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Keyword: - Aka Paraphernalia Code: 0 A group of 9 young women started Alpha Kappa Alpha at Howard University in Washington on 15th

January 1908. The motive was to give the equal opportunities & rights for all women & minorities at the same time. After a century later Aka Paraphernalia also called as Alpha kappa Alpha is committed towards the community through sisterhood, scholarship & service to all mankind. The first inter collegiate African American Sorority, Aka Paraphernalia has more than 200,000 women in at least 950 lessons around the globe. The purpose of this service organization is to create a very powerful impression that consist of the different families, various Governments, other important communities with strong devotion to serve & breaking the different barriers like geographical as well as political and also social & physical .It is the most old organization with the Greek letter inscribed on it, which was established by some African and American women who were college educated.. It has its offices in some of the very important countries like the South Korea, Japan, Liberia, and South Korea & Virgin Islands. Its membership is made up of distinguished women having excellent Academic records, proven leadership skills, involved in the global community with the help of advocacy & service. This organization is mainly devoted to improve the quality of life for all the people throughout the world thereby promoting peace .The main program of this organization is consistently involved with major issues affecting the society as a whole. This tradition mainly features the sorority & its members in their respective communities. The leadership of the organization is focused towards the theme, priorities, & the direction of the program implemented at all the 3 levels that are local, national, & international levels. Attorney Carolyn House Stewart is the current international president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority from 2010-2014. She is the only president till date to serve a full term in the sororitys second century. She is the first lawyer to head the organization creating the history. She resides in Tampa, Florida. Her administration is driven by Global leadership Through Timeless Service & will be devoted to the motto Service to all Mankind of this organization. Some of the featured products of the Company are Bags & Luggage, Book Accessories, Bath wear , Car Accessories , Childrens store , Gifts, Headgear, Home & office , Jewelry & Neck ware, Family Reunion Shirts , Class Reunion shirts , Race 4 The cure shirts , Gifts , Purses & Accessories , Collegiate Merchandise , Many Free Gifts , apparel, Tote Bags, Discontinue /Clearance Items , Caps (Sorority /Fraternity ), Print shirts, Fraternity Shield Tie , 2011 Delta Literacy Classic Football Game Tickets, Sorority Racer back Tank .