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Girl arrives in town She just transferred from LA Here to Sunnydale Kicked out of her school She does

not want trouble here Enter Mr. Giles A librarian He presents a book to her Its titled: Vampyr Into Every Generation A Slayer Is Born With Power The Power to fight the demons and the Vampires This girl named Buffy Buffy refuses She does not want to slay here Thats too bad for her This is Sunnydale So Welcome to the Hellmouth Master has returned. Throughout this past day Buffy has made some new friends Xander, Willow, Giles. She has also met A mysterious person Who is named Angel That night at the Bronze Some vampires attack Cordy Buffy saves her life Later on this year Strange things start ahappening Lets start with Xander Xanders teacher has a kind of thing for him but shes a praying mantis

Then right after that The Anointed One is born Hes a vampire kid Xander and some jerks get possessed by hyenas, eat the principal We learn more about the mysterious man named Angel the vampire Dont worry at all Angel has a soul unlike other normal vamps More stuff happens and we meet Jenny Calendar a techno-pagan

Spike and Dru become At least for a little while The seasons Big Bad Halloween arrives Willow turns into a ghost Xander, a soldier That was because of Ethan Rayne an old friend of Giles but no more Spike calls upon the Order of Taraka to dispose of Buffy Buffys confronted by someone who claims to be the vampire slayer

Angels soul comes from gypsy curse to punish him Heres the condition A single moment of true happiness for him and hell lose his soul Now hes Angelus a brutal, soulless killer His friends do not know Jenny Calendar is a gypsy from the town that Angel destroyed She was unaware of him re-losing his soul Buffys mad at her Angel joins back up with both Spike and Drusilla Spike becomes jealous No weapon forged by man has ever been able to destroy the judge Buffy and her friends manage to get a hold of a rocket launcher Oz, Willows boyfriend has become a werewolf but we all still love him Ms. Calendar finds a way to restore his soul Angel snaps her neck Kendra has returned to help prevent the rise of Demon: Acathla Angelus wants to use Acathla to really send the world to hell

He distracts Buffy An ambush gets Giles kidnapped And Dru kills Kendra Buffy finds Kendra She gets blamed for the murder and she gets expelled. Willow finds the disk that can help her to restore Angelus soul

Her name is Kendra Theres a talent show Nightmares become real-live things and she became a Slayer when Buffy was killed Invisible Girl Giles does some research A prophecy that features Buffy Summers death The Masters released He drowns Buffy and kills her Xander brings her back He used CPR Buffy tracks the Master down And she stakes him good Season 2 begins The Anointed One attempts a resurrection Buffy smashes up all of the Masters last bones killing him for good Spike comes into town Murders the Anointed One Now he is in charge The two save Angel from the healing ritual that will restore Dru Spike is now injured Drusilla is back to health They will both return Spike has collected disassembled pieces of the demon: the Judge He obliterates All those that do not contain Pure evil in them Buffy and Angel cant prevent the pieces from being regathered Buffy and Angel make love for the first time but oh, surprise, surprise

A Short Summary of the Seasons 1-3 Only in Haiku

This was written by one of your dear old classmates His name is Minhdzuy Read in columns from top to bottom. Dont worry You wont get confused

Spike needs Buffys help He is mad at Angelus He wants to stop him Buffy has a fight with her mom where she reveals that shes the Slayer Joyce had lost her cool Joyce insisted that Buffy should never come back Buffy gets a sword She fights Angelus with it Xander helps save Giles Spike and Dru get out The hell dimension opens Angels soul is back It is far too late Angel looks in Buffys eyes and says he loves her Buffy asks him to close her eyes as she is forced to kill her lover Only his blood could reseal the hell dimension Now she has to leave Her friends wait for her Xander, Willow, Giles, Cordy But shes gone away She got on a bus She left and went to LA Season 3 begins Her friends are alone They must try their very best to slay the demons Buffys in LA Shes working as a waitress Her new name is Anne

Then she meets a girl One whom she has met before Her name is Lily Buffy cant escape fighting monsters and demons Shes the chosen one Lily gets kidnapped In another dimension As a slave worker Buffy saves her ass As well as everyone else Found identity She knows who she is

Principal Snyder Forces all the kids to sell Magic Candy Bars It makes the adults Regress and act like children Badass no-good teens

Spike and his big mouth along with his perception inform the couple I may be loves bitch Spike says to the two of them but Ill admit it

Around Christmas time The First Evil finds Angel And begins torture It convinces him that he should just kill himself Buffy tries to stop Angel waits outside He waits for the sun to rise But it does not rise Sunny Sunnydale For the first time ever it is snowing outside Its a miracle Angel does not die that night He lives on some more Theres a witchhunt and Amy turns into a rat Thats significant Buffy turns eighteen Giles takes her powers away As a Slayer test He tells her the truth Buffy passes her test fine Giles is then fired He cant be Watcher because he displays towards her a fatherly love Apocalypse Three is averted from off-screen Xander saves the day A new Watcher comes Wesley Wyndham Pryce is his very British name Faith, just by mistake Stakes a human and kills him Says she doesnt care

