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SERIES X 1. Which rule requires that all aircraft registered in India must have Nationality & registration markings a) Rule 133 A b) Rule 60 c) Rule 15 d) Rule 37 2. a) Indian Airlines Airbus aircrafts will have nationality marking IC b) 9W c) VT d) N

3. Mark the correct sentence regarding Indian registered aircraft Registration markings a) Markings will be IC - EDW b) Markings will be VT EDWTX c) Markings will be VT ABC 123 d) Markings will be VT SMP

4. Nationality & Registration marks in case of lighter than air airships shall be in
a) b) Fuselage The hull or stabilizer surfaces c) On the engine panels d) No markings required Mark correct sentence Special balloons should have their nationality & registration markings in two places diametrically It shall appear near the maximum horizontal circumference of balloon c) Both a & b d) None

5. a) b)

06. a) b) c) d) 07. a) b) c) d) 08.

The lighter than air aircraft height of marks hall be (other than unmanned free balloons) At least 50 mm At least 50 cms Not more than 50 cms No limits & will depend on size of aircraft Mark the correct sentence Heavy aircraft markings on wings height shall be not less than 50 cms Heavy aircraft markings on furelage height shall be at least 30 cms Heavy aircraft height of marking on the vertical tail surface shall be at least 30 cms. All true Mark the correct sentence Width of letter of markings shall be 2/3rd of height of letter Thickness of markings shall be 1/4th of height The space between two letters in the markings shall be at least 1/4th of height of the Both a & c are true

a) b) c)
letter d) 09. a) b) c) d) 10. a)

The identification plate of the aircraft Will have nationality & registration markings Name and address of operator Both a & b As at a) and name and address of AMO. Rule 58 of Aircraft rules 1937 requires that All Indian registered aircraft should affix identification plate with nationality markings
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b) c) d)

Every aircraft shall be weighed and its CG determined Deals with size and location of nationality and registration makings Every aircraft shall be fitted with instruments and equipments.

11. Empty weight means a) Measured or computed weight of an aircraft with weight of all items of fixed operating equipment or other equipment which are mandatory. b) Weight of an aircraft excluding the weight of all removable equipment and other items of disposable load. c) Both a & b d) Lot of an aircraft which is empty of all pay load. 12. a) b) c) d) 13. a) b) c) d) 14. a) b) c) d) 15. a) b) c) d) 16. Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) Is the maximum weight with which the aircraft can take-off Is the maximum permitted take off weight as per C of A or flight manual Is the maximum weight of total load or passengers which can be carried on board None of the above Aircraft of weights below 2000 kgs Should be reweighed during C of A renewal Need not be reweighed on routine basis Should be reweighed yearly once None. Mark the correct sentence regarding reweighing of aircraft of AUW above 2000kgs Reweighing every year during C of A renewal Extension of 4 months or below can be granted by regional Airworthiness office for reweighing periods Extension up to 3 months for reweighing can be granted by Sub-RAO. Shall be reweighed every five years. An aircraft shall be required to be reweighed if It has under gone major repair Major changes in cargo compartments effecting weight and balance A major alteration has been done All above The weight schedule will be prepared by a appropriately licensed AME in category a) Cat A b) Cat B c) Cat X d) Cat D Weight schedule should contain Registration marking and serial no. of aircraft Maximum usable fuel capacity Type of aircraft All above Mark the correct sentence regarding weight schedule It will have date of weighment with signature of licensed AME/approved person It will record empty weight CG Maximum number of passengers All above The weight schedule will be approved by a) RAO QCM of schedule airlines Director of Airworthiness b) DGCA Hqs

17. a) b) c) d) 18. a) b) c) d) 19. c) d) 20. a) b) c) d) 21. a)

Whose responsibility is it to ensure that the aircraft is satisfactorily loaded before each flight The QCM Pilot-in-command AME licensed in Cat A & C Accountable Manager of the operator Standard weight for preparation of load sheet (including handbag) For crew 85kgs and adult passenger 75kgs
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b) c) d) 22.

