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BitDefender 2011 - Requirements and Procedures to be observed before installing: The following guidelines have been drafted by the

undersigned based on the feedb ack submitted by Warez-BB members when installing BitDefender 2011 products. The refore, reporting your experience regarding BitDefender 2011 products, either po sitive or negative, shall be highly appreciated. Quote: 1) BitDefender 2011 products require a medium to powerful PC to run smoothly. Th erefore, the Minimal system requirements are the following: Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (SP2 for x64), Vista (SP1), Microsoft Windows 7 Available free hard disk space: 1 GB free space CPU: 800MHz processor Memory (RAM): 512 MB (Microsoft Windows XP) 1 GB (Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7) Software Requirements: .Net Framework 2.0 or above 2) Choose the suitable BitDefender 2011 product which is compatible with your Op erative System, i.e.: BitDefender 32 bit for 32 bit Operative Systems or BitDefe nder 64 bit for 64 bit Operative Systems. 3) Have the appropriate NET.Framework which is suitable for your Operative Syste m installed in your PC before installing BitDefender 2011. This is required to r un the patch by BOX 3.1. If you want to determine that the appropriate NET.Frame work is already installed in your PC, Go to Control Panel => Add or remove progr ams => Check there which NET.Framework you have installed. After installing NET. Framework restart your PC. 4) You cannot have two antiviruses (AV) installed at the same time. So if you ar e going to install a BitDefender 2011 product you must uninstall the AV you curr ently have, including old BitDefender versions or any BitDefender 2011 which you may have installed and found it is not working due to the fact that you have ap plied a different registration procedure from the one described in this post (se arch for and delete any traces of BitDefender and Softwin in your HDD and in you r Windows registry). It isn't enough to disable the current antivirus because th ere could be AV services running in the background which could impair the correc t installation and future performance of the new BitDefender. After uninstalling the old AV, restart your PC. 5) Same happens with firewalls. You cannot have two firewalls running at the sam e time because one would conflict with the other. Therefore, Windows Firewall mu st be disabled. After disabling it, restart your PC or in case of BitDefender In ternet Security or Total Security, let BitDefender do it for you (tick the corre sponding box when installing it). If you are going to install BitDefender Antivi rus 2011 after its installation, patching and first update, it is recommended to re-enable Windows Firewall and adjust its settings to allow BitDefender to go i nto the net to perform futures updates. 6) Uninstall any other third party software which may conflict with the future s ervices to be rendered by BitDefender (firewall, antispyware, antispam, etc.). A fter uninstalling such software, restart your PC. 7) Windows Defender (Microsoft AntiSpyware) can be kept running. 8) In case of Windows Vista and Windows 7, disable User Account Control (UAC). A fter disabling UAC, restart your PC.

9) After having made the above adjustments but before installing the chosen BitD efender 2011 product, don't forget to create a restoration point which can be us eful in case anything may go wrong with BitDefender installation and/or its futu re operation. Naturally that you must have the appropriate tool for restoring: t he ERD Commander Boot CD version which has to be compatible with your Operative System. If you are running Windows XP SP2 or SP3 you may alternatively use Hiren 's Boot CD 10.4 and then invoke ERD Commander from it. FYI Hiren's Boot CD 10.4 was the last version which included ERD Commander (not ERD Commander Explorer). by Polylak :arrow: BitDefender 2011 - Installation and Patching Instructions: Though the procedures are stated within the patch (click the "Read Me" button) a nd which you must read carefully and strictly follow before applying the patch, I have adapted and rephrased them for your easiest understanding as follows: Quote: Installation and Patching Instructions for BitDefender 2011 Products: 1. Install your chosen BitDefender 2011 product using preferably the installer d ownloaded from the appropriate BitDefender direct links indicated above. During installation process: Quote: a) Two checkboxes will appear saying "I want to evaluate BD for 30 days" or "I w ant to register BD with licence key", choose "I want to evaluate BD for 30 days" . b) You will be required to sign into a previous account or to create a new one, select "Create New Account" and simply type any fake e-mail format, such as (don 't use exactly this, it's just a sample, there have been reports that BitDefende r servers is rejecting it) Code: and a password (such as ABCD1234). c) Then, a new window will appear where BitDefender will ask you if you would li ke to be informed about special offers and promotions using the e-mail address o f your account. Since you are entering a fake data, select the option "Do not se nd me any messages" and click "Submit" to complete the installation process. After installation has finished DO NOT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER. 2. Download to your Desktop the Patch by BOX 3.1 from any of the above mentioned links. If you cannot download the Patch by BOX 3.1 because BitDefender 2011 is blocking or deleting it, then proceed as follows: Quote: a) Firstly set you BitDefender 2011 in "Expert Mode" by clicking the "Settings" button located at the top right of BitDefender window. b) Now click the "Antivirus" Tab => In the "Shield" tab, untick "Real-time prote ction is enabled", a warning window will appear. Leave it in 5 (five) minutes an d click "OK". Now download the patch by BOX 3.1 from any of above links and once

