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The City of San Diego MEMORANDUM

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August 30, 2012 Kelly Broughton, Development Services Department Director Honorable Mayor and City Council Development Services Department Reorganization

In order to better consolidate core department functions under key managers and increase accountability for department services, I am reorganizing the Development Services Department. My goals for this reorganization are: To complete community plan updates by combining technical disciplines and environmental review staff with a stronger focus on plan management. By merging these important activities under a single deputy, I believe we can improve project schedules and make timely decisions on technical matters that are key to community plan update completion. Successful community plans are critical to the Citys future growth. To maximize the Citys economic efforts by merging facilities financing and economic development to work with ongoing private and public community development activities. In the absence of redevelopment, aligning these remaining economic functions under a single deputy and enhancing partnerships that focus combined community improvement resources is critical to a sustainable City. To consolidate department code enforcement together with project submittal and permit issuance to improve coordination across all City enforcement actions including compliance via application and permitting. To more evenly distribute work duties among the management team and to allow them a greater span of control to implement changes that improve department efficiency, enhance customer service, increase quality, and better serve the community.

Development Services Department Reorganization August 30, 2012 Page 2

Following are the major organizational areas: Customer Service and Department Administration A new Assistant Director currently being recruited will provide overall administrative support to the department and oversee major functional programs. Jim Myers, Assistant Deputy Director will manage department-wide information technology and records services. Department special project, general plan oversight, and other Citywide long range planning coordination activities will be provided by Nancy Bragado, Program Manager. Permit Issuance and Code Enforcement Division Under Bob Vacchi, Deputy Director this division will perform submittal and issuance, project processing support, and customer counter services; and will combine land development, solid waste facility, and building and housing enforcement functions. Leslie Goossens, Assistant Deputy Director and Bill Prinz, Program Manager will assist Bob in this division. Economic Development and Project Management Division Managed by Tom Tomlinson, Deputy Director, this division will provide services that promote community development and support local businesses. Core functions include administering economic growth services, the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, economic development, and facilities financing. The division also provides project management services to customers seeking approval for development projects and guides them through the development review process. Mike Westlake, Assistant Deputy Director and Beth Murray, Assistant Deputy Director will work with Tom to manage this division. Advanced Planning and Engineering Division This division managed by Cecilia Gallardo, Deputy Director will be responsible for long range planning activities including community plan updates, the Multiple Species Conservation Program, historic review, and park planning. In addition, environmental, subdivision, and current planning and zoning functions related to ministerial and discretionary projects; and the discretionary engineering and mobility planning functions will be performed by this division. Cecilia will be supported by Cathy Winterrowd, Assistant Deputy Director and Greg Hopkins, Assistant Deputy Director.

Development Services Department Reorganization August 30, 2012 Page 3

Building Construction and Safety Division This division, led by Afsaneh Ahmadi, Deputy Director/Chief Building Official will perform review of building, grading, public improvements, and traffic safety plans for compliance with California construction codes and regulations; provide ministerial project management services; and perform inspections related to building construction. Afsaneh will be supported byWilliam Barranon, Assistant Deputy Director and Jeff Strohminger, Program Manager to oversee these functions. Attached please find the new organizational structure and key members of the management team. More detailed organizational charts will be provided in the future as our new management team works to refine areas of responsibility and establish the departments detailed supervisory assignments. Thank you for your patience and support as we move forward with changes that I believe will better serve San Diego. Respectfully,

Kelly Broughton, Director Development Services Director Attachment cc: San Diego Planning Commissioners Community Planning Group Chairs Development Services Department Staff

Development Services Department Reorganization August 2012

Director Kelly Broughton


Program Manager Nancy Bragado

Program Manager TBD


Assistant Director Recruitment

Assistant Deputy Director Jim Myers






Deputy Director Bob Vacchi

Deputy Director Tom Tomlinson

Deputy Director Cecilia Gallardo

Deputy Director Afsaneh Ahmadi

Program Manager Bill Prinz

-Submittal/Permit Issuance -Code Enforcement -Local Enforcement Agency -Economic Development -Facilities Financing -Project Management

Program Manager TBD

-Long Range Planning -Current Planning -Discretionary Engineering

Program Manager Jeff Strohminger

-Building Plan Check -Ministerial Engineering -Inspection

Assistant Deputy Director Leslie Goossens

Assistant Deputy Director Beth Murray

Assistant Deputy Director Mike Westlake

Assistant Deputy Director Cathy Winterrowd

Assistant Deputy Director Greg Hopkins

Assistant Deputy Director William Barranon