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Poliakoff, Keith
From: Sent: To: Poliakoff, Keith Thursday, July 07, 2011 8:53 AM

Subject: Fwd: Resident Meeting on Detention Center

They ought to start moving dirt Sent from my iPad. Sorry for the typos! Begin forwarded message: From: "Steve J. Breitkreuz" <> Date: July 6, 2011 8:49:56 PM MDT To: "'Poliakoff, Keith'" <> Cc: Bert Wrains <>, Charles Lynn <> Subject: Resident Meeting on Detention Center Keith,

I had my meeting with the residents tonight. It generally went well. There are some residents that are absolutely against it that were there. They talked about legal options for fighting it, but that is up to them on what they want to do.

Other residents had recommendations to mitigate the issues as they saw them. The issues seem to be:

1) Security Not so much from an escape point of view but from released detainees. There was someone there that presented themselves as being very familiar with Krome and they indicated that on a normal day 25 detainees are released out the front gate. Many of those have no transportation and are left to their own devices. So, I would like to get information form CCA on ICE on that issue and understand what can be done to mitigate that issue. a. Also, we may need to put in the contract a requirement for CCA to pay for an added deputy on the streets out west on an ongoing basis, or at a minimum a trial basis until we work up new crime statistics.

2) Traffic The traffic issue is not so much from the workers as from those that are visiting the detainees and are unfamiliar with the area. I do believe that 1500 inmates will generate a significant number of visitors. We need to do what we can


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with signage, addresses, and GPS directions to ensure that neighborhood traffic is minimized. The actual suggestions in the meeting also included that gates should be included. 3) Naming We need to be careful how this is named. This actually came up after the meeting in a discussion. The biggest impact to property values could be from a perception that SWR is a prison town like when you think of Krome avenue, you think of a prison. The name of this facility should have nothing of Southwest Ranches associated with it. 4) There were other concerns such as sound that I doubt will be an issue. 5) Overcrowding is a point that we need to be iron clad on. The person familiar with Krome indicated that that was a regular issue there and that temp facilities were erected leading to numerous additional problems.

I believe that we should work to get as many of these issues addressed and mitigated in the contract as is possible.

At the end of the meeting, I believe that most of the residents were much more understanding but few, if any, were supportive. However working on several of these fronts will be important.

Thanks Steve

Steve Breitkreuz Council Member Town of Southwest Ranches

954-434-0008 Ext. 209 6589 SW 160th Avenue Southwest Ranches, FL 33331


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