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Multi-purpose Aviation Grease 7007, 7008

Manufacture from : synthetic oil lithium soap thickener well-chosen additives

Features & Benefits Outstanding performance over wide temperature range Exceptional retention and resistance to high-temperature degradation Excellent resistance to softening under severe working Very good rust and corrosion prevention performance Prolonged bearing service life

Specification meet the requirements of Specification SH 0437_92, Military Specifications MIL_G_3278 and D. T. D825B Applications Various medium to small-size bearings

Suitable operation temperature ranged from -60~120

Mobilgrease 33

Description Mobilgrease 33 is a high-performance lithium-complex grease designed for generalpurpose aircraft use Its consistency is between the NLGI grades 1 and 2 utilizes a 100% polyalphaolefin base oil and premium additives

Features High viscosity index polyalphaolefin basestock Good storage stability Exceptional resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation Resistance to degradation by water (hydrolysis) Low volatility Excellent protection against wear, corrosion, and rusting

Properties NLGI Grade-1 Thickener Type-Lithium complex Color-Blue green

Aeroshell 14 Leading Multipurpose Helicopter Grease - MIL-G-25537C

Specifications Oil type-mineral Thickener type Calcium soap possessing outstanding anti-fret and anti-moisture corrosion properties oxidation and corrosion inhibited useful operating temperature range is 54C to +93C

Base oil viscosity mm2/s

40C: 12.5 100C: 3.1 Useful operating temperature range C: 54 to +93 Drop point C: 148 Worked penetration 25C: 273 Unworked penetration 25C: 269

Bomb oxidation pressure drop at 99C 100 hrs MPa (psi): 0.0207 400 hrs MPa (psi): 0.0689 Oil separation at 100C in 30 hrs % m: 1.5 Water resistance test loss % m: 7.2 Evaporation loss in 22 hrs at 100C % m: 5.6 Anti-friction bearing performance at 93C: 1700+ Copper corrosion 24 hr at 100C: Passes Bearing protection 2 days at 52C: Passes Color: Tan

Zinc Anti-Seize - Zinc Dust and Petrolatum Compound (Aircraft Grade)

Description: Zinc Anti-Seize is a smooth mixture of zinc dust and petrolatum compound prevent seizing and corrosion within metal joint assemblies Recommended for aluminum and aluminum alloys Protects against corrosion through the electrochemical "Galvanizing" properties of the zinc dust on both aluminum and ferrous metal (iron) components Features and Benefits : Conforms to MIL-T-22361, MIL-AA-59313. Corrosion protection up to 750F (399C) Resists seizing in aluminum, aluminum alloys, and iron assemblies.

Moly-Lit - Moly Based Anti-Seize Compound

Description : Moly-Lit is an extra heavy-duty, extreme-pressure, low-friction lubricant offers high concentrations of molybdenum disulfide, graphite, and other anti-wear solids in a high-performance carrier Use it to protect valuable parts and equipment to temperatures up to 2400F (1315C) Exceeds MIL-A-907 specifications delivers minimum torque requirements and lubricates under extreme heavy loads

Features and Benefits : No copper or aluminum. Long-term protection against rust and corrosion Reduces friction on all metal surfaces Protects load bearing surfaces during critical wear-in.

Aluminum Plate - Anti-Seize Compound

Descriptions: Aluminum Plate contains no lead or copper and has a synthetic, non-melting carrier This lubricant depolymerizes and dissipates at temperatures above 400F without leaving a carbon residue It deposits a dry film of aluminum and graphite to plate and protect metal surfaces to temperatures of 2000F (1095C) Features and Benefits : Withstands extreme weather conditions Does not form abrasive residue at high temps Highly water resistant. Resists seizing and galling, reduces friction Protects against rust and corrosion.