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m3u Playlist Copier Meelis Prjasaar Version 1.0 release (07.08.2000) 30.04.2000 - 07.08.

.2000 _____________INTRODUCTION______________ m3u Playlist Copier is a program that gives you possibility organize your mp3 fi les better. Features are Copy, Move, Rename. General use: To copy mp3 files from CD into HardDrive using previously made play list, containing favourite songs. You can make m3u file with Winamp or other mp3 player that supports m3u playlist file format. Program is independent and do not need Winamp to work properly. It needs just m3u file. Tip: You can use this program also other files to perform move. Maybe you'll need to copy some files often that are ust make textfile so that each line is a path pointing to ith txt or m3u extension. Or drag those files into Winamp m3u playlist. ______________INSTALLATION_____________ Just extract all files somewhere and run m3uCopier.exe [ FILELIST ] m3uCopier.exe - program executable m3uCopier.txt - program documentation __________HOW TO USE PROGRAM?__________ 1) Open m3u file with m3u Playlist Copier. 2) Select target path. Empty field means that files are copied or moved to m3u p laylist folder. 3) If you want then you could select file modification method from Modify menu. 4) Decide what you want to do (Copy, move or rename) and press that button. _________________MENU__________________ [ FILE ] multiple file copy or in different foldes? J file. Then save file w and save this list as

* Open - Opens file opening dialog and lets you browse m3u file. * Exit - Exit program. [ MODIFY ] * Keep original filename: Don't modify files (Default setting). If you want rename files then you must sel ect some other option. * Capitalize Filename: Converts the first letter of every word in filename to uppercase. * Lowercase filename: Converts the filename to lowercase characters. * Uppercase FILENAME:

Converts the filename to uppercase characters. [ HELP ]

* Readme: Opens Readme dialog. (you read it now) * About: Opens About dialog ____________PROGRAM WINDOW_____________ M3U FILE Write, paste or browse m3u tracklist location. TARGET DIR Write, paste or browse path where you want to copy/move mp3 files. You can write full path (C:\music\mp3) or relative path (\mp3 or mp3). If folder does not exi st then program asks if you want to create it. Note: Program is able to create o nly one folder. VIEW FILES Reloads m3u file and shows it in Source Files textbox. It also shows where mp3 f iles are copied to (Target Files textbox) and how their names are modified (read modify menu options). Press this button after changing target directory or file modification to see changes in Target Files textbox. COPY FILES Start copying files into target directory. MOVE FILES Start moving files into target directory. RENAME Rename files in original location using modify setting. This button does not cop y or move files anywhere, it just renames files. You must set Modify option some thing else than 'Keep original filename'. SOURCE FILES Shows m3u tracklist and file count in m3u file. *LOST!* prefix means that progra m is unable to find that file (file don't exist or hidden attribute is set). Los t files don't appear in Target Files textbox. TARGET FILES Shows destination paths and real file count. It shows exactly where files are co pied to and how their names are modified. _______________LICENCE_________________ Program is FREEWARE. The Author of this program do not take any responsibility a bout data loss or any other things that may happen using this product. Use it at your own risk. ____________PROGRAM HISTORY____________ 07.08.2000 - Version 1.0 release is ready! 06.08.2000 - Added Remove option and program documentation(at last). 05.08.2000 - Added file Modify options.

27.07.2000 - Added progressbar and Cancel job option. ??? - Added menu and browse button. Lots of bugfixes and code optimizations. 11.06.2000 - Converted Copier into VB6.0 format. 21.05.2000 - First executable version was ready(not MS Word macro anymore) 30.04.2000 - I started writing program using MS Word VBA (that was only visual p rogramming language in my computer...). ____________PROGRAM CREATOR____________ Author: Meelis Prjasaar e-mail: Homepage: Program home: Country: Estonian Republic If you like it or when you find a bug then send me a mail. _______________THE END_________________