they become appropriate to the aims we wish to achieve.

These aims will in the next 20 years solicit re-evaluating for the fact that certain perceptions
in two dimensional surface earth perception will not allow for conceptualization of
components of space that are becoming obvious gradually through discovery and our
furthering and development within the mind. It will reach a level where people will have no
other choice but to face the facts that are presented in front of them. These are basic
fundamental facts that will arise time and time again, not able to be accepted through our now
limited perception of space.
This does not in any means say that we have to totally discard our current choices and beliefs,
but merely that we will have no choice but to open our eyes to possibility that lingers outside
of our current safe perceptions of space. Development means change and coming to terms
with new ideas and possibilities. A person can still visualize life with an open mind, harness a
religious belief that characterizes their spiritual self, be connected to latest discoveries in
science and technology and still allow for new information to be open for discovery. It all
comes down to a persons ability to understand the dimensions of space conceptually, to be
able to reason how things can be seen from different directions, allowing room for all
perceptions of reality to have a place where they can be regarded as having possibility.

Conceptualization of the space to which we identify ourselves within, should not hold any
emotional content, and really can be taken on by any person in life, no matter their perception
of reality. What this means is that a person can understand that life encompasses a whole lot
of different ideas and possibilities, and that instead they ‘choose’ to take on certain areas of
perception for the fact that they enjoy it. This enjoyment is what will help them to keep an
open mind to anything new that comes their way, without having to impinge on the choices
they already make to view life in certain directions. The only time that a person cannot allow
for other is when they are bound up in beliefs that are taken on from fear and pain. They feel
that if they do not stick to what they believe in, that they will loose control of their reality and
be taken over by something that they cannot reason or understand. This is a fear based need
that holds onto things when a person feels that they need to get through each day in their
perceived ‘survival’. These types of people visualize life as a strain, seeing it as complex, a
challenge and something they fear they will never understand.

We all have been their at one stage in our lives, taking on the information of others in a
superstitious way, creating scenarios that will bring us misfortune if we do not stick to what
we are being told. This is really just fear based, and only taken on when a person cannot take
their own life in their own hands, through choice and knowledge that they are responsible for
how they think and what they create in life physically through their bodies. This creation is
centred around an individual perception of life that is clouded by other people’s opinions, and
when it comes to someone presenting new findings to this sort of person, they will
immediately come back with discrimination to what is being said, for fact that they
themselves cannot face what is being shown, through their own inability to accept different.
It then leads to areas of discrimination and aggression that comes from the individual that
cannot keep an open mind to change.

Opening awareness is the key to the future. We have a mind in which to think and reason, and
whether we choose to see this as a gift or not, will determine the outcome to our future and
how we decide to experience life.

Awareness is what will bring a person to reason space in a multidimensional way, rather than
in an emotional way. Emotions are learnt paradigms in our lives and if we choose to allow
them to dictate our direction in life then we will be forever encompassed in fears and hatred
toward other. We will not take on things that we choose based on what we desire and enjoy,
and will not allow others to do so in return. In a multidimensional future we will be able to
take on ‘choice’ allowing others to also experience life through their own beliefs, and seeing it
as only a larger canvas to work from, a more expansive one. The more beliefs that are
possible, the more perceptions there are of reality, then the more expansive our experience
becomes allowing us room to experience new levels of life and reality.
Before I get too far away from looking at the dimensions of space in more detail I want to
emphasis again how important the central balancing point of creation is to multidimensional
perception and reasoning. It is the defining factor to how creation balances itself. It is not
necessarily where the whole of creation formulates its entirety, but it is the bouncing board to
where formation reasons itself. If light were the ball of all that is, and it encased a rip in the
fabric of space that characterized zero point. A vacuum that was only defined on force and
not on material constructs of light. Then this would create the defining moment and the
formation of creation. The spark or point of creation would occur just on the surface of the
rip within the fabric of the whole of light that would only be perceived after the event
occurred, and seen as animated reality. The light itself before the event took place would have
to be reasoned in a totally different way, for the fact that animated life comes from the
combination of light and force forming then dimension and solidity through our perceptions
in third dimension animated reality.

