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Dynamics Ax 2009 Interview Questions

Part I

Can you just tell the table properties that you can remember? What is cache lookup what is it used for? Different types of relation? Explain it detail? Explain OCC & PCC (optimistic concurrency control , Pessimistic concurrency cont rol) Difference between views and tables Explain Queries? What s it used for? Explain different types of reports? Differentiate auto design spec & Generated design? Which one is a preferable cho ice and why Primary Key in tables (In dynamics AX don t have primary key) Explain primary index and Cluster index? Explain in detail? What is the default index for a table? Explain delete action? Types of delete action? What are all the add- on tools you used in Dynamics AX (It s an indirect question for AIF) Did you work with EP (Enterprise Portal & Workflow) how can you implement this f eatures into your projects Can you just point out some best practice you used when u develop a project? Did you worked with base modules? Actually I answered this question as I worked with production module to integrate with our steel process management So can you just point out three classes that you used in production module Explain the posting in production module When you create production order .Can you point out the affecting classes, tables.

Dynamics AX Interview Questions 1. What s new in Dynamics AX 2012 2. OOPs concepts 3. Definition of AOT elements 4. Layers & their usage. 5. Differences: a. AX 4.0 & AX 2009 b. MorphX & Intellimorph c. RunBase & RunBaseBatch d. Element & this e. COM & .NET Business Connector f. Concurrent user & Named user g. Primary key & Foreign key h. Construct & New methods i. Normal, field fixed & related field fixed relations j. Table & View in AOT k. Auto design & Generated design in reports l. Business connector & External Connector m. VSS & TFS n. Refresh(),reread(),research() & executeQuery()-( /2010/03/tutorial-reread-refresh-research.html) o. formDataSource.queryRun().query() & formDataSource.query()-(http://kashperuk. 6. Delete actions & its types 7. Table groups & its types 8. Creation of PO & SO thru code 9. Flow of SSRS report generation in Dynamics AXAX menu item from rich client->Report viewer opens->Issues request to report ser ver-> Report server connects Dynamics AX(.NET BC)->Fetches the data->Return to c

lient 10. AOS Load balancer concept/Clustering 11. Dynamics AX security hierarchy 12. AX 2009 Workflow configuration 13. AIF in Dynamics AX 2009 14. Web Services concept 15. Version Control System in AX 2009 16. Reverse Engineering tool 17. MS Visio UML(Data & Object),ERD 18. Unit test framework 19. Visual Form & Report designer 20. AX 2009 Debugger concepts 21. Cross reference tool 22. Document Management 23. Print Management 24. Types of joins in AX 25. Containers and its functions 26. Data Crawler 27. Intrinsic functions 28. Application Hierarchy Tree 29. Optimistic Concurrency Control 30. Concept of cubes & MDX queries in SQL. 31. Integration from .NET 32. Caching mechanism in AX 33. Events on a form & report 34. Purpose of following methods in AX a. Init(),run(),validatewrite(),write(),close(),canClose() etc. 35. What is cloud computing? How it is configured in AX? Data dictionary 1. 2. Definition and use of Maps, how AddressMap (with methods) is used in sta ndard AX 3. What is the difference between Index and Index hint? 4. Utility and use of find method. 5. How many types of data validation methods are written on table level? 6. How many types of relations are available in Axapta, Explain each of the m. 7. When the recid is generated, what is its utility, what are the different types of Table groups defined on table properties. 8. Difference between Primary & Cluster index. 9. How many kind of lookups can be made and how. 10. How can we utilize field groups in forms 11. How many types of Delete Actions are there in Standard Ax and define the use of each 12. If any record is created in table I want to fetch the date & time stamp, how will you do that 13. What is the function of super() Classes 1. What is an abstract class, what is the utility of an abstract method 2. Multiple inheritance possible or not, if not how can we overcome that. 3. What is an interface, Why do we implement it 4. Do we need to write main method, give reasons 5. What is difference between new & construct method 6. What is the utilty of the RunOn property 7. What is main class used in batch process OR which class will you inherit to m ake a batch job 8. How can we make a batch job occur at regular interval 9. What is the main utility of classes in standard Ax 10. Which class is called when we create a SO/PO.

11. What are classes used to write query. 12. What is a static method, why do we make static methods and where can we writ e it. 13. When do we make methods private or protected.Forms 1. What is the basic structure of a form 2. Utility of init(), run(), wait() methods 3. What are different types of Link Types available in a form datasource, justif y each of them 4. Properties of a form datasource 5. validateWrite() method can be written in form datasource as well as table lev el, when should we write it in form DS and when in table. Similar in case of wri te() method 6. How can we call table level methods from form DS (similar methods) 7. What is the difference between form init() & DS init() 8. When a form opens what are the sequential methods called. 9. Where is the best place to write code to perform filter in a form 10. What are the different types of menu items available, explain each of them 11. A action type menu item is attached to a form but in the drop down the menu item is not appearing, what could be the problem Reports 1. What are the two most important methods 2. When do block the super() method of fetch 3. Can we make a report from wizard, if yes from where 4. What is a Programmable Section, how we use it in reports 5. What is the difference between Auto Design Spec & Generated Design 6. How can we sort the DS, what facility we can get in by placing fields in Rang es 7. What is the role of executeSection 8. What are Queries, how do we use them Menu Items 1. What is the use of Parameter, Enum TypeParameter/Enum Parameter properties of display 2. Why do we provide Configuration key & Security key 3. Normally what do we attach in Output 4. Normally what do we attach in Action General Questions 1. What is difference between select & select firstonly statements 2. What are the keywords used to access data from "multiple companies" and "one company to another company". 3. How can we override a lookup 4. How do the following methods work in a form DS. ds.refresh(), ds.research(), ds.reread(), in what situation we should these meth ods 5. On closing a form name the methods which are invoked 6. What are security key/configuration keys, how do we use it in Ax 7. How can we provide user level/user group level security 8. What is a virtual company 9. What is Visual MorphXplorer, what do we do with that?(Reverse engineering too l has replaced Visual MorphXplorer) 10. What is the function of Application Hierarchy Tree 11. If you want to monitor the database activity, where can you get that 12. Where can we find the Label log and what is its utility 13. What are the tools you will use to upgrade any object 14. What is the difference between display() and edit() methods, how do we use e ach 15. What is the use of System Documentation/Application Developer Documentation/ Application Documentation

