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Atomic Power Plants Presently Working in States

Nuclear Power Plants are currently operational in Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. The details are as under:State Station & Location Capacity (MW) 2X160+ Electricity generated (MU) 2011-12 9814


Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS), Units 1 to 4, Tarapur

2X540 Rajasthan Rajasthan Atomic Power Station (RAPS), 200+ Units 2 to 6, Rajasthan 4X220 Tamil Nadu Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS), 2X220 Units 1 & 2, Kalpakkam Uttar Pradesh Narora Atomic Power Station (NAPS), 2X220 Units 1 & 2, Narora Gujarat Kakrapar Atomic Power Station (KAPS), 2X220 Units 1 & 2, Kakrapar Karnataka Kaiga Generating Station (KGS), Units 1 4X220 to 4, Kaiga


2516 1984 3787 5212

Note: RAPS-1 (100 MW) is under extended shutdown for techno-economic assessment on continuation of operations.Nuclear power plants are presently under construction in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. The details are as under:-

Project Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) Units 1 & 2 Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) Kakrapar Atomic Power Project (KAPP), Units 3&4 Rajasthan Atomic Power Project (RAPP), Units 7&8

Location & State Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu Kakrapar, Gujarat Rawatbhata, Rajasthan

Capacity (MW) 2X1000 500 2X700 2X700

The XII Five Year Plan proposals envisage start of work on new projects in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The details are as under:-

Location & State Gorakhpur, Haryana Chutka, Madhya Pradesh Mahi Banswara, Rajasthan Kaiga, Karnataka Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu Jaitapur, Maharashtra Kovvada, Andhra Pradesh Chhaya Mithi Virdi, Gujarat Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu Location to be decided

Project Gorakhpur Units 1&2 Chutka Units 1&2 Mahi Banswara Units 1&2 Kaiga Units 5&6 Kudankulam Units 3&4 Jaitapur Units 1&2 Kovvada Units 1&2 Chhaya Mithi Virdi Units 1&2 Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) Units 1&2 Advanced Heavy Water Reactor (AHWR)

Capacity (MW) 2X700 2X700 2X700 2X700 2X1000 2X1650 2X1500 2X1100 2X500 300

In addition, pre-project activities at Bhimpur in Madhya Pradesh and Haripur in West Bengal are planned in the XII Five Year Plan.

The Sector wise and break up of XII Five Year Plan capacity addition programme (excluding nuclear) is as under:(in MW) Hydro Coal Thermal Gas/LNG Total thermal total

Central State Private Total

5632 1456 2116 9204

10600 12080 40015 62695

826 260 0 1086

11426 12340 40015 63781

17058 13796 42131 72985

Further, capacity addition target of 29800 MW power from different renewable energy sources, which includes 15000 MW from wind; 2100 MW from small hydro project; 10,000 MW from solar energy; 2000 MW from biomass & cogeneration and 700 MW from urban & industrial waste has been envisaged during the Twelfth Five Year Plan.