Life is then already the animated state and not the event that created it. Thus visualizing the
space to which we exist is logically defined on what we know rather than what we can
conceptually see through the use of the mind. Conceptualizing space takes on a whole new
level of creativity, allowing the mind to have precedence within creation. It is a viewing of
creation from a four dimensional perception rather than a two dimensional one. This is how it
works when viewing it through the bio-cylindrical model:

If you were to look at the direction and flow of creation on the bio-cylindrical model you can
see that second dimension views through to a third dimensional reality. This is the state
where matter is forming into more complex reality. Conceptually it is a place people ‘view’
reality only when wanting to see into matter itself. The blue arrow indicates this perception
looking from second to third, the highest point of matter formation through animated reality.
Through this outward perception of life a person only wants to view reality on matter alone
and will see life purely based on their material existence.

If you were however to look at the red arrow as the direction of energy returning to the mind,
if a person views in fourth dimension away from matter itself they are viewing mostly
through the mind into possibility. If this side is chosen for perception then a person will find
it difficult to accept their material reality and will want to focus more on perception and
consciousness rather than physicality.
A multidimensional person on the other hand would view life from the created spark itself,
seeing creation from zero point, reaching out and viewing all the dimensions as a whole.
They would be able to reason dimension of space not only materially, but conceptually
through their mind, able to encompass both methods of seeing through the mind and matter,
knowing that both are needed to formulate the whole of our conscious reality.

When viewing the bio-cylindrical model it can not only be seen internally through dimension
relating to our choice in actions and the force behind intention, but also to physical formation
itself. It can be seen both internally and externally. The dimensions not only form through
the mind but also within matter in the same way.

The first dimension building blocks seen out to third dimension animated reality are the
components that build up the energy for life. I call this area of space forced light, or what
could be called spirit that is based on electromagnetic energy. It is magnetically what helps
life to glue itself together into form and what gives it the drive to animate and motivate. It
formulates itself up on two models to which I call energy matrix and personality matrix.
Energy matrix relates to the formation of space materially and personality matrix relates to the
formation of space through the mind.

The energy matrix is points in space that define a form or an object and its outer most
possibility in physical reality. At the most basic level it could be seen in this way:

L e n g th

W id th

D e p th
Length, width and depth are what define an object within our third dimensional perception.
Length is especially important when it comes to the bio-cylindrical model and should not be
considered ‘height’ for the fact that this is the way we name length when it comes to a person
standing on a solid surface. The bio-cylindrical model works on each formation and its
dimension floating in space separate in nature from other formation. Length is especially
important for the fact that it is relating to our projected formation, of light out from the core of
creation. When viewing back to the diagram of the dimensions it could be seen in this way:

L en g th

Length can thus be seen in this way when visualizing the flow of electromagnetic energy:

L e n g th

This shows the projected nature of reality itself, as two funnels of light coming out from the
core forming the most densest of matter at the outer most regions, the further inside the
warmer and faster the vibration of light becomes. The second diagram shows that when
viewing it electromagnetically (indicated in orange) you can see then the flow of energy
moving in and out of an object in space and this can be overlaid on any object and easily seen
when viewing the earth.
W id th

D e p th

The width relates to the point where mind and matter come together in balance, it is magnetic
in nature and is defined on the flowing of energy coming out from the core. This balances the
overall object when combined with width forming our magnetic balance of two points for
projection, two points for perception and two points for balance, helping an object to become
solid within the area of the space to which it defines itself within.

When viewing the earth it formulates our upper and lower hemispheres creating for us an
equator that is a less dense region of matter that is susceptible to warmth through the bulging
effect of the bio-cylindrical form. It not only reaches closer to the sun in its positioning on the
earth but it is also energetically faster in vibration to the rest of the earth for the fact that it is
the crux point where mind and matter collide third dimensionally. The energy gets far denser
at the poles making it not only colder but slower in its spin. The impact of magnetic balance
can be seen on the earth conceptually. In the hotter regions near the equator people are more
likely to be more active than someone who lives in the colder regions. There personalities can
also differ based on the fact that they are affected by energy of the earth in two totally
different ways, one being more emotional and outward in personality, the one more inward
and internal.