Crew 75kgs and adult pax 65kgs Crew and adult pax for 75kgs Crew 85kgs and adult pax 70kgs Rule requires that every aircraft shall be fitted and equipped with instruments and equipments. a) Rule 58 b) Rule 57 c) Rule 60 d) Rule 37

23. Physicians kit is mandatory in a) All passenger carrying aircrafts. b) Large public Tpt aircraft carrying more than 20 pax including crew when engaged in commercial flights c) All transport aircraft including cargo aircrafts on all flights d) None. 24. a) b) c) d) 25. a) b) c) d) 26. a) b) c) d) 27. a) b) c) d) a) b) c) d) 29. a) b) c) d) The Physicians kit will be used in emergency by Air hostess Cabin attendant Qualified medical practitioner Any passenger Mark the correct sentence Aircraft with seating capacity of more than 250 shall have 4 physicians kits Aircraft with seating capacity of 61-150 shall have 2 physicians kits. Aircraft with seating capacity 21-60 shall have 01 physicians kit Aircraft with capacity 21-60 shall have 2 first aid kits. Mark the correct sentence All aircraft should have first aid kit First Aid kit contents will be certified by a qualified medical practitioner The quantity of contents of FA kit varies as per seating capacity of aircraft. All true. The contents of FA kit/Physicians kit shall be examined by medical officers. Every six months for transport aircrafts Every one year for training aircraft As at a) and b) but every 3 months As at a) and b) 28. If Physicians kit is used in flight It should be immediately sealed by cabin crew It should be sealed by the same doctor who used it. It should be replenished and certified by a doctor and then sealed It can be in use till all the medicines finish.

Self Extinguishing means The material shall burn but will not burn other items around it. Material shall self-extinguish within a specified time after removal of flame The material will not catch fire even if flame is continuously applied None.

30. Mark the correct sentence a) Transport aircraft having AUW 15000kg or more should have furnishing material, which are self extinguishing. b) Flame resistant means not susceptible to combustion to the point of propagating a flame after ignition source is removed. c) Both a & b true d) None. 31. a) b) c) d) 32. Transport aircrafts are type certificated to FAR 25/JAR 25 standard FAR 33 standard FAR 23 standard None. Concession is
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a) Permission by DGCA to use limited quantity of substandard material/parts b) Permission to fly with a particular component or part unserviceable or removed-with out affecting the safety of aircraft. c) Permission to use limited quantity of material/parts not manufactured in accordance with approved design specifications. d) Extension granted for carrying out major modification or repair without affecting the safety of aircraft. 33. Alterations carried out on aircraft primary structure or parts which are likely to endanger the safety of aircraft if not carried out or it improperly carried out are a) Repair b) Major repair c) Functional tests d) Major modifications. Major modifications affect Weight of aircraft Change in design Change in flight characteristics All above Major repair if improperly carried out will affect Centre of gravity Weight of aircraft Change in design Flight characteristics Requests for grant of concessions relating to use of materials/parts in cockpit door will be given by DGCA Hqs. Though RAO DGCA Hqs. Directly RAO QCM of organization approved in category A & B

34. a) b) c) d) 35. a) b) c) d) 36. a) b) c) d)

37. Mark the correct sentence. a) Request for grant of concessions relating to major modifications must be referred to DGCA via RAO. b) For minor modifications in case of approved firms with specific approvals concessions can be authorized by QCM with intimation to RAO. c) Both a & b are true d) As in b) but RAO approval should be taken first. 38. Mark the correct sentence a) Requests for concessions relating to fuel system will be disposed of by RAO b) Requests for concessions relating to hydraulic power system will be disposed of by RAO c) Concessions relating to landing gear system will be authorized by QCM of approved firms with specific approval for such delegations, under intimation to RAO d) None of there. 39. All aircraft registered in India shall have aircraft log book is mandated in a) Rule 57 b) Rule 67 c) Rule 47 d) Rule 77 The flight report book/Tech log shall have Time of arrival and place of arrival Signature of pilot in command Hours of flight All above with date of flight The log books in respect of newly manufactured aircraft will be issued by The manufacturer or owner/operator DGCA during first C of A check The RAO None. The first section of Engine log book shall contain Test flight records Major repairs
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40. a) b) c) d) 41. a) b) c) d) 42. a) b)

c) d) 43. a) b) c) d) 44. a) b) c) d) 45.

