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Will Achieve Greatness. 236 1 Algebra One Mr. Herron Course Syllabus

Course Overview
In algebra this year, we will use variables, tables, graphs, and equations to find patterns, predict the future, model situations, and summarize data. The fundamental ideas of algebra have been studied for centuries, but algebra remains relevant today. We use algebra to plan fundraisers, balance budgets, predict population growth, build houses, and run businesses. Students in this course will be expected to apply what they have learned in middle school math to situations involving unknown values and multiple variables. By the end of the course, students must know how to create accurate graphs and tables, to manipulate equations and isolate variables, to use a calculator to analyze equations, and to determine whether a function is linear, quadratic, exponential, inverse, or none. To master this course, I expect students to never give up, to come to tutoring for extra help, to maintain excellent attendance, to work hard in class, and to complete their homework assignments. Freshman year is the most important year of high school. You start this year with a clean slate and a chance to learn as much as possible. Get a simple daily planner to record your homework. Choose a place at your home that is good for studying and doing homework. Come to class prepared. Get involved at Lanierin sports, clubs, student council, activities, etc. Choose friends that are a good influence on your life. And do not forget: your teachers want you to succeed. We are on your team. So if you are having trouble with a class, do not be afraid to ask for help.

For this class, you will need: An 80-page or more notebook journal of college-ruled notebook paper. A set of 12 pencils A set of 100 index cards You do not need: pens, a binder, a folder, a ruler, etc. If you have a graphing calculator at home, this will be very useful for the homework assignments, but it is not required.

Class Website
A class blog is located at I will use this site to post at least once a week for two purposes: (1) to give class announcements involving homework assignments and upcoming tests; and (2) to give you helpful resources to complete your homework or study for a test.

The fall semester is focused on linear equations, inequalities, and functions. We will have six units. At the end of each unit will be a period-long unit exam. 1. Algebra Basic Training (3 weeks) 2. Equations and Functions (3 weeks)

3. 4. 5. 6.

Students Will Achieve Greatness. 236

Rates and Slope (3 weeks) Linear Functions (3 weeks) Linear Inequalities (3 weeks) Systems of Linear Equations (3 weeks)

The spring semester will be a little bit different as we prepare for the STAAR exam in May. There will be only five units, but some of the units are a month long. The units are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Polynomials and Factoring (3 weeks) Quadratic Functions (4 weeks) Exponents and Exponential Functions (3 weeks) STAAR Boot Camp (4 weeks) Post-STAAR Algebra Enrichment (4 weeks)

There will be a short quiz each Friday. The quiz will be on the vocabulary for that week, and possibly 2-3 review questions.

Daily assignments (quizzes, class work, journals, homework) Tests 60% 40%

The Algebra 1 STAAR exam will be on May 6, 2013. Last year, students, teachers, and parents alike were worried about the new STAAR exam. We heard it would be more rigorous and feared the worst. But we were wrong: the STAAR test is fair, and more students passed the STAAR last year than the Algebra 1 TAKS test the year before. I expect 100% of my students to pass the STAAR, and I hope that your goal will be not to pass, but to get an Advanced Academic Performance rating (similar to the old Commended rating). To get an Advanced rating, you must stay organized, take class seriously, form good study habits, ask for help when necessary, and stay confident.

Class Rules
P O W E R Pay attention. Sit up straight. Lean forward with pencil in hand. Track the speaker. Own your actions. Take responsibility for your choices. Dont make excuses. Wait your turn. Raise your hand. Let others talk. Dont shout out answers. Everyone participates. Try. Volunteer. Help others. Ask questions. Take notes. Respect. No exceptions. Use clean language. Do not damage classroom materials

Other Rules
Restroom: Students will only get one restroom pass per semester, so save your restroom pass for an absolute emergency. Class periods are only 45 minutes long, so there are plenty of opportunities to go to the bathroom during passing period. Tardy: If you walk in tardy, place your tardy slip in the Tardy folder by the door. You will be expected to stay after school for a minimum of 15 minutes for each unexcused tardy.

Students Will Achieve Greatness. 236 3 Teacher Pledge: I pledge to treat my students with respect, to teach the entire Algebra 1 curriculum, to maintain order in the classroom, to help students who are confused, to prepare lessons that challenge my students, and to never let me students settle for anything less than excellent academic performance. My class will be challenging but fair.

Signature Parent Pledge:

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I will ask my student each day if he/she has homework. If I want to know what is going on in Algebra class, I will visit the website I will do my best to help my student with his/her homework. I will request a parent meeting if my student is struggling. I will record the teachers phone number (253.359.8250) in my phone and call if I have a question.

Signature Student Pledge:

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I will come to class prepared with a pencil each day. I will try my best in class. I will use clean language, and I will respect my classmates. I will keep a positive attitude. I will come in for extra help if I do not understand the material. I will do my homework. I will not give up.


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(Tear or cut across this line and save the bottom slip at home as a resource) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Algebra One Lanier High School
Required Class Materials: Notebook journal (80 pages or more), pencils, index cards. Teacher Information: Mr. Herron; E-mail:; Phone: 253.359.8250 Class Resources: Rules: 1 restroom pass per semester; tardies result in 15 minutes of time after school