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An open letter to the theistic satanism community from Pope Robert Fraize, found er of the Church of Leviathan, the

first and only LHP occult church legally reco gnized on the east coast. Dear theistic Satanists of the world, Before I begin my letter, let me define theistic Satanism for you. THEISM The belief in the existence of a god or gods, especially belief in a personal Go d as creator and ruler of the world, generally in combination with the idea of w orship, defined as an act of religious devotion directed toward said deity. SATANIST A person who follows a religious path dedicated to Satan. A theistic Satanist is a person who recognizes and worships Satan as a God and t he creator of the world and all things. A theistic Satanist is NOT an atheist; an atheist does not believe in any god at all and is thus not a theist or religious at all. A theistic Satanist does not follow or adhere to any teachings or belief system from the 'Bible' (otherwise known as the 'holy book' of the followers of 'Christ'), nor the Tanahk (aka the 'Old Testament', the 'holy book' of the Hebrew people), nor the Qua'ran (the 'ho ly book' of the Islam world). Satan (and the idea of Satan) existed long befo re any man made religion or paper idol (such as the Jesus portrayed in the Chris tian Bible). A theistic Satanist does not worship a 'fallen angel'. The concep t of Satan being a 'fallen angel' comes from the Christian teachings, not from S atanism. I reject any Christian teachings and I reject any Christian book or my ths. If I wanted to worship a paper hero, I would pick Wolverine. Now that I have given a brief definition of what a theistic Satanist is and is n ot, I would like to express to you a huge concern I have for the theistic Satani sm community at large. There are people who claim to be theistic Satanists out there who do not live nor practice theistic Satanism under the same ideology as the definition I have already put forth. These people, who mix concepts of Sata n up with neo-pagan faiths (including wicca and other forms of modern paganism), throw in a smattering of so-called 'magick rites', all the while 'praying' to S atan and saying they are practicing the 'dark arts' and who say that Satanism is a left hand path (meaning evil to them), and that they know the 'right' way to worship Satan, are NOT theistic Satanists. I must state at this point that, just for the record, I have no personal issue o r hatred for Wiccans, pagans, Christian, Muslims or Jews. I simply do not want their religion mixed in with mine and I think that most of them would agree with me. This is not just offensive to me; this sort of behavior is offensive to th e devout of almost all religions. Now I agree with the concepts of tolerance and co-existing with those of other r eligions; I would just like to not see those religions cut up and raped, and put back together as the cookie cutter mockery of every religion thus used in such self-proclaimed 'theistic satanists' so-called 'practice'.

If we, as theistic Satanists, do not stand up now and say "No!" to this nonsense then in ten or twenty years we run the risk of our religion crumbling and being run by these people worshiping their sci-fi 'gods'. Sermons will be preached b y "Hoola-hoop Trance Tentacle Monsters" and be seen by those who do not know any better as representing Satan. A true theistic Satanist speaks his or her mind and does not care about public i mage. A theistic Satanist will do battle for the deity. Theistic Satanism is n ot supposed to be all about getting along and kissing ass for popularity or busi ness. A theistic Satanist has morals and recognizes right and wrong. The idea that a Satanist does not have any morals comes from those that do not understand what i t means to be a Satanist. Committing a crime against another person's will is a gainst our code. Not taking care of your offspring, loved ones and responsibili ties is against our code. Using the religion to commit fraud or to create money making scams is against our code. A theistic Satanist does not teach and live for acceptance of others; we work fo r a higher source than man and that source is the deity who we call Satan. With all that being said, my question to you, my fellow theistic Satanists, is w ill you allow our religion to be mixed and watered down like some cheap beer at a sport game? Or are you going to speak out more and work for the DEITY? If yo u refuse to speak out, that is your choice, but know this, the fewer people who step up to bat, the smaller chance there is of our great old religion and tradit ions surviving into the next generation. I have worked far too long and far too hard to just let this happen and I will do everything in my power to keep this religion alive. Thank you for your time in reading this letter and I ask that before you answer my questions that you really look around and take a good look at the religion to day and act on what your heart is telling you. Satan speaks through your heart. I hope to hear from any theistic Satanist who wishes to discuss these concepts with me and look forward to hearing from you. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Sincerely, Pope Robert Fraize Pope (High Priest) and Founder of Church of Leviathan