Few More Questions on DAX 1.What are the classes, Tables, Forms and Methods used to post the sales orders. 2. What are the classes, Tables, Forms and Methods used to post the purchase ord ers. 3. What are the classes, Tables, Forms and Methods used to post the Ledgers. 4. What are the classes, Tables, Forms and Methods used to post the Inventory. 5. What is the base class to send the on-boad E-mailing. 6. What are the storage Dimensions? 7. What are the Item Dimensions? 8. What is the difference between RunBase and RunBaseBatch? 9. How do you create a NumberSequence for existing Module and also fro new Modul e. 10.What is the difference between Insert and doinsert. 11.What is the Runbase Stack? Interview questions in microsoft dynamics AX 1. Major customization on forms, tables (That you have faced) 2. What is cluster installation? 3. Table collections? 4. Steps in creating number sequence? 5. Any module you are good at. 6. Collection classes 7. Tables in inventory 8. If you manipulate anything which layer would it affect? 9. Steps in data migration. 10. How to add a lookup in a form 11. What is temporary table and in which context is it used? 12. What are the components in reports? 13. How many types of classes are there? 14. RunBase framework and runbase classes 15. Development tools 16. Communication tools 17. Difference between auto generated specs and generated design specs 18. Display and edit method. 19. Can you say few best practises in ax. 20. Elements in AOT. 21. Can you have graphical representation of ssrs? 22. Steps for ssrs. 23. Steps in ssas. 24. What is the difference between sql queries and dynamics queries. 25. What is the difference between x++ and c#? 26. Installation steps in ax. 27. Difference between doupdate and updates 28. Different delete actions 29. Active, Passive, Delayed joins 30. What can t you store in containers 31. Difference between arrays and containers 32. Logic for converting string to uppercase 33. Override methods in tables, forms 34. What is super() used for? 35. What is init method? 36. What are the sequence of methods while running a report? 37. What is EDT? 38. What is JumpRef()? 39. About form/ reports/ tables methods. 40. D.B Abstract and final class. 41. D.B ValidateWrite and write. 42. What is dialoge class. 43. Pack and Unpack method.

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Number of elements in enum. Architecture of MS dynamics AX. Tell us about AIF(MSMQ). What is perspectives? How to design a form in AX using X++? What is report builder? What is Index, properties in Index and types of Index? Any knowledge about Share Point. Concept of Different Layer in AX. difference between temporary table and container? difference between bound and unbound controls? what are maps and which method we use in maps? classes in AIF? how to create runtime query? difference between pass by reference and pass by value? types of relations(normal,field fixed,related field fixed)? what are delete actions? how to access tables of different companies(crosscompany)? What is optimistic concurrency control? What are transactions? how to lock a transactions? what are macros? what is the default link type property? difference between validate write and validate field? Do we have validate write and validate field in form level? what are the methods required for posting a purchase order? how to give null in select query?

How can we create primary key for a table? what precautions you need for overriding fetch() method for a report? Difference between OCC and PCC? How many types of MAP there in Dynamics AX? What is cache lookup what is it used for? Difference between table and views? why we use dialog? and how to accomplished it? what are the different type of index? Difference b/w cascade + restricted and restricted delete actions? In which case delete_from and delete() have same result? Explain sales/purchase order processes in AX. Dynamics Ax Interview Questions Q1 Can we put a radio button/check box on report dialogue? Q2 Can we change dynamic height of a report control through code? Q3 what are Ax dangerous system security (used for ax security/Permission) class es? Q4 When you will use views and query. Also what are their advantages? Q5 How to optimize a query? Q6 what are proxy classes in EP? Q7 what are maps, maps classes? Q8 Can we have overloading/polymorphism in AX? Q9 what is difference between abstract class and interface? Q10 Difference between update and doupdate, delete and dodelete? Q11 what are sequence of methods will be called when u open and create (save) a record in form? Q12 How we can call ax method (job or code) in C# and vice versa? Q13What kind of inheritance (multiple or mulit-level) do we have in Ax? Q14Can we override insert method of Table? Q15 what is Inventory marking?

Q16 which method between field Validate and modified field being called first? Q17when do u needs to build indexes on tables? Types of indexes and their advant ages? Q18 While upgrading Ax, if there is conflict in ID s what can be resolution and ho w it can be avoided? Q19How to call a map method?