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Who are we? Established in 2004, INFOSVAP is information Technologies Solution Provider and holds expertise in software development related to educational and telecom industries; and enterprise solutions using Microsoft networking products Infosvap is strategically located in the central India i.e. Nagpur city. INFOSVAP Technologies corporate office is at Nagpur, the largest upcoming cargo - hub of India Infosvap Technologies has been functioning in a well-equipped development center at IT Park Nagpur with state of-the-art infrastructure for providing innovative software products and services Our approach to the delivery of information systems is based on a partnership with client firms. We focus on operational requirements, economic considerations and scheduling constraints. This approach, coupled with our experience and expertise in all areas of Information Technology, provides our clients with a "complete solution" Focused and concentrating to provide Best IT solutions to all over the world. We have been delivering innovative, cost-effective, quality software solutions, products and services using the latest technologies and tools required for the customers business in the global market We have a track record of seven years in providing computer education & other services Background: Infrastructure INFOSVAP technologies have state-of-the-art Development Center (ODC) is fully networked with highspeed communication links and equipped with powerful hardware and software. Center (ODC) in India. TrainingCenter INFOSVAP technologies has a highly effective training center for continuous internal up gradation of its workforce. The faculty has experience and expertise to conduct the training, which aims at building a base of certified developers on different technology platforms. At Infosvap we believe in quality education. The delivery of our education is of the highest standards. In order to achieve standard delivery, we train and upgrade our faculties under the supervision of the head office. Our strength

Experienced and Highly Qualified tea

Personalized Services Focused Research Prompt Services Continuous Technology and Service Upgrades

Our Team:

Narendra Burange: Promoter Director

Graduate in Management, Information technology business. Since last sixteen years Chandrakant Dhavas: Promoter Postgraduate in Computer Management Earlier Worked with INDOFUJI and now working with TTDC JAPAN. 6 years experience from IT Related Services.

We have team of 25 trained professionals in all walks of life