When looking at the bio-cylindrical model within Spatial Dynamics the dimensions of space
can be characterized on the pulse of 13. This is what I described earlier and relates
specifically to the formation of the dimensions in total. 13 is the flow of the dimensions plus
zero point:

This is the perception of the pulse viewed from zero point

And this is when the pulse is viewed from animated third dimensional reality

What this means is that conceptually through third dimensional reality we have to calculate
the material space to which we define ourselves a little bit differently than viewing through
the mind which sees all the dimensions as one coming out from the core. It has to be seen as
a pulse within a pulse within a half pulse. To understand this conceptually it is best to view
reality in third dimension as a stepping stone. When viewing back to the mind from third
dimension we can see how the dimensions formed themselves and how they separate
themselves in space. The first and fifth dimension is one pulse defined on 13, the second and
fourth dimensions are one pulse within a pulse forming into a more complex matter. Third
dimension is then a half pulse defined through outward perception as an object viewing out
from the core of reality into possibility. It is thus a pulse within a pulse within a half pulse.
The half pulse also shows the nature of third dimension turning in on itself back towards the

To understand this further a person can visualize this calculation based on all objects in
formation, whether that is the earth and the solar system, or the body and the organs within it.
I will detail how it works both through the solar system and within the bodies to give a clearer
picture of how Spatial Dynamics works. This is just a simple definition and if you would like
to delve further into how this works, you can refer to my upcoming book, ‘Beyond Belief’. I
will just give a basic outline of how this calculation can be based on any matter object in the
whole of creation, no matter its complexity and formation.

S o la r S y s te m

A n avera g e .
seco n d s
n eed ed
fo r lig h t
to re a c h
th e 0 p o in t
C e n te r
A s te ro id B e lt
of Sun

A s te r o i d B e l t
O u te r m o s t
E s t. 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 k m
f r o m th e c o r e o f th e s u n
K u i p e r B e l t O u te r m o s t
E s t. 7 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 k m
f r o m th e c o r e o f th e s u n
A v e ra g e . 2 6 0 0 0
seco n d s n eed ed
fo r lig h t to r e a c h
th e K u ip e r B e lt
0/ 6
4 5 5 4

3 3

2 1 1 2
0/ 6
T h e c y c l i c e f f e c t o f c r e a ti o n f r o m t h e m i n d .
L o o k i n g a t th e d i s k o f p l a n e ts s i tt i n g a l o n g
th e lin e o f th e e q u a to r o f th e s o la r s y s te m
w i th t h e d i m e n s i o n s f o r m i n g o u t i n t o th e
b io - c y lin d ric a l fo r m o f th e s o la r s y s te m .

The planets as well as the body can work on the same system as an atom and are magnetically
balanced based with the planets and their dimensional nature. There are four inner planets,
four outer planets and four planets that work as electrons and help to balance out the solar
system magnetically. These four outer planets are not totally formed and thus seen as dwarf
planets that have an orbit that is not based on the inner planets but more conducive to the
outer bio-cylindrical form. They exist within the region of space that is dense in nature, and
in the solar systems eyes, the area of space defined as its third dimensional animated realty.

Pluto is one of these planets and is on its journey to becoming an outer planet of the inner
solar system. The planets have a formation journey just as we do in our lives and gradually in
their lifetimes they move from the outer regions of the solar system and make their journey to
the sun. This occurs over billions of years, building up a history for the planet itself. They
make their journey to the sun, so as to feed it energetically for further development, thus
turning matter back into basic building blocks. When viewing electromagnetic energy in its
utilized state it turns into radiation and thus when reaching the outer solar system solidifies
back into matter itself.

The planets take a journey through the solar system based on the areas of space to which they
find themselves within, as characterized here:

22 44

11 5

T h e f o r m a ti o n o f t h e d i m e n s i o n s w h e n
v i e w i n g f r o m th e t o p o f t h e s o l a r s y s t e m .

The inner solar system to the point of the Asteroid Belt is based on the first and fifth
dimensions, and characterizes a planet based on consciousness and is the only region of space
that can effectively house conscious animated life other than itself. The planets on their
journey through the second and fourth dimensions are basic in nature and conforming to basic
building blocks that relate to chemical and material construction. This is the place that a
planet journeys to form itself. The outer most planets are what glue the entire picture together
into magnetic balance and are on their journey to join the inner planets in their development.
Earth is thus a first and fifth dimensional planet on its journey back into the mind.

To see the dimensions of space within the solar system on the pulse of creation, you can
calculate the areas of space in this method:

The inner most planets are five dimensional in nature with the Asteroid belt as the crux point
between the dimensions. In history this might have been seen as like a river of stones, or the
place where formation cleanses itself ready for a new dimension of material reality. There is a
planet even now forming itself within this region ready to join the inner planets on its journey,
to which we call Ceres.

