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What have you got to hide?
As the mother of a six-yearold (amongst other roles), keen to do her "bit" to ensure the sustainability of our region in a future with less

ts the Editor
devastation that coal seam
gas mining brings. I smongly urge the

email your letter to le In a community like ours, swely we can put those party constraints to one side and hope that councillors can just work together with a common aim to do their very best for their fellow citizens.
Susan Dunn


to open up its forum to whoever is concemed about this issue, and for anyone in the community who is so concerned to knock on the door

families and carers within the Armidale-New England region. The bulk of support provided will be in the form
of one-off financial assistance to promote qualrty of life and to assist with health related

what people like Bt

Joyce and Tony Abbt


to do about c


Finally; it is an utt tuth to say that Aust the only country put

oil (and other non-renewable

of Moore Park Inn this Fridav at 9 and ask to be let in. the last tbree months,

crises where no other funding program is available.

price on carbon emissi,

fuels), I was very excited to leam that the NSW Government's Regional Development Austalia Northern Inland (RDANI) was hosting a forum on the very issue I was reading about in a book called the Transition Handbook. This would surely be about the New England

we have had fwo other forums on energy in Armidale


MS Branch welcomes new

mernbers. Carers and friends of people with MS are just as welcome to join as those

The Armidale


Here we go again!
Bamaby Joyce on about carbon tax; can we tust anything that Barnaby Joyce says? He just follows his leader, the perennial negative would-be Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Abbott's painful pleading with us to elect him prime minister next time is getting not just boring, but rather badly he must want Julia Gil-

difficult to find it our the World Wide We

reputable publications

Tell us the kuth - it

topic. RobertWalkt

thatl know of:

region's wealth



able energy sources (or so thought!).


with its proposed Communi-

Community forum on Coal Seam Gas in May, a Renewable Energy Round Table Forum in June. Neither of those well-attended forums was closed to the community, and I'm sure you would have been welcome to attend, too. Since your meeting is so secretive, it makes me wonder: what have you

withMS themselves. We also have a separate MS Support Group which meets every
two months. For inforrnation

(Kings College, Lt


on Branch activities, please

contact We continue to welcome donations (tax deductible if over $2) which can be sent to PO Box 4013,
Anrridale West 2350.
Wendy Berkley,

us on


Margaret 0'Cor candidate

pathetic spectacle. How

ty Wind Farm and a tomato farm sited in Guyra because of its high number of sunny
days, is wonderfully situated to develop renewable energy

got to hide? Cathie Lamont

sources that will never run out ... or impinge signifi-

Heartfelt thanks
The Armidale District MS Branch would like to thank the many individuals and
businesses that have opened their hearts and supported the

President Armidale District MS Branch

lard'sjob. It is all very embarrassing to most people because all they have to offer is negativity. Barnaby, like his leader, has no answers to obvious

Councillor Rob RichaI explanation (Letters EditorAugust 1,2012',

waspurelyArrnidale's er (fog and low cloud) caused the Intem

as suitable site

Aviation College (L eventually reject Ar

for its
raises as many questio answers.

Rate hike
Have you noticed that the
rates have gone up again?

problems such as climate

cantly on the other essential industries (food-growing!)


ensure our region not only survives but thrives in a "more expensive energy"




assumed that respected organisations

such as Sustainable Living Armidale and fanning representatives would be invited

to contribute their knowledge

Branch's inaugural fundraising dinner "Help Freeze MS out ofArmidale this Winter!" Your generosity has enabled us to make a phenomenal profit of almost $1 5,000. Not bad for first-timers!

by over 25 per cent. In 2011 it was $93, now it is $120. Is this the charge for the Waterfall Way landfill which was unaninously rejected in tbree public meetcharge ings but canied unanimously by council? The same landfill that has taken over a decade



change, no alternatives to the carbon tax. What would he do if he ever was in power? The issue is about climate change. And here both the leader and his minions do notbelieve such a thing exists - despite

Why, for exampl such an obvious facl singled out as a preli point for decision by t ties, before Council
its time and money'\r

closely" with the IA

spending ratepayers'

Paciic Islands nearly going

under the waves and massive lumps Greenland's ice sheet melting away. It is pointless, it seems, to

to this fonrm. Imagine my dishess to learn that the forum has been restricted to the
supporters ofan energy form that is bothunsustainable and

H&H duo MC

We would particularly Iike !o thank the dynnmis


that the

able resources to mal

developmer dealt with appropriatel legal cases it is standar



Clark and auctioneer Peter Hutchinson; Liz Foster who helped from inception with
planning, in addition to do-

consultants' fees to gain government approval? The same landfill that was going

cite ttie obvious signs of efi fects of climate change and

carbon emissions, even

to cost $5 million but will



tice tlrat, if there is a on which an entire ca succeed or fail, this i

deadly to the environment

coal seam gas. Why would a forum looking at responding to a problem caused by

nating her TAWFA fashion for telling it like it is as our keynote speaker; Paul Tearle from the Colour Copy Centue for doing all our printing;

parade; Carly Wainwright

non-renewable energy

source's depletion ignore

sustainable, healthy altematives and the key stakeholders affected by CSG mining
and the economic advantages these industries offer our re-

the Amridale Folk Museum for loaning us their precious antiqug garments; Jenny Mc-

now be over $15 millisa (aad the restl). W'rite to your council and ask them. You may receive a response on the new council stationery. Whose idea was that and at what cost? Would the GM care to justify the cost of the new stationery?

world's most knowledgeable scientists tell us so. So come on, Bamaby, what would you do about climate change? Let

with quickly as a p nary point to save tir

costs of preparing the matter. Surely the 1in

us know. Don't just parrot

your leader. Tell us what you

of fog and low cloud altitude for a flying

Similarly, two
working with a "cons

would do. The carbon tax is not, of


would be an obvious (


a tax - that is just


gion? answer, then it should have the confidence to invite people with different views. But it doesn't, of course, because it knows it doesn't have the interests of the people who live in this region at heart just the profit margin of big companies based in countries

Mutual for accounting support; Jenny Allingham from

Celebrations The Party Shop



Thomas Brazier Hollins, Management Consultant Armidale

Ifthe coal seam gas industry is so sure it has the best

for our

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sponsor Oogee Hair Studio

Political palaver
How many of us,
der, wish that party politics weren't being openly introduced into local government elections? Don't we have enough divisiveness through State and Federal politics to more than occupy us?

Tony Abbott's sly name for it. But who wants the truth? I, for one, am utterly sick of hearing Tony Abbott on any topic. His totally predictable comments are beyond bormg.

group" on the quesl openmg up more rnr

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land raises the ques

"cl6se" to developi 'highway users" 4b


in association with Goldwell Aushalia; and all the staffat


the Bowlo, especially

for her tireless help.


Funds raised will help provide financial assistance

There is a silent majority out there who, I think, feel pretty much as I do, and who do not dispute the evidence

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about the serious

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of climate


Council has know 2010 that Wickhams port was desperate fi a facility. Meanwhile


for equipment and services,

information and support to local people with MS, their

and carbon emissions in par-

that won't experience


And we want to know

has been planninl gates and fees at the car park to make sure commuters and car pc