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Vol. 4 No. 8
victim Harmony Vindico, a character who is trying to get her life back to what it used to be. While on her road to recovery she encounters new crush and transfer student Keith Draykon who appears to have a secret identity. As Harmony gets closer to Keith, Harmonys old crush Damon starts to get involved and the identities of both Keith and Damon become revealed and a battle erupts between two different other world species with Harmony caught in the middle. Baorto brings forth an exciting novel as her characters come to life with exuberance and exquisite detail. Putting together a novel is no easy task for authors as everybody has their own method to writing their story. Baorto recalls the process before everything was finalized: I remember seeing scenes before I started writing the book itself. I would see the chase scenes in the book and would go from there. I went through self publishing company iuniverse and the whole process took about 9 months. They edited it, trimmed it down to make it better and it came out the day after my birthday in April. I was so excited to see my book at the bookstores. Baorto also gives advice to writers her age looking to get published: If you are looking to write a book, just stick with it until it is finished. Dont give up. It gets really frustrating sometimes when you are writing but be confident in what you write because when you send it out, the book is better than you think it is. Rita Baorto looks to write more books and is already starting work on her next project. To check out this new author on the rise you can purchase 15 stitches on either in paperback or on the Amazon Kindle.

Proverbs 3:5

August 20, 2012

17 Year Old Randolph Teen Makes Literary Debut

By Steve Urena hile most Students spend their High School years worrying about grades, proms, and college searches, 17- year old Rita Baorto was busy piecing together her first fantasy novel, 15 stitches. Baorto first came up with the idea for her book as an eighth grader, setting her sights on having it written and published before she completed High School. Her goal was accomplished one year early and she is now reaping the benefits, gaining new fans and receiving rave reviews from lovers of the fantasy genre. The book is unique in its story as it tells the tale of rape

Rita Baorto

even year lung cancer survivor, Jim Dennison is defeating the odds and is on a mission to make sure others survive too. Its estimated that only 15 percent of people survive five years beyond their diagnosis and the New Jersey native who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2004 and had his entire lung removed, continues his work to defeat the disease. After his diagnosis, Jim learned lung cancer receives less research funding than other major diseases and takes more lives than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined. Because of this, he was inspired to join the movement to defeat the disease. On September 23, Jim will bring the third annual Free to Breathe Morris County 3.5-Mile Walk to Horseshoe Lake Park in Succasunna, rallying the community together to impart hope to those impacted by the disease. Funds raised at the event will support the National Lung Cancer Partnerships research, education and awareness pro-

Free to Breathe Walk Unites Morris County to Defeat Lung Cancer September 23

grams. Register today for the Free to Breathe Morris County 3.5-Mile Walk, a family-friendly event that brings the entire community together to inspire hope and create change for everyone impacted by lung cancer. Together, we can fuel the movement to defeat this disease and help those diagnosed live longer, better lives. All proceeds help support the National Lung Cancer Partnerships vital research, education and awareness programs. For more information, to register or donate, visit Sunday, September 23 at Horseshoe Lake Park, 72 Eyland Avenue, Succasunna, N.J. 07876 Starting at 10:00 a.m. - Registration & check-in, 11:00 a.m. - Welcome and rally, 11:15 a.m. - 3.5-mile walk Register Online (closes September 19): $20. Mail-In (must be received by September 17): $23. Event Day (beginning at 10 a.m.): $25

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n Rt.10 West in Townline Plaza sits the newly opened Candylicious of Randolph. With over 100 bins of bulk candy and countless other treats, including gourmet chocolates, custom cake pops, Jelly Belly products and M&M's, Candylicious is sure to have something for everyone. With old time favorites and the newest candies, there is always something here for all ages. The party favors for your birthdays, weddings, and more are styled just for you! Come visit and satisfy your candy cravings at Candylicious of Randolph.

Sweeten Your Taste Buds With Candylicious

by Donna Casey On June 5, 2012 I was taking a seizure in my van as my little girl watched from the back seat. A man that happened to notice came over, opened my door and removed my keys from the ignition. He then phoned 911, the police and paramedics then came to our aid. The police officer asked my daughter what school she went to in order to contact my husband to let him know what happened and what hospital to meet us at. My daughter was very brave. I am very thankful to know that there are still good samaratins out there. I hope if that gentleman should need a lending hand that one will be there for him. Many thanks, Donna and Erin Casey

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Grace: Two Locations One Church

the sounds of live praise music; the school has become a church, complete with Sunday School, nursery, caf, and worship area. However, it is not separate from Grace. You see, Grace is one church two locations, a multi-site set-up that churches in many areas are adopting. Its been a great ride, said Rev. Cameron Baker commenting on the establishment of the Rockaway campus. The Rockaway Campus pastor, Baker is excited about whats been happening at Grace. The Rockaway Campus was launched on Easter Sunday 2011. It started with 23 families and has grown to have 42 families call the Rockaway Campus home. The Rockaway Campus started from a prayful effort to alleviate a problem. That problem was that the Netcong campus was running out of parking. Grace had previous experience starting a church plant (new church) in the west, but now the church was given the gift of an idea, not to plant another church, but to expand the ministries it was doing at the Netcong Campus to another site. Baker noted that the idea went along with Graces Vision : to raise up generations of families that are built to last. Because it is previously planted a church in the west, Grace decided to look to the east for the location for its new campus. After looking at some venues, it approached the Rockaway Board of Education about renting the school. Then, it looked to the congregation for help. We asked individuals from Rockaway and surrounding areas [who worshipped at the Netcong Campus ]if they could see themselves as missionaries to Rockaway [during the start-up period], said Baker. The idea of the new campus, was not just

By Elsie Walker riving down Route 46 in the Netcong-Roxbury area, Grace Church is a familiar sight. What people might not know is that Grace Church also has a campus in Rockaway. On Sunday mornings, a trailer drives up to the Dennis OBrien Elementary School at 418 Mineral Springs Drive, Dover and from that trailer emerges a portable church set-up and a transformation begins. At 10 am, there are

The praise band at the Rockaway Campus of Grace Church plays at the 10am service.

to worship in Rockaway, but also be part of the community. Now Sunday mornings are busy at the Dennis OBrien Elementary School as a trailer is unloaded with the items that will make the school, temporarily, into a church. The contemporary worship service starts at 10am with A great worship band, as Baker describes those that provide the music. The sermon that is preached each Sunday is a reminder that Grace is truly one church with two locations. The same sermon given at the Netcong campus is also seen at the Rockaway Campus via live video recording. The two campuses share in activities and events such as youth groups and service projects done by the church. Though there are challenges in having a temporary campus church building, such as finding meeting space for church activities during the week, there are many positives, too. There are opportunities for fellowship, for spiritual growth, and for service. Looking ahead, Grace is working on another campus location: on the internet. The church is working to establish a greater internet presence which will include worship opportunities on the web.

