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Parallel Data Warehouse

Monster Scale at Low Cost!

Data deluge has become an all too familiar concept to organizations over the last decade. In the next few years, organizations will begin to acquire hundreds of terabytes if not petebytes of data. While symmetric multi-processing (SMP) works well for small data warehouses and data marts, many organizations are adopting massively parallel processing (MPP) architectures to effectively manage, store, and unlock valuable business insights from complex data. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse is built on MPP technology that provides enterprise-class performance and scalability, flexibility and choice of hardware vendors, and the most comprehensive data warehouse solution through integration with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. Mature SQL Server platform with high security and robust engineering processes Strong data warehousing vision and road map that includes industry-leading technologies

Flexibility and Choice

Unlike competitors, the Parallel Data Warehouse offers a choice of hardware thanks to our strategic partnership with HP and Dell. Through a distributed architecture, it offers additional flexibility that enables organizations to deploy data warehouses that meet their business needs. As a result, Parallel Data Warehouse offers customers:

Key Benefits
High scale from tens to hundreds of terabytes Flexibility and choice of hardware with appliances from HP and Dell Low cost through industry standard hardware First-class integration with Microsoft BI and heterogenous BI environments through customized connectors Interoperability with Hadoop through new Hadoop connectors Reduced risk through pretested configurations Predictable performance through balanced reference architectures

SQL Server 2008 R2 Appliance

For IT decision makers with the most demanding data warehouses, Parallel Data Warehouse offers massive scalability to hundreds of terabytes and high performance through an MPP architecture. Unlike competitors, Parallel Data Warehouse offers flexibility and choice with leading hardware vendors such as HP and Dell. It also provides the most complete data warehouse platform with a complementary toolset for ETL, BI, master data management (MDM), and real-time data warehousing. For customers with heterogenous BI environments, Parallel Data Warehouse works seamlessly with SAP Business Objects, Informatica and Microstrategy. In addition, through customized connectors for Hadoop, Parallel Data Warehouse enables customers to analyze structured and unstructured data in a Data Warehouse or Hadoop environment.

Enterprise Scale Data Warehouse

Through an MPP architecture with a shared nothing design, Parallel Data Warehouse delivers predictable performance to an increasing number of users accessing the data warehouse. Parallel Data Warehouse offers customers: Enterprise-class scalability to hundreds of terabytes High performance through a shared nothing architecture Enterprise-level support and maintenance

Choice of hardware vendors, which leads to: Flexibility and no vendor lock in. Low hardware and maintenance cost. Less risk and disruption to hardware standards. Choice of deployment options through: A unique distributed architecture that supports an MPP and SMP Data Warehouses. Support for users with different needs and service-level agreements (SLAs).

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse

In addition, Parallel Data Warehouse offers: Multiple configurations from HP and Dell White glove service and support through Microsofts Critical Advantage Program Use of industry standard hardware Low acquisition cost, with appliances starting from under $13,000 per terabyte Distributed architecture with SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse as the hub and SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse data marts as the spokes

Key Features
Parallel Loader

Evenly distributed data across multiple nodes and parallel processing High performance and efficiency

Most Comprehensive Solution

Parallel Data Warehouse offers more than just a data warehouse engine. It offers a comprehensive data warehouse solution with a complementary set of tools for ETL, analysis, reporting, MDM, and realtime data warehousing. As a result customers benefit from: A complete data warehouse solution spanning desktops, data marts, and the enterprise data warehouse. A compelling end-user BI experience. Agility with ability to support new business groups with integrated data marts. Fast time-to-value for BI through integration with Microsoft BI. Parallel Data Warehouse also offers: Distributed architecture that integrates both MPP and SMP data warehouses Integration with Microsoft BI tools, including Analysis Services, Integration Services, and Microsoft SharePoint Most comprehensive toolset for ETL, BI, MDM and Streaming Data. Interoperability with non-Microsoft BI and ETL tools such as, SAP Business Objects, Informatica, and Microstrategy. Hadoop connectors for seamless integration between Parallel Data Warehouse and the Hadoop environment.

Better agility and business alignment High-speed data transfer to relieve traditional barriers to hub-and-spoke Reduced administration for large data Parallel Backup and warehouses Restore Ability to archive backup files in an external device or system Fewer performance bottlenecks Multiple Physical Enterprise-class redundancy by Instances mirroring all server and storage of Tables components Better scalability, better and more Massively Parallel predictable performance, reduced risk, Processing with Shared and a lower cost per terabyte Nothing Architecture Ability to partition data across nodes to reduce bottlenecks and contention Eliminated contention per user query IO and CPU Affinity within SMP Nodes Increased process performance using full resources of the node for each query Parallel Database Copy

Microsoft Critical Advantage Program (MCAP)

To ensure business continuity of your mission critical data warehouse appliance, MCAP combines pre-packaged, pre-tested hardware and software configurations with enterprise-class proactive services and support options over the complete lifecycle of your solution.

Distributed Data Warehouse Architecture

Experienced Microsoft Services professionals will conduct a comprehensive, proactive review of your architecture, as well as your IT operations related to the appliance. They will incorporate recommended practices that will improve the ultimate performance and stability of your mission critical solution.

With MCAP, Microsoft is your first point of contact for assistance; we triage the problem and collaborate with the hardware support team, managing the incident end to end. MCAP appliances such as SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse are sold with mandatory support (Software Assurance and Premier) agreement to ensure proper operations and hardware and servicing. Optionally you can upgrade this support to our mission critical support offering (Software Assurance and Premier Mission Critical), our highest level of support available.

Additional Information
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