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Bowne International Inc


Lower Ground Floor & Upper Ground Floor Levels Salisbury House, 28 Finsbury Circus, London EC2

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@Footer@ Berkeley Square House London W1X 6AN Telephone 0171-629 6290 Fax 0171-493 3734 Doc No. 8 2 Revised 7 August 1996 ExampleRGD/AEF/B16615 of a Short Report


Introduction Ceiling Walls/Columns Floors Windows/Doors Fittings/Fixtures/Staircases Service Installation

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This specification describes the fitting out works to the upper ground and lower ground floor office levels of the premises known as 28 Finsbury Circus, London. It is to be read in conjunction with drawing B16615/J2. These works relate to those funded by the Landlord generally called "Category A" and exclude tenant enhancement or fitting out works which are to be subject to a separate licence for alterations. Generally the accommodation is to be open plan with toilet accommodation on one floor.


Office areas on both floors to be provided with new 600mm x 600mm suspended ceilings with mineral fibre acoustic tiles hung on a T suspension grid. Ceiling margins with existing walls to comprise of painted plasterboard with bulkhead upstands formed near window heads. Shadow gaps feature to be formed between junction of suspended ceiling and plasterboard edging. Suspended ceiling to have approximately 400mm clear void (excepting where downstand beams are present). Toilet area to have new suspended


All existing structural columns, chimney breasts and dividing walls are to be retained. Existing walls to be plastered where necessary and provided with fabric backed vinyl wall coverings. Skirtings to be painted softwood. Ceramic wall tiling (200 x 200 mm tiles) to be provided above vanity units and to toilet cubicles with decorative colour band. Remaining wall areas to be plastered and painted. Toilet cubicles to be formed with free standing melamine or similar prefinished laminate to match vanity units. Cubicle partitioning to include


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matching cubicle doors complete with sliding latch door furniture etc.


Existing floor slabs to be made good with all service holes etc. fire stopped. Surface of structural floor to be prepared as necessary and 600mm x 600mm metal faced raised floor system on metal pedestals to be provided. Raised floor to be fully accessible and to meet PSA specification PF2 PS. Floor loadings in office areas to achieve medium duty loading levels of 12 kN/m2 on 25mm x 25mm square. Floor void of approximately 200mm to be achieved. All office areas to be finished with good quality office standard carpet tiles. Toilet areas to have ceramic tile finish. Matwell to be provided adjacent to entrance doors.


Existing hardwood entrance doors to Finsbury Circus at upper ground level to be retained and repolished as necessary. Existing painted timber fire escape doors to be retained and redecorated with two undercoats and one coat of good quality gloss paint. Existing painted softwood doors to stair enclosure to be retained and decorated as above. Existing painted timber sash windows to be overhauled to open and timberwork including cills to be redecorated as above. Existing eyebolts for safe cleaning of windows to be retained.


Toilets on upper lower ground level (as shown on attached plan Ref B16615/JL (1) to be refurbished to provide separate male/female facilities. Fittings to be white ceramic WC pans with concealed low level cisterns. Matching wash hand basins to be provided recessed into laminate topped vanity units with wall mounted mirrors above.


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Electrical switchgear and meter 5 to be housed in painted timber cupboards. Existing spiral staircase to be removed and new staircase to be provided adjacent to front entrance as shown on attached drawing. Existing timber stairway at west end of building to be retained and redecorated.


Service Installation
Lighting New lighting to consist of 600mm x 600mm recessed fluorescent light fittings to meet Cat 2 requirements. Lighting to include emergency lighting to provide minimum level of lighting necessary to comply with Fire Officer requirements. Lighting controls to allow for open plan office arrangement. Stairs to be provided with wall mounted circular compact fluorescent luminaires. Toilet areas to be provided with low energy spotlights recessed into the ceiling.


Electrical Electrical power to be provided to man distribution boards on each floor level ready for provision of new tenant services. Wall mounted power points to be provided at three locations on each floor for cleaning purposes however.


Fire Basic breakglass call point fire alarm system to be provided linked to rest of building system.


Mechanical Mechanical ventilation to be provided to serve toilet area with extract ducting located above suspended ceiling. Ventilation to achieve 4 No. air changes per hour.


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Office areas to be provided with independently controlled comfort cooling units located around the perimeter of each office floor.


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Public Health Hot water to be provided by existing boilers located in remote plant room for use in heating system. Hot water for toilet area to be obtained from common hot water service.




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