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The Growing Stage To Hold Auditions for Peter Pan

he Growing Stage, The Childrens Theatre of New Jersey, located in the Historic Palace Theatre on Route 183 in Netcong, New Jersey will be holding auditions for its production of PETER PAN the Musical on Saturday, September 1st. From 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM will be for young people 10 to 17, and auditions for adults 18 and older will follow. All auditioning should have a song prepared with printed accompaniment that should be no longer than sixteen measures, be expected to learn a dance piece led by the choreographer and some may be asked to read from the script. The production is under the direction of Stephen L. Fredericks, the Growing Stages Executive Director. Peter Pan, like its namesake, is a tale which never ages. Children and adults alike have all fallen under the spell of Neverland, a place where children can fly and exciting, frightening adventures happen every day. In 1985 Piers Chater Robinson adapted J.M. Barrie's book for the stage, and now, over 25 years later, his innovative Peter Pan musical score is well known and loved. The ever-popular characters are still there - Peter

Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, the dastardly Captain Hook and his sidekick Smee, Tiger Lily, the Lost Boys, pirates, Neverland Indians, fairies, Nana the pet dog and, of course, that scary crocodile. Growing Stage - The Childrens Theater of New Jerseys production of PETER PAN the Musical runs from September 21st to October 14th, with performances on Fridays at 7:30 p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00 p.m. The Growing Stage is a professional member of the Association of Actors Equity. There will be five roles available for AEA artists, a one AEA/ASM while other roles will be filled by community artists, making a cast of approximately twenty-five. Rehearsal schedules are generally three to four evenings during the week, and a Saturday afternoons. All cast members are expected for all performances, with no exception since the company does not cast understudies. Performers of color, seniors, women and performers with disabilities are encouraged to attend. For additional information please call (973) 347- 4946 or email

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our opponent works toward you using small fast steps, a menacing blade in hand, searching for an opening, any opening to exploit. You do the same, retreating, then advancing, looking for any opportunity to thrust your blade into your opponent, while not be hit yourself. Your pulse is thundering in your ears, you are super-aware and each second is packed with excitement and electricity! You attack towards your opponents center, but your opponent parries forcefully; a little too forcefully you note, then the steel is crashing into and deflecting your blade Where and when is this scene happening? 17th century France, or England? Perhaps the action is from a movie about musketeers, or even Lord of the Rings? No, this scene plays out many times every evening at the Morris Fencing Club in Randolph, NJ, where head coach Slava Danilov and his team teaches the discipline of modern sport fencing. Fencing is quickly gaining popularity in the US, particularly in the metropolitan NY-NJ area. The arrival in the US of high-quality coaches from countries such as Hungary, Ukraine, and Russia have helped propel US fencing to heights never previously imagined. The US is winning fencing medals at World competitions and the Olympics as never before.

Sure, all this makes for increased interest in fencing, but its so different from familiar ball sports that many have questions and wonder if its for them. The fact is fencing is terrific exercise for the body and mind. It is an excellent whole-body aerobic workout benefiting overall balance and coordination as well. The physical rigor of upper body for blade-work and lower-body for foot-work ensures this. The strategy of the bout keeps the mind sharp and focused as well. Additionally, as an individual sport, fencers can progress at their own pace yet experience camaraderie and learn sportsmanship in the club setting. The modern sport of fencing has three weapons. The foil, descended from the short or court sword of the late 17th century, the Epee, descended from the dueling rapier, and the Saber, originally a cavalry sword. Each of the weapons and their play retain some of their unique characteristics in their modern sport forms, but most of the foot-work and blade-work are very similar. An aspect of sport fencing that survived from when the weapons were sharp and used to settle matters of honor is the respect and courtesy expected of its participants. Bouts are regulated closely for infractions of the rules and bad behavior. At competi-

Thunder, Sweat, and Steel

tions, fencers are required to salute each other, the bout director and the audience. They must shake hands at the end of a bout. Perhaps for all or some of the aspects mentioned above, many major universities pursue fencers for scholarships and participation on their teams. Fencers as a group tend to have higher GPAs than other college sports where fencing programs exist. But perhaps the single most attractive thing about fencing is that it is incredibly

exciting, good fun. It is never boring or tedious. It is impossible not to be engaged and energized when you hold a weapon and your opponent does too, and you are expected to go after one another! Dont miss a wonderful opportunity for fun and improved health. Give fencing a try. The score is tied at 4-4. The next touch wins. You feint convincingly to the inside, continued on page 10

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By Elsie Walker heyre away from home, in a place where theres mostly rocks and desert. The environment isnt the safest and they must be on their guard. Ask these men and women why they go there and theyll tell you that they are proud to serve their country. These are our soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Being so far away, packages from home are something specialeven if that home isnt the one theyre from, but one thats adopted them. "The Port Morris United Methodist Church [Landing] responds to needs and our Adopt Soldiers Program [boxes] sent to U.S. Soldiers in the Middle East is one of our most important responses. Weve received responses from some of the soldiers, and our boxes are greatly appreciated and treasured. The soldiers are far from home and in a hostile environment. These expressions of support and love from back home mean a lot to them. I think, it is tremendously important for churches to get involved in supporting our servicemen and women, said Rev. Nick Petrov, pastor of the church. The idea came about a few years ago when a parishioner, who teaches English

Local Church Sends Love to Soldiers in Afghanistan

Annabelle Is Ready For Her Furever Home!!

