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If you have any queries about your booking, call our Contact Centre on 0871 277 0090, quoting your transaction number. (Calls to this number are charged at 10p per minute from a BT landline. Calls from mobiles or other networks may be considerably more.) You can also contact us by using our email form Booking references Your Opodo transaction number: Please quote this if you contact Opodo about your booking Flight: from Manchester to Kuwait City Payment summary Total paid today Card: Visa/Delta debit card Card Number: **** **** **** 8190 Billing address 58 Masham Close Harrpgate HG2 8QG UNITED KINGDOM Total price: GBP 639.30 0015701116



Description Manchester to Kuwait City

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GBP 626.81 GBP 12.49 GBP 639.30

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Booking reference: 3KFQ6Z

Sat 01 September 12 Terminal 3 Manchester International Apt (MAN), Manchester, United Kingdom 11:15 Sat Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS), Amsterdam, Netherlands 13:35 Sat Non-stop KLM (KL 1082) Aircraft type - E90 Economy Baggage allowance: 1 piece(s) More info E-ticketed flightFind out more


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Sat 01 September 12 7:50 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS), Amsterdam, Netherlands 14:30 Sat Kuwait (KWI), Kuwait City, Kuwait 21:05 Sat Non-stop KLM (KL 415) Aircraft type - 332 Economy Baggage allowance: 1 piece(s) More info


E-ticketed flightFind out more Duration: 7:50

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This is an e-ticket booking, with no paper tickets issued. You will need to show your identification at checkin. We also recommend you take a printout of your confirmation email, which contains your booking reference numbers.

Recommended minimum check-in time is two hours prior to departure for international flights and one hour for domestic and European flights. Some airlines, for example on routes to Nigeria and Israel, may close check-in 90 minutes before departure.

Please ensure you hold a valid passport/ID card, visa(s) and have checked the health requirements for your trip Checking flight details and baggage allowance: You can use the CheckMyTrip service at to view your flight itinerary online (excluding low-cost carrier flights). More about CheckMyTrip > Please note that in exceptional circumstances, Opodo may not be able to immediately pass on confirmation of your booking to your airline. If this happens, we'll attempt to notify you within 48 hours. However, if you are flying within 48 hours of making the booking, we advise you to log into CheckMyTrip to check that your e-ticket numbers have been issued.

Baggage allowances vary based on airline, route and booking class. You can view the baggage allowance for most flights on CheckMyTrip. You can also find out more about baggage allowances with major airlines in our FAQ > Find out more. If there are any schedule changes or cancellations, you'll usually be notified about this by email or telephone. We therefore recommend that you check your email account regularly, including 'junk mail' folders, and ensure that your filter settings enable emails from Opodo to get through. It's also important that you tell us if you change your email address or contact telephone number.

EC Regulation 261/2004: - This notification informs you of your rights, which came into force on 17th February 2005, in circumstances where your flight is delayed or cancelled or where you are denied boarding against your will. To what flights does this Regulation apply? The regulation applies to all flights either: (a) departing from airports within the European Union (EU); or (b) if the airline operating the flight is an EU carrier, a flight departing from an airport located outside the EU and arriving into an airport within the EU, unless passengers receive similar treatment in the relevant non-EU country. Find out more here or alternatively, visit , click on the Help link and search under the 'Travel Advice' category to find the relevant FAQ. Please note: Opodo acts as sales agent for airlines and so cannot be responsible for compensation claims or any failure of an airline to comply with these Regulations. However, our customer services team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. In the event that your complaint is still not answered to your satisfaction, you may contact the Air Transport Users Council, CAA HOUSE, 45-59 Kingsway, London WC2B 6TE, United Kingdom. Opodo Extra: Opodo Extra You have purchased Opodo Extra for this booking, giving you: Administration fees waiver

Opodo will waive its administration fee if you need to modify or cancel your booking (usually 25 per ticket). Please note that airline charges and restrictions may still apply. Dedicated email and telephone support, with priority treatment If you need assistance with your booking, either: - Call 0844 581 3456 (national local rate) with your booking reference number to hand. If you are outside the UK, call 0121 281 3456 (international call rates may apply) - Email with your booking reference number in the subject line Airline failure guarantee If the airline you are due to travel with goes into liquidation, or if this occurs while you are away, we will refund you the cost of your flight ticket with the airline or use the refund to put towards a new booking on an alternative flight of a similar standard to complete your journey (up to 1,500 per person) SMS alerts service We will send to the mobile number provided during booking: - Traffic alerts (UK only) - sent approximately four hours before departure, for possible routes between the postcode you provided when booking and the departure airport - Flight timeliness alerts - sent approximately three hours before your scheduled departure and return flight times to advise if your flight is on time or delayed - Boarding gate reminders - sent approximately 40 minutes before your departure time. To change your SMS number or departure postcode, call or email the Opodo Extra team using the details above no less than three working days before departure with your alternatives. Emergency multilingual assistance If you have an emergency abroad, text "HELP" and the country you are in to 07860 010 555, and you will get a call back from a multilingual assistant who will advise you, and if necessary speak the local language for you. This service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You should receive the call back within five minutes of your text being received. You just pay your standard network rate and/or your network provider's roaming charge for the text message and call back. See the Terms and conditions below for a definition of an "emergency abroad".