The inner solar system as we call it with the four planets of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars,
are defined on first and fifth dimension, and when looking at the calculation of distance from
the sun, the Asteroid Belt at it outer most region is app. 600 000 000 km from the sun. This is
one pulse of creation characterized on the inner dimensions. When you go to look at the outer
most planets that we know in the second and fourth dimensions, they are characterized on a
pulse within a pulse. 13 times 600 000 000 km and we reach the outer most region of the
Kuiper Belt at 7 800 000 000 km from the sun. This can also be calculated on speed of light
being 2000 second before it reaches the Asteroid Belt to 26000 when it reaches the outer
region of the Kuiper Belt. As you can imagine the third dimension bio-cylindrical form of the
whole of our solar system is thus half of that again. It is a pulse within a pulse within a half
pulse, an estimate of about 50 700 000 000 km from the centre of the sun. This is the crux or
point where one solar system will come into contact with the outer most third dimension of
another solar system that is based on mass relating to the size of its own sun on the 13 pulse

One thing to note is that the solar system is always magnetically balanced and the chance that
there will be a destruction of a whole planet is very slim. This is based purely on the flow of
creation and its electromagnetic formation. The craters we see now on the planet earth are
there from the formation of the planet itself and may have developed long before its journey
into the first and fifth dimension of space.

If there were to be any chance of destruction to such magnitudes then not only earth would be
affected but the whole solar system, and within a matter of seconds the whole of the solar
system would destroy itself. This means that there was no chance in history for any planet to
have collided with another in its formation towards the sun or otherwise we would not be here
to talk about it now.

This also means that outer most planets cannot come into the vicinity of inner most planets
and the largest of objects that we will see within the areas of the planets themselves are moons
and comets, which will later become moons when they are taken into the magnetic field of the
strongest planets nearby or otherwise engulfed also by the sun in its own development. It is
however also magnetically balanced in nature and the possibility that it will collide with a
planet is slim. Most objects will be enticed to join the Asteroid Belt or any planet that has a
greater force of light from the core, to which we call gravity.

I want to now move onto the human body in reference to the dimensions of space, built up on
the same system of the 13 pulse and its bio-cylindrical formation. The human body is an
interesting formation for the fact that it is based on a fourth dimensional viewing of reality.
The Brain itself lies within the fourth dimension when it comes to the body, so thus the body
is formed conceptually as a pulse within a pulse within a half pulse seen outwardly, thus
defined on two points in space or balancing points. The brain and mind is thus one of these
points and the just under the groin is where the balancing point of our matter body formulates
1s t a n d 5 th L i g h te r
1/ 13
d im e n sio n m a t te r
s ta t e

M in d

2 n d a n d 4 th
d im e n sio n
X 13
D iffu s io n
R a te
M a tte r

D en ser
m a t te r
s ta t e
3rd D im e n s io n

The reason why the human body works on a different system is simply that we are seeing it
from outside in. The solar system does not work in the same way simply because we see it
from inside out. This goes back to the multidimensional perception of creation and the
original pictures I showed of how life would be viewed differently depending on what point
of perception we view it from. Like with the human standing in the earth viewing the human
on the earth, he would thus see the top of the human as the feet.

In order to conceptualize the formation of the body it is important first to realize that the
nervous system itself is actually considered part of the brain. The whole of the brain is thus
within the whole workings of the body. It can be seen in this way when viewing dimensions
within the body. Again I am only going to give a brief summary of this in order to show how
the 13 pulse can be utilized at every level of creation:
B ra in M in d = 0
C 1 = 1/ 5
C 2 = 2/ 4
E y e ’s , n o s e ,
C3 = 3
m o u th a n d e a r s
C 4 = 4/ 2
C 5 = 5/ 1
T h ro at C 6 = 6/ 0
C 7 = 5/ 1
C 8 = 4/ 2
L ungs T1= 3
T 2 = 2/ 4
T 3 = 1/ 5
H eart T4 = 0
T 5 = 1/ 5
T 6 = 2/ 4
S to m a c h T7 = 3
T 8 = 2/ 4
T 9 = 1/ 5
L iv e r a n d
T 10 = 0
K id n e y s
T 11 = 1/ 5
T 12 = 2 / 4
I n te stin e s L1= 3
L 2 = 4/ 2
L 3 = 5/ 1
R e p r o d u c tiv e
L 4 = 6/ 0
o rg a n s
L 5 = 5/ 1
S1 = 4/ 2
B la d d e r S2 = 3
S3 = 2/ 4
S 4 = 1/ 5
B ody S5 = 0

The first pulse is based on the brain and nervous system. Relating to the nerves of the spine
and their journey down into more dense matter of the outer body to which we see as the skin.
The stomach lies at the centre, not the heart as people might prefer to utilize as the centre of
balance of their creation. It is the stomach for the fact that it is also the place where there is a
direct link from the outside to within. It helps to build up the formation of the body in
material formation. You can see that the numbers are calculated differently at the core of the
body for the fact that it is the crux point where mind and matter magnetically come together,
the equator of the body.