Composition online, had a number of servicemen and women taking classes while deployed. They used their writing assignments as a way to share what was happening in their lives. It became clear that these soldiers could use a little pick me up. Soon names and addresses of student soldiers or the names of soldiers whose spouses or parents took classes, found their way to the church in Landing. In addition, the church has also supported a soldier with ties to it, Todd McDonald, who has done two tours of duty, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. The church is small, so it adopts a few deployed soldiers at a time. Soldier boxes go out about every six weeks. They have items such as packs of peanuts, gum, Ramen soup, crackers, beef jerky and cookies. Oreos are a popular request. Inside the boxes are sometimes put cards and crafts made by the children of the church or holiday cards signed by the parishioners. Also, with each box goes a letter, the first introducing the soldier to the church and Port Morris community. For soldiers overseas amid rocks and heat, the idea of being adopted by a community that sounds a little like its the Mayberry of New Jersey, brings a smile.

nnabelle is a sweet beagle mix, about 4-5 years old & she weighs about 25 pounds. Annabelle is a little doggie with lots of love to give! She loves to hang out with you & follow you around. She enjoys going for walks and when she meets people, she will runs up to them with her tail wagging and she gives them puppy kisses. A nice person found Annabelle and turned her into a over poplulated shelter in NC. When we found out her time was limited there, we stepped in brought her to NJ to live in a foster home. Annabelle has come a long way since

her days at the shelter. Her foster mom says "Annabelle is just a doll!! She is incredibly sweet and friendly." Annabelle is a calm doggie & not a baker. She enjoys sitting in the sun and sniffing around the yard. Annabelle needs a home where she can get a lot of attention and love. We are sure Annabelle, will wiggle her way into your heart! If you have a furever home for this pet, please e-mail and request an adoption application.

Page 10, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT The Randolph Library presents "Total Joint Replacement" on Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 7:00 p.m. This lecture, sponsored by Morristown Medical Center, focuses on total joint replacement, a procedure that relieves pain due to damage of cartilage from arthritis. You will learn the whys and hows of a joint replacement, preparing for surgery, the recovery process, possible complications, and more. For adults 18 and over. Randolph library card holders may register at and click on "Online Program Calendar & Signup," or call (973) 895-3556. Non-residents may register a week before the program.

Randolph Library Happenings

CLASSIC JAZZ DUO The Randolph Library presents "Classic Jazz Duo" on Sunday, Sept. 16 at 2:00 p.m. A chance encounter between gifted young jazz singer, Brynn Stanley, and veteran jazz entertainer, Grober Kemble, led to a great friendship and unique joint venture. Enjoy a tapestry of songs ranging from Gershwin & Ellington, to the great jump blues of the 40s and 50s. You'll also be entertained by their original compositions. For adults 18 and over. Randolph library card holders may register at and click on "Online Program Calendar & Signup," or call (973) 895-3556. Non-residents may register a week before the program.

St. Michael School To Offer Mandarin Chinese

his fall Saint Michael School will add Mandarin Chinese to the curriculum for grades 3-7. This program is 1 day a week for 3,4th grades and 3 days a week for grades 5,6,7. This course will be taught using a combination of Distance Learning Technologies and a traditional Face to Face methodologies. The instructor is Mrs. Li a graduate of Peking University, Beijing, China. She has been teaching since 2002 in the USA from grades elementary school up to 10th.

Thunder, Sweat, and Steel...

continued from page 8 breaking off the attack at the very last possible moment, your opponent again parries forcefullybut you duck under the blade, your arm now fully extended, your whole body lunging deep, hard, and long sending your point speeding toward its target: the now unprotected shoulder! Your sword points lands first, your front foot next with

a bang as your body extends into a deep lunge. Your opponent gasps with surprise and you surprise yourself with your own holler of victory! Taking off your masks, you salute each other and shake hands. See you tomorrow night Tom Valva 53, lives in Jefferson. He and his son are members of the Morris Fencing Club.

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Lead East: 30 years Celebrating the 1950s

stage during the day, and a 50's band to play at our sock hop at the host hotel. We arranged with the local burger joint down the road from the Flemington fairgrounds to have girls on skates serving the cars that pulled in, and generally, turned it immediately into more of a festival, said Cook. The lead of Lead East refers to customized cars. Last year, 1,800 restored classic 1972 and earlier cars, customs, lowriders, and street rods were on hand. The participants came from 22 states and Canada. Cook will tell you that when it comes to cars, he has no favorite. Recently, hes been building replica Bugattis and Delahayes because hes seen all the normal American cars for the past 60 years at events and has developed a passion for French Coachbuilt cars from 1936-39. He feels those are the most beautiful cars ever built. I'm into styling, not speed or horsepower, he said. But, as Cook notes, Lead East is about more than cars. It celebrates the 1950s. The music, sock hops, proms, and B movies of the era come to the Parsippany Hilton for that one weekend. The Hilton parking lot becomes a drive-in theater at night. Spectators walking through the lots can see the hangouts , of those showing their cars. Car clubs and groups of friends showing cars will claim a spot as theirs and decorate it. It is things like this that contribute to the events longevity. Most car shows have no entertainment and are held in dirt fields. Ours is held in a first class paved facility with tons of entertainment for the entire family, said Cook. With the variety of entertainment, theres something for everyone. So, whats Cooks favorite? Saturday night when everything is in full swing, the drive- in movies, the outdoor stage, two indoor stages, cars circling the

by Elsie Walker hen theres a party, sometimes people say that they wish the fun would never end. This Labor Day weekend theres a party thats been going on for 30 years. Its Lead East, the worlds biggest fifties party. For that weekend, poodle skirts, leather jackets, and greased hair come back in style. Classic cars, B movies, and doo wop are the norm. The fun happens at the Parsippany Hilton from August 29th September 2nd. The man who started it all, and has kept the party going all these years, is Terry Cook of Appleton Productions in Long Valley. Recently, Cook took a few moments to talk about how Lead East began, the 30th anniversary, and why he thinks the party just keeps going and going. When we started, I wanted to do something to make the event more than just sitting around looking at cars. For entertainment, we put up PA speakers, wired them together at the Flemington fairgrounds and hired a DJ to spin oldies music and make "dedications". Music over the PA at car shows did not exist at that time (1983). We hired the Ringoes drive in theater and showed Rebel Without a Cause to old cars only, plus a zombie movie. We hired the Bellmonts (without Dion) to perform on

hotel and cruising. Most car events are finished by 4pm in the afternoon; ours goes till midnight, then people dance in the parking lot till the sun comes up! he said. For the 30th anniversary, Cook says therell be more bandsand of course, more fun. Reflecting on this event which seems to have survived the test of time, Cook shared, We are so fortunate to live in a country where we can create and enjoy an event of continued on page 13

Lead East...

Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News, August 2012, Page 13

Lead East is about classic cars, the 1950s, and having fun.

continued from page 12 this nature. God has been good to us. Most of these cars are not legal to drive on the highways of Europe due to their strict laws. As for the event, I just felt that car enthusiasts deserved far better in terms of entertainment than sitting in a lawn chair with nothing to do. For more information, visit its website:

General Admission to Lead East is Adults - Thurs or Fri: $12, Adults - Sat or Sun: $20; Jr. & Sr. - Thurs or Fri : $8, Jr. & Sr. - Sat or Sun $12; "Children" - 11 & under Children admitted FREE to car show when accompanied by adult. Children need a ticket for Fri, Sat & Sun night Oldies Concerts. (Note: "Adult" -18 to 65 yrs old, "Jr." - 12 to 17 yrs, "Sr." - 66 yrs and older)

By Elsie Walker e invite and encourage the community to come, whether directly or indirectly touched [by the events of 9-11]. Were remembering the human loss and sufferinglets get together and side by side with anyone that was affected , said Rev. Tom Kinter. On Sunday, September 9th at 9:30am, the Stanhope United Methodist Church at #2 Route 183 in Netcong, will be holding its annual outdoor service remembering 911. Kinter, Pastor of the church, explained the significance of the service being outdoors. I think the outdoor service is a visual of the losspeople were forced outside , he said, in recalling how people had to flee the buildings. [So]on a given Sunday, we make the sacrifice of leaving our beautiful sanctuary to sit on the lawn. Kinter went on to note that a service like this is also a way to teach children what took place on that day. He likened it to what the Israelites did after crossing the Jordan. They made sure there was something in

Outdoor Sunday Service Remembers 9-11

place that would educate generations about the trials that were endured. However, the service is not only about loss, it is also about life. During the service, a baby is being baptized. Even when crisis strikes, we go on living. God is with us in life and death, said Kinter. The service is a reminder of that. After the service, the community is invited to stay for a picnic sponsored by the churchs United Methodist Mens group. In the case of inclement weather, the service will be held indoors.

The little guy in the picture was the one baptized at a previous year's service and with him is his great grandmother.

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Five Years of Quality Work at Budd Lake Auto Shop

Working on cars since he was 15 years old, owner Charlie Wohlleb refers to his shop in Budd Lake as the best transmission shop in the world. Wohlleb says We give fair prices; excellent work at a fair price. We guarantee our work. We treat people how they would like to be treated. We do it right the first time with proper diagnostics without guessing on parts to find the problem. We are honest, continues Wohlleb. We are upfront with the people. We back all our work with guarantees. Through experience, Wohlleb knows how to run the best shop. Wohllebs father had owned a shop in Andover since 1953. Id been working with my father my whole life, says Wohlleb. I did basic repairs. I couldnt take transmission out at first because I couldnt reach the lift, he recalls. But he started out with changing tires, oil changes and basic repairs. Wohlleb attended Sussex Vo-Tech for a degree in Automotive Technology and in 2003 opened a shop in Sparta. In 2008, Wohlleb decided he needed another shop so that is when he opened Budd Lake Transmission Auto Repair. I needed a second location, says Wohlleb. Budd Lake, It seemed like a good place to open up a business. People seemed to be friendly. Wohlleb ran the two shops until Nov. 2011, when he closed his shop in Sparta after the landlord requested his property back. Although the shop closed in Sparta, many of Wohllebs customers have followed him to Budd Lake for continued services on their vehicles. I have a good customer base; loyal customers, he says. One customer, Ive been working on her car for 32 years, since I was a young guy, he recalls. She is 80 years

By Cheryl Conway or excellent work that is guaranteed, fair prices, honesty and the best collection around for Coke memorabilia, visit Budd Lake Transmission Auto Repair for automobile repairs and services. Celebrating its five year anniversary this April 2013, Budd Lake Transmission Auto Repair on Route 46 in Budd Lake, does more than fix or replace transmissions. From brakes to oil changes, customers have been relying on the local auto shop for quality service.

Oil & Filter Change

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Transmission Service/Flush
Plus Fluid

Beat The Heat!

Most Cars Up to 5 qts. Expires 9/30/12


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old.she always says to me, I remember you when you were a little kid. Working on cars runs through Wohllebs family. Wohllebs son Danny, 23, works with me now and has been for the past nine years. It is one job Wohlleb truly enjoys. I just like working on cars; I like the people, meeting with people, working for people, he says. At Budd Lake Transmission Auto Repair, work is done by three certified mechanics. Work includes all auto repair and services such as brakes, shocks, exhausts, oil changes, engine repairs and air conditioning work. Wohlleb also offers rental car service through Mirage Rental Cars, which he also owns. For the five-year anniversary celebration in April, Wohlleb says he may offer a free Coke to his customers. I collect Coke stuffall Coke memorabilia, he says. Its just something different.antiques, it brings you back to the old days. Everyone remembers when they have a Coke. Hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. - 2 p.m., Saturday. Closed Sundays.

