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Blankety Blank

Dont be so ______________, Im sure the bus will be here sooner or later. I feel really______________ at the moment, because I have an English lesson with Teachers Name. Dont be so ______________. Im sure the job interview will be fine.

Why do you have such a ______________ look on your face, learning English is really easy? I dont like listening to John anymore; he has a really ______________ attitude.

I cant help feeling ______________ when all the other students dont seem to like me.

Did you see Julie fall over in the street and drop all her shopping, she must have been so ______________. I dont care. Im not ______________ even if he did get the best mark in the class.

What is there to feel ______________ about? I just failed every English test and will have to do them again. Im really __________ about my cat. Hes been missing now for three days. I hope nothing has happened to him. It makes me so ______________ when something is supposed to work and doesnt.

I feel really ______________ in this dress. Do you think it looks okay?

I am going to win this time. I feel really ______________.

I feel really ______________ at the moment, because I heard that Teachers name is sick, and cant teach today. Yes I was very ______________ when I saw that tiger coming towards me.

This lesson is making me feel ______________; its going on far too long.

Youve made me feel very ______________ today; I never thought Id see you win the gold medal at the Olympic games. Im ______________ to know what will happen at the end of this film.

Dont be so ______________; in Scotland its quite normal to have three girlfriends.

I am totally ______________ with this television. Ive tried to get the thing to work, but it just wont.

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Do you feel ______________? Of course, Ill be really ______________ when this its not often that we get to see the President. course ends.

Stop being so ______________! I dont know what the problem is sometimes youre happy and sometimes youre sad.

I am ______________ to tell you that Teachers name will be our special guest for dinner tonight.

Im really ______________ to Sam. All that Im not ______________ he went to the best time he spent with me after my husband died University in the country; he always got the was really special. best grades in class. I thought my Mum was going to buy me a new mobile phone. Imagine how ______________ I was when I got a teddy bear. I was totally __________ when I saw the Great wall of China. It is so big! Yeah, Ive been ______________ by the whole thing. He hasnt phoned or spoken to me for a whole week. Steven said he was ____________when he saw that man going to toilet in the street.

Did you see Johns face? Yeah, he looked really _____________. Well, Fred should ask before he borrows Johns things.

Do we have to go to see the new Star Wars film again, Terry? Thats the seventh time. Im so __________ of it.

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Have you ever felt?

impatient? puzzled? pessimistic? embarrassed? optimistic? nervous? insecure? worried? angry? jealous? self-conscious? confident? depressed? proud? curious? excited? moody? grateful? disappointed? delighted? surprised? frightened? shocked? fed up? relieved?


Why did you feel?

Robert Weekly and Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2005 Taken from the Lesson Share section in

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