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01. SERIES B Mark the wrong sentence. a) Aircrafts used for aerobatics need not prepare MEL even if manufacturer has issued MMEL. b) All aircrafts shall have MEL if manufacturer has issued MMEL c) MEL implies that safe operation of aircraft is possible even with the existence of certain system d) All above are correct. Use of aircraft by invoking MEL for longer periods will result in a) Improved flight safety b) Reduced flight safety c) Improved system efficiency d) None of there Mark the wrong sentence regarding MEL a) It is based on MMEL b) MEL must be less restrictive than MMEL c) MEL is approved by DGCA Hqs d) None Operator shall mention in his __ manual as to when and where MEL item will be attended to a) Quality control manual b) Aircraft maintenance manual c) Maintenance system manual d) Quality assurance manual Mark the correct sentence a) AME need not certify an aircraft for flight even though defective s system is covered under MEL b) With MEL invoked pilot can refuse to fly if it is unsafe to fly c) QCM is responsible to ensure that aircraft is not dispatched for flight with multiple items in operative d) All above are correct MEL is normally applicable to a) Parent base b) All transit stations & main stations only c) All transit, terminal & parent base only d) All transit, terminal and main stations only MEL can be invoked at parent base a) Provided defect encountered an hour or so before the departure of that flight b) As at a) and RAO should be informed in writing with in 24 hours c) Provided defect encountered an hour or so before the departure of first flight of the day d) As at c) and RAO should be informed in writing within 24 hours. Select the wrong statement a) MEL defects shall be rectified at first available opportunity b) In any case MEL defects shall be rectified, once aircraft returns to the main base c) MEL defects can be carried forward for indefinite periods provided they are covered in MMEL also d) All above are correct The preamble of MEL will indicate a) Method of informing pilots about defect b) Procedure of release of aircrafts with defects as per MEL c) When and where the defects covered in MEL will be rectified d) All above and define the main bases & transit station. The responsibility of amending MEL is with a) QCM b) RAO where the operator is based










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c) Accounatable Manager d) Manufacturer of aircraft Who can put a time limit in MEL for rectifying a) The RMU in QC department b) DGCA c) QCM d) None 12. Aircraft rules 7 B specifies that all radian registered aircrafts shall carry on board a) First Aid kit and Physicians kit b) Cockpit check list & emergency check list c) Up dated CAR d) Flight manual 13. A list containing items of inspection/action to be performed by the flight crew, in the order as listed, and in the circumstances as indicated, for ensuring safe operation of air craft is called a) Cockpit check list b) Emergency check list c) Flight inspection schedule d) Flight manual 14. Emergency check list is a list a) Containing action to be performed by flight crew in the order listed, and in the circumstances as indicated, for ensuring safe operation of aircraft. b) As at a) but whenever emergent situations develop in flight on failure of aircraft systems/components. c) As at b) requires extra alertness on the part of flight crew d) Check list to be followed whenever the aircraft wants to take off in emergency. Challenge and response method while using the CCL needs __ crew Members a) One only b) Two or more c) Three only d) None 15. Cockpit check list/emergency check list is given by the aircraft manufacturers in their a) Flight Manual b) Operations Manual c) Crew operating Manual d) All above 16. Mark the correct sentence a) Alterations to check list can be carried out by the operator on his Own depending on his experience b) Operators can prepare the CCL and ECL based on their experience c) The check list will list the function of each flight crew member against each item of the list d) None of the above. 17. Items not included in MEL a) Wings, complete engines b) One engine failure c) Galley equipment d) All above 18. CAR section 2. series B, part II is issued vide (Preparation of CCL & ECL) a) Aircraft rule 7B b) Aircraft rule 133A c) Aircraft rule 50 d) Aircraft rule 15 19. Alteration to check list on the basis of operators own experience must be carried only after obtaining the concurrence of a) DGCA b) RAWO c) Manufacturer d) RAA 1. Rectification of a minor defect may be deferred: a) If it is included in MEL b) Included in MEL and pilot in charge is satisfied with regard to safe operation c) As in (b) at any transit / Terminal Station d) For al Flights Amendments to MEL based on revised MMEL shall be approved by a) RAWO/Sub RAWO b) DGCA c) QCM d) Manufacturer 11.