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he Lenape Valley Kiwanis Club proudly recognizes Carmine's Pizzeria & Restaurant from Netcong as the winner of the "2012 Pizza Challenge", an annual event to raise money for the Clothe A Child Project run by the Lenape Valley Kiwanis Club. All money raised by this event will be used to provide less fortunate children in the community with winter clothing such as boots, hats, scarves, gloves and coats. This year seven

Lenape Valley Kiwanis Club 2012 Pizza Challenge

restaurants donated pizza's to be judged by those who attended the event. Carmine's prevailed against the Castaway Tavern, The Grotto in Hopatcong, Johnny Jr's Pizza, Pizza Express from Netcong, Sal's Pizzeria from Stanhope and Frank's Pizza. In addition to the pizza Challenge, the Lenapy Valley Kiwanians held a silent auction to raise additional money for the same cause. They offer their thanks to the following persons, businesses and organizations

From left to right: Brian O'Connell, Katherine Hagerty, Sal Ruocco, Tony Salerno, Joe Ruocco and Patricia George.

who generously sponsored the event and/or made donations: Wild West City, Sports Clips, Delsea, Visual Eyes, Red Lobster, Frogmore, Chrissy Anderson-Mary Kay, Vanessa-Hairloom, Peter Giardino, Lynnes Nissan, Nino's Expressions, Whistling Swan, Cones by Design, Subways, and the members of the Kiwanis Club of Lenape Valley.

The Kiwanis Club of Lenape Valley meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Sal's Pizzeria, located at 81 State Hwy 183, at 6:00pm, for those who might be interested in coming to see what they are all about. Kiwanis International is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.

Page 18, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News

he Lynnes Cares Community Outreach Program was created by dealership owner, Julie Tozzo, to provide support for the local communities which have made the Lynnes name so common to see on the backs of cars and trucks all over NJ, NY and PA. For over 55 years, Lynnes Nissan has focused on addressing the automotive needs of families throughout the community. Bob Caravano and Maria Russo Farris of Lynnes have taken Lynnes Cares up a notch by partnering with many local organizations. The partnerships provide special affinity pricing to members (low, no haggle

Lynnes Nissan Offers Lynnes Cares to Community Organizations

prices) along with donations from the dealership to support either the organization/club, or charitable cause. Some of the partnerships include Easter Seals New Jersey to benefit Camp Merry Heart, the North-ern NJ Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Mt. Olive Lions Club and Mount Olive Chamber of Commerce to bene-fit the Chambers scholarship fund. The Hopatcong Seniors Club has also partnered with Lynnes. Club members enjoy the stress-free shopping experience and club financial support from Lynnes. For the ultimate in peace of mind and convenience, Lynnes provides all new Nissan buyers with FREE MAINTENANCE FOR 3 YEARS AND A NO CHARGE LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY, as well as free loaner cars and Sunday service hours. Today, Lynnes is proud to introduce the all new 2013 Nissan Altima. Simply stated, it is amazing and gorgeous. Whats so amazing? A roomy family sedan that accelerates from 0-60 mph faster than many sports cars (as well as

Honda Acord and Toyota Camry), and gets a class leading 38 miles per gallon. The value engineered into the Altima is unsurpassed. Perhaps you know of a community based club or charitable cause that could benefit from Lynnes Cares. For more information, please contact Bob or Maria at the Lynnes Community Outreach office, by calling 888-861-1153

Attention Schools, Churches, Organizations Send Your Press Releases to

Get Your Business Noticed with the AREAS MOST READ PAPER... AND WE CAN PROVE IT! Call 973-252-9889 for information

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he New Jersey Blood Center bus will be making a stop at Hoffman's Supply on Sunday, August 19th from 11am to 2pm! All successful donors will receive a $20 Gift Certificate to Hoffman's, good towards any purchase! All Healthy adults who are at least 17 old (16 years of age with a consent form signed by parental/guardian), and at least 120

Blood Drive at Hoffman's Supply

pounds are encouraged to donate. Please be sure to eat before you arrive. Remember, there is no substitution for blood and the need is constant. Whether you do it for a friend, a stranger, or the free cookies and juice : ) your contribution is important for a healthy and reliable blood supply! Any questions, please contact Anne Marie at HGPRO@HOTMAIL.COM

Black Forest Inn Announces New Menu, New Prices

Get Your Business Noticed with the AREAS MOST READ PAPER... AND WE CAN PROVE IT! Call 973-252-9889 for information

pricing. The restaurant, led by Executive Chef Heinz Aichem and Master Chef Heinrich Aichem, added some new items to the menu at the request of customers. The new menu not only features new entrees but most dinner entrees now feature full and half portions with prices starting as low as $15.50. While many people think of German cuisine as simply wursts, kraut, beer and heavy fare, Chef Aichem notes that Germany is situated at the crossroads of Europe and is influenced by the cuisines of all its neighbors. Continental cooking originated in Germany, and its foods reflect French, Italian and eastern European influences. The new menu and prices have already received rave reviews from customers, according to Black Forest Inn manager, Barbara Aichem Koster. While the restaurant is known for its generous portions, some patrons enjoy the smaller servings. Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 4:30 to 6pm, the restaurant offers an Early Dinner Pri Fix with a choice of appetizer, entre and dessert for $22.75 plus tax & gratuity. Every Friday night, the Black Forest Inn features a magnificent buffet with a large variety of entre items that customers can sample. On the first Friday of the month, B-F-I offers a seafood buffet. Beginning Saturday, September 15th, the Black Forest Inn will start its most popular event of the year, Oktoberfest, every Saturday and Sunday through the end of October. To reserve a table for Oktoberfest, call 973-347-3344. The Black Forest Inn is open for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays from 11:30am to 2pm. They are open for dinner Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 4:30 to 10 pm, Saturday 5 to 10pm and Sunday from 1 to 8pm. It is located at 249 Route 206 North in Stanhope, a minute off Route 80s Exit 25.

he Black Forest Inn, popular German-European cuisine restaurant on Route 206 in Stanhope, has announced that they have a new menu and new

Page 20, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News

NJFAD Enoying A Great Year!

