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Address: House # R-16, Unique Cottages, Block 3, G Jauhar, Karachi E-mail: Phone (Mobile): Phone (Home): +92-322-2383302 +92-213-4012255

OBJECTIVE: My objective is to explore and exploit my potential to its boundaries so that I am able to contribute and excel. EDUCATION:
Year 2008-2012 2006-2008 2004-2006 Institution GIK Institute of Eng. Sciences and Tech. The City School The City School Certificate/Degree BS Mechanical Engineering GCE, A Level (Pre-Eng., Further Math) GCE, O Level (Sciences, Accounting) Grade/CGPA 3.42/4.00 4 As 8 As


Modeling and Simulation of Flow Induced Vibrations for Energy Generation: During the course of the project we developed and simulated a working model for predicting the effect of vortex induced vibrations in turbulent flow through immersed cylindrical bodies. The results of this simulation were used to derive a power function so that the vibrations are amplified for power generation.

Engro Fertilizers (6 Weeks) 2011 During the six week experience as a merit intern, I was assigned to the project engineering department. My major project was to calculate and implement design solutions to changing operating temperature and pressure of a fuel gas pre-heater. Worked on other projects; Recycle of AMDEA solution for pumps and Nitrogen gas purging of reactor catalysts. National Refinery Limited (Attock Oil Group) (6 Weeks) 2011 In the course of six week training, I was assigned in the Maintenance, Reliability/Inspection and operations departments. Two major projects assigned to me; Fault tree analysis of vibration readings of a centrifugal pump and Risk Analysis of pump leaks to plan and schedule maintenance jobs. Byco Petroleum (4 Weeks) 2010 As an intern I was assigned in the Maintenance and Inspection departments. Got hands on experience of executing maintenance jobs. I worked with a team of apprentices to disassemble reciprocating compressor for replacement of O-Rings, was also asked to develop an improved SOP. Omar Jibran Engineering (4 Weeks) 2010 I worked as an Intern for a total of six weeks while assigned to Production, CAD/CAM and QA/QC. I also Implemented KAIZEN and

KANBAN projects with cycle time reduction having per annum energy savings of up to PKR 0.7 million.


3 Position at the ASME, SPDC 2012, UAE, Dubai. (Presented on Flow Induced Vibrations) st 1 Position at the Final Year Project competition, GIK Institute Runners up in the Mobility Challenge in The Robocup Iran-Open 2010 Achieved the Deans Honor Roll and Distinction for four semesters at GIK Institute. Awarded scholarship by Pakistan Petroleum Limited, freshmen year, GIK Institute. 2008-2009 Awarded Scholarship in A-Level and High Achiever O/A Level 2004-2008. Won the ASME Student Professional Development Conference Vice Chair Competition Selected for the position of ASME Co-Chair, Asia-Pacific. Selected in the international work experience IAESTA program, British Council Selected to participate and represent Pakistan in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2011 in Malaysia International Member: Society for Petroleum Engineers (SPE). (2008-Present) Head and Founder of the GIKI Outreach team under the Office of Outreach and Enterprise Part of the Shah Faisal Colony and GIK Institute Hockey Team. Founded the Engineers without Borders (EWB) student chapter at GIK Institute and Pakistan