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The day we met. The random chats. The simple hellos. The dis4nc4ve laughter. The happiness. The tea and coee or juice, and pizza, salads, or desserts. The unknowing look. The unexpected comments. The gorgeous smile. The pure heart. The undivided a=en4on. The listening ear. The loving-kindness. The thoughts that count. The busyness. The changes. The wickedness. The 5me spent together or apart. The prac4ces. The un- nished conversa5on. The ups and downs and ups again!. The lazy 5mes. The impromptu trips. The misunderstanding. The weariness. The naiv- ety. The wai4ng. The wonderings. The hidden tears. The untapped poten5als You have no idea how vast!. The secret wishes. The silent prayers. The honesty. The playlists. The abundance. The advices. The frankness. The embraces. The present moments. The hints. The unnerving silence. The impa5ence. The unspoken words. The ethnic collec5ons. The presences. The growth. The many accessories. How are you? The commit- ment. The no promises. The sudden turns. The invita5ons. The understanding. The unpredictable future. The changing BBM statuses. The occa- sional social media updates. The big dreams. The amazingly mood-shi>ing encounters. The wiDness. The uncomplicated expressions. The pride. The raw feelings. The refreshing childlikeness. The warming smile. The openness. The beauty. The independence. The inquisi5ve twisted! mind. The unknowing. The cute pout. The discomfort. The sincerity. The fun fun fun. The journey to return. The refreshing exchanges. The un- 5mely jokes. The light touch. The dependability. The gadgets. The addic5veness. The space. The unrealized talents. The acceptance. The hopes. The mountains. The beaches. The lending hands. The quirky hobbies. The repose. The indis5nguishable gestures. The ideas. The perseverance. The irreplaceable-ness. The restlessness. The write-ups. The calmness. My thankfulness. The thirst for knowledge. The par4es. The intelligence. The follies. The past. The yoga. The pearls. The plans. The unplanned rendezvous. The li=le things that remind me of you. The uncommon friends. The shared interests. The unmistakable compassions. The uniqueness. The families. The celebra4ons. The mysteries. The genuine car- ing. The untold stories. The leDng go. The leCng be. The friendship. The companionship. To name but a few. Have I men/oned, that smile?


30 AUG 2012



Just for fun. What would one do when one could not go to sleep, because one had this idea that one could not get rid of? Thus, one started writing these words. Then one played with the design. One did not know how this came about. All one knew was that one just had to express this. And hope that this may say it all.



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