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A comparative study to evaluate the lung functions & ventilatory muscle power after 2 wks of ventilatory muscle training and breathing exercises in injured athletes with the help of pulmonary function test, abdominal skin fold measurement and manual muscle testing.


NEED OF THE STUDY As we all know the cardio respiratory fitness and endurance is very important for the athlete as well as the normal persons and the patients also. Respiratory system is very important system for the excretion of the toxins in the form of gases as well as to maintain the normal function of the all organs by supplying the oxygen in the body.


OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY (1) To find out the pulmonary functions and ventilatory muscle power before 2 wks of ventilatory muscle training by PFT, ASFM & MMT in non injured athletes. (2) To find out the pulmonary function and ventilatory muscle power after 2 wks of ventilatory muscle training & breathing exercises by PFT, ASFM and MMT in injured athletes. (3) To compare the pre and post pulmonary function & ventilatory muscle power which will obtained by PFT, ASFM and MMT.

HYPOTHESIS: a) NULL HYPOTHESIS: There is no significant difference in pre and post P Fs & V M P after 2 wk of V M T and B. Ex in injured athletes using PFT & MMT.


There is much significant difference in pre and post P Fs & V M T after 2 wk of V M T and B. Ex in injured athletes using P F T & M M T.


STUDY DESIGN A comparative study.

SOURCE OF DATA (1) Hospital and clinics in and around.. METHODOLOGY POPULATION 150 male subject will be selected for the study. SELECTION CREITERIA 1. Inclusion criteria a] Male athletes with minimum 5 yrs of athletic involvement. b] Age should be 20-30 yrs. c] Height within 160 cms. d] Injured athletes or immobilized for more then 2wks. e] Surgical conditions like ligament reconstruction, replacements, implants and fractures. f] Injures like soft tissue injures, stress, strain, rupture tear and aches. g] Subjects who can understand and co-operate for the study 2. Exclusion criteria a] Subjects with any medical and surgical condition related to cardio- respiratory system. b] Person with any neurological condition like tremors & loss of consciousness. c] Person with flair chest (multiple rib fractures).

d] Subjects presently taking medication for pulmonary problems like bronchodilators. e] Subjects presently suffering from cough n cold, fever and viral infections.

SAMPLING METHOD convenient sampling

b] Sampling size According to inclusion and exclusion criteria 150 male samples are selected.

PROCEDURE According to inclusion and exclusion criteria 150 subjects will be selected and informed consent will be taken from the subjects. Subjects would be instructed previously to avoid heavy meal, drinking tea , coffee 2-3 hrs prior to the test and exercises. Patients will be advised to wear loose fitting clothing during the test and breathing exercises. Instructions about the PFT, MMT and SFM will be given to the patient prior to the test. Than ask the patient to stand erect and relax for the abdominal skin fold measurement. Take the skin fold measurement from the maximum bulk of the abdominal area with the help of skin fold caliper. For the manual muscle testing ask the patient to lye down in supine position then instruct the patient to do the supine abdominal curls and grade it according to the MMT grading system. Pulmonary function test will done in the erect sitting position ask the patient to place the mouth peace in the mouth and seal it with lips and blow from the mouth peace as forceful as he can, take the three trails continuously and use the maximum effort value. In the 2wks follow up period total eleven session will be given as after three days exercise one day rest time will be given at resting day no exercise will be given to the patient. Each exercise session will consist of breathing exercise for the 30 minutes. After 2 wks the PFT , MMT, & SKM will be taken from the same procedure which is used before the 2 wks of

exercise. The data will be than recorded and tabulated for further statistical analysis.

DURATION AND FOLLOW UP Two week follow up.

MATERIALS REQUIRED 1.Waights Sand bags or elastic bands. 2.Spirometer 3.Watch 4. Skin Fold Caliper


1. Pulmonary Functions. 2. Manual Muscle Testing. 3. Skin Fold Measurement