and times) We have also had increased interest in our adult/teen dance classes. Apparently, there are quite a few of you out there who miss going to dance come join us! Ballet, Tap, and Hip Hop classes are available for teens through adults. We do like to accomplish new things, expand our knowledge and challenge ourselves...but, we are really just looking to have fun :) So, don't be shy! So what if you're a little rusty? It'll come's like riding a bike, really!!! We continue to offer the fitness classes that got us startedCardio Kickboxing, Pilates/Toning, Yoga, and Zumba. The rates for these classes (as with all of our classes) are extremely affordable. It is our goal to keep prices down and survive on volume in order to make fitness attainable for EVERYONE! We truly believe in the benefits of healthy makes each of us stronger in body, mind and spirit...and therefore, better able to contribute to the world around us. Did you know that we have morning classes on Tuesday and Friday with FREE BABYSITTING? Please join us at NJFAD and see for yourselfit's Not Just a FAD, it's a way to LIFE!!! For more 973-5985635

e have now been in our present location on 206 in Stanhope for over a year...and what a great year it has been! Our children's dance programs have been steadily growing (Ballet, Tap, HipHop and Tumbling for ages 3 - 12). The students presented 2 in-studio performances in the fall of 2011 and again in the spring of 2012, at the end of each of our semesters. The shows were very well received by our packed house of friends and relatives and the dancers were quite proud and excited, and rightly so! They all did an excellent job and we all had a fabulous time! (these performances are presented free of charge, btw, and last about an hour) So, as you are thinking about fall, you may consider signing your child up for one of our 18 week dance sessions-no contracts no registration fees! (See our ad in this issue for registration dates

Cut That Energy Bill and Stay Green

omeowners continue to seek creative ways to reduce monthly expenses while being more environmentally conscious. Knowing where your money is being spent gives you a better understanding of how and where to make efficiencies. The United States Department of Energy says that household heating and cooling accounts for around 54 percent of the average American's utility bill. Savings could be achieved through proper equipment maintenance and upgrades. However, the Department of Energy explains that an energy efficient furnace alone will not have as great an impact on energy bills as using a wholehouse approach. Consider a home's wall infrastructure. If traditional insulation material has been installed, replacing it with a modern alternative can help alleviate the high monthly energy costs. Stop-gap solutions such as caulking and sealing cracks might not be sufficient. However, spray foam insulation, like that available from innovators Icynene, provides a complete solution sealing any gaps that would allow heating and cooling to escape. Understanding what eco-friendly solutions are available to help you save money can be found at

Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News, August 2012, Page 21

Page 22, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News league and garners their support. I figured if we had the support of the clergy, the league would flourish, and it has. The second thing I introduced was to take a portion of the annual league fees and designate it as a league benevolence earmarked to help a good Christian cause, one that was not specifically tied to denomination. We alternate between sending our benevolence to Morris Habitat for Humanity and a few of the food pantries in the area. I feel it is very important for the league to be more than just about softball. Yes, we do gather in His name and we share some really good fellowship, but I also want to help others through the league. The current league Clergy[Liason} is Pastor Neil Tolboom from Morristown United Methodist Church. Pastor Neil is a former Wall Street Executive who left the business to become a pastor. He has such a great story and is a huge Christian sports supporter. For many who get on the field, it is a time to just unwind and have funno matter your skill level. Thats where the Fellowship League comes into play. Joe Weston, captain of the Mt. Olive Community Bible Church team talked about the two levels of play in the league: The competitive league is comprised of

Churches: Play Ball!

By Elsie Walker ometimes, those playing a tough softball game might say they could use a few prayers. However, for some teams playing this summer, their games always started with a prayer. The North Jersey Christian Softball League just finished another season. Made up of two league levels, Fellowship and Competitive, the teams consist of people of a variety of ages and occupations. This years competitive league champ was the team from Christ Episcopal Church in Budd Lake. However, it was another story at the end-of-season charity tournament. Defeating Christ Episcopal Church to win tournament was the Valley View Chapel team from Long Valley. However, the league isnt all about winning; its about fellowship, faith, and outreach. Gary Lieberman, the League commissioner since 2001, plays for the Holy Trinity Lutheran team. He talked about what the league is all about: When I took over as League Commissioner, I introduced a couple of new ideas. I appointed a League Clergy Liaison who was the pastor from Holy Faith Lutheran Church. [The liaison] interfaces with the clergy from the churches in the

all guys who grew up playing softball. They play hard and aim to win. At the end of the regular playing season, they have playoffs. The team that wins the playoff games takes a trophy back to its church. Contrast this against the coed league -thats us - which requires three women to be on the field and in the batting line-up at all

The softball team from Valley View Chapel won the 2012 NJCSL Charity Tournament.

times. The guys are of varying levels of skill and experience. The challenge is to get enough players to consistently show up for games. Its a rare occurrence for a coed team [ Fellowship League], to have enough players for the coach to limit participation only to those who display a minimal stancontinued on page 23


(Sold As Sets Only)

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$ $

TWIN EXTRA FIRM (10 yr. Warranty) ea. pc. FULL QUEEN
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BUDD LAKE 336 RT. 46 973-347-6200 EAST HANOVER 181 RT. 10 973-240-7847

Play Ball...
continued from page 22 dard of ability. So, the only recruiting requirement is that you can swing a bat, not that you necessarily can hit the ball. Another thing about the North Jersey Christian Softball League is the variety of people on the teams. The ages are from teen up. Age doesnt seem to matter; its the love of the game that counts. For example, Commissioner Lieberman, who alternates between pitching and playing second base) shared that he just celebrated his 61st birthday and, I have no plans on retiring anytime soon. Robbie Post, co-captain of the Stanhope UMCPort Morris UMC, is 73. Shes been playing since the team started a few years ago and shared about some of the fun this season brought: This year we didn't get to play full games because we were short on teammates. However, we were thrilled to get to play fun games with the other churches. It was so rewarding to find pleasant people and amazing sports. We got to play all different positions and found that to be a learning experience. At the end of each season, a charity tournament is held. This year, that tournament was held at Smith Field in Parsippany. Five teams competed: Morris Plains Presbyterian Church, Market Street Mission (Morristown), Grace, The Church on The Mount (Netcong-Rockaway), Valley View Chapel (Long Valley) and Christ Episcopal Church (Budd

