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Forrs: Dobos C.

J Jzsef Emlkknyv, A Mag gyar Gasztronmia Irodalm ma

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The h history of the Dob Cake f bos

Karoly (Charles) D Dobos or as he called hi imself Josep C. Dobo was born on 18 of Ja ph os anuary in 1847 in Pest. His ancestors w n were chefs through se everal gene erations. Hi great-gra is andfather worked as a chef in Rakoczi l n lord castle. In his age of 6 worked as a sue-c o d chef with hi father. is He spen his practi years w the And nt ice with drassy fami In 1881 the only H ily. 1 Hungarian language l cook bo was pu ook ublished, th Magyar he r-Franczia Cookbook. This was the first m C . modern Hungari languag cook book. In additio to this hi other four ian ge on is rteen cook b book was pu ublished not in H Hungarian language. In the winter of 1878 he opened h delicates n r h his ssen shop on the 12 gredients fr Kecskem Street. He was q meti . qualified ma aster chef. He tried to get the ing H o rom that place w where it was the best pr s roduct. By the end of 1884 the D Dobos cake borne, whic made ch his nam unforge me ettable in Hungary a and everyw where in t the World, not only in the , confecti ionery but i the most famous Hu in ungarian na ames in hospitality. He liked to tra e avel and took his cake almo everywh s ost here with hi Later on he sent in a small w im. n n wood box as express s priced. In 1885 on the first n Budapest G General Ex xhibition in the Varosliget Dobo had a n os pavilion too, where 80 waitre n esses, 10 ch hefs and 10 kitchen po orter worked This is th place d. he where t famous story happe the ened, when Queen Eli n izabeth and Joseph Fer d renc taste the cake. t On this exhibition his uniqe m made cans w were selling like aspara g agus, sugar peas, truffl goose le, liver, Balaton pike perch, veni ison vinega After all the Dobos c ar. cake was th in every caf in here y Pest and Buda. Thi flat cake w really d d is was different fro the typic over dec om cal corated cake in this es age. No only in th shape, bu in the tas and the technology was differ ot he ut ste y rent too. In this age the swe butter cr eet ream was un nknown. Fo cakes the rather us cooked cream, sugar foam, or ey sed compote whipped cream. D e, d Due to the success of the cake other con nfectioners tried to reprodu it, unsuc uce ccessfully fo ages. The only confe or e ectioner, Ri Joseph was able to prepare iedl o a close similar cake e. In 1906 he handed over the r 6 d recipe to th Confecti he ioner and G Gingerbread Industry Board of d B Capital city thus he made acce e essible for e everyone. Then sold hi shop and closed finally. As a T is of r ll s. e A result o the First World War he lost al his assets In that he got his first palsy. After the second palsy he g pneumo got onia and die in the St John Hos ed S spital in 10 of Octobe 1924. 0 er His dau ughter kept h book, m his manuscripts, and awards but most o these had lost in the Second of d e World W War. unately we c could know only the p w poor, damage vary of the Dobos cake. In th recent he Unfortu years th better caf started to prepare th original vary. House usually avo preparin as the he fes o he v e oid ng six spon nge-sheets are quiet d difficult to m make in a household o h oven. And its not eas to get sy ingredie ents, like co ocoa butter or cocoa m mass. Despit all these I encourage everybody to look te e y for and make the re Dobos C eal Cake.

Forrs: Dobos C. J Jzsef Emlkknyv, A Mag gyar Gasztronmia Irodalm ma

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The or riginal Dob cake r bos recipe For 1 p piece 22 cm diamete cake m er
The six s sponge-sheet recipe t 6 eggs 100g sug gar 100g flo our 35g melt butter ted Beat the yolk with po owered suga and Churn up the foam ar m. Mix the white egg w the remai powered s with in sugar and chu up the fo urn oam. Carefully mix the tw egg foam t y wo then fold the flour into it and the mel butter. e t lted Put the p pasta on a ge eared-floured plate. d Divided the sponge p pasta to six p parts and mak 22 cm dia ke ameter flat sq quares. In a preh heated oven 2 C for 10 210 0-12 min bak it till light brown. ke As the sp ponge is bak cut with light knife. ked, The crea am 4 eggs 200g pow wered sugar 235g tea butter a 17g vani sugar illa 35g coco mass oa 35g coco butter oa 200g dar chocolate rk Melt the cocoa mass on water ste e eam, the coco butter and the dark chocolate, but be careful do not oa d o make too hot! o Churn up the foam: t butter with the vanilla sugar. p the a Heat the 4 eggs with the 200g po e owered sugar with continu r uous stirring (max 85C) g. If its hot then churn u the foam till get cold. t up The cold butter foam and egg foa mix toget d m am ther and while drop the m melted, but n hot cocoa mass, not a cocoa bu utter and cho ocolate. Mix the cream to smooth. o From the cream fill f cold spo e five onge-sheets. Pull the sixth sheet w melted sugar (Dobo sugar) and divide to 20 parts. with os d 0 Source: D Dobos C. Joseph Memor Book, The Hungarian Gastronomy Book ry e y