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wireless ip networking solutions for service providers

enHAnce Your wide AreA network witH MotorolA wireless ip networking solutions
residential enterprise government outdoor Areas Base station Backhaul


MotorolA wireless network solutions

Your Answer to growing MArket cHAllenges

Todays global economy is creating a constantly shifting landscape of challenges and priorities for wireless carriers, telcos and internet service providers seeking to maintain market leadership, retain customers and position for success. Continued survival and success require operational agility. The leaders of the future will be defined by flexibility and speed, and the ability to meet subscribers growing demand for wireless data, video and voice. And by the ability to enable applications and connectivity, while keeping a diligent eye on network infrastructure costs. In todays wireless world, growth is built through more responsive and convenient customer services. Motorolas pioneering role in wireless communications, and our 80 years of experience combined with our proven track record for some of the worlds most demanding and progressive organizations make us the natural choice for service providers seeking to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive global marketplace. We offer a holistic approach to the design and management of wireless IP network solutions. Agile, reliable and secure network capabilities that can be quickly deployed. The products, services and intelligence essential to preparing for future growth through more responsive and convenient customer services. To help you achieve greater wireless agility, Motorola brings together unrivaled end-to-end wireless IP network solutions suitable to leverage current infrastructure investments and optimize total cost of ownership. By connecting the unconnected. By expanding your customer base. By expanding services to existing customers. By providing a resilient, powerful backhaul infrastructure to meet constantly evolving customer demands.



trAnsforMing orgAnizAtions on A gloBAl scAle.

Motorola is helping service providers around the world to connect the unconnected and meet subscribers growing expectations for wireless data-enabled applications and connectivity while managing network infrastructure cost. By providing flexible, reliable and secure wireless IP solutions that can be quickly deployed, Motorola Wireless AgilityTM solutions are helping organizations like yours turn challenges into opportunities for future growth.

sMArt, philippines carrier / wireless isp SMART sought new revenue opportunities and rapid network expansion to offer voice connectivity to locations where dial up connectivity did not yet exist. Backhaul and access network Optimized for residential access Optimized for data connectivity 25 cities fully deployed < one year Serving hundreds of thousands since 2005

digicel, trinidad carrier Digicel deployed PTP links to backhaul GSM BTS 150 km over water. PTP links can also be used to backhaul WiMAX/LTE access networks, video surveillance and enterprise WAN. 99.999% availability Rapidly deployed Secure connectivity Designed with PTP LINKPlanner Performing reliably




seaside communications, nova scotia service provider Seaside completed a province-wide deployment connecting 200,000 citizens, 5,000 businesses and hundreds of schools and medical facilities. PMP access network PTP backhaul Deployed in months More cost effective than fiber/ copper solutions

wireless Beehive, united states telco / wireless isp Wireless Beehive deployed wireless broadband to residential and business customers in place of local DSL wired connectivity. PMP access network PTP backhaul Serves 20,000 residences in 200 sq. miles Supplemented with federal funding

MHo networks, united states wireless isp Denver-based MHO focuses on providing higher capacity wireless metro Ethernet to enterprises, including voice services. PMP access network PTP access and backhaul VoIP, email, web browsing services Serving state of Colorado

BroAder opportunities require BroAder tHinking.

Enterprise customers are faced with many choices and are deploying a myriad of wireless point solutions. Consumer, business and government use of wireless continues to grow. The value and opportunities these systems represent can only be realized when each component works seamlessly with the rest of the network in real time. Unfortunately, many solutions currently available are not capable of offering the convenience, speed and reliability that customers demand by themselves. Often, this is because they are unable to work holistically as part of a broader solution, and duplicate wired solutions become necessary as fallbacks or stop-gaps, mitigating quality of service and financial gain.

network infrAstructure

new enterprise And suBscriBer services

flexible Bts Backhaul. Reliable and cost-efficient wireless Pointto-Point links help open new hard-to-reach local markets that require non-line of sight backhaul, serve as rapid disaster recovery or full-time back-up backhaul connections and help quickly deploy new voice or WiMAX/LTE network base stations while traditional backhaul networks are developed. With a solution for virtually any need from one of the worlds leading WiMAX vendors, Motorolas backhaul portfolio includes licensed microwave links and a full range of near- and non-line of sight capable wireless links.

data offload through connectivity.

