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Thank you all so much for your help this year with God Squad!

Listed below are some suggestions for lesson ideas and activlties. Please know that these are only suggestions.....all of you are so creative and if another idea inspires you, go for itl Wednesday, Sept. 1gth Genesis 2:4-25 Overall Theme/Message: "We Care for Creation"

K-3rd Lesson ldeas

*Read Genesis 2:4-25. Genesis is first book of the Bible. Genesis means "beginning." Old Testament. *You may want to read Genesis 1 and reviewwhat God created each day.....explain to children that Genesis 2 is not a different creation story, it just goes into more detail about what God created on the sixth day which is very! ""What in the World?" National Geographic attachment.....have kids guess body parts of animals. *Have students draw a picture on piece of paper that states, "Thank you God for creating...." Students can share their pictures with the rest of the group. *Play animal charades. Have students think of an animal that God created and act out without using sounds or talking. *Bring in brown paper sacks with items from nature.....pinecone, sunflower head, feather, etc. Have each of them feel and try to guess the item God created. "Make homemade playdough (see recipe attachment) and have kids create an animal. Give them 5 min. or so and then have everyone gather in a circle and share what they made. This activity can be done before reading Genesis 2.....ask children what bible story they may be learning about.... -Go outside for a SILENT nature walk. Studenis need to use their eyes and ears to identify things that God has created. After walking around for several minutes, have kids share what they saw and heard that God made vs. what is man made. *Discuss that God cares for us and creation, and that just like Adam and Eve, we need to take care of creation. Have children offer ideas on how they can take care of our Earth, animals, and people (each other).

.Divide children into two groups and play "Clean Up Your Yard". This game can be played indoors or out. Take styrofoam balls, wadded up newspaper, ping pong balls, etc. and give an even amount to each team. Create a dividing line and the object of the game is to have kids "clean up" their side of the yard by throwing their trash on the opposing team's side. After a couple of minutes, have students stop and count the number of items in their yard. Have kids share how they felt when trash was being thrown in their yard, especially when they were trying to keep it clean. Talk about how God may feel when we litter and pollute the beautiful Earth He created.

*Have students work ind ivid ually or together to see if they can remember the "Creation Story-Genesis 1 . " Have students write down what God created each of the 7 days (six days of creation and seventh day of rest). Discuss as group to see how well they remembered. Then have students open Bibles to Genesis 2.4-25 and read. ls this a different creation story? How is it alike or different from Genesis 1 ? Talk about why there are two different Creation accounts in Genesis chapters 1-z (see attachment for explanation). *At the start of class, have six paper sacks....fill each one with an item that God created and have students feel the item without looking to see if they can guess what the object is. Have each student number a paper from one to six and write down their guesses. These need to be pretty difficult since they are older! Have everyone share their guesses and reveal. "Have students go outside.....give them each 10 index cards.....students will have five minutes to write down things using their senses.....what they see, what they hear, whai they smell....what they feel......there is no talking during this exercise.....once back inside, have students place cards into two categories, man made vs. God made and discuss. *Have students share ideas about caring for creation......caring for our Earth--reduce, reuse, recycle......ask them to share what they do at home......what they do at school.....caring for creation also involves taking care of others.....have them share thoughts on how to care for others..... *Check out "Life" DVD Series from public library, narrated by Oprah Wnfrey......beautiful footage of animals/creatures on our a short c1ip......

*lnvite kids to ask questions/give thoughts about what they read in Genesis's pretty amazing scripture.....God taking dust from the ground and creating man and breathed into his nostrils the breath of lile........and the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman......WOW!

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Why are there fwo different Creation accounts in Genesis chapters l-2? - Printer


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Question: "Why are there two different Creation accounts in Genesis chapters l-2?" Answer: Genesis 1:1 says, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earlh." Late4 in Genesis 2:4, it seems that a second, different story of creation begins. The idea of two differing creation accounts is a common misinterpretation of these two passages which, in facf describe the same creation event. They do not disagree as to the order in which things were sreated and do not contradict ole another. Genesis I describes the "six days of creation" {and a seventh day of rest), Genesis 2 covers only one day of that creation week-the sixth day-and there is no contradiction. In Genesis 2, the author steps back in the temporal sequence to the sixth day, when God made man. In the first *bapter, the author of Genesis presents the creaticn of man on the sixth day as the culmination or high point of creation. Then, in the second chapter, the author gives greater detail regarding the creation of man.
There are two prirnary claims of contradictions between Genesis chapters 1-2. The first is in regard to plant life. Genesis l:11 records God creating vegetatian on the third day. Genesis 2:5 states that priar to the creation of man "no shrub sf the field had yet appeared on the earth and no plant of the field had yet sprung up, for the LORD God had not sent rain on the earth and there was no man to work the ground." So, which is it? Did God create vegetation on the third day before He created man (Genesis 1), or after He created man {Genesis 2)? The Hebrew words for "vegetation" are different in the fwo passages. Genesis l:l I uses a term that refers to vegetation in general. Genesis 2:5 uses a more specific term that refers to vegetation that requires agriculture, i.e., a person to tend it, a gardener. The passages do not coniradict. Genesis I :1 I speaks of God creating vegetation, and Genesis 2:5 speaks of Csd not causing "'farmable" vegetation to grow until afterHe created man. The second claimed contradiction is in regard to animal life. Genesis L:24-25 records God creating animal lif'e on the sixth day, before He created man. Genesis 2:19, in some translations, seems to record God creating the animals after He had created man. Howeveq a good and plausible translation of Genesis 2:19-20 reads, "Nolry the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them, and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. So the mar gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field." The texl does not say that God created man, then created the animals, and then brought the animals to the man. Rather, the text says, "Now the LORD God had [already] created all the animals." There is no contradiction. On the sixth day, God created the animals, then created man, and then brought the animals to the man, allowing the man to name the animals.

83 considering the two creation accounts individually and then reconciling them, we see that God describes the sequence of creation in Genesis 1, then clarifies its most important details, especially of the
sixth day, in Genesis 2. There is no contradictisn here, merely a common literary derrice describing an event from the general to the specific. O Copyright 2882-2812 Got Questians Ministries.

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