Lake). Each team played four games as part of a round robin format. Valley View Chapel had a perfect day going undefeated during round robin play and then won the championship game over Christ Episcopal 9 - 3. No easy feat as the tournament started 8:30 am and ended seven hours later, with most of it played in 90+ degree heat, said Mark Ruiz, Events Commissioner who plays on the Morris Plains Presbyterian Church team. Monies received from the tournament go to the charity of the winners choice. This year it will go to outreaches support by Valley View Chapel. The fellowship shared by the league participants is of the utmost importance to me. I am thrilled when the Christian spirit shines in each of our games. Its not about winning; its all about gathering and sharing. And if we can do some good and help some folks, then all the better. Through softball many churches have attracted members, helped heal those who are hurting and, actually, in a few cases, had players go on to join the clergy. A few years ago, I was doing some electrical work and called for an inspection. The inspector pitched for one of the teams. So, you never know when youll run into a league member, said Lieberman. For more information about the North Jersey Christian Softball League, visits its site at:

Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News, August 2012, Page 23 sauerkraut and smoked pork chops will be offered along with tasty apple strudel, delicious beehive cake, authentic plum cake, and more. Additionally special Oktoberfest beers, only available for a short time, are available. General Admission tickets to the Chester Lions Oktoberfest are $6 at the gate. Children under 12 are free! Parking is available on site free of charge as well. The Chester Lions Club Oktoberfest proceeds have in past years been donated to such organizations as Soldiers Angels, the Seeing Eye, New Jersey Battered Women, Community Hope, and local first aid, fire departments, and student scholarship opportunities. With your support, the Chester Lions Club can continue its effort to help others. Join us for a family fun day, youll enjoy yourself. For directions or more information please check out our website or contact us at

he Chester Lions Club Oktoberfest will celebrate 14 years of German style family fun and good times this year. The festival, located at Chubb Park, offers authentic German entertainment, food and fun. The Adlers, a German band, will perform live music and a variety of entertainers including dance groups, bell ringers, and even a water goblet musician. The Chester Lions Club Oktoberfest will be held Saturday and Sunday, September 29 & 30 from noon to 8pm. Oktoberfest features non-stop entertainment, dancing and zany German antics. The fun includes bounce houses, pony rides, a rock climbing wall, and a variety of game and arts and crafts for the kids. Festival-goers can participate in raffle drawings, dancing, and more. The highlight of the Chester Lions Club Oktoberfest is the food and beer tent which features authentic German cuisine. Bratwurst,German potato salad,

Celebrate Oktoberfest!

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Page 24, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News

oreign high school students are scheduled to arrive soon for academic year homestay programs, and the sponsoring organization needs a few more local host families. The students are anxiously awaiting news of their new families. This is the last chance for these young ambassadors to fulfill their life-long dreams, and their placement deadlines are rapidly approaching. The students are all between the ages of 15 and 18 years, are English-speaking, have their own spending money, carry accident and health insurance, and are anxious to share their cultural experiences with their new American families. P.I.E. currently has programs to match almost every family's needs, ranging in length from one semester to a full academic year, where the students attend local public and private high schools. P.I.E. area representatives match students with host families by finding common interests and lifestyles through an in-home meeting. Prospective host families are able to review student applications and select the perfect match. As there are no "typical" host families, P.I.E. can fit a student into just about any situation, whether it is a single parent, a childless couple, a retired couple or a large family. Families who host for P.I.E. are also eligible to claim a monthly charitable contribution deduction on their itemized tax returns for

Local Host Families Needed Now for Foreign Teens

each month they host a sponsored student. For the upcoming programs, P.I.E. has students from Germany, Norway, Venezuela, Argentina, Norway, Belgium, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Denmark, China, Thailand, Argentina and many other countries. P.I.E. is a non-profit educational organization that has sponsored more than 25,000 students from 45 countries since its founding in 1975. The organization is designated by the United States Department of State and is listed by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), certifying that the organization complies with the standards set forth in CSIET's Standards for International Educational Travel Programs. P.I.E. encourages interested families to contact the program immediately, as it will allow the proper time for the students and hosts to get to know one another before they actually meet for the first time. Families interested in learning more about student exchange or arranging for a meeting with a community representative may call P.I.E., toll-free, at 1-866-546-1402. The agency also has travel/study program opportunities available for American high school students as well as possibilities for community volunteers to assist and work with area host families, students and schools.

Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News, August 2012, Page 25

Cooking Classes Resume In The Fall! Call for Dates!

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NESTL TOLL HOUSE MORSELS Surprise your family and friends with extra rich brownies; put an unexpected twist on a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe; or make your favorite snack even tastier with Dark Chocolate Morsels from NESTL TOLL HOUSE. Made with 53 percent cacao, these morsels are sure to delight the chocolate lovers in your life every time you Bake Some LoveTM. Visit for quick and easy recipes. Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites Between carpool, homework and sports, it can be tough to fit in that much anticipated and oh-so-important after-school snack. But a plate full of new Queso Cheese Bites from Farm Rich just might do the trick. Theyre quick and easy, but wholesome and delicious, too and will help keep you and the kids happy and energized on hectic days. For information and coupons, visit

Back To School Bites

USA Pears Pears are a delicious and fun way to pack a healthy lunch. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and each has its own sweet flavor. You can pack a whole pear, or cut one into French fry shapes and serve with nut butter or yogurt for dipping. Or serve sliced pears with whole grain crackers and cheese for a stackable snack. For more ways to send pears to school, visit Boars Head Ovengold Turkey Breast Ask any kid: not all sandwiches are created equal. But whether they like crust or no crust, mayo or mustard, Boars Head Ovengold Turkey Breast makes a winning sandwich every time. Ovengold is the highest quality turkey breast, roasted to perfection, and certified heart-healthy. And like all Boars Head Brand premium deli meats and cheeses, it is gluten-free and contains no fillers or artificial colors or flavors. Learn more at

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Page 26, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News

Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News, August 2012, Page 27

Please Note: The views and opinions of this columns does not reflect the view and opinions of MJ Media LLC. Contact the individual writers with your feedback.