Giles hangs out with Joyce Cordy and Oz are Awkward things happen that night looking for Xander and Will They will find them soon More on that later The culprit turned out to be Ethan Rayne from the Halloween haiku Xander and Willow think that they are gonna die Oh, theyre lusting too

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

back to Sunnydale Her friends are distant But a zombie attack will Bring them close again Slayer Three arrives Its the girl we know as Faith She has been followed Trick and Kakistos ones modern and one is old Faith stakes the old one Angels old castle Buffy goes to visit it And she leaves her ring Angel has returned re-ensouled but primal now He is not the same He was trapped for years Hundreds in Hell Dimensions Buffys secret now Begin Slayerfest Mr. Trick attempts to kill both of the Slayers

Heres a reminder Faith gets a Watcher She attempts to gain Faiths trust Cordy is dating Xander Oz is dating Will Xander sees Angel Faith is convinced that Angel and Buff are evil And she attacks them Faiths watcher is named Gwendolyn Post and it turns out that shes evil She wanted a glove that shoots electricity It killed her. She died Now Faith lost her trust in all of the Scooby Gang She is now alone Spike comes back to town Drusilla broke up with him He wants a love spell He kidnaps Willow Xander too and locks them up in some factory Buffy and Angel find Spike and they all go to get ingredients They walk in to find Xander and Will making out Cordy runs away She falls down the stairs impales herself on a rod but she does not die Spike quickly leaves town Three relationships broken He is unaware Buffy and Angel realize they cant be friends so they stay away Anya comes to school She is a vengeance demon Grants Cordy a wish Buffy never here Creates a world of Chaos Where the Master wins Anya loses her Powers and is demoted to a mere human

Faith tries blaming Buff Giles knows that she is lying They keep track of her Xander goes to Faith because they slept together She tries to kill him Angel saves Xander He tries to reason with her Wesley interferes Wes tries to get Faith to go to a Watchers trial Over in England Faith escapes and she tries to leave from Sunnydale but Buffy finds her Vampires interrupt Mr. Trick is about to bite Buffy but cant Faith has saved her life Buffys sure theres good in her But theres one more thing Faith is offering her Slayer services to the Mayor of town Oh, right you should know because this is important The Mayors evil In Doppelgangland Vamp Willow from Cordys Wish Comes to the real world At the end she gets sent back to the other world where shes staked to death For the Mayor, Faith has to get some books for the Mayors Ascension

Faith tries to seduce Angel to remove his soul Angelus returns Not because of sex Some cloaked guy takes it away Using his magic Angelus meets with The Mayor and tries to kill him. Immortal guy. Angelus and Faith take Buffy and chain her up Faith betrayed them all It was all a trick Angel still retains his soul Buffy kicks Faiths ass Faith runs away fast Now Scoobies know more about the whole Ascension Buffy is upset About Angels acting and She just needs some time Buffys infected And gains power to read minds But she hears too much Someone plans to kill everybody at the school She cannot tell who Buffy goes home ill She learns that her mom and Giles had sex more than once Angel brings a cure Buffy gets all better and runs back to the school She finds Jonathan Hes on the roof with a gun he puts it away

Hes not the killer He was gonna off himself It was lunch lady Faith gets a present from the Mayor. Its a knife for getting a box A Box of Gavrok The Mayor needs it for his nearing Ascension Scoobies steal the box But Willow gets left behind A trade will be made Willow for the box Everyone meets the Mayor Principal shows up Box is opened some From the box beetles escape They have to be killed Willow manages to steal some pages from the Books of Ascension Buffy and Willow Both decide that theyll attend UC Sunnydale The Ascension is when the Mayor will become a real big demon

Buffy and Angel are forced to break up and he is going to leave There are some demons trained to attack prom people Buffy stops them all She goes to the prom She is all alone and sad Then Angel shows up Graduation Day The very same day as the Mayors Ascension Angel gets shot with a deadly vampire disease that is very rare The only known cure is the blood of a Slayer Thats Buffy or Faith Buffy gets Faiths knife Buffy tries to murder Faith Sticks it in her gut She does not kill her But Faith is not doing great Shes in a coma Buffy tells Angel That he has to drink from her He does and shes cured

On Ascension Day The Mayor speaks to the school And he does ascend He transforms into A big huge gigantic snake The students revolt They have their weapons All attack the Mayor and the vampire hoards There is an eclipse vampires kill some students and they kill vampires back Buffy runs through school She gets the Mayor to come chase right after her In the library, Richard Wilkins the Third sees lots of explosives After Buffys out Giles pushes the trigger down and blows Mayor up Now the school is gone The Ascension is done with Angel has to leave He goes to LA To star in his spin-off show Season 3 is done Class of 99 Oz says to take a moment They survived high school.

Only problem is Angel picks her up they dont know the demon that And rushes her all the way he will turn into to the hospital Joyce visits Angel And she has a talk with him It just will not work Buffy will grow old And then Angel will not age He will watch her die Buffy is OK Faith stays deep in her coma The Mayor gets mad Watchers Council comes Buffy quits the council and Says she graduates