Personal mobile devices are straining the capabilities of existing infrastructure more than ever before. Finding the right data offload solution is critical to remaining competitive and helps efficiently utilize todays networks as well as new WiMAX/LTE networks being deployed. Motorolas WLAN and outdoor Mesh Wide Area Networks solutions enable coverage at temporary event sites, at high-traffic indoor sites, and across high-density urban outdoor areas.

new enterprise And suBscriBer services

expand into new rural Markets.

connect new enterprise customers. Connect new, small or medium enterprise customers with cost-effective and easy-to-deploy Motorola Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint fixed wireless broadband solutions, especially where copper infrastructure is not suited to the growing demands for internet connectivity, or in challenging environments and hard-to-reach areas. Enterprise customers with higher throughput needs also benefit from direct Point-to-Point wireless IP Internet service.

offer new Business services. Provide enterprise customers with robust turn-key managed service wireless IP networks to complement their wide area networks service, all deployed and managed by a service provider they already trust. With Motorola WLAN, Mesh Wide Area Networks, Fixed Wireless Broadband backhaul and AirDefense Solutions, you can deliver seamless indoor/outdoor access, which is holistically managed and secured for maximum reliability.

Deploy flexible, reliable and cost-effective internet connectivity to new remote or low density rural communities and businesses with Motorola wireless broadband Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point networks. Easy installation and proven field performance help boost subscriber satisfaction and loyalty.

A totAl portfolio. proven network reliABilitY.

Motorolas portfolio of wireless IP networking solutions and management tools is the broadest in the industry. From indoor to outdoor networks and from infrastructure to client devices. WLAN and outdoor Mesh Wide Area Networks to Fixed Wireless Broadband to VoWLAN and other wireless devices. Look to us with confidence in the most demanding situations for everything from network infrastructure to a broad range of wireless devices. The solutions portfolio is complemented by powerful software tools that help to deploy the most cost-optimized and reliable networks. These include the One Point Wireless Suite and the AirDefense Solutions, which enable network operators to design, deploy and optimize networks for reliable performance, while securing them from intrusion. the wireless AgilitytM portfolio. Theres a reason why Motorola Wireless Network Solutions are used around the world in over 120 countries and 10,000 wireless networks. Our portfolio of Point-to-Point, Point-toMultipoint, Mesh Wide Area Network, WLAN and VoWLAN solutions make governments, enterprises and service providers more agile by helping them deploy high-throughput and highly reliable voice, video and data applications right where they are needed most. Simplified network management and troubleshooting is critical to this process, as is the confidence of knowing that the network will be there for users whenever it is needed. Greater confidence and faster deployment of new services is critical and requires a truly holistic approach. Thats the approach we take, enabled by our legacy of innovation and broad wireless portfolio span.

end-to-end solutions

Motorola LANPlanner Motorola Wireless Manager

Motorola BroadbandPlanner

trusted networking

one point wireless: design, Management and security tools. You can design wireless IP networks for robust application-specific coverage through Motorolas BroadbandPlanner, LANPlanner and PTP LINKPlanner. Once deployed, the wireless IP network is holistically managed for maximum uptime through the Motorola Wireless Manager for outdoor networks and the AirDefense Infrastructure Management Solution for indoor WLAN. Network management is made easier and more efficient by utilizing breakthrough map-based visualization capabilities including real-time network status in live GoogleTM maps as well as flexible configuration templates and informative performance reporting plots and dashboards. The AirDefense Network Assurance Solution empowers the level 1 help desk to address WLAN user issues quickly and efficiently while the 24/7 vigilance and wireless intrusion protection of the AirDefense Security Solution protects the WLAN network from attacks, and detects security policy violations as soon as they occur. These tools, together with intelligent, hardware-embedded security and performance optimization features, make a Motorola wireless IP network a strong yet flexible base on which to build new wireless-enabled agile operations and services.

delivering wireless AgilitY to enterprise custoMers.