Voters Need to Get Educated and Not Listen to the Liberal Media!
April 2001: The (Bush) Administrations FY02 budget declares that the size of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is a potential problem, because financial trouble of a large GSE could cause strong repercussions in financial markets, affecting Federally insured entities and economic activity. May 2002: The President calls for the disclosure and corporate governance principles contained in his 10-point plan for corporate responsibility to apply to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (OMB Prompt Letter to OFHEO, 5/29/02) April 2008: President Bush urges Congress to pass the much-needed legislation and modernize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. [There are] constructive things Congress can do that will encourage the housing market to correct quickly by helping people stay in their homes. (President George W. Bush, Meeting With Cabinet, the White House, 4/14/08). May 2008: President Bush issues several pleas to Congress to pass legislation reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before the situation deteriorates further. In September of 2003 Democrat Barney Franks said, These two entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are

By Luigi Luciano s we head into the heart of the presidential election season one has to stop and wonder about what has transpired over the previous four years. When Barack Obama took office we were promised change. Unprecedented change. After 8 years of George W Bush we were told things were so bad that we needed sweeping changes. When Bush left office things were on the decline. But Bush who along with the Republicans went on a spending spree and raising the debt was incidental to what the Democrats have done the past 6 years. We have heard for almost 4 years that this is Bushs fault. When does the leader of the free world take responsibility for his failed policies and actions? Obama is like a child blaming everyone else except himself for his failures. If the Democrats listened to Bush a lot of this crisis might have been avoided. The White House (Under Bush) Warned Congress About Fannie Mae Freddie Mac 17 Times In 2008 about the housing crisis and that something had to be done.

not facing any kind of financial crisis, said Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee stated. The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing. Once again Liberals more concerned with giving something away for nothing than doing what is right. You have to also remember that in 2008 and into the first term of Obama the Democrats controlled it all, House, Senate and in 2009 the Presidency. The National debt under Obama was at a record $1.42 trillion in 2009 more than 3 times of that under Bush in his first year. Unemployment is worse than when Bush left office. Our Countries standing with other nations is at an all time low. I am sorry to have to say that the majority of voters are uneducated and listen to what they hear from a media that protects Obamas failed polices and does no research for the facts just like the above mentioned on the housing crisis warning from George W Bush. Because the media protects Obama and his failures he can run a campaign on scare tactics and lies to deflect from the real issues and how he will solve the mess he worsened. The American people need to wake up and educate themselves with the truth. Go online and search out all the details on Obama Care and read some of bill. You will see how it affects you today if passed. Go research all the money Obama invested in failed alternative energy companies and we will never see. He talks about Romney and Bain Capital how Romney closed plants and cost jobs. What about Obama and GM (Government Motors) when Obama took that over and closed thousands of dealerships leaving thousands without jobs. Regan asked "Are you better off than you were four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment...than there was four years ago? I asked the same question today are you better off now than before Obama took office? This is an election for the future not today. The vision Obama has for this country has failed miserably and there is none of the Hope and Change that he promised 4 year ago. The only hope is that he gets voted out of office and the change would be a change in the Obama polices before he drags this great county down even further. Wake up America or one day you will wake up and there will be no America. Comments? Visit and submit and comment or email

Page 28, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News

Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News, August 2012, Page 29

Page 30, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News

Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News, August 2012, Page 31

Edison Electrified Rural New Jersey Towns Decades Before 1935 & Roosevelts REA
sparked the electric lighting era that created power plants to cities worldwide. The widower Thomas Edison returned to rural New Jersey. He married Mina Miller on February 24, 1886 and had his home, lab and factory in undeveloped West Orange, NJ. However, except for the rural New Jersey towns that were favored by these Edisons businesses, most of rural America was left in the dark. Electricity developed two classes of American citizens: those with and those without electricity. Bringing electricity to rural areas was not a profitable venture to investor-owned utilities that only operated compact distribution systems providing service for high customer areas strictly for profit. It would take over 50 years before the sparsely populated countryside of America would see electricity. For many farmers the power that generated farm work and rural family living was either manual or horse drawn. Investor owned utility companies could not be forced to supply rural areas with electricity. The only way rural America would have electricity was for the farmers to bear the cost of constructing their own power delivery system. This was a financial impossibility for a farming community. Without electricity, rural Americans were soon lagging behind socially and economically compared to urban America. It was not until the Great Depression that these regional modernization divides were finally addressed by the nation. President Franklin D. Roosevelt recognized this inequity when executing his New Deal program for the American

by Michele Guttenberger homas Edison had iron operations and cement businesses in Sussex County, NJ. His operations were run on electricity. After closing his iron operations he recouped his losses by opening a lime quarry near Sparta in 1919, which became a more successful operation. The quarry fed Edison's Portland cement operations. Edison saw to it that that this mining community had electricity both at the work place and in their homes. Sparta became one of the first rural towns in the nation to have electricity. In March 1876, after working in Newark for five years, Thomas Edison relocated his base of operations to Menlo Park, New Jersey working out of the two-story structure in rural New Jersey. In the six years at his quiet Menlo Park location, he with his associates obtained over 400 patents. At Menlo Park, Edison radically improved the generator, while developing numerous other devices to measure and improve the production and distribution of electricity. This rural New Jersey town was his think tank location for electrical R&D. After his light bulb invention in 1879, Thomas Edison pushed for an electrical generating station to light up these bulbs. In the early 1880s his quest was to get cities electrified. He took residence close to his Pearl Street station project in Manhattan. His goal was to build the worlds first central electrical generating station. The first block in Manhattan to be lit included the offices of The New Times and J.P. Morgan. The Pearl Street, NY generating station

people. On May 11, 1935, he signed into law executive order 7037 which created the Rural Electric Administration (REA). Rural towns across America would finally get electricity just like rural places in Sparta, Menlo Park, and West Orange, New Jersey that had Edisons electricity decades ago. Edisons original electric inventions can be seen today. Please visit The Thomas Alva Edison Museum- NPS Open Wednesday through Sunday. Hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm Fee is $7.00 - 211 Main Street West Orange, NJ 07052 Visit website for more details

Page 32, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News

Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News, August 2012, Page 33
















Page 34, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News

Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News, August 2012, Page 35

Page 36, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Randolph News