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Sensitizing the numb

Dear father, Another destructive distillation of our personalities took place. The structure which I thought from the time I started knowing you, surely has interstitial sites. I am not much concerned for those interstitial sites but for the electrons which are being leaked due to these. I know that for the most of the time I am sodium and you are kerosene kept in a solution, but when water is added to you, I cannot stop myself from not going out of the limit. Most of the time we are in dynamic equilibrium, but when some external conditions change, one has to go an extra mile to make sure that the equilibrium is still there. I dont know why our reactions are so exothermic. May be the that I am Chlorine which shows multiple oxidation states to satisfy the bonding requirements by different elements and you are Fluorine which despite any supreme element giving you a chance, you show only one oxidation state. May be my ionization enthalpy is very high. May be the fact that your earlier assumption of an ideal son is contradicted by me. But, you know pretty well that there is nothing called ideal in this universe. Even real gases are like gases only at very high temperature and very low pressure. And I am just a mixture of various states of matters. The entropy in the universe always increases. You also know that I have changed my type from having very high ionization enthalpy to high negative electron affinity enthalpy when it comes to sacrifice or receive an electron. You have always taught me to be flexible in properties, like Carbon, to form bonds with everyone whom I meet instead of just being single dimensional Fluorine. Why dont you understand that we are like the isotopes of the same element. I may be the radioactive one and you a stable one. We are the reducing and oxidizing agents of one another. We have the nearly infinite bond dissociation enthalpy. In spite of knowing all this, we are bombarding each other with alpha particles from our respective characters. Thus, destroying each other. We should be like the pair of conjugate acid and base with each other. I dont know when we will finally attain equilibrium this time. I really dont know. Your prodigal son Sugat