Modification records Overhauls done The second section of propeller log book will contain Hours flown date wise Test flights Overhaul records Minor repairs The third section of Radio apparatus log book will have Modification status Major repair records Flight release inspection records Replacement records. The contents of journey log book in case of scheduled operators will be approved by a) QCM b) Accountable Manager c) RAO d) English Book Stores, New Delhi. The entries in the log books shall be completed with in 24 hours of completion of work 48 hours of completion of work 24 working hours of the RAO 2 working days of RAO When an engine is removed from the aircraft Entry should be made in Aircraft log book Entry should be made in Journey log book Entry should be made in Engine log book Both a and c are correct 48. When a component, not having an individual log book, is removed Entry should be made in Aircraft log book Entry should be made in journey log book Entry should be made in Flight log book A new log book is to be made and removal entry should be entered a such book.

46. a) b) c) d) a) b) c) d) a) b) c) d)

49. Mark the correct sentence a) Aircraft log books shall be preserved till if aircraft is permanently with drawn from use b) In case an aircraft is damaged beyond economical repair the log book will be preserved for 1 years from the date of accident c) Engine log book will be preserved for a period of 2 years after engine is permanently withdrawn from use d) All of the above 50. a) b) c) d) If aircraft log book is not maintained in the manner and from prescribed, then The operators license will be cancelled The QCM/Accountable Manager will be warned by DGCA to maintain the records. The aircraft shall be deemed un airworthy. The license of the AME/AMEs who are expected to make entry will be suspended.

51. Rule 7 of aircraft rules 1937 demands that a) All aircraft registered in India shall carry instruments and equipments an specified b) All Indian registered aircraft shall carry valid documents as specified. c) All Indian registered aircraft shall not carry any explosive material onboard when in passenger transportation. d) All Indian registered aircraft should have nationality & registration markings. 52. a) b) c) d) 53. a) Group A documents Load and trim sheet Weight schedule Flight manual All above Group B documents Minimum equipment list
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b) c) d)

C of A Technical log FRC

54. Mark the correct sentence a) Group A documents should be carried on board in any safe place in aircraft b) Group B documents should be carried on board aircraft and should be accessible to pilot all times. c) An aircraft which does not leave the vicinity of departing aerodrome may not carry. Group b documents on board. d) All passenger aircraft with AUW 5700kg and above shall provide passenger safety information briefing card at every passenger seat location. 55. Passenger safety information briefing card contains a) Places of tourist attraction in the route b) Evils of drinking liquor and taking drug c) Restrictions on smoking d) All above 56. Taxy permit is issued by a) QCM b) RAO c) Chief pilot of the operator d) Controller of air worthiness of the area. 57. Qualifications for obtaining taxy permit are a) AME in cat A covering the type of aircraft b) AME in cat C covering the type of aircraft c) Should be conversant with runway markings d) Both b & c true 58. Mark the correct sentence a) Person wishing to obtain taxy permit will be assessed for his taxying ability by RAO b) Person wishing to obtain taxy permit must manditorily hold RT license c) Taxy permit will be renewed for one year provided the holder has taxied at least once during preceding year. d) All true. 59. For issue of type approval to an aircraft which of the following documents are required to be submitted to DGCA a) Details of materials of construction b) A complete list of drawings c) Subsidiary type records d) All of above 60. All inspection records (during the process of manufacture of air craft) shall be retained for a) Two years b) Ten years c) Five years d) One year

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