Cloud computing and the need for greater mobility are creating ever greater enterprise demand for wireless IP solutions. Service providers can serve as trusted enterprise managed service providers for their enterprise customers wireless IP networking needs. Choosing Motorola as a technology partner enables you to offer unrivaled, agility-enabling end-to-end wireless IP solutions that are highly reliable and secure. secure and defend the network. Whether detecting vulnerabilities or defending from a malicious attack, Motorolas industry-leading wireless intrusion protection software and superior hardwareembedded security features keep the wireless IP network running smoothly so that the impact of any issues to users and operations is minimized.

extend their reach. Whether covering new outdoor areas with WiFi access networks or building new broadband connectivity to hard-to-reach facilities, Motorolas outdoor wireless broadband portfolio can quickly establish secure and reliable network presence which gives workers the ability to serve customers or protect citizens wherever they are in new, more immediate and responsive ways. deliver video in new ways. Motorola gives customers the flexibility to place cameras anywhere they are needed for security, incident response or collaboration. From temporary mesh wireless camera pods at events to indoor WiFi cameras in locations that would otherwise be difficult to reach, video can be captured and then delivered in real-time to users with wireless devices on the enterprise IP network. Motorolas WLAN access points and outdoor wireless broadband links have superior QoS supporting even heavy video streaming applications. Mobilize voice and data onsite. Robust performance of Voice over WLAN (VoWLANs), mobile computers and laptops is ensured through the up-front use of Motorolas application-specific network WLAN design tool. Users carrying Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) VoWLAN smartphones, voice-enabled mobile computing devices and two-way radios are able to talk together whenever needed thanks to Motorolas integrated voice solutions. Furthermore, highly reliable and secure WiFi access in every covered indoor area gives workers the freedom to be effective wherever they are. Back-up critical leased lines. Industry-leading wireless Point-to-Point Ethernet links from Motorola can help ensure business continuity by serving as a redundant back-up network for business critical T1/E1 leased line connectivity. Motorolas powerful network design tools help determine in advance the type of equipment and the deployment locations that will best ensure maximum reliability.

MotorolA environMentAl leAdersHip.

Dow Jones and Newsweek recognition for leading role in corporate sustainability Named Greenest Wireless Network Systems manufacturer by ABI Research in 2008 Carbon footprint reduced by 20% in three years

Packaging weight cut 50% since 2003 Pioneer organization in voluntary climate change Major supporter of renewable energy

seAMless. proven.

point-to-point Industry-leading wireless Ethernet solutions in unlicensed, shared and licensed spectrums offering highly-reliable connectivity across challenging environments, distances and weather conditions. Perfect for T1/E1 back-up, building-to-building connectivity, WiMAX/LTE backhaul, video surveillance and connecting in NLoS areas. wireless lAn Seamless 802.11a/b/g/n indoor and outdoor networks featuring access points that can mesh together and also be used as wireless intrusion protection sensors, saving the cost of separate sensor technology.



MesH wide Area networks Self-forming/self-healing fixed or mobile access networks employing standards-based WiFi or Motorolas unique Mobility Enabled Access technology. Motorola MWAN connects even at highway speeds and routes data along the best path. Perfect for wide-area broadband access networks for public safety or private use. point-to-Multipoint Access point/subscriber networks offering industry-leading interference tolerance, unique GPS-synchronized timing which allows for denser networks and easy installation. Perfect for enterprise and residential internet service, video surveillance, VoIP and data applications, backhaul for WLAN and MWAN.

one point



teAM solutions Total Enterprise Access and Mobility means seamless, innovative solutions providing mobile access to critical voice and data communication services and interoperability with existing communication solutions throughout the enterprise. one point wireless suite LANPlanner, BroadbandPlanner and PTP LINKPlanner create reliable and optimized network designs. Wireless Manager and AirDefense Infrastructure Management provide holistic, map-based wireless network management for Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh and WLAN networks. Motorola Airdefense Industry-leading WLAN security, network assurance and troubleshooting solutions for 24/7 monitoring including remote network performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Airdefense security

wireless network solutions

Motorola delivers seamless connectivity that puts real-time information in the hands of users, giving customers the agility they need to grow their business or better protect and serve the public. Working seamlessly together with its world-class devices, Motorolas unrivaled wireless network solutions include indoor WLAN, outdoor wireless mesh, Point-to-Multipoint, Point-to-Point networks and voice over WLAN solutions. Combined with powerful software for wireless network design, security, management and troubleshooting, Motorolas solutions deliver trusted networking and anywhere access to organizations across the globe.