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MEL shall be prepared by the operator a) Scheduled, Non scheduled operator b) Scheduled, Non-Scheduled and General Aviation aircraft c) For all aircraft where manufacturer has issued MMEL d) none Safe operation of modern aircraft is possible to day even with existence of certain defects because a) Inherent safeguards introduced in the form of duplicated components system b) Redundancy of aircraft system / components c) By having approved MEL and preamble on board d) (a) & (b) Practice of permitting aircraft to continue their flights from transit station to base station with existence of defects results in a) Reduces safety, increases engineering cost and avoids passenger discomfort b) Reduces safety, increases crew work load avoids passenger discomfort c) Reduces safety, crew work load, engineering cost and avoid passenger discomfort d) All are correct Rectification of in-operative system/components covered under MEL shall be carried out: a) As per MSM b) At Main station c) At parent base d) At first place where time and spares permit Operator shall obtain MMEL and frame MEL so as: a) MEL is to be less restrictive, than MMEL b) MEL can not be less restrictive, than MMEL c) MEL does not differ in its format with MMEL d) MEL shall be same that of MMEL The following cannot be included in MEL? a) Stand-by Radio Navigation equipment b) One of the two engines of the aircraft c) Rudder operating system d) B and C The following literature of the operator will describe as to when or where an in-operative item covered under MEL shall be replaced: a) MSM b) Preamble c) QC Manual d) A&B The following shall exercise necessary control so that no aircraft is dispatched with multiple items inoperative a) RAWO b) Part C c) QCM d) DGCA AME shall take maintenance actions while releasing aircraft for flight after invoking MEL as per: a) Preamble b) Dispatch Deviation guide c) Procedural Manual d) All the above MEL is applicable to: a) Transit station b) Terminal base c) Main base d) All the above except parent base The following shall be reported to RAWO Release of aircraft at parent base with defect occurred one hour before the first flight of the day b) All the defects carried forward c) All deferred maintenance d) All deferred maintenance at transit base MMEL is approved by: a) Manufacturer b) RAWO c) DGCA d) None MEL is approved by: a) DGCA b) RAWO c) Manufactures d) QCM Scheduled operator is required to determine strengthening of servicing facilities at transit base after analyzing: a) Reliability data submitted to RAWO b) Internal safety audit report c) Dispatch reliability d) Monthly record of carried forward defects Aircraft rule which requires carriage of CCL & ECL onboard:

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24. 25.



a) 7/1937 b) 7/1934 c) 7B/1937 d) None CCL & ECL for each type of aircraft is prepared by: a) Operator b) Manufacturer c) QCM d) None CCL & ECL is generally provided by: a) Regulating authority of country of manufacture b) By the manufacturer c) As in (A), operator shall use it under intimation to RAWO d) As in (B), operator shall use it under intimation to RAWO Deviation/ amendment to CCL/ECL provided by the manufacturer shall be approved by: a) RAWO b) DGCA HQ c) QCM d)Flt crew Approval to MEL is given by a) RAWO where the aircraft is mainly based b) QC Manager along with authorized pilot c) Representations from engineering operations and cabin crew d) DGCA (HQs) MEL shall be prepared by a) MEL shall be prepared for all aircrafts where the aircraft manufacturer issued MMEL b) Other operators operational experience for similar type of aircraft c) Under the provision of Rule 133A d) All correct Items not included in MEL a) Wings, flight controls, complete engines, landing gears etc. correct functioning of which is absolutely necessary for any flight b) Galley equipment, entertainment system, passengers convenience equipment c) Flight control, one engine failure with galley equipment aircraft can fly under MEL d) Both A and B correct MEL is applicable a) Transit station b) Terminal Station c) Main station d)All correct Aircraft permitted to fly under MEL mark correct and appropriate answer a) Defect encountered an hour before first flight of the day b) Such cases shall be reported RAWO with in 24 hours. c) MEL is not intended to fly for an indefinite period d) All correct MEL is to be rectified and signed a) Within 24 hours of occurrence b) Wherever the maintenance facilities available c) Within 48 hours elapsed time d) Within 72 hours of elapsed time Cockpit & emergency check list is prepared a) Rule 7B of 37 b) Rule 7A of 37 c) Rule 7A of 34 d) Rule 7A of 38 Cock-pit checklist means a) Inspection / actions to be performed by the ground crew in the order listed and in the circumstances indicated for safe operation of the aircraft b) Inspections to be performed by the flight crew c) Action to be performed by the flight crew d) Both inspection/action to be performed by the flight crew for safe operation of the aircraft Alterations to check list is carried out a) Operators operational experience b) On DGCA requirement c) After obtaining concurrence of the DGCA d) All correct Regarding Maintenance a) Maintenance and certificate standards Rule 60 of 37 b) Major defect of aircraft - Rule 59 of 37 c) All correct d) None of these

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