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Internal Audit Masterclass 1
JAN 29-30, MAY 7-8, SEP 7-8, DEC 1-2 2009*
(One Session Every Quarter)
Faced with more and more regulations and ever-increasing demands from the Board, internal audit
teams face a daunting task. So imagine the challenge of re-engineering an existing established audit
function or—even more daunting—creating a completely new audit function from scratch. It’s
unlikely that you will be given too much time to get it right and there will be an expectation that you
will function effectively from day one.

I n this 2 - day highly practical course,

course you will learn how to assemble the
building blocks to an effective internal audit function and hit the ground
running. Key highlights on what you will learn in this
programme include:
• Review the specific steps to ensure the internal audit function
is organised the most effective way
• Understand what activities effective internal audit function should cover
• Develop and implement effective audit reports
• Understand what corporate governance issues internal
auditors should be watching REGENT EMERITUS,
• Learn how to positively impact your shareholders' value by ACFE (TEXAS, USA)
maintaining good corporate governance CFE, CSI, FCPA
The purpose of this training Course is to help internal audit executives
benchmark their internal practices against globally accepted practices that
guarantee the effectiveness of internal auditing. After attending this session
participants will be able to:
Know the basic principles and organisational frameworks for internal audit and control
• Recent developments from COSO
• Recent evolutions in professional standards
• Governance models and the role of internal audit
• Internal Audit and Corporate Governance requirements
• Interfacing with external auditors and other external parties
• Internal audit as interactive part of the corporate-wide communication process
• Challenges for the modern Internal Audit function
• New skills development for modern internal auditing
• Achieving compliance with standards
• Conflicts of interest
• Ethics and codes of conduct

Understanding SEATA
6. What is Peer/Quality Assessment Review?
1. Key Concepts and Objectives
• Objectives
• Components • Scope
• Fitting the Objectives and Components Together • The Approach
• Using SEATA to Identify Inherent Control Weakness
• Case Study 7. Fieldwork

2. SEATA Implementation Tools • Assessing Organisational Governance

• Selecting the Right Workpapers to Review
• Evaluating SEATA Attributes in Major Processes • Managing the Review
• Interviewing the Key Players
• Measuring SEATA Components at the Entity Level • Developing the Opinion
• Applying the Evaluation Criteria
3. SEATA Evaluation Tools
8. Reporting the Opinion
• Entity-wide Assessment Tools
• Business-process Control Evaluation Tools • The Closing Conference
• Sample SEATA Audit Programme • Communicating the Results
• Case Study • Report Formats
• Who Responds to the Comments
4. Significant Risk Aspects • The Final Report

• Critical Success Factors 9. A Survival Checklist for Chief Audit Executives

• Risk Assessment: Entity-wide
• Risk Assessment: Activity Level • Choosing A Methodology
• Selecting the Right Team Leader
5. SOX 302 and 404: Corporate Responsibility for Financial • Selecting the Review Team
Statements and Management's Assessment of Internal • Doing Your Homework
Controls • How to Get the Most Out of a QAR
10. Best Practices in Value-Added Internal Auditing
• Why SEATA has become the lingua franca of SOX Compliance
• Internal Audit's Roles • Where should IA Report
• Relating SOX302 to SEATA • IA's Role in Sarbanes-Oxley
• SOX 404 Activities that relate to Elements of SEATA • Structure of the Department
11. Practical Case Study

Certified Fraud Examiner; Double Firsts in Financial Management &
Accountancy (U.K.); Chartered Banker; International Accountant;
FCPA (USA); CSOXP; Member of Advisory Board to SOX Institute

He is the only Singaporean that has made a name for himself in America’s largest and world renowned Anti-
Fraud Association. In 2006, he was elected by his peers in more than 100 countries to be the Vice Chairman of
The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Board of Regents based in Texas, USA. CFE is a post graduate pro-
fessional qualification recognized by the FBI and USA Central Intelligence Agency in it’s recruitment of auditors
for combating fraud. He is also the Chairperson of CSI World Headquarters. CSI is the only Digital Forensic Certi-
fication body that operates in Asia. A number of auditors in the United Nations and government services
proudly carry the CSI designation with distinction. Today, Tommy is the Number 1 fraud buster in Asia. His ser-
vices in providing anti fraud and technical product training is much sought after by numerous multinational
companies, banks and governments in the region, including Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia,
Philippines and Taiwan. Tommy's previous work experience includes systems based auditing in an American
International Bank, where he was the Senior Regional Auditor responsible for the Bank's audit in the Asia Pa-
cific region. He has also held the top executive position of Chief of Internal Audit in a prime offshore bank
where his audit duties cover the Singapore and Hong Kong operations of the bank. He covers all areas of the
bank's audit of operations and IT systems. He also has practical working experience in the Operations Depart-
ment of a foreign bank. Of late, Tommy has very successfully trained Anti-Narcotics Police Officers from most
of the ASEAN countries. In 2008, he was awarded the privilege to train the highly skilled and intellectually supe-
rior officers from the Competition Commission of Singapore. Tommy Seah is also a prolific writer. He is the au-
thor of seven banking books including the F.I.G. Program. The FIG is the authoritative and definitive text on Fi-
nancial Instruments designed to be used in the world wide banking industry for product training. This publica-
tion has received excellent review and first class commendation from some of the most authoritative profes-
sional certification body and top rated banks in the world. The other six authoritative texts used in his training
are The Foreign Exchange Audit, The Control of Money Market Activities in Banks, Financial Management, MCA
for Banks, SWAPS in Investment Banking and Anti-Money Laundering 101. His latest publication attempt is on
Profiling and Interviewing Techniques. He has set for himself the goal to be the first Asian to write the first
book in “Technology Fraud for the Banking Industry”.

For the past twenty nine years, Tommy Seah has trained some of the top lawyers, bankers, accountants, inves-
tigators in the banks and financial institutions in the region. In particular, his expertise in SOX 404, AML and
Basel II systems implementation and compliance is much sought after by financial institutions and banks in Ger-
many, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

This training program is— Developed By: Accredited By: Organized By:
2009 Training Session
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Subsequent participants must be from same organisation.
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