This might seem strange to some that the equator is not within the pelvis but it relates to
distortion in space and our perception of reality. When we view an object within third
dimension animated reality there is a diffusion rate of 13 that distorts the object in perception
simply because at this level formation is seen outwardly and also because it is based on a half
pulse that is really a pulse reaching out and returning back into the mind. A pulse bent, so
thus based on a half pulse.
The above picture was the first pulse, the below one a pulse within a pulse which relates to the
organs of the body, which could be likened to the planets of the solar system:

0/ 6
B ra in
1 5 m o uE thy ea’sn , dn eo as res,
T h ro a t
4 2 L ungs
H e a rt
3 3 S to m a c h
L iv e r a n d
K id n e y s
2 4 I n te s tin e s
R e p r o d u c ti v e
o rg a n s
5 1 B la d d e r
B od y/
S k in 6/ 0

0/ 6

1 5

4 2

3 3

2 4

5 1

6/ 0

B ra in M in d = 0
C 1 = 1/ 5
C 2 = 2/ 4
C3 = 3
C 4 = 4/ 2
C 5 = 5/ 1
T h ro a t C 6 = 6/ 0
Thus a pulse within a pulse is formed. The outer most pulse relates specifically to the central
balancing point of the object to which we are formed from, and in a humans case at our
current point in time that is the earth itself:

1s t a n d 5 th
d im e n s io n
( 1/ 13 o f b o d y,
a 1 3 th p a r t)
IN 2 n d a n d 4 th
d im e n s io n

3rd d im e n s io n


3 rd d im e n s io n v ie w in g w o rk s o n th e
d i f f u s i o n r a te o f 13 , c h a r a c t e r i z e d b y
a n i m a te d r e a l i t y . T h i s c a n b e s e e n a s
‘p r o j e c te d r e a l i t y ’.

The last diagram shows the diffusion rate of the half pulse of the human formation. It is
important to visualize the third dimension animated reality as totally different in nature. The
outer most region of the formation is animated third dimensional reality that separates each
formation into different objects. The human body is thus not 1/13 part of the earth, but
characterized by ‘possibility’ of projected energy directed from the core of the earth to form
our material constructs. Thus our formation is built up on the components of the surface
earth. We eat food and utilize resources that formulate the overall construction of our body
relating not only to how much electromagnetic energy is given to our formation but also to the
difference between the two separate bodies, of the earth and the human seen different in
nature, with the human dependant on the earth for survival.

This is where we reach the point that we can utilize current perception of a two dimension
perception when we start to visualize ourselves on the earth depending on it for resources.
We can when we are on earth utilize all visual methods of summation based on calculations
that define themselves on splitting up matter or building upon it, in as many unending ways as
we like. It will be only relevant to our position on earth and later when we come to
understand our multidimensional nature and have to face a grander scale of exploration
outside of this position, will we have to confront our multidimensional nature and the
workings of Spatial Dynamics.

If Spatial Dynamics is truly understood and known for its capacity in the eventual
understanding of life and formation it can open doors to new awareness. We can not only
calculate the formation of objects on earth in relation to one another through dimension, but
also the solar system and beyond. Even to the point when we reach outside of our known
solar system, to other solar systems we will be able to immediately find planets that are
suitable to our development just though viewing them in dimension of space alone. Our
planet now is in a region of calculated dimension space that if seen in relation to other solar
systems, we can devise what planet will be immediately suitable for exploration just through
observation alone.

It may not happen in the direct future, there is still so much more for us to develop, but in the
far future it is inevitable that we will face these obstacles that when we open doors to new
discoveries it will bring so many new rewards and experiences. These new experiences will
bring us to the point of viewing reality in a multidimensional way, and seeing formation in a
galactic sense and not just in a planetary sense. We will view reality spatially and not just two

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of life.

By Stacey T Pollock
14th January 2009