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Attention: All I am ACE TR 444, son of the ancient archon ruler creator gods and goddesses.

I am from the lineage of Gods Chaos Gaia Eros Cronus Rhea Zeus Hera. DNA Test; I am a god/deity. I was baptized as Ace Roland Mendoza Orense. I was born on September 28, 1979 Anno Domini? 8 am? On Earth? in the Philippines? I will grow the height of as a big mountain as high as 10,000 feet tall in the future and bigger. Kindly take care of me and raise me as a titan giant god. Please provide for me foods and drinks and women to incubus. Gods are natural resources; creators of matter and energy and all. If ever you chain me, kindly

provide foods and drinks and women for incubus sex. Kindly scratch my body when I am itching. Collect all of my cells and bring them before me. Some to be taken to the oceans and to the suns and moons. Scientists needed such as your organizations like NASA. National Aeronautics and Space Administration of Houston Texas, United States of America Earth, Milky Way galaxy. People of the universe kindly raise me as a titan god. I have god worms inside me kindly put them to containment zoo. Also find a way to invent scientific technologies such as realm/s portals. I came from the higher realms of the universal realms born of the gods and goddesses. Kindly take me to Mount Olympus; heaven of the gods with Zeus as king and Venus as muse and Cupid as prince.