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Zyre Mehdi

How can Muslims convince the world that their religion has a perfect system for humanity?

any Muslims consider it very important to spread Islam around the globe. In Islamic terminology it is called Dawah, which literally means invitation. Unlike Jihad, this concept cant be easily misinterpreted to incorporate any kind of violence. It is simply to invite people to Islam by preaching them the Islamic concepts. But nowadays Muslims dont have something which had been in the past very instrumental for Dawah. Like any other Islamic concept, the standard methodology for preaching and spreading Islam is to be taken from the life of The Holy Prophet. The Prophet first preached Islam in Mecca where the nascent religion instantly turned up all the idol worshippers against him and after they made it hard for him to even live in his house, he left for Medina; a city with less violent and more considerate people. After preaching Islam for some time, The Prophet established the first Islamic state; the city state of Medina. It then became the base camp for missionaries who converted all the Arabian Peninsula to Islam. After the establishment of the Islamic state, Medina thrived as never before. It became strong enough to defend Muslims from Meccans and eventually strong enough to capture Mecca. People flourished under the Islamic system and soon there were left few people who lived a life of poverty. People enjoyed more freedom, justice was served equally to the rich and the poor and crime rates went down to almost nil. For the people who were preached the new religion in the deserts of Arabia, Medina used to be an inspiration. They were told about that city and how it had changed after the advent of Islam. This exactly is what Muslims lack nowadays; a successful example to show people how Islam works. Islam is not a typical religion; its a whole ideology that encompasses every aspect of human life. It has got certain part that is associated with the individual life of people, but it also has system and standards for the whole society. In this era, when people are told about the Islamic systems of government, economy, society etc. people often ask what good are these systems if they couldnt improve the condition of even a single Muslim country. There are six countries which claim to be Islamic states and fifteen which have Islam as the national religion. None of them is capable of being an inspiration for a non-Muslim. Usually Muslims blame The Western nations of plundering their resources and interfering in their politics and describe these to be the reasons for the poor condition of the structure of their country and society. But blaming someone else for ones own shortcomings is not something very noble. Though it is a fact that many Western governments have been involved in supporting dictators and interfering in the politics and society of the Muslim world, but that too is a fault of the Muslims who let it happen.

Free Thoughts

When a Muslim preacher says to a non-Muslim, Let me tell you something that is better for you, the non-Muslim might well ask, Why hasnt that thing been better for your own self? Why those who claim their religion to be a perfect system for humanity are living in the worst conditions? The answer of course is that theyve themselves betrayed their religion. Its only a name that is being spoken of now; Islam has long been abandoned by its followers. Though it is very important to spread The Message around the globe, but at least equal efforts should be made to preach and revive Islam in the Muslim world. The Prophet did it by making himself an example, and then by making an exemplary society and state. So should be done by the Muslims of this era, if they care even a bit about their religion.

Free Thoughts