you have finished said task, restart your PC in "Safe Mode" to run and apply th e patch in said mode. 3. Restart your computer but boot it into Safe Mode (F8) using an account with A dministrator's rights. To boot in Safe Mode in Windows XP, Vista or 7 proceed as follows: Quote: a) Restart the computer. Immediately after the screen goes blank for the first t ime, or after the BIOS post ends, start taping the F8 key repeatedly. b) The Windows Advanced Options menu appears on a black screen. c) Choose "Safe Mode" and press ENTER. d) Log onto your account which should have Administrator's rights or onto the Ad ministrator's account. If a password was never set, leave the password blank and press "Enter" and after a while you are under Windows Safe Mode GUI. (If BitDefender 2011 has already been installed, then see Note A below.) 4. Once in Windows Safe Mode, open the file "Box_BD2011_3.1.rar" located in your Desktop and extract the Patch ("Box_BD2011.exe") to said place. Double click th e Patch to run it and execute it by clicking the "Year 2045" button or, in case you have not disabled UAC, right click on "Box_BD2011.exe" and choose "Run as Ad ministrator" and then proceed as indicated. When patching has been finished a sm all window will pop-up telling you that the patching was successful. Now it is s uggested that the patch be deleted because it will be detected as a virus/trojan by BitDefender, however IT IS WORTH MENTIONING THAT THE PATCH 3.1 BY BOX IS SAF E AND CLEAN. Such possible circumstance is called "FALSE POSITIVE". For an addit ional information regarding this issue, please refer to this link: Code: 5. Now restart your PC in Windows Normal Mode. 6. Open Bitdefender GUI, click the "Registration" tab and in the "Registration I nformation" area check that your BitDefender 2011 product expires in about 13000 days. 7. Adjust your BitDefender 2011 product settings, update it and you are done. Af terwards and at your convenience, you may conduct a full scan of your computer b ut bear in mind that for a not newly formated PC the scanning may take a long ti me. 8. You may re-enable UAC if you so wish it. 9. If at a later stage you want to remove the effects of the Patch from your Bit defender 2011 product, simply run again the Patch by BOX in Windows Normal Mode and click the "Uninstall" button. Said manoeuvre will convert the BitDefender 20 11 product back to a 30-day trial version. 10. If for any reason you want to uninstall BitDefender, first you must eliminat e the effects of the Patch. To that end, run the Patch in Windows Normal Mode an d click the "Uninstall" button. When indicated by the Patch, restart the compute r in Windows Normal Mode and try to update BitDefender and a window will pop-up advising you that BitDefender has reverted to Trial and now proceed to uninstall

BitDefender. If you don't proceed as above, BitDefender will generate a bug rep ort which nevertheless will not affect your PC at all, but most important, BitDe fender will not allow you any future reinstallation by telling you that you are no longer able to evaluate the product because you have used up all the evaluati on time. To solve said problem, please contact me through this post and I will g uide you how to remedy the issue at stake. NOTE A: If any BitDefender 2011 product is already installed and registered with a valid key or with a key that has expired or that it is shown as invalid and y ou want to patch it to have it registered again or for a longer period of time, you have to restart your computer in Windows Safe Mode (F8) and then run the Pat ch using an account with Administrator's rights and click the "Year 2045" button . Once patching has been finished you have to restart your PC in Windows Normal Mode and you are done. NOTE B: When you have applied the Patch to BD Total Security, the Online Backup feature does not work because you don't have and/or cannot create an account at BitDefender website. by BOX (Adapted and rephrased by Polylak)