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Defense Script IRISH: Good morning, everyone. Thank you for attending today.

My name is Irish Ereno and this is my partner, Charmaine Ruado. Today, we will be presenting our thesis about the internal motivating factors of non-treatment seeking drug dependents. The Philippines, like many other developing countries, is faced with the social problem of high rates of drug abuse. To make matters worse, the percentage of drug abusers in the population increases yearly despite the efforts to eradicate the problem. Failure to solve this problem not only threatens the life of individuals, but also the economic and social development of the country as a whole. The current study is useful in contributing to the general body of knowledge in this area, but more especially to those people who managed to abstain from drugs without the help of any professional treatment or mutual help. Why does one person can successfully overcome their drug addiction on their own, while the other (despite their efforts and formal treatments) fails to do so? While we do not presume to have the answer, our research about the persons motivation to change is a way to conceptualize the differential capacities that persons have for overcoming drug addiction. Overall, the purpose of the study is: 1) to determine the internal motivating factors of non-treatment seeking drug dependents 2) to be able to get the full detail of the participants story on drug addiction and drug recovery 3) to know how one person can successfully overcome their drug addiction on their own CHA:

IRISH: According to the Choice Theory, all behavior is chosen. Therefore the motivation for such action is always going to be intrinsic. Glassers Choice Theory hypothesized that every human being make up their own Quality World that embodies the total point of view and understanding of the world of the person such as their relationships, experiences, possessions, and beliefs. Within this world will be thoughts and opinions about how to best accomplish those basic human needs such as survival, love, power, fun, and freedom, and also certain images of what the person aspires to be and things they want to do in life. As a person grows old, he will experience different things in life that may affect their quality worlds to become different too. And as we experience life, we are continuously comparing those things that we want (our Quality World pictures) to those things that we've already got (our Perceived World). We feel good about ourselves whenever those two were met. It gives us a sense of accomplishment or joy whenever we get what we want. But when we dont, we feel a certain degree of frustration, especially when that need is really important to us. That

frustration signal, as Glasser terms it, is felt as an urge to behave in a way that will help us get more of what we want. Their drug addiction can ruin everything that they hold important. But even though it can cause them a whole lot of unhappiness, some individuals may still be unwilling to change. They often feel that they dont have what it takes to recover and that it would be better if things would just stay the same. But recovery is an ongoing process, often difficult and painful at times. Most people will often feel unenthusiastic for they cant see any change happening. For them, everything still looks the same. But what they dont realize is that every little thing counts. Every time we do the next right thing, we are affecting change inside ourselves even when it still looks the same on the outside. Even when people start building a life in recovery it does not mean that they are cured. The work has to continue. You will need to completely alter the way you deal with life and the people around you. To do this, you need to have the Flow. Flow is the contrary of boredom. It is a mental state of operation in which you feel energized, interested, and fully involved about something that you are doing. It is something you often feel when you accomplished something important or when you are completely trying your best. You have your own set of direction and is highly motivated and focused on the task at hand. It can push you in getting things you might think as impossible before. It can help you to achieve success while in rehab and in the years that follows in recovery. Individuals remain trapped in addiction because they dont feel they have the skills to escape. If their self-efficacy can be increased, they will feel more confident about their ability to deal with their problems. Their faith in their own skills to beat the challenge of addiction can lead to an increased sense of flow. Similarly, self- determination is a support system through natural or intrinsic tendencies to behave and have healthy ways to stop drug addiction. It is how the social and cultural factor comes in that will facilitate the peoples sense of volition and initiative that will prove the well-being and the quality of individuals performance. It is the degree in which the individual endorse their actions to the highest level of engagement through actions and a full sense of choice. In drug addiction, the clients motivation predicts a high percentage of change that will put the emphasis in building the clients motivation for them to fully recover.