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Welcome/Opening prayer

Sept 16 Sep 22, 2012

This weeks passage reveals that Jesus Christ, the Word, became flesh to fulfill Gods plan to save us from our sin. Open in a prayer of thanksgiving and praise for Gods perfect plan of salvation.

Family Time

(Read John 1:1) Is the Word in v.1 referring to the bible? (No, it is referring to Gods Son, the second person of the Trinity.) Now re-read vs.1 and replace the Word with Jesus. What is the Words relationship to creation? (v. 3 He is the Creator) Verses 3 and 10 from this weeks passage describe something that He did. Who is He (Jesus) and what did He do? What are the implied meanings of life? (Creation) Light? (Salvation) What name do you need to believe in for salvation according to this passage? (Believe in His (Jesus) name, v. 12)

Kids Time

John 1:1 is a very important verse of the bible. It tells us that Jesus and God the Father have always been together. It also tells us that Jesus has always been God, so we can trust what Jesus said and did as we do God the Father. (Write out John 1:1 in 3 parts on 3 pieces of paper. Repeat the verse a few times with the kids, then remove 1 part at a time until each can say the verse without help.) Trinity demonstrationAn egg is made up of 3 parts, like God is made up of 3 persons. It has three parts-its shell, egg white & yolk. God is made up of the Father, Son & Spirit. Like the egg, each person of God has a different job. The Father makes the plan, the Son carries out the Fathers plan or will, & the Spirit helps us do Gods will. What would happen to an egg if it had no shell? (It would fall apart and make a mess). What would happen if Jesus did not follow the Fathers plan? (Read John 3:17. Jesus wouldn't have saved us from our sin.)

Adult Time

Read Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1. Notice that they both start in the same manner. Why does John begin this way? (To emphasize the deity of Jesus, so that that readers would believe and place their faith in Him) Find the phrases that prove that Jesus is God in this passage. Jesus is described as the source of light and life in verse 4. Tell of a recent time when you were able to share that light with someone else. What is the main point of the passage? (Believe that Jesus is God and saves those who receive Him.)

Prayer Time Lord, thank you for making it clear in your Word that you are one God, in three persons. Thank you for sending your Son to become flesh, for our sake. Give us hearts to be witnesses of you, the light and salvation of men. Amen.

Community Calendar National Night Out is Tuesday, October 2. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know your neighbors. Visit or call your local police department for more information. Church Calendar We are collecting cookbooks, children's, teen and adult books for the Mission Arlington Christmas Store and John T White Elementary. You may bring books to the lobby booth on September 23 and 30. Contact: Amy Richardson 214-538-7263,

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